Wednesday, April 17, 2019

From Jenna Orkin

No Evidence Thus Far of Arson at Notre Dame

Blaze Erupts at Jerusalem’s Historic al-Aqsa Mosque as Notre Dame Burns (VIDEO)

Inside The US-Led Operation To Bust North Korean Oil Smugglers On The High Seas

France's superrich join together to pledge over $675 million to help rebuild Notre-Dame, as donations flood in to save the devastated cathedral

Saturday, April 13, 2019

From Jenna Orkin

Quote of the day:

Dmitry Orlov:  Quietly, the US has gone back to importing Venezuelan crude: 139 bbl/day for week ending April 5. The rest of the Venezuelan crude has been going to India and the EU, while the US has been making up the shortfall with Russian imports. You may have heard that the US is swimming in oil from fracking. Well, there's a problem with that oil: it's crap and nobody wants it.

How a NYC English Language School Left Immigrants and Staff in the Lurch

One unanswered question in this debacle is how the precariousness of the school’s finances managed to escape the attention of CEA, the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation, which looks not only into a given institution’s academics, but also into its finances. A June, 2018 review of the school written by a former Program Coordinator reads, under “Cons:”  “This is the time to announce your bankruptcy.”  Under “Pros,” instead of positive aspects, the writer lists the reasons for the school’s abysmal straits.  On June 12, 2018, a Student Agent wrote, “The receptionist was talking to her friend that the owners were in court because the building owners want to evict us.” Yet in December 2018, CEA gave the school a clean bill of health for the next ten years.

Reaction Engines Testing Successfully Proves Precooler Capability at Supersonic Heat Conditions

Libya's Incoming Strongman Haftar Will Send The Oil Out To Europe... And Keep Its Migrants In

Monkeys Injected With Human Brain Genes - And It Made Them Smarter

Or at least, we think they're smarter now.

Julian Assange's arrest was designed to make sure he didn't press a mysterious panic button he said would bring dire consequences for Ecuador