Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anyone in NYC Area have Quikbooks Pro?


Do any bloggers in the NYC area have Quikbooks Pro? We have large zipped financial files which we need printed and accessible. However we do not have the program. Can anybody in NYC help us out?


Monday, December 25, 2006


The first thing I want to say is how deeply touched and encouraged I have been by all of the messages of support, donations and good wishes you have sent. They are saving my life on a daily basis. While it is so very difficult to recall the disastrous and painful events of this last year, no matter how challenging they have been, you have given me hope and the chance for a new beginning.

I believe there is more that I have yet to contribute.

I am now in New York and, thanks to the help of doctors who are familiar with my work and the tests it has brought, I am making progress. And 'progress' is a word we should all hold close on this Christmas of 2006. With the challenges of Peak Oil becoming ever more apparent, with a world situation that sometimes seems gloomy at best, I am focusing on the love and hope you are giving to me and hopefully to each other this holiday season.

In these I find good reason to celebrate. While there are those who would celebrate the demise of FTW, I suspect that they have already understood that they and their activities are, at best, inconsequential. The map we have drawn is clear and being read by many on their own. Many of you have communicated to me the changes you have made in your personal lives thanks to the work done by all the great writers who graced our pages over the years.

My personal challenges include recovering my health and cleaning up a lot of wreckage that still remains. As you know, we are trying to save some 4,000 copies of Rubicon, find a permanent home for the web site, and pay off a lot of debts. We are looking for a new, less expensive web host, and I am looking for new ways to occupy my time as I recover my health and address the financial and personal challenges that lie ahead. When all is said and done there will be no black marks on FTW's history or my own.

One thought that occurs to me strongly is that while so many in the Peak Oil movement have done so much to educate people about the coming challenges, we have not done enough to inspire hope in or take care of each other. Since returning from Venezuela I have been in touch with many Peak Oilists and have found this to be a shared awareness and concern. But in the generosity and kindness I have felt since being in both Canada and New York I have a new attitude emerging based upon a simple human kindness that penetrates and defeats all gloom.

In reading Richard Heinberg's lastest book on the Oil Depletion Protocol I find inspiration to write a fictional account about the many qualities in the human race that are both worth saving and which may actually prevent much needless suffering. While I have retired from investigative journalism I have not retired from writing and I am exploring some ideas to give us all motivation and hope. The world seems burned out on war and tension and perhaps this can point the way to new approaches for our mission.

We have a lot to do still and this Christmas reminds me that, as important as it is to take care of the world, it is even more important to take care of each other; to care for the caregivers.

With deep gratitude for the Colin Campbells, the Richard Heinbergs the Matt Savinars, the Julian Darleys, the Mark Robinowitzes, the Barry Silverthorns, the Megan Quinns, that Pat Murphys, the Mike Kanes, the Matt Simmonses, the Roscoe Bartletts, and all those whose names I can't possibly list here, and with special gratitude for all of you who have sent me your love I say:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may we continue to show our love for and to each other throughout 2007. Unlike oil, love is a renewable resource.

Michael C. Ruppert

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

LIQUIDATION NOTICE -- 4,000 Copies of "Crossing the Rubicon" Available for Immediate Bulk Purchase Only --


As a result of the tragic closure of "From The Wilderness" some 4,000 copies of "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" are at risk of being disposed of by a Los Angeles warehouse for unpaid back storage fees. Rubicon has sold approximately 100,000 copies in the US and France and has become "the bible" of modern geo-petro politics for many and a trustworthy map of past, current and future events for tens of thousands. In April of 2006 it was taken into the Library of the Harvard School of Business.

Purchased originally by its author and FTW founder Michael Ruppert these books are new, in cases, on pallets and ready to be shipped. Money from the sale of these books will be used for ongoing medical treatment of Michael Ruppert who has recently moved to the New York City area to be cared for by sympathetic physicians who are familiar with his work and the special challenges he faces as he recovers from a serious illness.


1. None of the books can be released untill all back storage fees are paid to the LA area warehouse holding the books. At present the unpaid fees are approximately $1,500. At time of sale a current figure will be calculated.

2. The books cannot be sold by case lots or in individual units. The warehouse is holding approximately 6.75 pallets of books with each pallet containing approximately 560 books with 35 cases of 16 books per case. There are "a few" extra cases. The books must be sold as a complete lot.

3. Neither the warehouse nor anyone in LA is capable of shipping out one or two cases at a time, let alone one or two books. The warehouse has no staff for this, there is no shipping fund and there is no"store" available to facilitate case lot sales. Orders for lots of 20 or more cases will be considered but an order for the entire lot will be given first priority. Unless otherwise negotiated the purchaser will need to arrange for a freight company to pick up and transfer the books to their new home. Freight charges will be significant, therefore we will consider seriously "discounted" offers. The point is that these books must be saved.


"Rubicon" is still selling well and has just entered a second printing at the publisher. As history continues to validate its predictions it is certain to experience a resurgence in demand. No reasonable offer that meets the above challenges will be ignored. We are willing to sell the books at a price that will allow any reseller to significantly underprice any sellers out there even after shipping and payment of back storage fees. The current Amazon retail price is around $14.00. Whoever acquires these books could well be selling them for much, much less and still be making a handsome profit. The tragic end of FTW and the health crisis which nearly cost Mike Ruppert his life is not over. "Crossing the Rubicon" and the eight and a half years of groundbreaking work by FTW and all of its great writers remain an unchallenged and uncontested record of journalistic and research excellence. This offer is a win-win for all concerned if these books can be saved.

Offers should be directed to Mike Ruppert's attorney:

Mr. Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd St.
Jamaica, NY 11436

Monday, December 18, 2006


Having received excellent treatment in Canada from a holistic doctor, courtesy of generous and caring FTW friends and readers, Mike Ruppert has learned that his best options for further medical care lie in the United States. Although he had written in "By the Light of a Burning Bridge" of his intent never to return to this country, he, along with his closest associates, believes that his present medical condition supercedes all other considerations. (For details on his medical status, see http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/120206_mike_canada.shtml )

Currently, Mike is in New York City where he is particularly interested in hearing from locally based readers. However, he has read all the letters that have been sent to his attorney, Ray Kohlman, and intends to respond to each one personally as soon as his health permits.

Please note: Ray Kohlman's address has changed although any mail sent to his previous address has been forwarded.

Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd Street
Jamaica, N.Y. 11436

Heat or Eat; US Mint/Pennies,Nickels; British/Saudi Arms/Al Jazeera/Gold

More Families to Face Heat or Eat Choice This Winter

U.S. Mint: Don't Melt Pennies or Nickels

Al Jazeera and ROB-TV on Suppression of Gold Price

British Drop Inquiry into Saudi Arms Deal

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Nov. 26, 2006

Thanks to contributions and assistance from so many of you, Mike Ruppert was successfully moved from Venezuela to Canada on November 18th. He is currently in the greater Toronto area and receiving medical care and rest thanks to dedicated Peak Oil activists. In addition to his previously described symptoms it has been learned that his adrenal system is severely damaged and there may be toxicity of the liver. He has lost more than 20 pounds in the last ten weeks. Many of you have written suggesting possible poisoning as cause for his known symptoms. We are not pursuing that at the moment because the treatment for the symptoms would not change in either case.

Mike has received offers of residency from more than 20 countries on five continents. It will not be possible to further consider those options until his health has stablized which may take several months. In addition, Mike must also turn his attention to a number of legal issues arising from FTW's permanent cessation of operations.

LEGAL NOTICE -- Michael Ruppert has every intention of satisfying all legitimate outstanding debts of From The Wilderness Publications, Inc. Those creditors and customers with unfilled orders who have not received refunds are asked to maintain complete records. At a subsquent date, either the FTW web site or Mike Ruppert's blog will post notices about how to make contact and present claims. At present, the Ashland, Oregon offices are vacant and all phone lines have been disconnected. For the time being mail should still be sent to the Ashland address as it is being forwarded to a temporary holding area, pending new arrangements.

The first priority is for Mike to recover his health. He will, as soon as he is able, be pursuing legal and financial arrangements to satisfy all obligations but it may take several months before funds become available.

Mike sends the following message to all FTW subscribers, friends and fans:

"Over the past four months many of you have touched me with your generous and loving offers of support and encouragement. You have kept me alive. I have also understood, probably for the first time, how deeply FTW has impacted your lives and the lives of a new and younger generation. As my health and my access to your letters improves I will be writing personally to as many of you as I possibly can.

"I want to repeat something I have been saying in private emails over the last month. Personally, I am through forever with investigative journalism and public lecturing. I am leaving public life. It is my hope that by continuing to repeat this sincere position that many of the inexplicable difficulties which have dominated my life over the past months will ease.

