Thursday, June 17, 2010

What with the jumpy fonts in multiple colors and juxtaposed with neither rhyme nor reason, (believe me; I was the one not organizing it) yesterday's links looked like a ransom note from the crudest of kidnappers. It has something to do with Yahoo, I think. Yahoo's been hanging around bugging me to update my toolbar. (Do you wanna do it now? How about now? That's OK, I'll remind you again.) I've been doing the technique refined in sixth grade which is known as Studiously Ignoring it. But it snuck in when I left the door open to empty the garbage or something and now I can't get rid of it.
Don't think that the problem is solved. I am no diagnostician in these matters and therefore am in no position to offer a cure. All I can do is an end run around it and hope it doesn't catch on.

Tea partiers ascend in many states
Path Clear for Reforms in Poland Clinton concerned over Russian bases in Georgia region

Bankruptcy filings on the rise Graduates warned of record 70 applicants for every job The BP/Government police state BP clean-up costs for oil spill hit $3.1bn BP asks partners to pay $400m Demands sent to Deepwater Horizon partners Anadarko and Mitsui Oil Exploration as bill passes $3bn BP Oil Spill Now Tarring Every Gulf State BP's Relief Wells Might Not Stop Oil Gusher - from Elizabeth MillerBP has long record of illegal behavior Somali Pirates Seize Oil Tanker Judges rule Obama can't close Yucca Mountain nuclear dump

Strike over fuel prices hits businesses in India

Wyoming wants to sell its park stake

Biz opportunity in clean water New Rift in Merkel's Coalition Over Extending Reactor Lifetimes"A plan by leaders of Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition to extend the lifetime of nuclear power stations by 15 years has angered lawmakers from the ruling parties. Parliamentarians read about the plan in SPIEGEL and now feel they have been sidelined, causing fresh unrest in her ranks."Special report: Biofuels and politics don't mix Bioethanol trumps biodiesel say Europe's producers Romanian military aircraft crash kills 10 Soldiers killed in Yemen clash with al Qaeda US Cuts Aid After Millions Siphoned Off to Dubai Surveillance system monitors conversations

Brooklyn's Eagle Street is Poster Child for Urban Farming - from Elizabeth Miller

The Peak Oil Crisis: The Real Gulf Crisis
"...our new deepwater oil wells are only going to be producing some 10 or 20 percent of initial estimates."
$100 Oil Is Coming Sooner Than You Think China grasps the power of the strike "A spectre of labour unrest is haunting the country – and it terrifies the ruling Communist party." In Ireland, a Picture of the High Cost of Austerity Schools must 'gird loins' to get rid of bad teachers Baltic Dry Approaching Sea Level, Just Above 1 Year Lows - from Elizabeth Miller sanctionsIran 'has proof US kidnapped missing scientist' Waterboarding in the Media Louisiana Governor Seals Oil-Spill Records Witness to Blast Told to Sign Waiver The Gulf pollution crisis that is not BP's fault The unseen disaster Half a milliliter of water needed per Google search US scientist in race to learn from Indonesia's dying glacier BBC 'dumbing down gardening'

First Amendment Has been Suspended 2010 Food Crisis Begins How Goldman Gambled on Starvation "In 2006, financial speculators like Goldmans pulled out of the collapsing US real estate market. They reckoned food prices would stay steady or rise while the rest of the economy tanked, so they switched their funds there." How Lobbyists Shaped the Financial Reform Bill
Population Growth Is Still The Biggest Problem Facing Humanity
America The Screwed: A Field Guide To Our Dismal Economy
In a First, Narco Sub Seized Off South America Victory in Afghanistan could take 10 years Ukraine to Get $14.9 Billion From IMF in Deal Conditional on Deficit Cuts - from Rice FarmerChina May Face 200-Million-Ton Coal Shortfall by 2015, OGP Says - from Rice FarmerNew oil fields saved for future generations: King - from Rice Farmer"Saudi Arabia has stopped exploration missions of new oil fields to save the wealth and pass it on to future generations."195 Californias or 74 Texases to Replace Offshore Oil - from Rice FarmerVA farmers say heat taking toll on crops Corn prices bolt as USDA downsizes crop estimates Michael Steele causes uproar with Afghan remarks Mexican murder suspect: US consulate infiltrated - from Rice FarmerToy company accused of laundering drug money - from Rice FarmerAmerica is sinking under Obama's towering debt In jail for being in debt
Barton Biggs Reduces Stock Investments by Almost Half on Recession Concern
California Showdown - Court sides with Schwarzenegger on minimum wage; L.A. council Fires 232 Workers; Illinois Stops Paying Bills Keeps Digging Holes
Ministers ordered to find 40 per cent cuts Job fears grow for UK male graduates The impact of welfare cuts: Britons on the breadline Goldman Sachs warns on gobal economic slowdown Slouching Towards a Double-Dip or a Lousy Recovery at Best - Robert Reich - from Elizabeth MillerClinton sees "steel vice" squeezing civil liberties Supreme Court extends gun rights to states, cities Oil Spill Media Access: Reporters Still Given The Runaround Even As Public Health Concerns Mount Republicans Block Investigative Power for Oil Spill EPA Says Dispersants OK But Major Questions Remain From the people who brought you, "The air is safe to breathe." - – Methane Gas Bubble Triggered Deadly Oil Rig Explosion Louisiana Guardsmen to Track Deployment of Oil Skimmers Is BP Rejecting Skimmers to Save Money on Gulf Oil Cleanup? - from Kellia Ramares
BP shareholders turned a blind eye to safety
As Water Warms, Oil Will RiseRon Paul: The War That’s Not a War - from Kellia RamaresDeclassified Documents Show Nixon Warned of Global Warming Over 30 Years Ago - from Elizabeth Miller
Snakes taking over gardens in one small WV town (see videos) Special
New Pat Tillman Documentary Will Make Gen'l McChrystal's Retirement Less Pleasant
David Kelly murdered? Yes, and I bet you believe in the tooth fairy too Investigative journalist Tom Mangold, a friend of the government scientist, takes aim at theories rejecting the verdict that the arms inspector committed suicide.

