Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Mike Ruppert's Response to Bill Shanley

Dear Bill:

Thank you so much for your piece paying, what Carolyn Baker called, tribute to me. I have a couple of comments.

First, I´m glad that you had the energy to engage in that dialogue with a reporter whose only out was saying that there was no evidence. The more evidence you showed him, the more he didn´t see it. I stopped having such arguments in the early 1980s over the CIA´s involvement in the drug trade. I won´t even go near such arguments now but I do agree that your effort might have helped some people understand that we are not just fighting governmental criminality. First we have to defeat human psychopathology. The world doesn´t want to be saved because it would have to take a good hard look at itself in the process. That´s a contest I removed myself from some years ago just to preserve my own sanity and energy.

I chose instead, the approach of looking for those in whom the first obstacle had already been overcome. It´s a smaller audience for sure, but one that has been much easier to build upon over the years.

My second observation is entirely personal.

The word ¨tribute¨ makes me defensive. It is a large word signifying a large honor earned as a result of large achievement. I see no such large achievement in my life. Instead, I see only failure.

Please understand that when I unintentionally began this life 30 years ago my goal was not to improve the world at all. My goal -- my need -- was to ¨restore¨ a system of government and ethics -- a cosmology -- that would make it OK for me to have a personal life again, to trust something, anything, enough to love it with all of my defenses down. That´s the way I loved LAPD and the way I loved a woman named Teddy.

All I wanted was a place where I could feel safe and happy again. The fact that what I found it necessary to do, just to feel safe again, was to change my country and the world is the great irony. It is the Sissyphean saga of my life. Man vs the Gods.

I did a radio show recently and an old friend, Lisa Melyan of Portland, came on the air and said that she hoped that someday I got the quiet house and the dog that I have always wanted. Implied in that was that she hoped that I would finally find a place where I could go to sleep and wake up feeling confident that everything would not be torn away and rewritten while I slept.

The Amazon reviews of Rubicon have been a marvelous and humbling affirmation of my life´s work. So have the words from people like Megan Quinn and Mike Kane who have told me how many lives I have changed for the better.

But in terms of a wounded young policeman, struggling to make sense of a world gone mad, I am not a success and therefore unworthy of tribute. I don´t feel much safer today than I did thirty years ago. What I know from my experience is that when I am safe, you and my fellow countrymen, who I love so much, will be safe too.

My exit from the US in 2006 was remarkably similar to my exit from LAPD in 1978. I don´t see much progress when looking through those lenses.

My biggest demons have always been inside, not outside. Yes, we have changed things a bit. yes, we have taught and educated and led and inspired. But I, like any artist, can never divorce myself from that oh-so-clear interior vision of a ¨Perfect 10¨, Don Quixote´s ¨impossible dream¨, the Grail.

In that sense all humans will always be failures. It is supposed to be that way. But once that ¨red pill¨ is swallowed there is no turning back. And while the Matrix still functions I am not a success. I am a failure.

best regards,

Mike Ruppert


Rice Farmer said...

I would imagine there are many ways to gauge success and failure. Though I can't speak for anyone else, according to my yardstick Mike's work has been a resounding success. Think of all the people (including me) who have had the scales removed from their eyes thanks to FTW. And then those people talk to more. The result is exponential. Mike could rest on his laurels now, but I hope he doesn't. There's a lot of work left to be done, and we need his insights.

Marianna said...


I feel sad that you think your work has been a failure. But I don't look at failure or success as being the issue. You have done what you have done; you have stood in front of Goliath. Others, grasping the gravity of what they were seeing, would have run away: you didn't (and even in leaving the country, you haven't). Many more have taken it all in and haven't been bothered to do anything at all.

I don't think whether our goals or our intentions are achieved is the most important thing about our lives. I think more in terms of
"process" versus "product." I think the most important things are (for example) the contact (long-term or fleeting) we make with others, and how we handle that; whether we recognize, and act to overcome, personal glitches which limit us (sometimes just doing that constitutes an act of great courage); whether we act out of a sense of love or honor (in, again, fleeting or greatly important, doesn't matter, situations). I think the many individual acts that make up an individual life are the measure of a person. That is process (karma?)... and it doesn't have to do with the subjective judgement of whether individually defined goals have failed or been successfully achieved.