"It is time to move on. I spent twenty-seven years as a dedicated public activist and that is something which I am no longer able or inclined to do. The price was ultimately too great. I want to assure all FTW creditors that if it takes the rest of my life we will pay off our debts. Unfortunately, any unfillfilled orders will not and cannot be shipped. We will refund them as soon as we are able. Many of the tragedies and mishaps which marked FTW's final months and necessitated its closure became a perfect storm. How they played out has already been discussed. But I am still alive and plans are underway to have the FTW web site archived in perpetuity on the internet for the benefit of future researchers and we expect that to happen soon.

"This is not the end but a new beginning."

While donations are not needed to relocate Mike to another country, there is still a need for funds to cover immediate medical expenses. Mike Ruppert will not be able to travel long distances for the foreseeable future. He will continue to work with and through his New York attorney Ray Kohlman and Jenna Orkin.

Please continue to send donations and essential correspondence to the address below. If sending a donation, please remember to put "For Mike Ruppert" in the memo line.

Ray Kohlman
300 East 71st St.
Suite 3H
New York, NY 10021

Thank you all.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Update/Mike; Earthaven; Power/Europe; CIA/ Bin Laden Unit/Guantanemo;

Deepest thanks to those who've offered help and advice for Mike and FTW; it's all been noted. I think I responded to each offer individually. Let me know if you were inadvertently omitted.

Also, we're acutely aware that you're anxious for an update. Please hang on a little longer; one will be forthcoming soon.


Power Failures Hit Europe

New York Times Videos on CIA Closing of Bin Laden Unit, Guantanemo, etc

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Masterful FTW Webmaster Fixes Website Problem

FTW's webmaster extraordinaire, while working in a voluntary capacity, has fixed the problem mentioned on this page the other day. JO

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Disclaimer for Health Advice Offered in Comments

Thanks to all who are pouring forth offers (which are being handled separately), good will and health advice for Mike. Please note that this blog and FTW are not health professionals and do not necessarily endorse the advice contained in the comments. They're being published only as a matter of interest.

Your messages are also being passed on to Mike who appreciates them enormously. They're even having a noticeable effect.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Mike Ruppert

[FTW is really screwed up right now. Everybody knows it and I am not going ignore it. I am in bad shape too. I am not going to hide that either. I have been in Caracas for 14-plus weeks and am facing a serious combination of medical symptoms that were described by Carlos Ruiz in “Living with Mike Ruppert in Caracas”. They include sudden drops in blood pressure, blood sugar crashes, dizziness, weakness, paresthesis of lips and fingers, small kidney stones, heavy calcification of the urinary tract and prostate, cloudy urine and chronic fatigue. There have been four seizure-like violent tremors.

Looking back I can see that the first major signs of my illness started appearing about a year ago. The first tremor happened in January before we moved FTW out of Los Angeles. What is happening now erupted in full about two weeks after I arrived in Caracas. We do not have a firm diagnosis yet. I have just had an expensive series of blood tests run but do not have the results. Both FTW and I need your help although I must tell you that our offices are being vacated next week.

My friends and subscribers know that I have never lied to them. My enemies know that I have never lied to my friends and subscribers. That has been an unbroken bond for 104 consecutive months and I am not about to break it now.

FTW’s time of usefulness on this planet is ending. Michael Kane offered his resignation last week. Having already lost Stan Goff (due to cash shortages) and Jamey Hecht. No one person can carry it on their own. Kane made the right decision for personal reasons and I support it completely. We remain close and trusted friends with deep mutual admiration and respect for each other. The article that follows is my personal tribute to him and the entire generation of talented investigators, researchers and writers that has arisen since 9-11.

One of our former writers has expressed concern for his safety in the current political climate of the United States. I know that he is not alone and that many others feel the same. I say to you all, fight the good fight.

There is one other person I must specifically thank and that is the angelic, dedicated, and steadfast Jenna Orkin who has researched, blog-managed, and loved me so unconditionally as to affirm my belief in God when all other evidence of Him seemed MIA. To all who have made FTW and its accomplishments possible, whether we parted as friends or not, I offer a gratitude that will endure throughout all time.

We changed the world a little bit.

My time may be over too and I must now turn my attention to that. One thing we must do, however, is to save the FTW archives as a permanent fixture on the internet for future researchers and try to clean things up before we go. We must also save my personal library of around 250 books.

How this came to pass merits only a brief discussion. There are too many details that I just don’t know. In the first month after I left the states we had our strongest sales month in (I’m guessing) a year and a half. The organization I hastily put in place before leaving was working. Decisions were made in Ashland to upgrade our store and web site for all the right reasons; chiefly to cut costs by outsourcing our product shipment and warehousing. Many glitches made that process take more than two months and during that time our subscriber-only section was free and often orders could simply not be accepted. It was not that people didn’t want to buy. They just couldn’t.

Sales fell by around 60% and cash flow dried up. I was made fully aware of these details only about two weeks ago. I was out of the loop for these decisions and didn’t find out how bad things were until many well-intentioned choices had already been made; choices that could not be changed. The same is true for our long-time agent/publicist Ken Levine. We all owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who wrote for FTW after I left the United States. Some great stories and articles came out between July and November.

There were more problems of human origin. Some were definitely malicious. I won’t go into them here because they just don’t matter anymore. If there are any recriminations to be given for how things turned out I accept them. I was the glue that held FTW together all these years. I am the one who left knowing that I couldn’t continue any longer after our offices were burglarized and our computers were smashed this June. There had been one-too-many battles and, looking back, I knew my health was failing then even though I didn’t want to admit it.

As far as I know, the Ashland staff did the absolute best they could. However, one person who is no longer affiliated with FTW wrote me about a month ago that the decision to close FTW was a “fait accompli” and that it could not be prevented. I had not been consulted before that. I immediately cautioned against painting a rosy picture and continuing to sell subscriptions and products after I was told that the office was being staffed only one day per week, they couldn’t pay for inventory, and there was no money to ship product or pay staff.

I was advised on Nov. 6 that the staff, working without pay, had shipped most, but not all of the remaining orders.

What is important to me is that we try to make our obligations good. Sadly, in my present condition and position I may not be able to have much impact on that. FTW is closing its doors with many angry people who have not received their orders and vendors who never got paid for what they shipped us. I did everything I could possibly think of to prevent that, including considering returning to the States with all the risks and personal anguish that would entail.

We have jointly decided that the FTW store cease all sales of subscriptions and product immediately, remaining available only for badly needed donations. Those will be used to ship remaining back orders, pay staff save the web site and transfer my personal library to an as yet undetermined safe location – in that order.

Those are the facts. It is too soon to glibly say “let the healing begin”. There is too much wreckage scattered about. But it is certainly time to stop creating any more. Healings will inevitably occur. That is the beauty of life.

At the end of this article I will list options for those who want to help me personally and give FTW the decent end it deserves. I know you’re out there. I am nearly broke and am unable to even purchase a plane ticket if I had another country to go to or a bed to sleep in when I got there. Venezuela has kicked my butt as you will soon see. How all of that happened gave me the “inspiration” for this final FTW essay.

This is my tribute to Michael Kane and to all who have learned from FTW, taken the map we have drawn, and are now reading it for themselves. God bless you. The struggle continues. – MCR]



Michael C. Ruppert

Copyright 2006, Michael C. Ruppert. – May be posted or distributed freely

Cultural diversity is not only humanity’s hallmark of progress, but an insurance policy against extinction as a species. Diversity gives not only cultural and economic riches derived from different perspectives on natural resources and what it means to be human, but options to problem solving that are stifled in a homogenized society. When such a society is organized around economic goals that are measured by profit margins for private gain by powerful elites, where the demands of those who bear cash as the ticket of admission to the marketplace rule, rather than the needs of people, then those who are deprived – and those who have never been part of such a global economy – must necessarily suffer. The genocide of tribal peoples, therefore, is symptomatic of a deep malaise in the world’s metropolises. Indigenous peoples will suffer the most, but humanity as a whole will suffer the loss of some of its memory, not only of a unique knowledge of the natural world, but of its ability to cope with the future in various, diverse ways.

THY WILL BE DONE, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett, Harper Collins, 1995, p. 685

INSERT DATELINE, CARACAS – Nature protects itself through diversity. It stands to reason then that when threatened – as it is now on so many fronts – Mother Earth will exert itself aggressively; enforcing rigid boundaries that ignore the lives of individuals – plant or animal – in order to preserve the diversity which protects all life. That human beings as a species also show such characteristics is proof of the connection between man and planet. In some ways this is not unlike the point in time when a child must break with parents in order to fulfill its own destiny, with its own unique life path, thus guaranteeing that the evolutionary process – life itself – is protected; that something better and new might follow.