Rubicon "The show is a conspiracy thriller starring James Badge Dale (who earlier this year headlined HBO’s The Pacific) as an analyst at a New York City-based federal intelligence agency who is thrown into a story where nothing is as it appears to be... It is a show that appeals to everyone who has some skepticism about the relationship between big business and our government."Should We Nuke the Oil Well? "The Russians were using nukes to extinguish gas well fires in natural gas fields, not sealing oil wells gushing liquid, so there are big differences, and this method has never been tested in such conditions."
Obama Signs New Sanctions Against Iran Into Law Obama says U.S. economy fighting headwinds Visualizing Why The Future Of Europe's Financial System Hangs By A Thread Employment Shortfall Sets the Stage for Slowdown in U.S. Economic Recovery Factory Orders Fall More Than Expected; Recovery Withers on the Vine Treasury Two-Year Yield Drops to Record Low on U.S. Jobs, China Growth Clinton Says U.S. Energy Companies Can Reduce Ukraine Dependence on Russia
Hillary Clinton tells Ukraine door to NATO open Fiscal Commission Does Not Serve American People - James K. Galbraith Unable to Pass Stimulus, Dems Push Aid for Jobless Medical Care a Leading Cause of Bankruptcy U.S. Cities With The Most Underwater Mortgages What Happens When Cities Go Broke? - from Rice FarmerAmericans Aren't Stupid Anymore - Do You See Them Buying Houses Or Stocks? Home Prices Could Fall Another 50% - from Rice Farmer
29% Say Stimulus Helped Economy; 43% Say It Hurt Jim Rogers Sees Bond Market Bubble Developing Citi: Stock Valuations Have Hit A Record Low Vs. Bonds
Handicapped Man Watches as Ramp is Stolen for Scrap Metal In the mid-eighteenth century, Bach's final, unfinished work, The Art of the Fugue, was also sold for the value of the metal. - JO

The railway is a secret weapon in the deficit fight - UK The great American corporate takeover " US companies are preparing to launch takeover bids for a host of Britain's biggest corporate names thanks to the weakness of the pound." Companies Are About To Spend $150 Billion Buying Back Shares Instead Of Investing In Jobs Or Expansion Friedrich Hayek: Darling of the right is reborn in the USA Germans Anticipate a Collapse of Merkel's Government Damage from Gulf Disaster Will Last Lifetime Deepwater Risks Bigger Than Believed You mean like the risk of the financial meltdown?
BP Texas Refinery Had Huge Blowout, Toxic Release, Just Before Gulf Disaster
BP, US Blasted for Ignoring Aid Offers Oil-eating microbes to clean Gulf?BP exceeds dispersant threshold A Visual Look At How BP Could Bring Down Large Parts Of The Economy Mexico's Declining Oil Output Worries Planners Chavez formalizes seizure of US-owned oil rigs Broker `Thieves' Out of Work in Caracas as Chavez Roils Financial Industry Russian Revamp of `Predatory' Legal System May Free 100,000 Entrepreneurs Challenges To Shale-Gas Drilling Mount In Pennsylvania Will Austerity Be The Catalyst For War? - from Rice Farmer
Japan Concerned About China's Increasing Missile Capabilities
Russia to seek to expand arctic rights - from Rice Farmer House-OK'd War Funding Bill Faces Senate Trouble France to look at possible U.S. sub link to sinking "Food Police" Secretly Photographed Schoolkids' Packed Lunches - UK UK "Stop and Search" Law Declared Illegal by European Court But It Stays
Deputies Seize 31,000 Marijuana Plants
Obama Pushes for National Standard on Immigration Obama announces grants to build broadband networks across U.S. 40 Million Doses of H1N1 Vaccine Will Be Burned

Federal Reserve Made US Taxpayers Junk Bond Holders - Bloomberg This is published in Bloomberg News but a few weeks after suggestions that the disgraced Mineral Management Services be revamped using the Fed as a model. Paul's Attempt to Audit Fed Fails "A Gigantic Ponzi Scheme Lies and Fraud" Howard Davidowitz on auditors who "did nothing," Chris Dodd, Barney Frank.Automakers see no sign of recovery Gold below $1,200 as asset liquidations spread like wildfire Governments Move to Cut Spending, in 1930s Echo Payrolls in U.S. Fell 125,000 in June; Jobless Rate at 9.5% Employment fell in June for the first time this year, reflecting a drop in federal census workers and a smaller-than-forecast gain in private hiring. Orders to U.S. Factories Fall More Than Forecast in Sign Recovery Cooling Schwarzenegger Orders 200,000 State Workers be Paid Minimum Wage, State Controller John Chiang Refuses to Comply China Manufacturing Slows for Second Month; US ISM Weaker than Expected; Weekly Unemployment Claims Stubbornly High; Existing Home Sales Plunge GM First-Half Vehicle Sales in China Surpass Those in U.S. for First Time Leveraged-Loan Boom Loses Steam Amid Slowdown in Global Economic RecoveryAfrican Countries Form a Common Market Retirement age could rise every five years An Old Battlefront Returns in War on Euro "In 1998, four renegade German professors tried to stop the introduction of the euro with a legal challenge in Germany's highest court. Now, 12 years later, they are fighting against a German bailout for Greece -- and this time around, people are listening to them."Espionage Probe Casts Shadow on Ties with China People advised to avoid Gulf Coast as health concerns emerge BP Oil Disaster: More info on methane gas bubble ... Dr. J. Marvin Herndon BP Ties to Goldman and Corexit - from Vantage PointBP oil spill hits somber record as Gulf’s biggest ever BP Oil Spill May Drive Deep-Sea Rental Rates Down 20%, Creating Oversupply Loan Giants Threaten Energy-Efficiency Programs One government program cancels out another. - JOGulf Disaster Sparks Battle Over Canadian Oil Sands 2 Nuclear Power Plants Approved by Finland Deep-sea mining adds to fears of marine pollution Federal report calls for greater focus on food sustainability (US) - from Rice FarmerDrought threatens global rice supply - from Rice FarmerA Device to Reforest the World Comes in a Box When Capitalism Meets Cannabis E.P.A. Lags on Setting Some Air Standards, Report Finds Much-vindicated Michael Mann and Hockey Stick get final exoneration from Penn State - from Elizabeth MillerRussia: Armored Vehicles for West Bank Dubai admits nuclear material being shipped through its ports - from Rice FarmerPakistani soldiers to attend anti-terror drill in China - from Rice FarmerUS Crackdown on Piracy Shuts Down Nine Websites Israel bargains for soldier's freedom "Binyamin Netanyahu will free 1,000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for Gilad Shalit, who was captured in 2006." New Muon Detector Could Find Hidden Nukes How U.S. Spies Straight Wreck Iran’s Nuke Program Parking lot attendants trained to fight terror - from Rice FarmerUS Plans to "Fight the Net" Revealed (archive) Planted Articles May Be in Violation (archive) Reporting Crises: Dangerous to Your Mental Health George W. Bush ranked as worst modern president, FDR best

