Sunday, March 11, 2007

Market Failure; Pentagon Spy Work; Civil Liberties/ Patriot; Iran Attack; Russian Journalist/Iran/Syria; Neurolaw

"The Biggest Market Failure the World Has Ever Seen"
US Seeks to Put Anti-Missile Radar in Caucasus
US Economy Leaving Record Numbers in Severe Poverty

Ahmedinejad's First Trip to Saudi Arabia
Gates May Scale Back Pentagon Spy Work
Civil Liberties Advocates' Worst Fears Realized with Patriot Act
This is what FTW predicted in Mike's article 'The 'F' Word" J.O.

Study Says Iran Attack Would Backfire
Russian Journalist Who Died in Fall Reportedly Investigated Weapons Sales to Iran and Syria
The implications of these experiments for government abuse are scary, particularly from Section V on. J.O.

From the Daily Reckoning: Ben Bernanke explains how inflation got to be so low:
...Mr. Bernanke explained that they lied their heads off by saying that if the price of something in the basket of goods and services they measure goes up in price (to which I scream "Which IS inflation, isn't it?"), then they assume that the average consumer will buy less of it!
I am agog! What in the hell the penny-pinching shopping behaviors of cash-strapped consumers has to do with existing prices is totally, totally beyond me, but it apparently makes some stupid kind of sense to this Bernanke idiot, and apparently also to the Congressional idiots on the banking committee, who sat around stupidly nodding their heads at this outrage - I assume because they are not bright enough to know when their intelligence is blatantly being insulted! Jeez!
Then, he explained to these Congressional halfwits, your average consumer will settle for a basket of goods and services containing less satisfaction (but at the same cost) by not getting what they want, because the price is too high, but happily substituting something else that is cheaper but less desirable, and thus, at the end of the asinine mumbo-jumbo, the consumer did not end up spending more money to buy the aggregate basket of goods and services! So (they figure), no inflation! Hahaha!