Saturday, January 30, 2010

$3.8 Trillion Budget; JP Morgan v. Goldman Sachs

From Jenna Orkin

Quote of the day:

"It is interesting to contemplate an entangled bank, clothed with many plants of many kinds, with birds singing on the bushes, with various insects flitting about, and with worms crawling through the damp earth, and to reflect that these elaborately constructed forms, so different from each other, and dependent on each other in so complex a manner, have all been produced by laws acting around us." - Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection

Obama to propose $3.8 trillion 2011 budget: report
The Battle of the Titans: JPMorgan vs. Goldman Sachs
Recall this: Goldman Ousts JPMorgan as World's Best Broker as Speed Shakes Up Trading
China warns U.S. Taiwan arms sales threaten cooperation
European Parliament to Reject Bank Data Agreement with US
Secret Banking Cabal Emerges From AIG Shadows (from Vantage Point who comments:)
The real news here is where this article was published.
We Are So Screwed
So, How Do You Think This Movie Will End? (From Rice Farmer)
Interview with James Galbraith
Signs Of The Apocalypse: Large Multinationals Layoff Over 60,000 In January (from Vantage Point)
Top African Banker Defends Investment from China
Paulson: Crazy Putin Pushed China To Dump Fannie Bonds And Crush The U.S. Financial System (from Rice Farmer)
British Airways heading for a £1bn loss
In what could be its worst financial year ever, the airline is facing losses 50% greater than it suffered in 2008
South Korea poised to be among top economies
H.W. Bush visits Obama at White House

US Benevolence
Doctor: Haitians will die without U.S. airlifts
U.S. suspends medical evacuations from Haiti
Call for breast milk donations in Haiti goes bust
Snappy headline.
Desperation, no violence seen in Haiti
Desperate Haitians offer children for good homes
Haiti has sunk to 'below zero' - UN
Haiti's 'Little hospital that could'

Seized North Korea arms were bound for Iran: Thailand
U.S. speeds up arms buildup with Gulf allies
Survey of Executives Finds a Growing Fear of Cyberattacks
“Remarkably, two-fifths of these I.T. executives expected a major cybersecurity incident (one causing an outage of ‘at least 24 hours, loss of life or ... failure of a company’) in their sector within the next year,” the report said. “All but 20 percent expected such an incident within five years."
'We Are Prepared to Cooperate'
Russia says it will support the West in Aghanistan, but it is also pleading for a more energetic fight against drugs. Dmitry Rogozin, Moscow's ambassador to NATO, tells SPIEGEL ONLINE why Russia feels the threat of Afghan heroin is greater than the one posed by the Taliban.
China bugs and burgles Britain, MI5 says
Gangster used Facebook to run empire from jail
America's Secret Afghan Prisons (from Vantage Point) Senate OKs sanctions on Iran (from Vantage Point)
Al Qaeda Behind Recent Bombing in Afghan Capital
NORAD Not Ruling Out Force at Olympics (Canadian links from Lisa)
Terrorist Who Plotted To Kill Canadian PM Walks Away Free
Public Spending on Tickets Under Scrutiny
As Olympics Near, People in Vancouver Are Dreading Games
Military Guarding Against Terror Attack at Vancouver Olympics (archive)
Canada's DNA data bank samples surge (from Rice Farmer)
Canadians Are Losers in Move To Prorogue Parliament for Games
Olympics a Smokescreen for Cancelled Surgeries: BC NDP
Airport Style Security at Olympics
BC's Privacy Office Frozen, Leaked Letter Says

Rabies outbreak in Central Park
Depletion of Key Resources: Facts at Your Fingertips (From Rice Farmer who comments: 'or, "Why you are going to need a heckuva lot more than a victory garden to get by")
World Nuclear Power 2009-2014 (from Jon Noel)
China denies miscarriages linked to swine flu jab

Friday, January 29, 2010

A New Peak In Oil Production Is Needed - Davos

From Jenna Orkin

DAVOS-Saudis say don't worry about peak oil
Davos 2010: a new peak in oil production is needed
A 40pc increase in the demand for oil from China and other emerging economies will create the need for an extra 15 million barrels a day of production over the next two decades.
Sovereign debt fears shadow Davos (from Rice Farmer)
"Audience participants voted electronically, with 50.7% declaring sovereign debt to be the top candidate for the cause of the next global crisis."
Davos 2010: George Soros warns gold is now the 'ultimate bubble'
Obama Said to Seek $54 Billion for Nuclear Plants, Triple Current Amount
Brazil Is Sending Technicians to Help Chavez Deal with Energy Crisis

No EU bailout for Greece
Europe weighs possibility of Greek bailout
Greece's debt could prove 'fatal' to eurozone, German minister warns
Germany triggers panic