So, you're "a little guy like you," not Superman. Someday the work you've done may change the course of society, but changes only happen at the speed at which they happen. For goodness sake, don't discount all the hugely important and courageous work you've done, and don't discount your "process," just because the Matrix hasn't been destroyed (yet?) at your personal hand.

Gracie Allen once said, "Never place a period where God has placed a comma." I think these times are as mysterious and challenging (in a positive way), as they are downright terrifying. These times are calling all of us to rise to the occasion and do the best we can do, for the sake of our own survival, and that of the planet, as you said, Michael. None of us knows how this will turn out. There's no way to predict it, there's no way to control it. All we can do is do our best to have an influence in the outcome in the healthiest and most beneficial way we can for all of us.

"When we have done our best, we should await the result in PEACE."

Rice Farmer said...

New debunking article on The Progressive.


This article too is all about the physical evidence. They do not address the war games.

Postscript: Griffin should completely abandon the physical evidence approach and stick to his logical attacks on the circumstantial evidence.

Rice Farmer said...


While not apropos of this item, today's wanderings about the web reminded me of what I call the "China Model."

With exquisite irony, the Bush regime is always dumping on other governments, telling them they are not "democratic" for various reasons. The regime's speakers are often critical of China.

But in fact China serves as a model for the Bush regime. China's methods of keeping its population in line, domestic spying, information control, defining who is "counterrevolutionary" (i.e., who's a "terrorist"), and manipulating fear are well developed. There are many lessons here, and Bush has been a good student. We can see the China Model being implemented piece by piece in the US. Certainly the regime is learning from other countries as well -- Nazi Germany, North Korea (a highly developed informant society), etc. -- but overall the China Model seems to offer a lot of what the US is getting.

Nihil Matters said...


Regardless of the amount of effort one puts out, no one can save a world that doesn't want to be saved. Although...the only failures that I see are the ones that don't attempt to save it anyway.

Thank you Mike for the bottle of Red Pills...I'm sharing them with all of those in my life that I cherish. If you really do feel like a failure...I couldn't imagine anyone else in the world that I would want to stand beside as I also fail.

An unknown friend,

David Littleton

Anonymous said...


I think failure depends upon how you measure mileposts. Let's put it this way. You've crossed the Ohio. I'll explain.

If you compare your effort to a cross country trek from N.Y. to L.A. and you've only made it as far as Denver then yes. You have failed.

On the other hand, if you were among many who set out on the journey (and you are definitely not alone on this walk), while you've reached Denver, the rest of the group is spread out somewhere between the Holland Tunnel and Pittsburgh. Some managed to cross the Delaware, a few more made it through the Appalachians, but none of them have crossed the geographical barrier of the Ohio river.

You've done that, and in your progress you crossed the plains and made it straight to the base of the Rockies. The continental divide. In terms of the Empire, you've reached a point that nobody has yet to cross. Not senators. Not even Presidents. But in terms of reaching an audience and making an impact, you've travelled further than the rest.

It may not be success, but it certainly isn't failure. Keep climbing.

Green2Go said...

Mike you are persistent, dedicated, and stronger than the rock. Your work has not been futile and the future is not hopeless. Your conscience need and effort to keep rolling the rock up the hill has been noticed and appreciated by many many people. We are grateful of your efforts and thankful that you have taken on this burden for in it you have unveiled the truth. Many people have gone on to spread the truth solely based on what they learned from you. Strength in numbers, persistence, and finally the truth will prevail against the gods.

Catherine said...

Well, you helped one this person take the red pill. I must have walked by that truck parked at Sherman Oaks/Van Nuys park a hundred times, curiously looking at the sticker that said "Bush Knew" and the web address copvcia.com before I finally decided to take the plunge, go to the web site and investigate. Then another couple of months before I actually paid to have access to the site. After that the journey began. I know. One person's change is not much. But you did change me in a big way. And I am still continually searching, growing, never looking at the world in the same way. I have a library of books, including Rubicon, many of which were recommended on your site. So, you are responsible for some change. And who knows? A butterfly flapping its wings in California might one day have an affect on the wind patterns in China. Keep writing.

opensourceworld said...


I think the critical mass has been reached (this weekend maybe?), there will be a major shift in the white house and top military.

How well mobilizd are the beneficiaries of the empire? Can they successfully set up the neo-cons for the fall?