The biggest ponzi scheme market ever created (synthetic derivatives) - from Rice Farmer
Gulf Coast Nuclear Power Plants at Risk
The concern is over the effect of the contaminants on the plants' safety and cooling systems. Coal-fired power plants are also at risk. - JO
FEMA Prepares for Landfall of Alex - FEMA website
Could a Sinkhole Swallow Deepwater Horizon and BP? Unemployment to Stay High for Years - CNBCNASDAQ Now Off 2%, As Euro Surges And Dollar Plunges NYC Business Conditions Plummet At Fastest Pace On Record
JO comment: So let me tell you about what's soaring.
The guy with the telescope was in the park again yesterday. This time he was at the West Side entrance. Last time we ran into him, he was on the East Side.
It's weird to see a telescope trained at the sky in broad daylight, at least in our limited experience. So what's he doing?
He's watching the hawk. The hawk's been living in New York for years, I belie
Jeff Gundlach's Complete Guide To The Inevitable American Debt Default
Markets Getting Hammered World Wide
Krugman 'Calls' the 3rd Great Depression
Johnny come lately to that particular prophecy.
Emergency Declared as Hurricane Alex Approaches Texas Welcome, FEMA. Mike, this prediction of yours may yet turn out to fall into the 80% accurate camp. - JO
Ghost of the peak oil theory
"BP has been a leading voice in rubbishing the onset of peak oil."
A Gulf Drilling Industry Ban Would Destroy An Economy More Than Twice The Size Of Florida Tourism "And 150 times the size of gulf fishing." MAP OF THE DAY: Here's The Israeli Attack Route Iran Just Cut Off
Biologists find oil spill 'dead zones' "Methane at 100,000 times normal levels has been creating oxygen-depleted areas devoid of life near BP spill, scientists say." Algae Producers to Help Fight Gulf Oil Spill Ron Paul: Govt. may bill you for BP crimes Forrmer BP chief Browne gets Whitehall role UK backing 'risky' offshore oil project America's Crude Reality - CNBC Gas shortage squeezes crude outputGulf gas sector must see the light to exit dark age "When even the ministry of electricity and water suffers a blackout, you know there is a problem." Cantarell Finally Slips Below 500 kbpd Expanding deepwater drilling was BP's top priority Alex Becomes First June Atlantic Hurricane Since 1995 Salazar May Give Congress More Details on Drill Ban
Senate panel votes to end oil spill liability cap | Reuters
Democrats Step Back on Carbon Cap Senators predict a climate bill capping emissions only for utilities Researchers Have Now Found Evidence Of Oil Contamination In Gulf's Food Chain
British Quakers face controversy over £0.5 million BP investment Blimps could replace aircraft in freight transport, say scientists - from Rice FarmerScientist: World must expect more spills because days of "easy oil" are over - from Rice Farmer Acute Aquatic Toxicity of Three Corexit Products Uh-Oh, Looks Like Anadarko Was Involved In Gulf Well Design The Energy Transition Is Already Underway Iraq looks to spectacular oil boom to revive its political fortunes Oren: Iran May Unleash Wave of Terrorist Violence Russia Sending Armored Vehicles to West Bank (Iran)
Iran fears falling oil sales – not UN sanctions
White House To Streamline Arms Export License Process - from Rice FarmerSenate Panel Approves Controversial Cybersecurity Bill - from Rice Farmer Air Force Blasts Drones With Microwave Weapons Navy’s New Solution to Bombs: Cook Them With Microwaves Air Force Preps Gadget-Zapping Microwave Missiles New Army Weapon Aims to Fry Gadgets, People Children planting Taliban bombs Hot on the heels of the blond Jihad Jane. Oh where oh where has innocence gone? Antennae still poised for the evildoer who plants an explosive in a baby's diaper. - JOHow Goldsmith changed advice on legality of war
FBI says spy ring hid messages on public websites
Al-Qaeda Goes Conde Nast With New Lifestyle Mag – in English
British firm paid bribes to Iraqis over toxic fuel Exclusive: Officials bribed by Octel to overlook effects of leaded petrol on children's health The deadly 'end game' for leaded petrol Video: The men who traded in toxins What's Killing the Bees: This One May Make You Feel Guilty Reusable shopping bags 'are a threat to public health'
Fed Ex Plane Possibly Behind Mystery Crop Damage
BILL GROSS: EVERY NATION FOR ITSELF Battle breaks out over jobless figures Labour claims watchdog has been used to rebut Guardian's disclosure on the predicted effect of cuts. Where will the 2m jobs come from? Harman warns of unemployment 'misery' Duncan Smith admits worry over bid to cut poverty Humiliation for Merkel as coalition stages revolt
Was AIG Also a Precious Metals Manipulator?
Paul the Octopus Picks Germany to Beat Argentina