How Japanese Hyperinflation Could Turn The Dollar Into Toilet Paper (from Rice Farmer)
Is China About To Jolt US Markets?
Senate Approves Raising Government Borrowing Limit By $1.9 Trillion
Hey, that's less than 2 trillion.
Bernanke confirmed but is the most unpopular Fed chair ever
Geithner bashing not seen threatening job--for now
Marshall Auerback: Another mistake of Herbert Hoover proportions, and Obama is well on his way to becoming a one-term president
Paul Krugman: Obama never seemed stupid nor evil... until he coughed up this miserable spending freeze
Impact of recession: more suicides, fewer divorces
Goldman Ousts JPMorgan as World's Best Broker as Speed Shakes Up Trading
AIG Coverup Conspiracy Unravels
BlackRock Hires Ex-Goldman Sachs Banker Kendrick Wilson as Vice Chairman
Stiglitz: Regulate Banks. Now. Everywhere.
Roubini, Known as 'Dr. Doom,' Wants a New Nickname
Sunnyside Up?
The Chinese Transportation Boom Will Blow Your Mind
Goldman Sachs' China Problem
'Iran Is a Litmus Test for German-Israeli Ties'
Foreign Influence: Does a recent Supreme Court ruling really allow foreign companies to spend as much as they like in US elections?
ARGENTINA Has mining infiltrated universities?

Blame the Victim Department
Poor Construction, Not Earthquake, Was The Real Disaster
Medicines running out in Haitian hospitals
Red Cross: Stop sending your breast milk to Haiti
JO comment: ...In the fine tradition established after 9/11, when the Red Cross aided the residents of destroyed homes in Lower Manhattan by handing them buckets. The charity then dragged its feet on distributing the hundreds of millions of dollars it had raised, using the money instead to fund long-term projects, according to testimony of then State Attorney General Eliot Spitzer.
At a meeting of scientists and representatives of 9/11 Environmental Action with Senator Hillary Clinton, I raised the spector of the Red Cross embarrassment in the context of trying to procure funds for further testing and cleanup. Clinton told her aide, "Make a note of that."
The upshot of that lobbying trip, along with the leadership of Congressman Jerrold Nadler, was $20 million to clean the schools of Ground Zero.
Hamas says top commander killed by Israel in Dubai

Weapon Can Stop a Car Cold
Kiriakou Recants (from Vantage Point who comments:) Infamous CIA defender of waterboarding’s “effectiveness” writes three years later he basically made it all up. Won’t they be breathing a sigh of relief at Gitmo, Bagram and Abu Graib?

Wind farms can make you ill
Bill Gates Funds Research on Climate Hacking
Massachusetts Mandates Brushing Kids' Teeth
CHILE Lawmakers seek to protect water
Woman will wed you for health insurance
Gates Makes $10 Billion Vaccines Pledge

Thursday, January 28, 2010

ECB Prepares Legal Ground for Euro Rupture as Greek Crisis Escalates

From Jenna Orkin

Quote of the Day:

(China) "Right now, for commercial real estate, there's 30 billion square feet under construction. Not all of that will probably get finished...but to put 30 billion square feet in context, that would be a 5 foot-by-5 foot office cubicle for every man, woman and child in China."
Jim Chanos, short-seller

Economic Collapse
ECB Prepares Legal Ground for Euro Rupture as Greek Crisis Escalates
Interview with Marshall Auerbach on the Eurozone
Greeks Taking Bribes Thwart Papandreou's Efforts to Resolve Debt Crisis
A Global Fiasco Is Brewing in Japan
Roubini: Asset Bubble Is Beginning Now
Global Economy at Risk of Another Recession: Soros
Sixth day of equity losses as risk aversion prevails
The flight to safety is back
Believe it or not, that means the dollar, for the time being. Right now, Greece is the slowest camper.
Dollar breaks above its 200-day moving average
South Korea’s surplus triples
Where's the next crisis?
Geithner Defends AIG Bailout, Denies Any 'Coverup'
Darling to hold secret Davos talks
Top City bankers will seek reassurances from Darling in Davos to head off Obama-style plan
U.K. Government's `Huge' Bank Sales Will Surpass Thatcher's Privatizations
Cheapest Route to Walmart from Asia May Skip Buffett's $34 Billion Railway
Specter of Mortgage Defaults Returns to Haunt Beleaguered Banks in Ireland
One in Five Report Hunger (US)
Obama says he doesn't want to punish U.S. banks
Financial Oligarchs Completely Stunned By Volcker Rules
Fact check: Obama and ‘hatchet’ job
State of Wisconsin Goes Insane With Leverage; Corporate Bond Mad Rush Is On
Hypocrite Bernanke and his Political Pandering; Bernanke Buys Votes
Better government is less government
The New Jim Crow
"Argentina's Defaulted Sovereign Debt: Dealing with the 'Holdouts'," Congressional Research Service