Energy remains the prize, so who then can beat the oil men at the game?

JMC said...

Off topic, but I saw "911 Press For Truth". Very good.

Mostly avoids physical evidence, instead peicing together facts from the MSM own reporting plus adding the personal element that other 911 documentries are missing. "Loose Change" worked for me(my materials science research had me most of the way anyway), but most people who have suffered a loss do not want a physics lesson and are intimidated at the best of times by advanced math.

"911 Press for Truth" instead follows the 911 widows in their push for an investigation.

Let's see how the bastards try to spin this one.

Rice Farmer said...

Just watched David Ray Griffin on the BBC, and was sorely disappointed (thus I am not posting the video link here). Griffin is brilliant when he logically examines the timeline and the 9/11 Commission's report. Instead, he pissed away that opportunity by talking about the towers and the Pentagon, as did his British supporter. With arguments like that, it's no wonder that journalists remain unconvinced.

Pandabonium said...

I watched "911 Press for truth" just yesterday and I agree with JMC. It is excellent in its focus, content and production values. The interviewing of The Jersey Girls throughout the film adds emotional impact as well as credibility. At the same time it sticks to documented facts.

Edward said...

Here, Mike, if this is any help to you, a quote about the old Norse Gods: "They are on the right side, though it is not the side that wins. The winning side is Chaos and Unreason, but the Gods, who are defeated, think that defeat no refutation."

W.P. Ker

FTW admin said...

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Rice Farmer has left a new comment on your post "Mike Ruppert's Response to Bill Shanley":

How 50 Men May Have Engineered 911

Discusses how the operation could have involved far fewer insiders than debunkers claim. Also, the name Dov Zakheim will be a familiar one to readers of _Rubicon_.

Roberta Kelly said...

Ann Lu, a.k.a. "prissy," was the daughter of a man who owned the Texas Panhandle and three banks, during the Great Depression. Her life was one of wealth and safety, to say the least, as a female of our species.

But, when she was old enough to marry she married a man who was a seriously addicted poly substance abuser. Her son was one of the first Aids victims in the US to die of the disease and her daughter who eventually was found from time to time in grocery stores drinking Listerine for the alcohol, eventually conquered the insanity of the addiction but her same sex choice during the 1970s and 1980s, drove her from Texas to New Mexico.

This is where I had the honor to know Ann Lu, in Taos, New Mexico. And, I was a well known sculptor in Taos and Santa Fe so I was lucky to be hired by Ann Lu as her “personal assistant,” creating an income for me so I could continue working on my art.

While living in Taos during the early 1980s, and also running the creative art school I founded and funded, I was stung by a Brown Recluse spider.

When I felt sorry for myself which I did and still do, from time to time, I remember Ann Lu's words to me:

"Roberta, life's like a bicycle - you get on, you get your balance and then you just keep peddling -- life's not for the weak."

I hear these words of wisdom from a woman who had everything and then watched as she lost it all, and yet she continued to love life as a great gift in time. She also 100% supported her only daughter until she (as Roy Carson said to me) “shed her mortal coil.”

Human beings who finally turn the light on realize that we must believe and trust in the energy of being human so we may evolve our species into a higher level of awareness through the power of imagination or call it “free thinking.”

It's our job to show up and live life with boldness and magic and no matter what happens to us we must get on the bicycle and get our balance and just keep peddling.

This mantra stands true regardless of whether a Brown Recluse spider stings us on the main meridian of the heart and we spend ten years of immune deficiency hoping to raise our children before we die.

"Life is not for the weak," and this is the most difficult lesson in the universe.

Whenever I feel really sorry for myself and I am a very passionate artist so I truly get into my wallowing because I feel it is a necessary part of the process, I also say this to myself:

Roberta, do it yourself and take the burden off God!

Dearest Michael Rupert, you are in the same vibration as Ann Lu and most especially Isak Dinesen, a great writer and human being of profound courage.

She said – after being physically forced to leave her beloved Africa to return to Denmark (she had contracted syphilis from her husband in Africa), to be either cured or to die –

"To love God you must love the two things closest to God's heart ~ change and a joke."

Karen Blixen a.k.a. Isak Denison lived through the cure which most women didn't during those times, but she was rendered barren and this was the greatest of her sorrows. The words she said above were said when she knew that her womb would never bear the joy she longed for more than any other and that was to be a mother.