New UN Report Recommends Ditching The Dollar As Global Reserve Currency
"But gold proponents will be deeply disappointed."
Time to shut down the US Federal Reserve? -Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
Global markets are on 'a cliff edge'
"FTSE dives as rumours swirl that European banks are finding it difficult to raise funds in money markets."
Castro Predicts Nuclear War (Iran)
PLA to Hold Sea Drill in Response to US/Korea
Recovery faces tough road, double dip or not
Jeff Gundlach: US will "politely default" on its debt
How Cap and Trade Revenues Went to Fix State Budgets
Could the Deepwater well tip over and break the Gulf of Mexico?
Spanish banks rage at end of ECB offer
Consumer Confidence Dives; Treasury Yields Plunge to April 2009 Levels; An Economic Depression is Here - Congress, the Fed to Blame The Economist "Rising Government Debt is a Ponzi Scheme" House Rejects Extension Of Unemployment Benefits - from Rice Farmer
Top Republican: Raise Social Security's retirement age to 70 - from Rice Farmer The Impact Of Foreclosures On Home Sales And Prices Is Much Worse Than People Realized If There's A Bottom In Sight For Commercial Real Estate, We Can't See It
Here's Why Chinese Oil Demand Could Spike WAY Faster Than Anyone Is Expecting
Uncovered BP Document Plans For Major Gulf Of Mexico Growth
India Losing to China in Africa-to-Kazakhstan-to-Venezuela Oil Purchases
China Sinking Like Greece Signals a 65% Rally in Stocks to Morgan Stanley Volcker Said to Be Disappointed With Final Version of Rule Named After Him Foreclosed Homes in U.S. Sell at 27% Discount as Distressed Supply Grows
Fewer criminals will go to prison, says Clarke Honduran ex-president: US was behind my overthrow - from Rice Farmer
‘Dozens’ of US citizens on assassination list, White House adviser hints - from Rice Farmer Inside the US: How bad is it? - from Rice Farmer Ireland: A Picture of the High Cost of Austerity
VA Hospital May Have Infected 1800 Veterans with HIV President Obama orders FCC to increase wireless broadband Peruvian snags World Bank funding to paint mountaintops white
Iran nuclear scientist claims 'has escaped US kidnappers' 'Tortured' terrorism suspects may get compensation
ACLU Study Highlights U.S. Surveillance Society
FBI: Spies Hid Secret Messages on Public Websites
Video: Pentagon’s Shape-Shifting Bot Folds Into Boat, Plane
Pope launches team to 're-evangelise' the West Italian PM: Israel ‘will probably react preemptively’ on Iran - from Rice Farmer AFRICOM using private contractors to gain foothold in Africa - from Rice Farmer Illinois Borrowing $900 Million as Credit-Default Insurance Cost Doubles - from Rice Farmer White House Talks Up Online ID Plan - from Rice Farmer How long can the housing market avoid a crash? Doing nothing might have been best for oil spill Oil Spill - We've Failed, Says Shell Despite Gulf disaster deepwater oil is all we have left - from Rice FarmerMexico's Astonishing Oil Production Decline Global oil demand to outgrow decline
FDA Sued for Failing Regulate Bisphenol AScientists make disease and IQ link "Energy can be diverted from brain to fight infection, explaining 'lower intelligence in warmer countries.'" How about the energy diverted to stay warm? Siemens wants its own bank Cramped lives the norm for ‘ant tribes’ “'Unlike slums in South America or Southeast Asia, these villages are populated with educated young people as opposed to laborers or street peddlers,' says Lian, who teaches at the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing."Canada, India sign landmark nuclear deal Obama to Visit India "...India is crucial to the U.S.-led fight against extremists in Pakistan and Afghanistan. It is also a counterweight to China in the region and plays a key role in setting world trade and climate deals." 'Flying car' gets go-ahead from US air authorities How to Reduce Consumerism in 1 Easy Step: Shopping could make men impotent, claim scientists
Team’s Work Uses a Virus to Convert Methane to Ethylene
At Düsseldorf Airport, Bees Monitor Air Quality

How Wachovia And Major U.S. Banks Have Spent The Past Four Years Helping Mexican Drug Cartels
Score one for Mike.
Two years ago, I told one of my classes about the drug-money-laundering role of US banks. A few from Western Europe shook their hands with knowing smiles. (There she goes again.)
What do people think when they read headlines like this one years later? Most of the time, I find, they've forgotten their initial scorn or even that the subject was ever raised, so alien did it seem at the time.
But when the battle was a sustained, bloody one, such as the battle over the envirodisaster of 9/11, they cannot forget.
I was once asked by a whistle-blower scientist if any school parents later apologized for their original obstructionism to those of us who questioned the authorities' contention that the air was safe to breathe. (Yes, some of our most vigorous opposition came from parents and the kids themselves. They loved their school; it was their ticket to Harvard and no hysterical mothers were going to get in the way.)
No, they didn't. What happens is that the next time one warns of an oncoming disaster, (in my case, Peak Oil,) the derisive laughter is more subdued, with a hint of queasiness.
12 Charts That Scream New Global Panic
Shanghai Stocks Plummet Nearly 5% And The Euro Is Crashing
Naval Manoeuvers with Denmark, UK, US in Canada The Economist "Rising Government Debt is a Ponzi Scheme" Are we approaching an epic failure? Spanish Debt Maturities Shows Huge Funding Problem No policy is ever bad enough to abandon it Roubini: Greece's best option is to just go bust Whoa, is financial reform seriously dead? Consumer Confidence Collapses Massively In June Petraeus Says U.S. May Ease Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan Exxon, Shell May Consider Possible Bid for BP, JPMorgan Says China Draws Taiwan Into Economic Embrace With Trade Pact
Banks Financing Mexico Drug Gangs Admitted in Wells Fargo Deal Euro Meltdown Won't Be Avoided by German Makeover Beware euro banknotes Russia sparks BP confusion Alex to Become Hurricane as Swells Reach Gulf Spill
Uncovered BP Document From March Brags Of Gulf Of Mexico Growth, Cheap Production Costs China Draws Taiwan Into Economic Embrace With Trade Pac Gulf Oil Spill Poses Unique Health Problems Big cut in number of police patrolling the streets Turkey bans Israeli military flight Russian 'secret agents' arrested in US
The Ten Russian Spies Relayed Info on Gold Market U.S. Troops Face New Threat: Afghanistan's Toxic Sand US court reasserts Americans' right to bear arms Bilderberg 2010: The Lockdown Begins
Britain 'might not cope with another bank emergency' Higher interest rates are coming sooner than you think In the face of this crisis, all the G20 could serve up was fudge Has Osborne gone soft on the banks already? Minister joins backlash against Osborne's sickness benefit cuts Interest in North Sea exploration booms Case Shiller New York Property Prices Collapse To New Lows Pay What You Wish Soup Kitchens Inventor paints mountains white to combat climate change AgriLife Research economist: Manure provides higher returns than chemical fertilizers - from Elizabeth Miller Climate change could wipe out 40% of species in Arab world - report - from Elizabeth Miller

Showdown: US Sends Warships to Confront Iran Israel Plots Teheran Raid - Gulf Daily News
US 'monster' money printing
QUIZ SHOW: The State Of Europe "They're all broke so where's the bailout money going to come from?"
G20 fudges debt reduction issue World Leaders Agree on Timetable for Cutting Deficits At Summit, Banks Avoid New Global Regulations Hedge funds attack EU regulation plans
El-Erian: Here's why the G20 outcome was a very bad sign for the world economy
The problem with debt
Meme Of The Day: Fed Economist Says "Economics Is Hard" And That Bloggers Suck At It
Consumers Get It, Keynesian Clowns Don't - 63% Believe Congress Should Worry More About Deficit than Boosting the Economy
Central Banks Should Weigh Ending Stimulus to Avoid Side Effects, BIS Says
American Companies Are Loving Today's Massive Pool Of Skilled And Desperate Unemployed Hugo Chávez declares 'economic war'
Personal Income Comes In Worse Than Expected
1.5 Million Californians Lose Unemployment Benefits
Huge Tent City Takes Root (Hawaii)
Think Tank Warns That Hong Kong's Dangerous Dependence On Finance Could Result In Catastrophe
BP evacuates personnel ahead of Tropical Storm Alex 'Significant' oil hits Mississippi shores: officials
At Least One Pension Fund Isn't Invested In BP -- BP's Pension Fund