All individual life ends so that that life as a whole may go on and evolve. As I have said in so many lectures, the human race is now being faced with a choice: either evolve or perish.

Americans tend to think of the Third World as “the frontier”, a place still open to settlement as if it were a divine right just for the willingness to endure a little hardship. With overpopulation and dwindling global resources, the “frontiers” are defending themselves to protect diversity in many ways; ways that are far more effective than any resistance to colonization in previous centuries. Global warming has been characterized as a planet developing a fever to rid itself of an infection. I believe that increasing global tensions might also be mirroring that process.

The human side of this resistance is also organic and, in Latin America, Venezuela is its heart. It has now taken solid root, emerging almost simultaneously in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador. I do not think it can be stopped. It is an anthropological resistance.

Living in Venezuela has been an amazing, brutal, and illuminating lesson. It is a truly alien culture that I find simultaneously beautiful, hard, giving, unfamiliar, uncomfortable and definitely self-protecting to the extreme. That is why I am confident that Venezuela, and most of Latin America, will survive the coming crash of Peak Oil better than any other region of the world. I believe it is already starting to protect itself. It doesn’t need me or any outsider to survive. But as a general rule, only those who are native here will be protected by its blessings.

It is not just that I am blond haired and blue-eyed, which does get me a lot of double takes – some hostile. It is as though I am a fish used to swimming in a different kind of water. The way that I swim affects the other fish here, already swimming too much in a superimposed American cultural blanket that has been enforced by scores of coups, debt enslavement, colonization, exploitation, genocide and war over the course of the 20th century and into today. In order to understand this picture a British citizen trying to drive in super-crowded Caracan traffic where there are few rules. Under stress the Brit might instinctively react in a way that might tie up streets. Now change the image of traffic to a culture adapting to dwindling energy reserves, conflict or panic. The Brit would be singled out quickly and forced off the road so that the rest might “function” in ways they were accustomed to.

However, the powerful lessons and principles of human justice, sustainability, harmony with the land, freedom from the mandate of endless capitalist growth, openness, and localization contained in the Bolivarian Revolution led by Hugo Chavez are powerful survival tools that can and must be studied and adapted to other regions. If one reads Richard Heinberg, Matt Savinar, Megan Quinn, Post Carbon Institute, FTW, or any of the great sustainability writers, one will find those same principles; arrived at through different means.

Forget labels. This is what will work.

The Bolivarian Revolution is different from the main body of sustainability literature in one key respect. It is the practical, hands-on implementation of these principles on local, national and continental levels; something all European and North American sustainability advocates know little or nothing about. How could they? While US and European sustainability advocates write about “shoulds” the Bolivarian Revolution is an evolving process of actual doing. It must be watched closely by all who would learn from it.

The irony is that for the most part, the Bolivarian revolution does not see itself as a sustainability movement but rather as a political and economic one. Now for another of my trademarked quotes: Until you change the way money works, you change nothing. The Bolivarian Revolution is doing just that.


The Bolivarian Revolution and Venezuelan culture inherently knows that it cannot make too many exceptions to the rule that diversity must protect itself or else the rule will have no meaning. That’s exactly what I was asking it to do (though I didn’t know it) when I came here. I am not just one migrating gringo. Mike Ruppert could not be assimilated without changing something here: the Tao of politics.

That is why, after 15 weeks of waiting, after only one interview, a formal petition and a lot of pressure from influential Americans and Venezuelan-Americans (some with direct government connections) I have not heard a word on my request for political asylum. Venezuelans are inherently suspicious, let alone of a blond gringo who is an ex-policeman who came from a US intelligence family. It is possible that within the massive and glacially slow bureaucracy, some who are not loyal to Chavez have buried my request under a pile of papers. In Latin America things take much longer and I can see now that the waiting process, never guaranteed to be successful, is part of a natural selection.

My thirty year record of activism and sacrifice in the US means little in Venezuela. Those deposits were made in a bank belonging to a different ecosystem. There are no ATMs for that kind of withdrawal here.

The first real kindness shown to me by a full-blooded Latin American with government connections, came about two weeks ago as “Tano”, a bearded artist and long-time revolutionary who had worked with Salvador Allende in Chile, looked at me with true compassion and said, “Venezuela will run you through a gauntlet. It will ignore you. It will make promises and never call you back or fulfill them. It will mistrust you even if you have lived here for ten years, twenty years.”

It took me 12 weeks to get to Tano and it was not by a linear, logical path.

Tano is a famed artist and thinker knows Hugo Chavez personally. He has traveled with him. His kindness and sympathy was abundant and visible. Kittens slept on his massive belly as he spoke from behind a desk cluttered with papers. Two dogs gravitated to him as though he was a magnet. He offered to open doors and make some introductions in certain ministries. As opposed to many other unfulfilled promises since I have been here, he meant it. Promises are made quickly here and soon forgotten, even between native Venezuelans. But it was already too late. My health was gone, I could not make one important event and I had already been rejected like an invading organism; rejected by the differences in culture and an environment I had trouble adapting to.

I was introduced to Tano by my young Venezuelan friend Ivan, who, at 27, who had just quit his job as a trader at J.P. Morgan because it was too stressful. He was too Venezuelan to live the life of a Venezuelan posing as an American. Good for him.

It would be embarrassing to many people if I named the names of all of those back “home” who, learning that I had come here, told me that they had been considering the same move. They said that when things got intolerable in the States, or the UK, or Canada, they would just move here; or to Costa Rica, or to New Zealand, or to someplace else. My pains and troubles here will serve as an object lesson for all that the time to relocate in advance of Peak Oil has, for almost everyone, long passed.


The important distinctions about adaptivity are not racial at all. US citizens come in all colors. American culture is the water they have swum in since birth. A native US citizen of Latin descent who did not (or even did) speak Spanish would probably feel almost as out of place here as I do. They would look the same but not feel the same. And when it came time to deal collectively with a rapidly changing world, a world in turmoil, a native-born American’s inbred decades of “instinctive” survival skills might not harmonize with the skills used by those around him.

Another one of my trademarked lines is that Post Peak survival is not a matter of individual survival or national survival. It is a matter of cooperative, community survival. If one is not a fully integrated member of a community when the challenges come, one might hinder the effectiveness of the entire community which has unspoken and often consciously unrecognized ways of adapting. As stresses increase, the gauntlets required to gain acceptance in strange places will only get tougher. Diversity will become more, rather than less, rigid and enforced.

As energy shortages and blackouts arrive; as food shortages grow worse; as droughts expand and proliferate; as icecaps melt, as restless, cold and hungry populations start looking for other places to go; minute cultural and racial differences will trigger progressively more abrupt reactions, not unlike a stressed out and ill human body will react more violently to things that otherwise would never reach conscious thought.

Start building your lifeboats where you are now. I can see that the lessons I have learned here are important whether you are thinking of moving from city to countryside, state to state, or nation to nation. Whatever shortcomings you may think exist where you live are far outnumbered by the advantages you have where you are a part of an existing ecosystem that you know and which knows you.

If the time comes when it is necessary to leave that community you will be better off moving with your tribe rather than moving alone.

Evolution is guaranteed. Useful knowledge gained by ancestors is incorporated into succeeding generations. It may not be used in the same way that it was when acquired. It may lie dormant for years or decades, safely stored in DNA or the collective unconscious. But it is there, and it will always be available should the day come when it is needed.




My trusted attorney Ray Kohlman in New York will be receiving all donations intended for this purpose. I really need help. At present only checks and money orders can be processed. They should be made out to Ray Kohlman and (very important) the Memo section should read, “For Mike Ruppert”.

Mail to:

Mike Ruppert
c/o Ray Kohlman
300 East 71st St.
Suite 3H
New York, NY 10021

Those with offers or information on residency in another country should contact Jenna Orkin, Jennakilt@aol.com. These must address three things: Visa and immigration considerations, access to affordable health care, and an initial place of residence. Jenna will screen these offers and forward them to Ray Kohlman for further evaluation. I can only get online for a few hours a day at best by going to an internet café.