I have been so lucky to birth my two sons and four other children to enjoy raising, as their “mother,” from time to time.

You, dear Michael, are living Isak Dinesen’s words and to you she bows in her universal vibration in time as you too shall do to those who you have inspired (like me, simply another pilgrim on the bicycle).

We all love you, those of us who you have awakened in time, and this is your crown so wear it as your success because it belongs to you.

Please tell Roy I send him my energy and I’m working with Steve L. on the “word.”


HansV7 said...

Mike, whatever happened to you in the past needs to be let go. Whatever your spiritual compass is, you need to forgive, heal and move forward. Peace.

Gail said...

Dear Mike:

When I was in graduate training in clinical psychology, one of the first things I learned was that "you can't save everybody". Over 28 years of practice, I certainly questioned how successful I was at getting through to people, giving them the information or a new way to look at a problem and its solution, and giving them some of the nurturing that they had missed in life. It is true that most of the time, we don't get to know how our work has impacted the people with whom we connect. Somewhere along the way I realized that if a few lives were changed in the process, or if a few lives were saved, then that was good enough for me. I hated the system I worked in, but I loved the people I saw over the years.

The change of a hundred years of greed, corruption, deceit and murder is going to take a whole lot of people waking up and taking action of some kind. No more arm chair grumbling. Often change occurs in a crisis, when people are made very uncomfortable and anxious...Then they realize the need for change. That so many around the globe have seen your particular light is a wondrous thing. And the change of the "red pill" has not been easy and will continue to be difficult as we go through the times to come. But perhaps we can create a different world, not just sustainable, but humane and loving.

I am comforted in an odd sort of way, that I stumbled across your voice. I don't believe in accidents of fate. I regret that I did not have the chance to hear you speak or to meet you in person, and that there wasn't time for you to meet all those that you have helped.

So in thought, I send you a really big hug, and thank you with all my heart.

Rice Farmer said...

Sorry for the inappropriate posting!

FTW admin said...

no problem! you're a great contributor

getoned said...

It took me this long to enter my say on "Mike`s Response...", but I feel well worth the time delayed:

I believe Mike has suffered (and probably, is still suffering) more than any of us could possibly imagine. We`re talking about a man who pledged to defend the citizens of our cities from criminals. Only to realize that the most serious offenders were those with whom he rubbed shoulders with everyday (not to mention, members of Elite Branches of goverment with whom he probably held to be highly esteemed)!

We are more likely witnessing a UNSUNG HERO OF OUR MODERN TIME. Whether it is a success or not, time will prove this!

Whatever hangs in the balance for us and our children and the generations to come, will more than likely be decided by OUR EFFORTS AND MOTIVATIONS.

Mike has done his job...expertly and completely. He has presented to us in full detail what was, is and still to come that`s at stake. We must take the torch from there.

I get a sense that Mike will NEVER resign from the duty he pledged to uphold. That is a comfort to me. However, I call all who is concerned to move and act together with swift determination to spread what has, is and still to be written, said and done.

If this is a fight for our survival, then let`s use calculated determination to bring as many as possible into our fold before the MAJOR BATTLES COMMENCE.

"Crossing The Rubicon", "From The Wilderness", "Speaking Truth To Power", and every other website, broadcast and publication that promotes TRUTH with a resounding "clang" must be heard by as many that are willing to listen. This is OUR TIME to step forward to speak to family members, friends and whoever about OUR SURVIVAL.

I will continually beat the drum for the salvation of The Constitution of The United States of America. I believe that that document can still withstand the enemy combatants within our own goverment, if we only put it to the full test for which it was written. I`m not sure of your thoughts on this matter, but, I believe a definite stand in the defense of The Constitution might just pull America back together and reveal to the world the gangsters who kidnapped our country.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...


Now you're talkin' my language.

In the last month I've contacted several large conservative groups who work to support the Constitution and I've received positive feedback.

The goal is to drop partisan issues and unite with other political leanings in defense of the Constitution.

I'm also associated with a small yet growing group of mostly conservatives, but some moderates and liberals, whose goal is to educate Americans regarding who controls the GOP/Dem syndicate and that the only way to preserve the Constitution is to unite against them at the polls.