Oil Price Swings to Worsen as Spare OPEC Capacity Shrinks Or: "Plateau to get bumpier." - JO Dire warning over impending slide of British manufacturing US Took Advantage of Russia During Soviet Collapse - Kunstler - from Vantage Point Iranian ships could join wave of flotillas to Gaza Report: US warships stationed off Iranian coast - from Rice Farmer Landau: Israel Would Use Force to Defend Off Shore Gas Find Tillman Mother Sought to Warn Obama of McChrystal "Mary Tillman didn't respond to a request for comment through the the Weinstein Company, which is distributing a documentary about her son and the circumstances surrounding his death and the subsequent alleged cover-up."
Consumers' Privacy at Risk in Internet Tax Case India Cuts Subsidies for Fuels Iran oil sales fall by 24 percent Total Stops Gasoline Sales To Iran Royal Dutch Shell stops gasoline sales to Iran (May) Russia's Lukoil to halt gasoline sales to Iran CIA Chief Warns Iran Could Have Nukes by 2012Mossad boss heads for exit after Dubai murder fallout Spy system for airlines Current and Future Medical Approaches to Combat the Anthrax Threat CIA: no good intelligence on bin Laden in years Ingredients of Controversial Dispersants Used on Gulf Spill Are Secrets No More Oxygen levels drop in Gulf EU to ban selling eggs by dozen Britain's bees need you Worst Retreat of Arctic Sea Ice in Thousands of Years

China: the next superconsumer?
JP Morgan Sets Sights Overseas
China's chief auditor warns mounting local government debt a risk "However, provincial budgets have been classified as state secrets until now and this is the first time that China has disclosed the level of local government debt. Mr Liu said the ratio of debt to disposable revenues at some local governments was over 100pc and in the highest case it was 365pc."
BAE job cuts threaten UK tank factory
Coalition to tell unemployed to 'get on your bike' - UK "Radical plans to relocate the long term unemployed to areas where there are jobs are being drawn up by the Coalition."
Toronto G20 protest turns violent, city venues in lockdown
Man attempts to commit suicide during G20 Summit in Toronto Toronto police arrest couple allegedly carrying Molotov cocktails Vandalism engulfs the city of Toronto during G20 Summit
Geithner Urges G-20 Leaders to Keep Focus on Domestic Demand Not Deficits
Here's 13 Signs The US Economy Has Hit A Brick Wall
Yes, The DOW Could Drop To 5,000
Day of Reckoning for State Budgets Arrives Payrolls Probably Fell in June as U.S. Government Cut Staffing for Census
Fannie Mae to Charge Strategic Defaulters for Everything
Oil Cleanup: The Next Jobs Program
US Politicians Oppose 2000 Mile Oil Sands Pipeline
Schwarzenegger Halts Welfare Use of Casino ATMs
Spain's Debt Maturity Wave Hits Next Month And It's Already Obvious They Don't Have Enough Cash Cameron digs in over Falklands as oil revives tension Iran, Turkey and America's Future
G-8 Leaders Expect Israel May Act on Iran Nuclear Program, Berlusconi Says
ASCAP Assails Digital-Rights Groups
New Ideas to Turn E-Readers Into Me-Readers
You Don't Want ISPs to Innovate
Rule by Fear or Rule by Law? (2008)
Article on expansion of gov't power in detention of citizens et al, referring to Peter Dale Scott; notable for its appearance in a mainstream outlet. Deepwater Horizon Registered in Marshall Islands
A Pressing Issue: David and Goliath Battle on GM Alfalfa and How the Media Got It Wrong - from Son of a Farmer
True Food Now - from Son of a Farmer
Baltimore Zoning Promotes Urban Farming - from Rice Farmer Urban livestock - from Rice Farmer Doctors call for total NHS ban on homoeopathy
NH Woman on Oxygen Dies After Power Cut to Home
Farmer kills self with pesticide fumes after going bankrupt - from Rice Farmer
Crime, the figures, and a question of race "The reality of violent inner-city crime is indicated today by statistics obtained by The Sunday Telegraph."
Gulf oil spill: Could 'toxic storm' make beach towns uninhabitable?
Arctic ice at multi-millennium low: researchers
MIT releases major report: The Future of Natural Gas
Well-heeled eco homebuyers find it ain't easy being green Living the ecological dream can be a nightmare when it comes to nimby neighbours.