All contributions should be sent to FTW’s agent-publicist Ken Levine by check or money order only. Offers to store (or purchase) my personal library of 250 volumes should be made to Ken Levine (below). If I do make it into another life and recover my health, however, I reserve the right to someday reclaim the 15 or so books that are personally autographed to me by their authors. Again, checks or money orders should be sent to:

c/o Ken Levine
More Than News Productions
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 301
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
818/907-9466 phone
818/907-9551 fax

DIRECT CREDIT CARD DONATIONS, can be made at the FTW website. These will be used to fund immediate operating expenses, salaries, and other essential functions. They will not be used to help me personally.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Banks/Data; British/Taliban; Al Qaeda/Algeria; Pre 9/11 Briefings; Net Oversight; GAO/Strategic Reserve

Europeans Berate Bank Group and Overseer for Access to Data
Has nothing to do with terrorist financing and everything to do with money flows, privacy and control of populations inside the US and abroad. It seems to me that the long, dark, night of facism is coming very rapidly now as the sunset and twilight of liberty in the US dissolve into darkness. MCR

British in Secret Truce with Taliban

Al Qaeda in Algeria

Pre- 9/11 Briefings
"Government investigations have shown that Mr. Ashcroft was briefed by other C.I.A. officials in the weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks."

U.S. Loosens Control Over Net Oversight Body

GAO: Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Chavez/Assassination Attempt; CIA/Opposition; DoD/ Able Danger; Gulf State/Al-Qaeda; Qaeda/Pearl; Russia/Electronics

Manuel Rosales, Governor of the Venezuelan province of Zulia, who has been accused of supporting the coup attempt against Chavez in 2002 as well as of secretly fostering plans for the secession of the oil-rich province, is now being linked to the recent assassination attempt on Chavez' life.

Rosales also recently went to Miami on what he called "a private tour." However Caracas newspapers allege that the purpose of the trip was to obtain instructions and backing for his campaign "based on a proposal to directly distribute a portion of the oil revenue." JO

Chavez Says Assassination Attempt Against Him Foiled

Chavez Alleges CIA Infuses Opposition

DoD IG Wipes Hands of Able Danger

Gulf State Growth Draws Al-Qaeda

Qaeda Figure Tied to Pearl Case

Russia to Fund Military Electronics

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Energy Depletion and the U.S. Descent into Fascism

Because of the importance of this article, FTW is posting it on the blog as well as the website. Please forgive the formatting discrepancies.

Energy Depletion & the US Descent into Fascism
Dale Allen Pfeiffer
Please distribute this article as widely as possible.
1. First Warnings
2. The Intervening Years
3. Documentaries of Note
4. The Withdrawal of Consent
5. Grassroots Rebellion
6. Further Reading & Viewing
First Warnings
15/10/06 www.mountainsentinel.com In October of 2001, a little over a month after 9/11, I wrote an article titled The Background is Oil. The hypothesis laid out in this article was that the 2000 US presidential election resulted in a coup of neocons and oil interests who had taken control of the US in order to prepare for the coming peak and decline of world oil production. Furthermore, this coup engineered the 9/11 terrorist attacks to further their own interests.
Before 9/11, the coup was hampered by lack of support from both the public and Congress. The tragedies of September 11th washed all resistance away in a flood of rabid patriotism. As a result, the coup was able to hijack the US political process. Over the coming years, starting with the patriot act, the coup has been able to strip us of our constitutional rights, in preparation for the civil unrest which will come from the peak and decline of oil production and the resulting economic collapse.

The day after 9/11, the junta announced that the US would undertake a "War against Terror;" that is, a war without end, directed against whomever the junta should label as an enemy state. The war was actually a cover for the consolidation of military empire and a worldwide grab for control of energy production. Never mind that terrorism can never be ended through warfare, but only exacerbated (see Restating the Obvious).

After writing the article The Background is Oil, I shopped it around very eagerly. This message needed be heard by as many as possible. There were many people, both within the US and around the world, who did not believe the official story of 9/11 and the "War on Terror," but without this knowledge of the peak oil motive, it was very difficult to understand why the junta was proceeding with such a Machiavellian scheme, nor why the power brokers behind the junta would condone this madness.

For the next month, I sent this essay out to every alternative news service and periodical I could think of. None of them would touch it. I had just about given up on having the article published. As a final option, I would put the article out on the web myself, through email groups and my own website. As a last chance, I tried sending the article to From the Wilderness, a newsletter that I knew little about but which seemed to be putting out information about 9/11 that no one else would touch.

Whatever my subsequent thoughts and feelings about From the Wilderness, I owe Mike Ruppert a debt of thanks for publishing this article, and all of the material that followed it. Within the next few months, The Background is Oil traveled all over the web and was translated into many different languages.
In January of 2002, I followed up on this article with another entitled What Next for the Oil Coup? In this article, I proposed that if the US had suffered an oil coup that was using 9/11 to make a global energy grab, then we should be able to make some predictions based on this hypothesis. Looking at the top oil producing countries, I stated that the most likely targets of an oil coup would be Iraq, Iran, and Venezuela. Saudi Arabia would also be important, but its ties to the US could be shored up by the occupation of Iraq and the military bases established in the surrounding area. I also threw in a few other countries devoid of energy resources, but which the US considered to be enemy states — countries such as North Korea and Cuba. Within a week of the publication of this article in From the Wilderness, Bush gave his infamous "axis of evil" address. And in the years since, the countries listed in this article have been the almost exclusive focus of the "War on Terror."

The Intervening Years

Over the years since I first wrote about the oil coup, the Bush junta has fulfilled all of my worst expectations. The junta has invaded Iraq, though it is now clear that Iraq represented absolutely no terrorist threat to the US. US military bases now surround the Middle East and the Caspian region. And now the junta is very eager to invade Iran. Only in their attempt to overthrow the democratically elected government of Venezuelan Presidente Hugo Chavez has the US junta been thwarted. And it is hoped that Presidente Chavez can continue to outmaneuver the junta.

The junta has also managed to mothball the Geneva Convention and the US Constitution. The US now has an official policy of sanctioning torture, concentration camps, and limitless detention without filing formal charges. The junta has instituted a policy of pre-emptive strike known as the "Bush Doctrine." The US can now attack any country that it perceives to be a threat, without provocation.

At home, the junta can conduct domestic spying without court approval. It can label US citizens as terrorists and then imprison them without charge. If you think this only applies to naturalized citizens, think again. In the last few years, the junta has made it very clear that it views environmental activists as terrorists. Environmental activists are now languishing in prison (and in some cases, even dying there) for destruction of property, while right wing militants are allowed to continue plotting murder. (See Sourcecode: Eco Dissent/Not Terrorism.) And the junta has announced that anti-war activists and others who vocally dissent will be monitored for possible terrorist activities.
The Bush junta has wracked up more high crimes than any previous administration. Yet Congress has granted them full immunity. Any attempt to impeach Bush and Cheney for lying about the reasons for invading Iraq is dead in the water. And the junta is now pursuing the very same tactics with regard to Iran.

In preparation for the economic havoc that will follow the decline of energy production, the junta has made sure that bankruptcy proceedings will not excuse the general public from their consumer debt. The stage is set for the working class within the US to become indentured servants (see Peak Oil & the Working Class). Yet, very few are aware of what is in store for them, and most would not believe if it were mentioned to them.

Internment camps have been prepared within the US, capable of housing many thousands of dissenters. And plans are now being formed to beef up border security, including building and maintaining fences along the southern border. The entire US is being transformed into a prison. Repressive immigration legislation is being pursued by Congress, supposedly on behalf of the US working class. Yet a "War on Immigrants" will be no more successful at halting illegal immigration than the "War on Terror" will stop terrorism. The premises of both wars are false, and the junta knows this. The "War on Immigrants" is ultimately about repressing the working class, both internationally and within the US (see Energy Depletion and Immigration).

Documentaries of Note

The perspective presented several years ago in The Background is Oil has become the thesis for a new documentary, Oil, Smoke and Mirrors, which can be viewed freely online courtesy of Google videos, or which can be purchased on DVD directly from the producers (http://www.oilsmokeandmirrors.com/). I heartily recommend this documentary; it should be watched by every citizen of the US. There is little time left to prevent our descent into fascism, and far too many people are not even aware of it.

For those who require more convincing that 9/11 was an inside job, I recommend 9/11; Press for Truth. In this documentary, the 9/11 Family Steering Committee tell their own story, using Paul Thompson’s 9/11 timeline to make it very clear that we have been lied to about the tragedy of September 11th. This documentary is only available for purchase as a DVD, but it is well worth $15.

Finally, the story of the attempted Venezuelan coup is told in The Revolution will not be Televised. This documentary can also be found on Google videos. Most US citizens do not even know that the US supported the attempted overthrow of duly elected Venezuelan Presidente Chavez. In the US, Chavez is portrayed as a madman, a terrorist, and a dictator. This documentary makes very clear that he is none of these things. Presidente Chavez, in fact, has a much better record than George W. Bush for supporting democracy and free speech.
Upon viewing this documentary, it becomes very clear that the reason the coup failed was because of the people. The people rose up against the coup, and it was their uprising which encouraged loyalists within the military to stage a counter-coup. Without a doubt, Chavez is an excellent tactician. But he is also sincerely a man of the people. And without popular support, his government would have succumbed long ago to US intervention.

