Friday, September 08, 2006

Hoffman/NIST; Revolution Not Televised; Rich Countries/Water Shortage; WTC Pix; Ky Court/Cops Lie

Jim Hoffman's Response to the Latest NIST Report
Putting aside the question of whether the physical evidence issue is a losing battle, Jim Hoffman is one of its premiere generals.

The Revolution Will Not be Televised
Documentary about coup attempt against Hugo Chavez

New WTC Pictures

Rich Countries Face Water Shortage

Kentucky Court to Decide: Can Cops Lie To Gain Entry?


montana freeman said...

Hugo for president of the world!
Can you in your wildest dreams see asshole bush saying the things that this man does and actually trying to do things for the people?
montana freeman

Survival Acres said...

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised video is well worth watching! Thanks for the recommendation.

The lying U.S. media and U.S. government reveals it's bias towards Venezuela and it's people (not just Chavez!).

Rice Farmer said...

Surprising or not, much of the "news" presented by the Japanese media is little more than recycled US government propaganda. News about the US, and that about many world affairs is essentially what you'd see on CNN and in the New York Times. In fact, I've read many newspaper articles in which these media's websites are actually cited! From what I can see, Japanese foreign correspondents in the US do little investigative work of their own, or at least their media don't present any information that contradicts the US mainstream media.

I just listened to a radio program in which the hosts called a Japanese correspondent in Washington and asked about the brouhaha over "The Path to 9/11." His description was just regurgitated from the US mainstream media. All the information on 9/11, Al-CAI-duh, and the war of terror is essentially the US government line. Quite some time ago there was a program on Japanese TV (hosted by an iconoclastic celebrity) which cast doubt on the official 9/11 story, but it was soon forgotten. I think foreigners in Japan paid more attention to it than Japanese viewers.

Howlin_Dog said...

That "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" Video was great. I would say more but gotta go gas up the Civic. Fill it up with Citgo of course!