Biggest Agricultural Breakthrough in 10,000 Years? Perennial Grains - from Elizabeth Miller Gulf of Mexico oil spill containment would stop for two weeks with evacuation E-Government Challenge in Disaster Evacuation Response: The Role of RFIDTechnology in Building Safe and Secure Local Communities‎ Germany Warns US Not to Become 'Addicted to Borrowing' World's biggest collection of berries and fruits faces axe New Home Sales Fall 33% in May to Record Low China discovers 180 oil and gas fields in South China Sea, expert - from Rice Farmer Senate Democrats Plot 'Impenetrable' Path to Victory for Unwritten Climate Bill "Democratic senators declined to discuss the exact details of their strategy after emerging from the hourlong talks. But its basic thrust appears to be a plan to anchor the climate and energy effort to widely popular legislation that would overhaul offshore drilling regulations in the wake of the Gulf spill, and then dare Republicans to vote against it."
Worry Underwater: Oxygen Level Drops
The figure "60,000" barrels is now bandied about as though it had always been accepted. Thank God those are only numbers. As the great sage Stalin said, "One death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic."
Sea turtles burnt alive by BP cleanup Syncrude guilty on charges related to deaths of 1,600 ducks Fidel Castro warns of possible clash between Israel, Iran - from Rice Farmer Marshall Auerbach on BP Disaster Tropical Storm Alex Forms in Caribbean, Heads Toward Yucatan, U.S. Says The First OILCANE Will Be Worse Than Anything We've Seen Was A MASSIVE Saudi Aramco Oil Spill Concealed From The Public In 1993? How BP's Bob Dudley Got Kicked Out Of Russia In 2008 Former Oil Worker Reveals That Beach Sweep Is Just For Show Why The U.S. Will Never Have A Balanced Budget Again ECRI Leading Indicators Continue Violent Plunge
Senate Democrats and Obama Abandon the Jobless (World Socialist)Three U.S. Banks Collapse as Bond Street Holdings Acquires Another Lender We're Not The First Empire To Have A Serious Currency Problem We're reassured.41 Awesome Properties You Can Buy From Debt-Ridden France Like Others, Rich Are Also Falling Behind on Mortgages
Iran Will Not Send Aid Ship to Gaza
Congresswoman Raises Red Flag on Hezbollah-Cartel Nexus on U.S. Border (Fox)Russia plans second military base in Kyrgyzstan - from Rice FarmerEnvoy: U.S. To Build Training Center In Tajikistan - from Rice Farmer Germany Should 'Put in Motion' European Armed Forces 'Basket Case' North Korea Makes $65 Trillion Claim
Alaska Shield, Vigilant Guard, Arctic Edge Prepares Alaska For Disaster U.S. Army Considering Fuel Cells on Tanks Al-Qaeda's first lady' arrested Islamists: McChrystal is fall guy Pakistan to monitor Google, others for blasphemy Darn.Murder in Vienna Leads Investigators to Chechen President Scientists Read Your Mind Better Than You Can "We are trying to figure out whether there is hidden wisdom that the brain contains..." Apple Collecting, Sharing iPhone Users' Precise Locations 48% See Government Today As A Threat to Individual Rights - from Rice FarmerArizona boycott backed by Milwaukee County Board panel Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney hospitalized 'Each Gas Dispute Will Cost the Russians' Supermarkets selling meat from animals fed GM crops Further Deregulation in FDA Regarding Vaccines Senator Kyl: Obama said he didn't want to secure border because that would reduce the incentive for immigration reform. Dire Climate Change Warning for Australia - from Elizabeth Miller Coming Antarctic Garbage Patch - from Elizabeth Miller A Colossal Fracking Mess - from Elizabeth Miller

BP Relied on Faulty U.S. Data 20 million people are “to have to evacuate the gulf states” says prominent oil-industry insider Simmons, but also Thad Allen is quoted as saying the blowout preventer is leaning.
Plans to Evacuate Tampa Bay Area Are in Place
Central Banking in Crisis: Some Twenty Countries on the Verge of Insolvency - from Kellia RamaresCaribbean Storms Strengthen, May Disrupt BP Gulf of Mexico Spill Cleanup

Iran Cancels Gaza Red Crescent Ship After Netanyahu Calls It a Provocation Each Day, Another Way to Define Worst Case Expert Says Crude Oil Contains Some of the Most Toxic Chemicals We Know Emergency Services Chief: “No way to keep tar balls” from getting inland, will “easily pass under boom curtains”
Aerial footage of tar on Pensacola Beach Video
In Gulf oil spill 'war,' cleanup foot soldiers threaten mutiny - from Rice FarmerFEMA wants you to play ‘Disaster Hero’ in upcoming emergency response game - from Rice Farmer How an Alabama fire chief risked jail to save town from Gulf oil spill Health Data Gaps, BP Suspicions Worry US PanelistsBP Is Pursuing Alaska Drilling Some Call Risky We all live in an oil slick now"Johann Hari: Step by step, US politicians on all sides become an oiligarchy that sees moving off petrol as irrational: turning off the spigot would turn off their election funds." North Korea threatens severe punishment for American prisoner
North Korea condemns US on war anniversary, South seeks apology
Aboriginal Protesters: Discrimination, racism is legislated Special Nonwoven textile developed to cleanup BP oil spill Bernanke in battle China debt warning Chinese provinces could be even more fiscally-troubled than Greece. More Is Bernanke secretly preparing a new liquidity blitz? China purchases its own Latin American country
Russia Buys 1.1 Million Ounces of Gold
21.5 in 2009 to 22.6 in 2010Share Here's How You Know Financial Regulation Bill Will Ultimately Be Toothless The World Cup Confirms: The Developed World Is Toast, Emerging Markets Are Where It's At Economic reality: Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide States of Crisis Widen as 46 Governments in U.S. Face Greek-Style Deficits Banks `Dodged a Bullet' as Congress Dilutes U.S. Trading Rules in Overhaul Banks Make More Loans for Acquisitions as Institutional Investors Cut Back SEC Hounding Whistleblowers Baltic Dry Index showing signs of stress Investors Fly Into Municipal Bonds Like Moths to a Flame FDIC Holds off Raising Bank Insurance Premiums, Expects Bank Failures to Peak in 2010 Federal Reserve Statement with English Translation - from Rice Farmer Central Banks Join the Ranks Of Investors Who Like Gold - from Rice Farmer A nation of savers for the first time in 20 years Food Stamps Applications Soar - from Elizabeth Miller State pension Ponzi scheme undone with retirement at 70 Ian Cowie: pension model so unstable it's illegal in private sector. Number of undergraduates set to plummet - UK Greece puts island on the market Japanese told to go to bed an hour early to cut carbon emissions Czechs Say Russian Spies Targeting Energy Sector - from Rice Farmer Chernobyl Legacy Fades as Eastern Europe Bets on Nuclear Power Expansion The Nuclear Power Resurgence: How Safe Are the New Reactors? - from Rice Farmer Report: Ailing Kim Jong-il Speeds Up Transfer Of Power To Son To Reach Afghans, Pentagon Drafts Mimes, Storytellers, Wizard of Oz Darpa Push: Solar Cells Tough Enough to Handle a War E-Mail That Self Destructs - from Rice Farmer Investing For A Peak-Oil Future (Forbes) - from Rice Farmer JO comment: Die-off, schmy-off. You mean this could affect my income?Will Eikenberry, Holbrooke, Be Next One Out the Door? Midterm Disaster Looms for Democrats as Confidence in Obama Wanes 'Teen repellent' buzzing devices may be switched off by law today Arizona Cops Threatened by Mexican Drug Cartel - from Rice Farmer Factory farm revolution looms Giant China algae slick getting bigger: report The day after the BP oil gusher started gushing more. Small world, huh? Or maybe a big one, in which two such similar events can take place a day apart. - JO Toxins Found in Whales Bode Ill For Humans - from Kellia Ramares

