Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mike's Suicidal Tendencies

By Jenna Orkin

In response to the internet sages who have concluded, in the face of all known evidence from the people who were most in...timately familiar with him as well as with the admittedly real dangers that had faced him over the course of his life as an investigative journalist, that Mike did not kill himself but was in fact murdered, his suicidal ideation goes back at least eight years. As a small example, below are excerpts from a few of his emails sent from Venezuela in 2006. In addition, he would call at any and all hours to be talked out of jumping from the roof or offing himself in some other way.

A foray into the seedier barrios of Caracas during a protest was one part journalistic adventure but one bigger part, courting danger. For a hero's death was devoutly to be wished. Failing that, he'd settle - as happened in the end - for death by any means available. On one occasion, he confessed to having tied his necktie around his neck as part of an effort to hang himself - and you can be sure I would not put forth such an implausible notion if it were not true - from the shower fixture. He said that he didn't go through with it because he wished to spare his roommate at the time, Carlos Ruiz, the trauma of finding him the next morning.

He finally left Venezuela in November, ending up, after a detour to Canada, at my apartment. But his reprieve from the alien environment that had not welcomed him the way he had dreamed brought only brief respite. For the next fourteen months, he contemplated suicide on an almost daily basis so that whenever I went to work or the grocery store, I made him promise not to kill himself before I came back. His word - his "honor" - mattered to him more than anything so we took it one day at a time, a notion that was familiar to him from AA.

More on this period in due course.

To Jenna Orkin, 9-24-2006
...Every day I long for death because I just don´t see how this current limbo is ever going to end. I just keep waking up and going through motions. I wrote a new article today and start another tomorrow. I do miss the US and especially my loved ones but I know I can´t ever go home. That would betray my moral decision and put my life at greater risk than I feel it is here.
I may wind up being the writer that no country wants. Then what?
Sigh. I´ve been doing the anger thing, especially at those close to me who betrayed me so deeply. That´s what´s really taken the heart out of me...

To colleagues at, 9-26-2006
...I am flat out of energy, spirit and hope now...
I am ready to die and the only thing I want to know is that I am totally clean with all the people who are FTW.
I saw a great documentary on Socrates last night. They made him drink hemlock because he kept throwing peoplés [sic] bullshit and sloppy thinking in their faces.
Sounds a little familiar. I am not trying to torment or worry any of those who love me and care for me. I am hanging by a thread here. best, Mike

To colleagues regarding plans for dissolution of and Mike's possible return to the US, 10-19-2006 :
...anythng I do now will be out of the public eye. Guidance yes, but I need to get offstage for a good long while. That is both a pressure and a drug I need to detox from...
With the push of a button [referring to the 'send' key] the world leaves my shoulders.

Recipients unrecorded, 10-19-2006 21:32
...The bridge is still calling. I say that not to threaten or pressure. I share it just to get it out of my head. I have had two close suicides and the breakup of an engagement in less than three years. Only now am I coming to grips with all of that and much more...

Mike's suicide note is available here.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Brief Comment on the Death of Mike Ruppert by Self-inflicted Gunshot Wound:

By Jenna Orkin

We always knew it could come to this. 

To write about Mike requires the tranquility of recollection but at the moment, all is turmoil. 

Mike, you told us, "Evolve or perish."  Yet in Apocalypse Man you merged them, speaking of death as the ultimate evolution.  One day we'll all find out whether that is, in fact, the case but it's not the message you used to impart!

Among the emails that cascaded in last night is a wonderful link which is sorely needed at such a time: Hope and Courage.  Accompanying it, the following quote from Thomas Keneally's Schindler's List:


Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Moron's Guide to Global Collapse by Jenna Orkin

Product Details  

"An introduction to the economic, political and environmental mess the world is currently in; with insights into how we got here as well as how we might get out. (Some solutions are more painful than others.) Informative and even revelatory, but anyone who actually LIKES this book should have his head examined."

Jenna Orkin deserves, and now has, an immortalized place in [From the Wilderness] history...

[She also] has a fierce and unyielding sense of humor... She wields it with precision to open our eyes to some of the funnier and some of the less palatable and deeper aspects of human life...

Michael C. Ruppert
Author: “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil” and “Confronting Collapse.” Founder,,
On one of the articles in this book:

…excellent. [It] should also be a cautionary tale for Peak Oil organizations which risk becoming captive to the oil, financial and business-as-usual industries which they work to scrutinize...

Jim Baldauf, Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas, ASPO-USA

Thursday, November 10, 2011



[This letter will be posted at Collapsenet later today for our members in 68 countries, hopefully to inspire simultaneous constructive action by other Occupy venues around the world.]

Sonoma County is home to some of the most-respected and recognized leaders in Transition, permaculture and sustainability in the world. Transition US is headquartered here. Daily Acts is here. The Post Carbon Institute is here. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center is here. Collapsenet is here. Sonoma County is alive with all of the skills that will be needed by the seven billion souls who now share our troubled planet.

All of us seeking to transform to a post-petroleum, zero growth, sustainable way of life and global transformation have inherent and obvious shared interest with the Occupy Movement. A great, and I believe unique, opportunity to lead the way in this journey towards a new paradigm presents itself to us right here in Santa Rosa.