We're in the formative stages now and we've had a few minor setbacks. For example, last week the individual who initially hosted our website, discussion boards, and blog site shut us down permanently, with no explanation and no offers to compensate those of us who funded the software and server space.

We're in the midst of regrouping and trying to re-establish, but it's not easy when none of you have experience in that end of business and when work/family commitments don't give you the time to do it on your own.

But the point is that we've entered the process. None of us are known names or faces on the political scene or even the sidelines, but we all have a voice and we all have legitimate concerns. We've already taken a small hit (but big enough to shut us down), but we're not gonna let that stop us.

getoned said...

That`s good to hear, shorebreak!

I`m sad, of course, to hear about the setback with your website. But, please keep (me) us posted as to when your website will be back up and running again. I want to be a part of those efforts.

I agree with you that the fight for our constitution (and the very survival as a country) trancends party lines. I would even go so far as to say that it is those very same parties that are in cohoots with each other (and other entities) to shred our constitution. Maybe I am wrong. But, remember, very few (if any) party officials and/ or elected officials will take a stand when it comes to the forces that are underhandedly tearing our country apart. Be it the likes of "Peak Oil", "An Illegal Organization Called The Federal Reserve", "The Corporate Mass Media"...need I go on?

I`m happy that you and those around you are pushing to spearhead this fight for our Constitution, shorebreak. I have been in chatrooms and posted on other blogs and found that there is a minute few who can even begin to see the depth of this fight that we as nation are in.

The Corporate Mass Media (TCMM) keeps the illusion in front of our eyes that there is a "Left" vs "Right", a "Republican" vs "Democrat" fight going on in our country. When in actuality, this is fight against our Constitution from Corporations, Banking Systems, and ( named and unnamed) persons with large caches of wealth (as Mike so eloquently details in "Crossing the Rubicon"). These Corporations, Banking Systems and persons of enormous wealth, not only trancends party lines, these entities trancend physical goverment and country and state lines.

The Constitution that has made Americans proud since it`s inception is being viciously attacked, shredded, and outright discarded by these entities in a very calculated and systematic approach.

We must be just as calculated and systematic in our defense, if we are to not only survive, but to defeat those efforts that would reduce our country (not to mention, the world) to nothing more than a "Slave State"!

Please, shorebreak, post some websites where you affiliate. I am not Conservative by title, but, I think that is what will make it even more interesting as we come together across ideological lines and views to defend our Constitution.

Rice Farmer said...

Getoned and Shorebreak -- great stuff! This is what I've felt for a long time, that the two-party system is actually a two-headed monster sharing the same body. And to the people behind that two-headed monster, the constitution is nothing but a rag to wipe the blood off their jackboots. The constitution is the central rallying point for real patriots, wherever they fit on the political spectrum.

Rice Farmer said...

The Importance of Markets

Reading Mike's remarks about markets (in reference to the recent British terror hoax) reminded me of an experience I had a few months ago, which started when we were suddently told that a cellphone company planned to erect an antenna on our lot. To make a long story short, I handily defeated this plan by marshalling a variety of material on the damaging effects of microwaves, and the antenna has been relocated. But debating cellphone company drones and local public officials was an educational experience. We are concerned about health, they are concerned about MARKETS. The drones produced a glossy government brochure which gave the government's "safety standard," and said their tower output is under the limit (although they would not reveal their tower's output -- trade secret!). I pointed out that "safety standards" are set largely arbitrarily, not after years of careful testing with human health in mind. The important point is that "safety standards" are set AT LEVELS WHICH DO NOT INTERFERE WITH MARKETS.

It indeeds looks as though markets are more important than human life, and Mike has made an observation that may be bigger than at first realized.

Gail said...

Yep. It doesn't matter which party we vote for...they are basically the same, just made to look different for our benefit. Personally I am for scraping the whole system (that is to say firing everyone) and starting over. How do you get a "NO CONFIDENCE" vote on the ballet? No more "market" safety...we have heard these a thousand times, why are they still with us? No more lobbying and bought and paid for TV news. No more Federal Reserve and Council on Foreign Relations. I for one, am totally sick of rules galore, all stacked in their favor, money being everything and being nickeled and dimed over every little thing I do. I am tired of all the "hoops" we have to jump just to live reasonably. No more rigged stock market...as they have so much fun manipulating the gold market. How about health insurance that works? I could go on and on (and I am quite sure others could as well). So how does David knock Goliath to the ground, and take him out of the game? How do we say NO more and get heard? If they take away the internet, then how will we communicate on a worldwide level?
I don't want to have to vote for the lesser of two evils anymore. How do we get a national issue on the ballet - to disband these guys and start over with people who aren't in it for a buck? I can ask a lot of questions, but I do not have the answers, I just want the option to say no.

