Thursday, April 05, 2007

Tillman; FBI/Kish; Global Warming: Cereal/ La Nina; Bees

Army Responds to Pat Tillman Case
Two More Possible Friendly Fire Cases
FBI Agent Still Missing in Iran
Apparently the mild-mannered agent, retired into the unassuming position of running a private security firm, had suddenly been struck by the muse to make a movie about sea turtles in Kish (where, coincidentally, the Iranian bourse will some day open, or so we've been told for two years.) Jenna Orkin
Global Warming Affects Cereal Crops
La Nina to Bring Crazy Weather
Crops Facing Disaster as Disease Kills Bees


Raviolissimo said...

How's the "North Star" (Mike) doing ?

When FTW stopped operations, I found myself thinking, "this is like the North Star falling out of the Sky".

Holbrook "Holy" Boruck said...

re Kish: you can bet that if America bombs any part of Iran that Kish, though not a military target worth destroying, will be hit by a guided bomb right in its bourse.


FTW admin said...

thanks for asking.

the north star says he's in the south pole and trying to orient himself.

Rice Farmer said...

China to Turn Down Carlyle Bid for Chongqing Stake

I too was wondering about the North Star.

gaelicgirl said...

I saw a news clip about the disappearing honeybees recently. It focused mainly on the economic repercussions on growers of "Colony Collapse Disorder", as it's been named, but avoided talking about the really important aspect: our food!! Just another example of how divorced many people are from the source of our food and the natural world.

Akshay Tandon said...

WMD to be used in the war with Iran???

Rice Farmer said...

World's urban infrastructure aged and crumbling

U.S. envoy makes surprise Somalia visit

North Korea sells arms to Ethiopia with US OK: NYT

Total, Shell Chief Executives Say `Easy Oil' Is Gone

Anonymous said...

I read this on Yahoo News today, "Is new car smell bad for you?"

Which links to an article on titled "That New-Car Smell? Not Toxic, Study Finds"

Does anyone else share my sense of irony in seeing such an article? There are resource wars going on- both hot and cold - to secure the last of Earth's oil, the "free world" is turning fascist, emissions from machines like the automobile are driving climate change, threating all life on the planet, not to mention the pollution caused diseases, tens of thousands of highway deaths, and hundreds of thousands of injuries (in the USA alone). All due in large part to our modern "car culture".

But we can all rest easy knowing that the new-car smell of our new "Belchfire 88" (with the "war is not the answer" bumper sticker) won't hurt us. Happy motoring down denial, anyone?

Pandabonium said...

Thanks for those links Rice Farmer. The last one about the easy oil being gone has a lot of interesting information (admissions) in it.

Anyone have a correct link for the Global Warming - Cereal article? I can't find it. Thanks.

Rice Farmer said...

Now that I've got the potatoes planted, I'm sitting here worrying about colony collapse disorder. Our mountain valley is isolated and we depend on colonies of bees living close by to pollinate our crops. To facilitate this, some villagers put out hive boxes. If the cause of this malady ever came here, we would be wiped out (except for rice, which is thankfully self-pollinating).

Rice Farmer said...

Pandabonium -- Don't know if this is the same article, but a search with that titled turned this up:

Rice Farmer said...

Sign of the times: Recently a Japanese automakers' organization did a survey on why people buy cars and what they use them for. The trend they discovered is that people now tend more to buy and use cars for commuting and picking up their kids than for travel and pleasure drives.

hi5 said...

Re the Bees:
There are 3 areas of concern, which compound to produce this decrease:
1) Pesticide use. Even on organic fields, the winds can carry the chemicals for miles.
2) GM crops. These do not carry the traditional bee energy signature, which is etheric in nature- only understood partially by quantum physicists, and most certainly denied by corporate science and their media men
3) bees have a sensitivity to UV light, which is drastically increased due to ozone loss. This may be partially ameliorated (from Latin: melis, honey)by moving hives under trees or cloth UV barriers.
There is also a bee parasite, Varroa, which has an effect.
This "perfect storm" of confluences will need to be dealt with from the ground up, through local and state politics. Do not depend on a Federal solution.

Pandabonium said...

Thanks Rice Farmer.

The Japan Times looks at the nuclear industry in Japan and the long list of covered up accidents recently revealed by a government investigation.

gaelicgirl said...

Thank you, Hi5. When I began to read about Colonly Collapse Disorder, I thought immediately of GM crops, but I did not know how it was that bees might be being influenced by them. The 'etheric signature' makes sense to me (are you coming from a biodynamic perspective?. Bees are quite awsome and complex creatures, who I think would respond to such anomalies as GM crops.

Rice Farmer said...

Myanmar learns to live with the lights out

It happens first in the poor countries.

Rice Farmer said...

My peak oil article was published a few days ago. The same issue of the journal also includes a nice "companion piece," an article by a Japanese academic who discusses the views of Bjorn Lomborg ("The Skeptical Environmentalist"), arguing basically that Lomborg and other cornucopians who claim there is still "plenty of oil" depend on wishful thinking. It is a nice injection of reality into the debate.

FTW admin said...

congratulations, rice farmer. we're all looking forward to the link if and when there is one.

gaelicgirl said...

Congratulations, Rice Farmer! What journal is it in? BTW, I wanted to read the article about Myanmar, but the link didn't work for me....?

spongeBob said...

yeah, i was also wondering how Mike is doing lately...haven't heard much in the way of progress with his condition....hope all is well and he and his health are on the mend !!!!

Bushdog said...

My son and I live in NC. Lots of wasps and little sign of honeybees. We garden a little for food each year. It's very unsettling to see such a lack of pollinating honeybees around. Obviously, local farmers on large scale depend on honeybees transported in, especially apple farmers. It may seems small, but the problem belies an even larger problem withing our ecosystem itself.