Tuesday, July 30, 2019

From Jenna Orkin

‘Off-the-charts’ heat to affect millions in U.S. in coming decades

Gigantic, mysterious radiation leak traced to facility in Russia

China’s pig herd predicted to shrink by 50% due 50% due to swine fever

Director of National Intelligence quits after Trump reportedly suppressed warnings about Russia

Current and former officials say Trump's pick for spy chief would be 'an arm of the White House' who could paralyze the intelligence community

Capital One Admits Massive Data Breach: 100 Million Americans Affected, Seattle Woman Arrested

Google reportedly once gave about 100 engineers from Huawei their own lab at the Googleplex HQ, hinting at deeper ties than we knew

From Jenna Orkin

Climate change escalating so fast it is 'beyond point of no return'

Miners Kill Indigenous Leader in Brazil After Invasion of Protected Land

Alexei Navalny: Jailed Russian opposition leader discharged from hospital

"His doctor said she opposed his discharge, saying he'd never suffered from allergies before and may have been exposed to 'some toxic agent'."

Initiatives to Counter Fake News in Selected Countries, April 2019

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Selected Jurisdictions, January 2019

India Launches First-Ever Space War Drill To Defend Satellites

Chinese Bank With $100 Billion In Assets Is Bailed Out

Investigators are reportedly probing close Epstein associate Ghislaine Maxwell's mysterious ocean non-profit

Monday, July 22, 2019

From Jenna Orkin

War Profiteers and the Demise of the US Military-Industrial Complex

According to this report, the US has completely lost the competency for building the new generation of tanks. It is no longer even a question of missing plant and equipment; in the US, a second generation of engineers who have never designed a tank is currently going into retirement. Their replacements have no one to learn from and only know about modern tanks from movies and video games. 

Earth's Core Is Leaking, Baffling Scientists

Iran Sentences "CIA Spy Ring" To Death; Publishes Video & Photos Of Americans

Trump proposed a 'white vs black contestants' season of 'The Apprentice' in a recently resurfaced recording

This, after the series of unexplained tourist deaths in the DR.