To date, although Occupy Santa Rosa has been faced with challenges in its relations with city government, the process has been marked by professional, non-violent and diligent efforts and good faith on both sides. Santa Rosa is not Oakland. It is not any of the places where the Occupy movement has been faced with grave challenges, property destruction or violence. As of today, negotiations to prolong and extend the life of Occupy Santa Rosa are continuing in good faith, with the occupiers having agreed to comply unilaterally with the city’s camping permit process. We occupiers have redoubled efforts to address legitimate health and safety issues.

I have been deeply involved in OSR over the past weeks. I have attended City Council meetings, marched, and slept at the site. One of the large concerns expressed by the Santa Rosa city council has been the cost of restoring damage to City Hall’s ornamental landscaping as a result of the occupation. Damage has been relatively minor and OSR has also redoubled efforts to protect property. These efforts have resulted in praise today from fire and safety officials. But foot paths are being worn through ivy and the city council is concerned about damage to the lawn as a result of long-term tent placement.

To me, as it should be for all of us, restoring City Hall to its former condition is obviously something we would view as a waste of energy and resources. Sensible options would include a post-occupation conversion of landscaping to indigenous, low-maintenance plants. They could include zeroing the landscape to eliminate the need for water (reducing the city’s budget needs). They could include the planting of sustainable and harmonious food crops that will help to feed the increasing numbers of people who will soon be facing food shortages in the face of collapse.

As I look at the work and philosophy our community has developed over the last decade I see that we have all focused on several common points which we recognize as indispensable to our goals of saving lives and caring for our fellows and our planet. They include:

-       The need to relocalize food production to organic, non-chemically enhanced means
-       The need to reduce resource consumption, especially water
-       The need to build strong community ties.

Of these, we all understand that building a strong, harmonious community is of paramount importance.

I personally know that almost all of us are in sympathy with the Occupy Movement. All City Council members have been clear in open session that they understand that the City of Santa Rosa is a part of the 99%. The current sensitive-stage of negotiations present us all with an enormous opportunity. Occupy Santa Rosa needs local support from community pillars because – as I testified at an open city council meeting two days ago – “It’s not even about the 99% versus the 1% here, because 100% of us live here, and soon enough we will be all the human resources that we have to face life-and-death challenges that are only going to get bigger. We are all we are going to have to face this with.”

Much of the world is looking to the beacon that Sonoma County has become to show a peaceful and sane way into a new future. I am, therefore, asking all of my colleagues to step up and make contact with the Occupy Santa Rosa movement through one of its organizers, Arrow Flora, or to reach out directly to city hall to become participants in making Santa Rosa and Sonoma County a better place for all of us to live. We have to walk our own walk in the eyes of the world if we are to maintain our increasing usefulness in the change of consciousness which we recognize as essential to our own missions. And all of us should want to feed and nurture the actual working community and family which is forming at OSR. Until you have seen it you cannot fully appreciate how much the Occupy movement has to teach us about how we’re going to live and function as a community.

In many ways OSR is much further ahead than most of us when it comes to community building. In all of the occupy venues around the world, almost all in less-hospitable climates, what we have been teaching all these years is being implemented at breakneck speed and a good deal of innovation from which we can all learn. Social patterns are emerging which confirm that OSR and other occupy venues are living and fertile laboratories (greenhouses) which our leadership and experience could assist in untold ways.

I am asking all of you to go and visit OSR, walk through the camp and see the myriad opportunities that exist to further our shared cause, and to put your names and your organizations in solidarity with a movement that is mankind’s last best hope to achieve voluntary change before all of us face the involuntary hardships that are arriving right now.

All of us have a vested interest in seeing OSR succeed. The world-recognized talent and leadership here in Sonoma County must be a part of this critical process. Let Sonoma County be a light for the whole world.

Michael C. Ruppert
C.E.O. – Collapsenet, Inc.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

CollapseNet's New IC Affiliate Sales Program

Increasing awareness and Lifeboat building is the most important work we can do right now.

CollapseNet needs to grow to get Mike Ruppert's message to as many people as possible. 

CollapseNet is now offering the chance to make 20% commissions on new memberships.  This program is designed to put money in your pocket for helping CollapseNet grow and encouraging those around you to work on their own Lifeboats.

Unlike the failing global economy, CollapseNet's Affiliate Program is NOT a Ponzi scheme, but rather a single-tier commission-based system.  In keeping with Mike's spotless integrity, there are no gimmicks or catches.

Watch an introductory video explaining the program here...

Monday, July 04, 2011

(VIDEO) Michael C. Ruppert 's Speech at Green Life Eco Fest 2011

 MCR recently delivered a powerful speech titled "The Birth of Post-Petroleum Human" at the 2011 Green Life Eco Fest.

Watch a video of the speech here...

Watch an interview with MCR recorded after his speech here...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Michael C. Ruppert at Green Life Eco Fest 2011

Michael C. Ruppert and Dmitry Orlov recently delivered powerful and insightful speeches at the Green Life Eco Fest in Grass Valley, CA.

To listen to Mike's speech, follow this link...

Dmitry's speech and a video of the entire event (including a joint Q&A session) will be available asap.

For more of the latest insights from Michael C. Ruppert join the online community COLLAPSENET.