Thursday, April 19, 2007

French Knew Al-Qaeda Planned Hijacking Attack
DoD IG Wipes Hands of Able Danger
U.S. Agrees to Raise Defense Ties with Israel
Tom Whipple on the GAO Report
House Questions on Tillman, Lynch
China's Oil Plans
China Builds Global Satellite Navigation System
Yangtze River May Be Irreversibly Polluted
"China's CNOOC Ltd confirmed for the first time yesterday that it had begun producing gas at a field in the East China Sea. The state-controlled company said in its 2006 annual report it was pumping oil and gas at the Tianwaitian field (at 500,000 cubic metres a day). It is also ready to begin producing from the nearby and larger Chunxiao field as soon as Beijing gives it the go-ahead, at an annual rate of 600 million cubic metres."
Venezuela, Iran Back Gas Cartel
Chavez: Troops to Escort Oil Takeovers

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Global Warming Could Wipe Out 1/4 of All Species
Los Angeles Endures Longest Dry Spell in 130 Years
US Answer to Climate Change: Smoke and Giant Space Mirrors
Castro Warns Poor Will Starve for Greener Fuel
Local Food Movement Grows More Mainstream
Cheney/Al Qaeda Link An expansion, via Thomas Englehardt, on Seymour Hersch's recent piece in the New Yorker.
Venezuela Moving Towards Compression Rather than Liquification of Gas This method of transporting gas, while taking up more space, is also less dangerous and far less expensive. J.O.
Untapped: The Scramble for Africa's Oil
Thirstier World to See More Civil Conflict While this would seem to fall squarely into the "No shit" file, it's interesting that the conflicts generally arise a year after the drought. The researchers don't speculate on the reasons for the time lapse. Perhaps it takes a year for victims to recover enough to take up arms. Or perhaps it takes a year for the drought to manifest its full impact in crop shortages. Jenna Orkin
President of Ford Saves Bush from Self-Immolation Ah well. It would have been such a fitting end. J.O.
China's Naval Upgrades Readers of this blog don't need to be reminded that this is in anticipation of conflict not only with Taiwan but also with Japan over the Diaoyu (Chinese name)/Senkaku (Japanese name) Islands. J.O.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tillman; FBI/Kish; Global Warming: Cereal/ La Nina; Bees

Army Responds to Pat Tillman Case
Two More Possible Friendly Fire Cases
FBI Agent Still Missing in Iran
Apparently the mild-mannered agent, retired into the unassuming position of running a private security firm, had suddenly been struck by the muse to make a movie about sea turtles in Kish (where, coincidentally, the Iranian bourse will some day open, or so we've been told for two years.) Jenna Orkin
Global Warming Affects Cereal Crops
La Nina to Bring Crazy Weather
Crops Facing Disaster as Disease Kills Bees