Oil Gushing at Spill Site After Vent Damaged - from Luis Mora The deaths reported Wednesday were not tied to the containment operation. The Coast Guard said the workers had been involved in cleanup operations did that their deaths did not appear to be work related. One death was a boat captain who died of a gunshot wound, a Coast Guard spokesman said. Further details were not immediately available. Man Who Died In Gulf Was Despondent Over The Spill And Committed Suicide Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years', claims leading scientist - from Kellia Ramares Why Germany is right to cut spending Merkel rejects Obama's call to spend
Trichet Explains Why Soros Is Wrong About the Euro Obama Is A 'One-Term President': Investment Pro
Chinese Lack Of Liquidity At Dangerous Levels
Obama Approval Rating Slips to 45%: NBC-WSJ Poll
Inside the dire financial state of states
Deutsche Bank: U.S. Financial Conditions Just Collapsed Back To Crisis LevelsSales of U.S. New Homes Plunged in May to Record Low
Mortgage Bond Prices Rise to ‘Insane’ Records: Credit Markets
Investors Fly Into Municipal Bonds Like Moths to a Flame China lets yuan drop to deter speculators Morgan Stanley Explains How The Yuan Hike Will Lead To More Easy Money In America Nikkei Stages Nice Early Turnaround, While Yields On Japanese And US Bonds Hit Record Lows Now even the Bank isn't sure it can bring down inflation - UK Disbanding The Euro--A Worst-Case Scenario - from Rice Farmer
Senators Prepare a Citigroup-Sized Hole In Volcker Rule Illinois Leaps Ahead of California in Default Risk, Better than Iraq, Worse than Portugal

The Media Campaign Begins: BP Is Now Too Big To Fail BP Resumes Oil Siphon at Leak; Hurricanes Feared BP Executive Prepares to Take Over Spill Response
Tony Hayward quits BP oil cleanup role Drilling ruling judge had ties to oil industry
Oil Rain in Louisiana BP And This Shocking Video Could Crush America's Shale Gas Revolution Our fingers are crossed. - JO
Legal Drilling Battle Looms as Gulf Spill Spreads
Doctors Warn Against Repeating 9/11 Mistakes in Gulf The Hundred Years' War over Toxic Chemicals
Peak oil has been postponed again
"That at least is the story today from the International Energy Agency. Their medium-term outlook for fossil fuel markets is a dazzling contrast with last year’s warnings that a combination of break-neck industrialisation in China and lack of investment in new oil fields (thanks to the credit freeze) would exhaust global spare capacity by 2013...

My own suspicion is that Peak Oil has not been conjured away quite so easily as the IEA suggests, especially after BP’s debacle in the Gulf of Mexico. Jeremy Leggett from Solarcentury and a member of the UK’s Task Force on Peak Oil argues that Big Oil has systemically overstated reserves for years to inflate share prices, shielded by captive regulators. Their deception compares to the systemic errors of the banks in the credit crunch, but ultimately on a bigger scale and with potentially more nefaste consequences.
Shale gas firestorm Resignation Of Aussie PM Is A Huge Win For The Aussie Mining Industry
Obama to replace Gen McChrystal with Petraeus Does Petraeus Mean a Return of Afghan Air War? Murder in Vienna Leads Investigators to Chechen President Israel's launch of high-tech spy satellite caught on video Canada's anti-spy agency says government infiltrated with spies NY law would be 1st to take DNA from all criminals - from Rice Farmer Contractor Investigated in Deutsche Bank Fire Gets Contract at Ground Zero CNN gives Spitzer TV show U.S. scores dead last again in healthcare study U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Ban on Monsanto's Biotech Alfalfa - from Kellia Ramares Drought-hit utility firm asks for more water The UK, not traditionally known for drought.Car fumes may cause acid rain Growth Industry: Learning How to Grow Medical Marijuana - from Kellia Ramares 24/7 Doctor Channel - from Wesley Miller