Anonymous said...

Yep. It doesn't matter which party we vote for...they are basically the same, just made to look different for our benefit. Personally I am for scraping the whole system (that is to say firing everyone) and starting over. How do you get a "NO CONFIDENCE" vote on the ballet? No more "market" safety...we have heard these a thousand times, why are they still with us? No more lobbying and bought and paid for TV news. No more Federal Reserve and Council on Foreign Relations. I for one, am totally sick of rules galore, all stacked in their favor, money being everything and being nickeled and dimed over every little thing I do. I am tired of all the "hoops" we have to jump just to live reasonably. No more rigged stock market...as they have so much fun manipulating the gold market. How about health insurance that works? I could go on and on (and I am quite sure others could as well). So how does David knock Goliath to the ground, and take him out of the game? How do we say NO more and get heard? at I have done and this is the result I get. I know such things does not have reciprocacy element inside but at least still can be friends mah.

Wonder what really went wrong. Maybe things are not meant to be that way. Grrr......

Anyway, just attended a biz partner cum gd fren wedding. There are a lot of things to learn from for example what is a montage, coordination skills, handling of guest

FTW admin said...

the previous two comments were both posted because contrary to first impressions, they are not identical.

mrs p said...

Dear Mike
I've never met you or heard you speak in person but have purchased your videos and read Rubicon thoroughly. After my brother in Australia emailed your speech to the S. F. Commonwealth club (telling me I must read it), and like so many others, I was blown away. I got Rubicon as soon as it came out and I've been realing ever since. Nothing, I reapeat nothing in this world has ever been the same since, not even the people in my life. You must know that what you are (your soul) and what you've accomplished has been HUGE. Very HUGE. I can't put into words what you are. Great things have been said about you but nothing really can be said that fills the bill.

Our world is so veiled and dummyed down when it comes to the truth. It's just being born. Please take good care of yourself. We all love you.

mrs p said...

Mike: P. S.:

I guess what I really mean to say is that no matter how long it takes to "un-wack" our world, which is beyond regressed and twisted...the ones who know right from wrong will continue to just say no, and say no with their voices & writing, with their songs, with their money and so on. The world we know is,(ever so slowly), evolving. Every once in a while, a soul comes to this earth that greatly advances that evolvement. You are one of those souls. You may not agree with this but it's just a fact that you have turned on a huge light for many many people. That light (you set into motion), has a rippling affect and continues. Your true mission in life may be yet to come. It could be something you never thought of. Who knows. Perhaps you'll meet someone special and life will soften for you a bit. Either way, you have saved a whole lot of people. We all love you for that. 24 hours could change your life 380 degrees..you never know what tomorrow brings. Remember that song, "What a difference a day makes..." Also, you have a "crew" of people, a posse of souls you've never met who stand behind you. Who will help you with whatever you need, if need be. The world is full of poison right now...and if you have failed, we've all failed. Many of us are paying attention and many of us will not give up. All the best is wished for you. The following advice may sound childish but I say, tell the universe (tell God) what you truly want. Be specific. I honestly think it helps to sincerely demand what you need. It couldn't hurt. Be safe. Take your vitamins, eat some seaweed, (kelp). Hugs to you.

DGSE said...

Excellent post. Good to see you back on form Mike.

Bankley said...

One person's 'success' is another's 'failure', and vice-versa. We struggle with our inner demons. Mandela once said that 'what frightens us the most is not out darkness but our light'. You must be going through some culture shock as well. A lot of people are with you in spirit. I hope that you get to have some discussions with President Chavez, if you haven't already. Just as 9/11 comes under the term 'Inside Job" so does personal happiness. Again, I wish you the best of health, new friends and adventures. Thanks..... Ron

directinfo said...