The Withdrawal of Consent

The Venezuela documentary also explains that what is lacking in the US is an informed and active public. The oil junta has succeeded because the US public remains uninformed and indifferent, locked into a state of denial that is almost psychotic in its disconnection from reality. If the US public would rise up, the game would be over.

Certainly, the majority of US citizens are dissatisfied with Bush, but they are not truly aware of how close we have come to fascism. Those who are now waking up still place their faith in the electoral system. By the time they realize that democracy is dead in the US, it may very well be too late for them to rise up. The system does not serve us. It is high time that we took our founding fathers’ advice and rebelled against this corrupt system and the plutocracy that controls this country.

It is quite likely that the Republicans will retain control of Congress in an election rife with irregularities. However, even if the Democrats manage to take control of Congress, we can expect no changes from them. Both parties are owned by the power brokers behind the oil junta. Whoever is in power, the US will continue its slide toward fascism and totalitarianism.

We do have a chance yet. It will take a few more years before the junta has completely transformed our society. We have to act now.

The age of consumer capitalism is at an end. It will most likely dissolve into some form of debt servitude or corporate feudalism. Yet, even this will be a dying system in the face of energy depletion, global warming and many other problems resulting from over a century of conspicuous consumption. If we continue to support this system, then the blood is on our hands.

We can, instead, turn to a system based on relocalization, democratic decentralization, community and quality of life. But we will have to break free of the plutocracy to do so. They would never tolerate any change that might strip them of even a portion of their power. They would rather live in a dying police state where they remain at the top. We cannot continue to go along with the plutocracy. Whether we are indifferent, uninformed or in denial, the blood will be on our hands. Our only option is to withdraw our support from this system and actively seek to replace it.

In a past article (Peak Oil and the Working Class), I suggested that what was needed was a new working class movement. The working class, within the US and elsewhere, had to stop serving their masters. A true general strike would take back all power from the plutocracy and stop the junta dead in their tracks.
When I wrote that article, I was attacked on several fronts. Mike Ruppert and Jamey Hecht contended that because of outsourcing, the working class in the US could no longer carry off an effective general strike. They said that nobody would be bothered by a strike of hairdressers and salespeople. I still insist that a real general strike, encompassing the entire working class — blue and white collar, truckers and salespeople, farm workers and engineers — would shut down the system. It was because of this disagreement that I left From the Wilderness to put out the article on my own.

In that article, I suggested that the IWW might be the ideal union to organize such a movement. I was then very surprised to be attacked from within the IWW. Perhaps some members of the IWW are too misinformed to see what is happening, or perhaps they are blinded by denial. If the IWW does not want to foster a true worker’s movement then it can no longer call itself a revolutionary union. In that case, it is little more than a worker controlled business union. Due to my great admiration of the IWW, such a failure saddens me.

Grassroots Rebellion

It is up to you and me to defeat the junta and the plutocracy. We must act, and we must act quickly. Failing, we will be lucky if we only fall into debt servitude. If the coup succeeds, then it is quite possible that many of us, myself included, will simply disappear.

The government and the media are both against us. And they are intent on reigning in the internet just as soon as possible. We have a very brief window of opportunity remaining — a few years at most. It is time to do what we can.
I urge you to read all the materials listed at the end of this article, and view the documentaries I have mentioned. Then I urge you to pass this article along to everyone you know.

This system is suicidal, nor can it be reformed from within the system. It is time to withdraw our consent. The bookstore at our website (www.mountainsentinel.com/store.php) offers a number of books that will help you to do this. I apologize that the bookstore is an Amazon affiliate, but many of these books are hard to come by otherwise.

Personal withdrawal from the system is a start, but it is not enough. We must organize and work toward a complete general strike. Only if the entire working class refuses to serve can we take back our own power and return this world to sanity.

So far as sabotage is concerned, right now it is probably too early for major acts of sabotage. At present, the government and the media would likely spin such acts against us. Only when we have gained the understanding and support of the public can we successfully engage in sabotage. Yet, it is the duty of the sane and conscientious person to do whatever he or she can — short of harming other people — to stop a system bent on the destruction of the planet and the increase of injustice and human suffering.

And, after all, sabotage will never be as effective as a successful general strike. We must take back our power and stop the madness. Anything less is suicide.

Further Reading & Viewing

The Background is Oil

This was the first published article stating the thesis that the US 2000 electoral coup and 9/11 were both about energy depletion. The arguments contained in this article are as valid today as they were in 2001.

What Next
This article helps explain what the "War on Terror" holds in store for us.

Eating Fossil Fuels
This article helps to explain just how important energy depletion will be to all of us. It has been expanded into a book from New Society Publishers. The book also contains many resources for those seeking solutions to this problem (CSA’s, farmers markets, food banks, community agriculture organizations, etc.) The book is available in bookstores or directly from the publisher, New Society Publishers.

Imminent Peril, Part 1
Imminent Peril, Part 2
This 2-part article explains just how drastic our situation is on this planet.
The Collapse of Complex Systems
Presentation to the New York Local Solutions Conference, April 2006
These articles explain why there are no technofixes for energy depletion. And they explain that, at best, technofixes would only buy us a little time and likely make the situation worse in the long run.
Peak Oil and the Working Class
What is ahead for the working class, and what can we do about it?
Energy Depletion and Immigration
Why closing the borders would not work and would ultimately hurt US workers.
Restating the Obvious
Why the War on Terror will only lead to more terrorism.
Oil, Smoke and Mirrors
An excellent documentary expanding the thesis of The Background is Oil. This documentary should be viewed by everyone.
9/11; Press for Truth
You owe it to the victims of 9/11 to watch this video. And, as we are all victims of 9/11, you owe it to yourself
The Revolution will not be Televised
Riveting. Watch this if for no other reason than to see an example of the sort of informed and active public which is the best insurance of continuing democracy.
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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Climate Change/GDP, Insurance, Wars; Sust. Living/Whipple; Laptops Search; Diebold; Chavez/Reading

The articles below on climate change attempt novel approaches: People may not be concerned about their own lives or consider the threat to their children's lives real, but they always respond to a threat to their pocketbooks. The third article focusses on war which, since 9/11 and the invasion of Iraq, has also become a more real presence in the life of the average citizen.

But it's debatable whether the articles achieve their ostensible purpose of scaring the reader, thereby galvanizing him or her into action. By maintaining that the disastrous consequences of climate change may not unfold for decades, the articles will more likely lull the reader into believing we have time to turn things around; decades during which, no doubt, 'they' will think up a solution as they always have. But those who read James Lovelock's words on Monday will not forget them: "They think we have decades left. We don't." JO

The Cost of Climate Change
Per Cent of GDP

Sustainable Living Conference with Tom Whipple

Laptops May be Subject to Search After Overseas Travel

Princeton Computer Scientists Hack Diebold ***************************************************************************

This is why some people get to be president and other people who can't pronounce 'nucular'..... never mind. JO
Chavez' Bedtime Reading

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide

It is slowly becoming evident to all Latin American nations that they must hang together under the Bolivarian Revolution or they will all be hung and stripped bare, separately. This story goes directly to the heart of my decades of work on CIA and drugs and my investigations surrounding the CIA Inspector General's report of 1998 which mentions Posada Carriles in several places.

If anything has the potential to accelerate Latin America's emerging unity under a Bolivarian banner quickly the Posada case is it. And for the CIA this is a no-win situation where the revelations, press and political ramifications can only get worse. FTW has been following the case for years. Just search the FTW web site for Posada.

I first met Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archives in South Central Los Angeles just two weeks before I had my face-to-face confrontation with then Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) John Deutch. I can almost guarantee that there are other documents there, waiting to be seen, that will damage the US even further.