Methane in Gulf "astonishingly high": US scientist ‎ "As much as 1 million times the normal level of methane gas has been found in some regions near the Gulf of Mexico oil spill..."US Begins Massive Build-Up Around Iran, Sending Four New Carriers Into Region There Will Be War (Forbes) - from Rice FarmerSoros warns of euro collapse Geithner And Summers: Europe Is Nuts For Putting Debt Concerns Ahead Of Growth Judge overturns Obama's drilling ban In case you were wondering who would win in the eternal debate between economy and environment.Judge Who Lifted Moratorium Tied to Offshore Drilling Companies After BP oil spill, 'peak' oil seems nearer than ever Does The Gulf Spill Mean The U.S. Is Headed For Gas Lines, Higher Food Prices and a Broken Economy? Each day, another way to define worst-case for oil spill The Big Picture: Why Is It So Hard to Stop the Oil Gusher, and Why Was Such Extreme Deepwater Drilling Allowed in the First Place? "No means currently exists to produce oil and gas to market from such water depths!" - 2001 ReportBP-Style Extreme Energy Nightmares to Come: Four Scenarios for the Next Energy Mega-Disaster by Michael Klare - from Elizabeth MillerNY bomber's warning Times Square car bomb accused warns of more attacks on the US. Russia's Gas Dispute with Belarus Intensifies Italy's Renewable Energy Sector Stunned By Government Cuts Dutch police use 'decoy Jews' to stop anti-Semitic attacks Gen McChrystal offers resignation to Obama Three in two days. Fears for internet access in remote communities as broadband tax axed Whistleblower Sues to Stop Another BP Rig from Operating Oil Found In Oysters At SC Restaraunt Methane Threatens Underwater Mt. St. Helens? "Upon using a GPS and Depth finder system, experts have discovered a large gas bubble, 15-20 miles across and tens of feet high, under the ocean floor. These bubbles are common. Many believe they have caused the sinking of ships and planes in the Bermuda Triangle. That said, a bubble this large — if able to escape from under the ocean floor through a crack — would cause a gas explosion that Mr. Hoagland likens to Mt. St. Helens... only under water. The BP well is 50 miles from Louisiana. Its release would send a toxic cloud over populated areas. The explosion would also sink any ships and oil structures in the vicinity and create a tsunami which would head toward Florida at 600 mph. Now, many people have called Hoagland a fringe thinker and a conspiracy theorist. And they may be right... But that doesn't mean he isn't on to something. EPA finds high concentrations of gases in the area The escape of other poison gases associated with an underground methane bubble (such as hydrogen sulfide, benzene, and methylene chloride) have been found. Last Thursday, the EPA measured hydrogen sulfide at 1,000 parts per billion — well above the normal 5 to 10 ppb. Some benzene levels were measured near the Gulf of Mexico in the range of 3,000 – 4,000 ppb — up from the normal 0-4 ppb."Dirty Details from BP Mole "The men on Elmer's Island don't wear respirators since BP and OSHA have thrown precaution to the wind and deemed them unnecessary. But the only type of air-monitoring equipment Elmer's ever seen on the island are little multigas meters that are not up to the job: They're designed for indoor use, clog easily, and only measure limited types of pollutants." One of the excuses that EPA used for not taking certain measurements after 9/11 was that their instruments had gotten clogged with dust. - JOOil Spill Poses Risk to Gulf Power Plants Evidence of Criminal Negligence by BP and US Gov't Drilling Sheriff Salazar Faces More Scrutiny From Congress on BP Oil Spill
Fed'l Gov't Halts Sand Berm Dredging
Sen. LeMieux Continues to Call for Skimmers How BP Screwed Over 42 State Retirement Funds, Including Alabama And Florida Congressional Resolution for High Performace Building Week Norway Takes Aim at G-20 'One of the Greatest Setbacks Since World War II' Germany Takes Stand against Patents on Plants and Animals EPA Reverses Controversial 'Human Guinea Pig' Rule As Tiny UAE's Water Tab Grows, Resources Run Dry - from Rice FarmerCould water undermine the American game plan for Iraq? - from Rice FarmerIncrease in Water Theft in Jordan Has Broad Implications for Middle East - from Rice FarmerFirst Cannabis-Based Medicine Hits the Market Germany to Launch Exit Program for Militant Islamists Niall Ferguson: US Fiscal Crisis Will Likely Occur Within 2 Years - from Rice FarmerFDIC Holds off Raising Bank Insurance Premiums, Expects Bank Failures to Peak in 2010 Russian president to Silicon Valley: Help! "One tech star born in Russia that Medvedev won't meet is Google Inc founder Sergey Brin, who once called Russia "Nigeria with snow". In fact, by some accounts Nigeria is a better place to do business than Russia, which for more than a decade has promised to clean up its business climate and join the World Trade Organization, without success."What's Been Lost In The Three Weeks Since Congress Let Unemployment Benefits Lapse Volcker Rule Seen Under Attack as Lawmakers Seek Loophole for Hedge Funds States Face New Pinch As Stimulus Ends .. David Leonhardt: Bernanke's Caution Is Risky Maywood to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department Mortgage mods already a disaster, another wave of foreclosures is coming 12 charts that show the total carnage in the housing industry Major Australian Broker Sonray Collapses, Thousands Of Client Accounts Frozen WikiLeaks founder drops 'mass spying' hint - from Rice FarmerJack Abramoff, convicted lobbyist, now working in pizza parlor

Rahm Emanuel expected to quit White House Orszag To Resign As White House Budget Director McChrystal Apologies for Incendiary Article
Lukashenka orders shutdown of Russian gas transit via Belarus
BP oil spill: leak found in rig weeks before blast
Here Are 20 Signs That China Is Cornering The Global Oil Market - from Rice Farmer
Economy Europe Slams Obama's Stimulus Plan Another Huge Wave of Foreclosures Coming America Speaks Back: Derailing the Drive to Cut Social Security and Medicare
Is the Fed out of bullets? Central Banks Show Euro Losing Reserve Currency Status With Loonie Gaining Saudis Hoard Twice as Much Gold as Thought - from Rice FarmerIMF: Easy Money In The West Is Now Priming The Next Mega Bubble In Emerging Markets Private Sector Debt: The Next Catastrophic Bubble to Pop - from Rice Farmer

Oil Gusher/Energy/Resources
Blow Up the Well to Save the Gulf
NY Times Op-Ed advocating conventional weapon, not nuke.
Judge Could Overturn Obama's Offshore Drilling Ban
Jindal Throws Support by Lawsuit to End Drilling Ban Coast Guard siezes 30K pounds of contaminated shrimp
The Norwegian gas bubble will soon burst
From Kjell Aleklett in Sweden.
Egypt Oil Spill Threatens Red Sea Marine Life
Europe to import Sahara's solar power China's Restrictions on Rare Earth Exports Are Said to Be Targeted by U.S.
China currency move poses oil-demand puzzle
Kuwait cuts working hours to save power
Protests Over Power Shortages Force Iraqi Minister to Quit Kazakhstan Plans to Start Taxing Crude Oil Exports, Finance ... ...and metals.Testing for Tainted Sea Food
High tech method: Smell it.
Brings back the days when EPA inspectors would look over a building and on the basis of this visual inspection, acknowledged by the agency to be inadequate, say, "Nope, no WTC dust here." Some "inspections" were conducted on the basis of aerial photographs.
At least in the Gulf, the inspectors don't pretend to be pros and the method doesn't pretend to be science, at least, if you probe. But how many do? - JO
India to press for Bhopal extradition
Does the phrase "too little too late" come to mind? - JO

China says "concerned" about South Korea-U.S. drill
Seoul: PyongYang's "Fusion Breakthroughs" Produce Abnormal Radiaion
Germany And Russia Moving Closer Together
Can Democracy Work in Central Asia? - Kyrgyzstan
U.S. Military Contractors Pay Millions to Afghan Warlords for Protection US military supply contracts fund corruption, the Taliban, according to report
Giving advice to banned groups is terrorism, says US supreme court
"Decision means people could be prosecuted for offering assistance of any kind to terrorist organisations."
Arrest of Suspected Mossad Agent Strains German-Israeli Relations Dissent Within Israel: Defense Minister Rips Jerusalem's Plan To Demolish Palestinian Homes Elusive founder [Wikileaks] breaks cover - but will avoid US for now India and China Battle over Sri Lanka - from Rice Farmer
Junk food causes 40,000 deaths a year, warns Nice Britain. Multiply accordingly for the country of your choice. - JOJune 22, 1783: Icelandic Volcano Disrupts Europe's Economy CNN Drops AP

Keynesianism For Kretins (sic): The New York Fed Launches Propaganda Comic Book - from Rice Farmer

Chimpanzees gangs 'build empires' by killing neighbours in turf wars
Thank God for evolution. - JO