Shooting high is a rare quality. Most shoot to get by. Mike shoots for the galaxy. And he hits plenty of stars. Not the whole galaxy, but anyway a lot of stars. A lot better than I or anyone I know personally. So if Mike is a failure, then I am a big loser.

The definition of failure may have to be examined a bit more closely. Are we failures if we don't change the world? Maybe we are failures if we don't better the world with a consistent heart-felt effort... that is more possible and still pretty high.

What we feel about ourselves brings a state of mind and this state of mind comes out onto what we do and how we live.

We all go through phases and emotions help drive us to higher levels of performance.

However, feeling like a total failure consistently and trying to NOT be a failure consistantly is a time bomb... for all involved. And it isn't the goal of life anyway.

That the world is corrupt is as old as the first human being. It has been waxing worse in the latest 5 years, man-oh-man!

But we also had the Dark Ages where monestaries operated torture dungeons, and before that we had slaves building pyramids... on an on it goes.

The issue here might be one of expectations.

I say that we all expect less "perfection" from Mike and just support him in any way we can.

Anyone have a home in South America? Let Mike stay with you. Why not?

I recall somewhere it being written something like: "We don't wrestle against flesh and blood but against spirits and principalities."

Maybe the goal is to stand for what is right within a specified circle of influence. (US too big... self first, then family, then a community )

Just some thoughts.

I support Mike Ruppert and I see that so many others here do too.

Let's concentrate on the larger vision that connects us. We probably will all fail to stop the criminals. But I suppose we have to make it our life's effort to reduce their impact on us.

I personally see bio terror, slavery and Iraq-style civil war going big in my lifetime. I am not big enough to even think that I am going to stop it from happening. But I can support those how oppose the criminals and I can do something for a considerably smaller circle of influence that Mike and others have developed.


directinfo said...

This might be the most genius thing that I have read this year:

"...we are not just fighting governmental criminality. First we have to defeat human psychopathology. The world doesn´t want to be saved because it would have to take a good hard look at itself in the process. That´s a contest I removed myself from some years ago just to preserve my own sanity and energy."

joepa51 said...

Ah, that damn red pill. So true that once you take it there's no going back to that world you once saw and knew. It was sometime in 2002 when I took my first dose of red pills.

A good friend of mine that nite in 2002 brought over an alex jones film that had a clip from Truth and Lie's amongst other things. It was like three in the morning and he came over knockng on my door.

"You gotta watch this man. Keep in mind I didn't make it, but... well you gotta watch it"

So we watched it on his laptop and I went through several stages watching it.
1st I was angry at hm for bringing this in "my house". So he continued to say "shut up and just watch it I didnt make this. Don't be mad at me" 2nd I tried not gettng mad at him so I would just scoff at the film, and he would tell me to shut up and just watch it.
3rd I kept my comments to myself, but continued to think that this was.. will ridiculous-anti amercan ludicrous, whatever.
4rth I began thinking if even a fraction of any of what was being said was anywhere near true then things were really screwed up.
5th After the film I decided I would need to look into these things myself.

So now more then 4 yrs later... yup, things are indeed screwed up. Amazing once a person allows themselves to open their minds what type of affect it can have.

But the sad part is the "red pill" that neo took in the matrix isnt the same "red pill" that we have.

We can take it and know that what we see is a farce. That our media is lies. That our history is fiction. That our rulers are corrupt and thieves... and killers.... but, for the most part, we still participate in it.

I read MCR's by the light of a burning bridge and was deeply ashamed. Of myself, my friends, my family, I guess everything. I don't know what is more screwed up. The fact that the rulers of this world get away with the things they do, or the fact that those who know this can still participate in this system.

I find myself now 4 yrs later getting online and looking for the hottest new 911 documentary to get, or the newest article on related topics. Pass some out, get in the same arguements with the same people, but plug-in online day after day.

I heard a definition of being insane is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome.

Will if that is anyway true then i guess i'm crazy then.

Mike Ruppert if by any chance you read this long drawn out post...

I don't know what your gadge is for success or failure, but this failure you refer to isn't your's and your's alone. Its all of us. Everyone last one. Those who know the things we know. Those who never heard. Those who refuse to listen.

But your work, and the work of your staff, and the work of other brave individuals I believe is a success in and of itself. Because of people like you more and more people cannot "buy" into the farcical view of the world, even if they don't fight it. And that is the success of your work.

sorry for the long post.