Trivia Question: Who was the DCI in 1976? – It was George Herbert Walker Bush. That was the fateful year that the CIA attempted to recruit me when I was with LAPD. – MCR]

Documents: CIA Warned of Bomb Plot

OF COURSE there is no attack planned on North Korea. Duh! Since at least Ronald Reagan it is U.S. policy to only invade countries that are defenseless. There will be no invasion of North Korea or Iran.The possibility of invasions such as these – the equivalent of starting World War III – will only enter the realm of possibility when the bumpy plateau of oil production ends and irreversible decline begins, never to turn back again. Michael Klare says the bumpy plateau could last “a decade or more.” Though FTW believes this is highly unlikely, all eyes are on oil production. As long as we remain in the volatile plateau area of oil production the game of global capitalism can continue to transfer wealth from the “have-littles” to the “have-lots.” – MK]

Bush Says No Plans to Attack North Korea

As resources become more scarce and the empire feels more resistance from countries outside its orbit who are also competing for resources, more pressure will be applied to native peoples who sit on vast amounts of resources throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It has always been this way, but now it will get much worse. – CB]

"Gunboat Diplomacy" aimed at the Indigenous People of North America http://www.globalresearch.ca/index.php?context=viewArticle&code=HOR20061009&articleId=3435

Beijing Must Curb Population Growth or Face Water Shortage

Thousands in Russia Protest NATO Military Exercises

Suicide Attacks Foiled at Two Oil Sites, Yemen Says

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Earth in Eight Verses

Jenna Orkin

"This is your garden," God told Man,
"To cultivate." (Was that Voltaire?)
Man looked and said, "In my opinion
it is good, this, my dominion."

But Paradise soon lost its charm
as Man grew restless and ambitious.
Striking out, exploratory,
he sought ever greater glory.

And it was also good as he
plumbed sea, tamed forest, so he thought
they partook of Infinity
and having been, must always be.

His cities grew and towers rose.
Man was fruitful, multiplied.
He said, "In order to stay Master,
I must build more, higher, faster."

The prophets railed, those wild-eyed fools,
"What about the Pygmy Owl?
Arroyo Toad? Bluecrested tit?"
Man shrugged, said, "Never heard of it.

Eat, drink, be merry. Seize the day
for it is yours. The time is Now.
Can't you see the only thing
that matters is that I am king?"

While far away, beneath the seas
the fish were gone. In desert, wood,
without a sound, a word or tear
ten thousand species died each year.

The earth grew warm and oceans rose.
Birds and plants died off til as
in tales of Midas told of yore
there was no kingdom anymore.

Friday, September 29, 2006

C. Asia Pact/Aral Sea; SCO Military Exercises; FAA/False 9/11 Testimony; Nafeez Ahmed/9/11 Families; US/Africa Military; Perth/Aborigines

At a dinner party, it's the empty chair that garners the most curiosity. In this case the chair belongs to Turkmenistan which did not participate in the Astana summit discussed below, culminating in the pact to preserve the Aral Sea.

Yet they're hardly immune to the problems afflicting their neighbors. 80-90% desert, Turkmenistan has the lowest operational resources of groundwater of all the Central Asian states.

The other piece missing from the Astana pact is Russia. The Central Asian states agreed, as they have in the past, that the way to resolve their water problems is by diverting waters from the rivers of Siberia.

How does Russia feel about this? It has "yet to come up with any official reaction to the Siberian river diversion scheme. However, some officials have indicated that Russia, or at least some regions, may eventually face shortages of quality drinking water.In the meantime, competition for water is increasing in Central Asia at an alarming rate, adding tension to what is already a volatile region." JO

China/Kazakh SCO Joint Anti-Terrorism Exercises

Report Urges FAA To Act Regarding False 9/11 Testimony

Nafeez Ahmed on What the 9/11 Families Are Saying

U.S. Considers New Military Command for Africa

Australian City of Perth Belongs to Aborigines

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The following message was sent by Mike after I sent him some of your comments by way of encouragement. For some reason, the paragraph key is not behaving. Sorry. Jenna Orkin MESSAGE FROM MIKE To all of you who have sent your love and personal messages I can only say that you have saved my life more than once. You did that because you showed that you understood me and I -- who have such a hard time with it -- could actually feel the love.

I wish I could tell you all more about what my life is like here at the moment but I just can´t for reasons that maybe someday I´ll be able to ´splain to you. These are terrible times for the planet and I fear they are going to get worse. Right now I am in something of an unavoidable limbo that seems to have no end. But it will, I´m sure. I mean, who the Hell am I to say, I´m 55 and have been through enough. I don´t need no more freaking evolutions. As always, my arms are too short to box with God. How quickly my head will take me to a place where I´ll think I´ve failed, or I didn´t do enough. How quickly isolation from friends amidst the trials of learning a new language and culture can sap one´s strength.How absolutely and magnificently lucky I am to have these words from people like you to remind me of all the things I have to be grateful for and give me a much needed attitude adjustment.We are, and always will be connected.


Friday, September 22, 2006

American People Must Free Their Country: Hugo Chavez

Jenna Orkin

Five months after Mike Ruppert declared in what would become his farewell speech to America that the 'paradigm is the enemy, ' Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, speaking from the same stage at Cooper Union, proclaimed that the planet cannot endure any more consumerism.

"Capitalism destroys ecological balance," the President declared, "and not just because of bombs.... The U.S. spends approximately $600 million p.a. on the military, five times Venezuela's Gross Domestic Product."

Careening from sublime heights of oratory to ridiculous references to the smell of sulphur when Bush was nearby, the President held a roaring, U.S. and Venezuela flag-waving crowd rapt til past eleven o'clock. (The event was late getting started because of no-nonsense security measures including detailed inspection with a flashlight of a visitor's keys.)

"I don't prepare speeches," he explained unnecessarily as he engaged audience member Roger Toussaint, President of the Transport Workers' Union, in impromptu dialogue about how New York City's bus system worked: Were the busses owned by the Mayor? The question manifested more than idle curiosity; recently Venezuela struck an oil-for-expertise deal with London Mayor Ken Livingstone. "But I'm very disciplined," Chavez added, another attribute he shares with his country's new guest, Ruppert. Also acknowledged in the audience were Ramsay Clarke, four Hassidic rabbis and the lawyer and investigative journalist Eva Golinger.

"Capitalism is the road to hell" for education, the President continued, a field for which the U.N. recommends that 7% of GDP be used. Venezuela uses close to 10%. Some of their schools are in old buildings whose structures are still good. The day before, Chavez was at a school that had been built for 2000 but because of privatization, the population had fallen to 200. The day Chavez visited, the school re-opened for 1200.

Students in Venezuela are given paper, pencils and wherever feasible, computer labs. In primary schools the students get breakfast, lunch and a snack. To get children used to going to school, there are "Simon sitos" (sp? not on google) such as the one attended by Chavez' 2-year-old grandchild.

Venezuela also has almost a million adults of all ages finishing high school (more are in college) who hadn't been able to in their youth because of the need to work. They study from videos in their own communities.

The President reminisced about Laurenzo Perez, his friend in fourth grade, who had to leave school to sell tripe. Now the father of twelve children, he is still poor. Had he had enough money, he could have been an engineer. To prevent more such cases, Venezuela offers scholarships to needy students of 100$ a month.

In all, more than 60% of the Venezuelan population is in school, including from the indigenous populations to whom supplies are brought via donkey.

It occurred to this reporter that Chavez is living out an idealistic child's fantasies of "what I would do if I was President." When he likes a book, as he did Don Quixote, he distributes thousands of copies to the population. (Don Quixote is often in his thoughts; Castro is the Don, he said, though a skinny one these days.)

Indeed, children are an abiding theme of the President's reforms. Last month Venezuela opened the largest pediatric cardiac facility in the world where needy children from all over South America can be treated for free. Soon their mothers will also be able to be housed for free in a nearby hotel. The hospital is equipped to perform four thousand surgeries a year, more than double the number of the previous largest facility.

The theme then turned to a less happy subject: the recent activities of the United States.
Referring as he did often in his speech, to illustrious predecessors on the stage of Cooper Union, the President quoted Mark Twain who in 1901 said the imperial eagle should not dig its claws into foreign countries.

What the U.S. is doing in Iraq and what Israel did in Lebanon, Chavez said, was terrorism. In the interest of fairness he also mentioned Caracazonas, (caracazanos? neither is on google) asking rhetorically, "How could we do that?" The U.S. used biological and chemical weapons in Fallujah, he said; even rats and cockroaches died. "This is genocide."

(At another speech the following morning Chavez reported that it hadn't been easy for him to come to New York; some of his assistants hadn't been allowed in. These were efforts to dissuade him from coming, he alleged, going on to threaten that If the United States attempts a coup as they did in 2002, Venezuela would stop providing the 1 1/2 million b.p.d. of oil that they currently sell here; oil would shoot up to $150-200 p.b.)

He did respect President Jimmy Carter who gave back the Panama Canal although as a consequence, his life was threatened. Chavez also pointed out that Kennedy had proposed an alliance with Cuba to help the poor and look what happened to him.

