Wednesday, August 29, 2018

From Jenna Orkin

CIA and Saudi Arabia Conspired to Keep Details of 9/11 Secret, New Book Says - Newsweek(!)

Got Set to Borrow Nearly a Trillion, Up 84% From Last Year

Pollution Causes "Huge" Reduction in Intelligence, Study Finds

Leading journalists join call for EU copyright reform
"'Free access to the web will endure because the internet giants, which now use editorial content for free, can reimburse the media without asking consumers to pay,' the open letter said."
Oh, ha.

Study reveals hybrid pythons could be new threat to Everglades
"But Florida has more than unwanted Burmese pythons. From huge African snails to carnivorous giant lizards and toxic climbing tree frogs, and now, Indian pythons, Florida is losing its native wildlife and it is being replaced by exotic and sometimes dangerous species that don't belong in urban areas. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) has recorded more than 500 invasive or non-native species in the state."

London’s first insect farm owners are trying get people to eat worms and crickets to save the world