The speech was laced with fond references to Castro who had lost forty pounds from an intestinal hemorrhage whereas Chavez himself, he said, looks like a fatted ox. He spoke of visiting Castro and telling him he couldn't die. "Who said I'm dying?" Castro responded.

Current policy makes the United States the biggest threat to world peace according to world opinion, Chavez asserted, while also calling for substantive debate among presidents. The present norm of giving speeches, he said, amounts to 'a dialogue of the deaf.'

But he ended on an optimistic note: Eight years ago, the world was asleep. It is now waking up.

The following morning the President spoke at Mt. Olivet Church in Harlem about the Citgo program to distribute heating oil to low-income communities. Last winter Citgo gave out 40 million gallons of oil to 180,000 households. This year that amount will be multiplied by two and a half to 100 million gallons of oil going to 459,000 households, including indigenous peoples. After the President's speech several of these, from the Unangax tribe in Alaska, performed traditional dances wearing beaded headdresses and facial designs representing family lineage across the cheeks and 'puberty lines' on the chin. These are painted on boys at the age of seven and on girls at menarche.

Although 10% of U.S. oil comes from Alaska, gas there is more than 8$ p.g. Some people go without food in order to heat their houses said Jolene Petticrew, teacher of the dancers, in an interview. Others who lack gas to run their boats and 'four-wheelers' must forego hunting.

Chavez explained that the distribution system in Alaska eliminates the middleman, a bane of capitalism.

He also explained his program for distributing oil among his own neighbors: In exchange, Cuba sends Venezuela doctors and medicine; Uruguay sends prefabricated houses; Argentina sends incubators, nuclear energy for medicine and agricultural machines as well as pregnant cows that have been bred to produce 20 liters of milk p.d. as well as to give birth only to females.

He also touched on the theme of coca which he said is used for making non-fattening bread, tea and toothpaste.

Quoting Martin Luther King: "I have a dream," Chavez ended with a reference to the Noam Chomsky book Hegemony or Survival, that he had mentioned at the U.N. on Wednesday. He said that there are two superpowers today: 1) the United States and 2) the rest of the world. For the sake of the rest of the world, the people of the United States must bring down the current administration and free this country.

Why the Blog Seems FTW-Centric

Jenna Orkin

This is in response to a criticism just posted that the blog is 'self-involved' referring inordinately to tampering with the FTW website and other recent events.

The reason for that is that if the website goes awry after business hours, the blog is often the only means by which notification can go out to readers. The blog is also the forum through which FTW staff and readers can respond to tampering with FTW affairs. There is considerable interest on all sides in doing so.

Further arguments could be made in self-defense of the blog's apparent solipsism but I believe they're unnecessary as most readers already understand them.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Alleviating FTW Readers' Concerns: Update

The fraudulent email sent last night is just that. My understanding is that sensitive information is stored in a separate location.

Thanks as always for your observations.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Today, September 20, 2006, FTW subscribers received a fraudulent email disguised as and FTW email alert. Long story short, [the FTW website has been tampered with]*—again. The email is 200% bogus. How do I know? Because I speak with Mike Ruppert every day, and I can verify that he is not “able to live fairly well here” as this ruse states in the first sentence. Not only do I know that Mike did not write this email because its style and tone are not his, but I am profoundly familiar with the nature of his life in Caracas which is spare, austere, and extremely limited on a number of levels, including financial.

Mike recently had his laptop repaired, not because the CIA or FBI downloaded anything into it but because it had mechanical problems, and he did not have his recovery disk with him. HE DOES NOT NEED A NEW LAPTOP; the one he just got back from the computer repair shop works just fine!

FTW has survived this kind of harassment many times, and we will do so once more. We regret this kind of nonsense going into the inboxes of our subscribers, and we thank you for your loyal support.

Carolyn Baker
Managing Editor
From The Wilderness

* phrase inserted by FTW Admin

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Other Energy Speech: James Woolsey at NYU

Jenna Orkin

Now that Truthout has published Al Gore's speech yesterday at NYU, let's not overlook his opening act, former CIA Director James Woolsey.

Having learned from Reagan that the American people are suckers for one-liners, Woolsey started with several self-deprecating jokes to 'warm up the audience' as it's called in the game-show world.

Then he got down to business. "Wiping the smile off his face," as your mother used to say, he sounded like Will Ferrell impersonating a certain tough-talking, down-home-wannabe President.

The recent attacks in Yemen were conducted by Al Qaeda which also attacked the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia. The sulphur clearing towers, through which 6-7 million barrels pass per day, are vulnerable if they're merely 'within mortar range.' The Saudis were able to fend off the attack on their facility. But with 6-7 million b.p.d. off-line we would be up to $200 p.b. oil.

Saudi Arabia earns 160 billion p.a., a good portion of which goes to Wahhabis who are 'equivalent to' Al Qaeda as the Trotskyites were to the Stalinists - [Commies, terrorists, what's the difference?] - except that they differ on who should be in charge. They are against apostates, homosexuals and Jews. (NYU, where Woolsey was speaking, is in Greenwich Village, a gay Mecca within New York City which is a Jewish Mecca. Woolsey knew his audience: If he'd tossed out a baseball, chances are it would have been fumbled by one of the above.) The Wahhabis use this income for madrassas to spread their dubious philosophy. So in this war against terrorism we pay for both sides.

The solution, according to Woolsey, lies in ethanol.

Debt is the number 1 problem in developing countries whose chief industry is agriculture; if something is to be done about it, then something must be done about the price of oil.

The U.S. will borrow $320 billion this year just to import oil. Replacing a quarter of that with ethanol doubles farm income. Thus ethanol is the answer to the prayers of a number of factions across the political spectrum from environmentalists to businesspeople to a coalition of 85 evangelicals who recently held a press conference on climate change.

Segueing into his history with Al Gore, Woolsey said that several decades ago, he was summoned by a 'young Congressman' to explain Code 50, computerized war games with the Soviets so as to figure out how to design U.S. forces. The young Congressman asked Woolsey, who had worked at the Pentagon, what the underlying assumptions of the Code were. Woolsey knew he was dealing with a different sort of Congressman.

So, he concluded his introduction, in the ethanol solution the United States is seeing "a growing coalition of evangelicals, venture capitalists, do-gooders, tree-huggers, sod-busters and Al Gore."

There was no question period; hence no opportunity to point out that oil at its height offered an 'energy returned on energy invested' (EROEI) of 30:1. The EROEI of ethanol is barely above one. Like all the other apparent panaceas to the energy/imminent economic crisis, this one dissolves upon closer inspection. The Powers That Be are looking for alternative means to old ends; they are not acknowledging that it is the ends themselves which will have to change.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Smoking Gun May Implicate Christy Todd Whitman in Felonies

Jenna Orkin*

EPA Senior Policy Analyst Hugh Kaufman revealed today what he called a "smoking gun," documents showing that Administrator Christy Todd Whitman committed a felony when she reassured New Yorkers that their air was safe to breathe following the terrorist attacks of 9/11.

The internal documents, obtained by Congressman Jerrold Nadler whose district includes Ground Zero, consist of notes written in preparation for the EPA Inspector General's Report of August, 2003. That report showed that at least one EPA press release was edited by the White House Council on Environmental Quality to replace cautionary statements about asbestos with reassurances.

In the notes, EPA Spokesperson Tina Kreisher is asked whether there was a 'conscious effort' to reassure the public. Ms. Kreisher responded that there was such an effort and that it came both from the Administrator and the White House.

The newly unearthed notes are particularly damning, Kaufman says, because Whitman had a personal financial interest in getting Lower Manhattan up and running again. She owned millions of dollars' worth of bonds from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey which in turn owned the WTC site. A letter from Whitman dated January 19, 2001 to Ann Wolgast, an EPA Ethics official, states that Whitman understood that certain of her family's financial interests, including the PA bonds, presented potential conflicts of interest. Thus when she took office on February 1, 2001, she recused herself from cases involving the PA, among other companies.

She therefore broke the law by getting involved in the World Trade Center case at all, Kaufman says. The case should have been handled by her Deputy, Linda Fisher, who had 25 years' experience.

On September 13, 2006, Congressman Nadler, along with Congressmen Weiner and Pascrell, wrote to Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez requesting that a Special Counsel be appointed to investigate whether criminal charges should be brought against former Administrator Whitman as well as against other government officials for possibly endangering the lives of thousands of people following the attacks.

"Christie Whitman repeatedly declared the air safe, and now thousands of people are sick, and some have died, from World Trade Center contamination," Nadler said. "To add insult to injury, she just went on 60 Minutes and tried to blame everybody else for her misdeeds. She must be held accountable."

Kaufman says that Whitman may also have been motivated by a second conflict of interest from which, however, she did not recuse herself: She owned $250,000 stock in Citigroup which in turn owned Travellers' Insurance, a major downtown insurance company. Her husband John had worked for Citigroup before running a spinoff, Sycamore, which managed Citigroup's Far East branch.

Kaufman was the Chief Investigator for the EPA Ombudsman's Office until Whitman shut that office down by folding it into the Inspector General's office. The move ended the transparency which had been the hallmark of Ombudsman investigations; the IG Office focussed on enforcement. However Nikki Tinsley, the IG in charge of the highly critical report on the World Trade Center, is also no longer in office.

The documents obtained contain enough evidence, Kaufman says, to warrant hiring a Special Prosecutor. Possible crimes include wrongful endangerment and manslaughter. "The heroes should have their day in court and all enemies, foreign and domestic, should be held accountable."

*One of twelve original plaintiffs in a class action lawsuit against the EPA.

Friday, September 15, 2006

DOE/Gas Shortages; Sun/Wind/Solar; Water Labels/Shortages; SARS/Bribes; Funds/Radios

DOE Predicts Gas Shortages

Living on Sun, Wind, Solar
Courtesy, Larabraveheart

Water Labels on Food Could Ease Shortages

China SARS Hero Gets Life for Accepting Bribes

Funds Stalled for Interoperable (sic) Radios The inability of the police and fire departments to communicate because of radio incompatibility was a major factor in the loss of life on 9/11 and an issue about which families were up in arms during the Commission hearings.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mike Ruppert's Response to Bill Shanley

Dear Bill:

Thank you so much for your piece paying, what Carolyn Baker called, tribute to me. I have a couple of comments.

First, I´m glad that you had the energy to engage in that dialogue with a reporter whose only out was saying that there was no evidence. The more evidence you showed him, the more he didn´t see it. I stopped having such arguments in the early 1980s over the CIA´s involvement in the drug trade. I won´t even go near such arguments now but I do agree that your effort might have helped some people understand that we are not just fighting governmental criminality. First we have to defeat human psychopathology. The world doesn´t want to be saved because it would have to take a good hard look at itself in the process. That´s a contest I removed myself from some years ago just to preserve my own sanity and energy.

I chose instead, the approach of looking for those in whom the first obstacle had already been overcome. It´s a smaller audience for sure, but one that has been much easier to build upon over the years.

My second observation is entirely personal.

The word ¨tribute¨ makes me defensive. It is a large word signifying a large honor earned as a result of large achievement. I see no such large achievement in my life. Instead, I see only failure.

Please understand that when I unintentionally began this life 30 years ago my goal was not to improve the world at all. My goal -- my need -- was to ¨restore¨ a system of government and ethics -- a cosmology -- that would make it OK for me to have a personal life again, to trust something, anything, enough to love it with all of my defenses down. That´s the way I loved LAPD and the way I loved a woman named Teddy.

All I wanted was a place where I could feel safe and happy again. The fact that what I found it necessary to do, just to feel safe again, was to change my country and the world is the great irony. It is the Sissyphean saga of my life. Man vs the Gods.

I did a radio show recently and an old friend, Lisa Melyan of Portland, came on the air and said that she hoped that someday I got the quiet house and the dog that I have always wanted. Implied in that was that she hoped that I would finally find a place where I could go to sleep and wake up feeling confident that everything would not be torn away and rewritten while I slept.

The Amazon reviews of Rubicon have been a marvelous and humbling affirmation of my life´s work. So have the words from people like Megan Quinn and Mike Kane who have told me how many lives I have changed for the better.

But in terms of a wounded young policeman, struggling to make sense of a world gone mad, I am not a success and therefore unworthy of tribute. I don´t feel much safer today than I did thirty years ago. What I know from my experience is that when I am safe, you and my fellow countrymen, who I love so much, will be safe too.

My exit from the US in 2006 was remarkably similar to my exit from LAPD in 1978. I don´t see much progress when looking through those lenses.

My biggest demons have always been inside, not outside. Yes, we have changed things a bit. yes, we have taught and educated and led and inspired. But I, like any artist, can never divorce myself from that oh-so-clear interior vision of a ¨Perfect 10¨, Don Quixote´s ¨impossible dream¨, the Grail.

In that sense all humans will always be failures. It is supposed to be that way. But once that ¨red pill¨ is swallowed there is no turning back. And while the Matrix still functions I am not a success. I am a failure.

best regards,

Mike Ruppert

Monday, September 11, 2006

GROUND ZERO September 11, 2006 8:35 A.M.

Health Effects of 9/11: Sundance Channel, 10 P.M. Monday, September 11, 2006

GROUND ZERO September 11, 2006 8:35 A.M.

Jenna Orkin

Silent crowd standing eight deep. On the top floor of a building to the left a sign reads, "Dissent is Patriotic." Next to it, a peace symbol. In the tradition of sneakers flung over street lamps, high in the fence surrounding what used to be called "the pit," someone has placed a rosary.

A solemn drum beat as an unseen Scottish brigade from the Fire Department begins a funeral march. The crowd-silence deepens. In the distance, the Star-Spangled Banner rises. A woman to the left cries as does another woman to the right. What is it about music that brings out the deepest emotions? Freud said it was the words with which the music was associated. Say the words of the Star-Spangled Banner (if you know them) without the music; see what happens.

Nasal tones. An oboe? No, it's Mayor Bloomberg. The list of names. After several, I move on.

In front of the Path Station, two men in 911 Truth T-shirts hold a banner proclaiming the Bush Regime was responsible. A woman with a poster of a lost loved one shouts, "Traitors!" Then, to passers-by, "These people want to destroy the Constitution and have Shariah law. Islamic fascists were responsible for 9/11. America is good."

The banner-bearers get into a shouting match with her. Winning converts one at a time? In Alice in Wonderland, the Red Queen asks, "What's one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?"

But most activists operate on a principle not of arithmetic but of exponential progression: "If I email ten people and each of those people emails ten people..." A reasonable principle that somehow never works.

Someone walks around with a sign that reads, "9/11/2006: Five years of the Clinton legacy."

Someone else wears a T-shirt that reads, "Bush was responsible. Bed bugs bite in Brooklyn." Asked what that's about he explains, "They found bedbugs in a police precinct in Brooklyn. I wanted to lighten the message a little."

A well-known activist's T-shirt reads, "Planehuggers did 9/11." By that he means, he says, "The people who think real planes hit the towers."

Perhaps people deliberately design T-shirts in order to provoke questions.

Every camera in the area has now come to check out the shouting match which other members of 911 Truth have joined. All this energy going to argue with one strident woman.

A young 911 Truth member says to a fellow activist, "Get all the people in 911 T-shirts. We shouldn't be part of this."

A man in a black Harley Davidson T-shirt complains to the people in 911 Truth T-shirts, "It's a moment of silence." Then, to his friend, "I gotta slap somebody."

A Japanese woman points to her sign that says "Peace" in Japanese and English.

More drums, this time not in horizontal Scottish style but vertical, Japanese style. Four Buddhist monks and a gaunt Western woman of about sixty stake out space for a mini-concert.

A woman asks a 911 Truth member, "Do you have another DVD?" She shows him the one she'd been given which has been crushed by a hostile passer-by.

The shouting match is over; the crowd disperses. Nobody won.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Russian Tanker/W. Africa; Warming/Typhoons; Iran/Terror; U.S. Lacks Iran Intel; Pakistan Arrests; Bush/N.Korea; Uranium/N.J.

Russian Tanker Seized Off Coast of West Africa
While "terrorists" have been blowing up pipelines from Ingushetia to Nigeria, recent maritime skirmishes have more often been overtly government-sponsored.
The seizure of a Russian tanker off the coast of Guinea (by 'unidentified armed men') takes place six days after a Russian patrol boat killed a Japanese crab fisherman aboard a boat which Russia claimed was poaching in disputed waters. The shooting was the first of its kind in fifty years. During the same week, Iran asked the UAE to return a drilling rig which was owned by a Romanian company, claiming the rig was still under rental contract to an Iranian company. Then, in a second 'commercial dispute' Iran fired on another Romanian rig.
When "disputes" erupt into government-perpetrated gunfire and death, we have crossed over from the realm of commerce into harbingers, if not acts, of undeclared war.

Iran Boosted by War on Terror

U.S. Lacks Iran Arms Intelligence, Report Says

Warming Reportedly Behind China's Killer Typhoons

Pakistan Arrests 6 Suspects for Attack on U.S. Consulate

Bush Declines Comment on Further North Korean Nuclear Tests

Uranium Lost in New Jersey