Accused Louisiana Co-Conspirator Helped Run Academic Program Funded by US Intelligence
US Military's Haiti "Relief" Ops A Rehearsal For Troop Deployments in Latin America (from Rice Farmer)
Navy Spyplane Tracks Haiti Airdrop
EFF Reveals How Your Digital Fingerprint Makes You Easy to Track
When Scholars Join the Slaughter (from Vantage Point)
US lawyers changed my mind, Goldsmith says
Britain can relax on its bed of nitroglycerine
Poll: Fox News most trusted network among Americans

Simulated volcanoes and man-made 'sun blocks' can rescue the planet
Saudi Arabia To Use Solar Energy for Desalination Plants
Scientists make plastic without using fossil fuels
James Hansen Touting Nukes
"Honey Bee Colony Collapse Disorder," Congressional Research Service
Snail’s armor could offer human protection
For freeloader birds, careful counting comes in handy

Seniors wait on care, grow sicker as copays rise
Priest shortage leaves faithful alone on sickbeds

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

China Imploding

This was widely predicted. But corporate mainstream kept it hidden. It can't be hidden now. China is the next-to-last big bubble. It is imploding. The only remaining big bubble is the population bubble. When it's apparent that China is terminally ill, the real die-off will begin. That realization could be in weeks or months. Eight months at the outside.

Fuck, I hate being right.

I haven't widely shared this: At the first DC Q&A, as I was signing books, a gentleman introduced himself and his wife. He said that he was a senior economist at the IMF. And then he said that I was the best economist he had ever seen.

How much more confirmation could anybody want? -- We do this for those who will be left behind.

From Jenna Orkin

U.S. groups say "alarmed" by China's business tactics
'Unprecedented' Bubble in China
US Oil Industry Hit By Cyberattacks: Was China Involved? (from Dave Crossland)
Is Bill Gates backing China?
China Inc.'s global growing pains
Everyone's Talking About China

Two Koreas trade fire, spooks markets
N. Korea says shelling was drill
US not ready for biological terror attack, report warns
London meeting marks sea-change in Afghan approach
Qaeda-linked militants claim Iraq hotel bombings
Iran official: German diplomats involved in "riots"
U.S. deeply involved in Yemen strikes
Afghanistan conference 'will raise millions to pay Taliban'
NATO Envisions Many More Years in Afghanistan
US Navy Establishes Cyber Force
Pentagon Report Calls for Office of 'Strategic Deception'
Robo Weather Patrol: NASA's UAVs Spy on Climate Patterns

S&P 500 Is on 'Precipice,' May Extend Drop From Peak: Technical Analysis
Roubini: Asset Bubble Is Beginning Now
U.S. Federal Deficit to hit $1.35 Trillion
A trillion dollar challenge
Analysts: "There is a breaking point"
New Home Sales in U.S. Unexpectedly Decline in Sign Tax Incentive Waning
FDIC Friday Lotto: Another Reason Why Banks Are Not Lending
Obama's Preposterous "Partial Spending Freeze"; Lessons of 1937
39.1 Million Below Poverty Line - Brookings
The sanctity of military spending (from Vantage Point)
Sunset Strip gets $1 million
Poll: Most say stimulus wasted
World Economic Forum Chief Security Officer Dies in Probable Suicide (from Nihil Matters)
Right-Wing Airline Magnate Wins Presidential Race (Chile)
Ethanol producer used “slave labor”(Brazil)
Record number of young Americans jobless
Why the Wal-Mart Version of Retail Is Unsustainable (from Rice Farmer)
Verizon to cut 13,000 jobs
Oregon's Death Spiral; Business Owners Say "I'm moving out"

Why Britain's recovery will be a marathon
Top financier: UK is 'a must to avoid'
Britain at risk of plunging back into recession Bank of England backs US reforms
Endorsement is in contrast to stance of government, which has refused to adopt Obama's measures
Guatemalan ex-president arrested

Water: A human right under threat
World's glaciers continue to melt at historic rates

Oliver Stone: Bankers Helped Hitler

More Bombshells in Underwear

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs

From Jenna Orkin

Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs
U.S. Offers Pakistan Drones to Urge Cooperation
Suspected drone down in Pakistan
China clamps down on lending
China lending clampdown weighs on global equities
South Korea slows
U.S. selling weapons to Taiwan
Chavez Failing to `Burn' Currency Traders as $93 Billion Leaves Venezuela
Drugs brings more money to Mexico than oil
Dubai Helping Iran Evade Sanctions as Smugglers Fail to Bow to U.S. Laws

India can become 3rd largest economy by 2012
Obama to seek 3-year freeze on US domestic spending
U.S. Senate Democrats Said to Consider $80 Billion Jobs-Stimulus Package
The Second Phase of the Global Economic Crisis Is at Our Doorstep (from Rice Farmer)
"Almost 100% of the gains in the US stock market since September 14th have been manufactured in after-hours trading with enormous purchase of market futures. Strong circumstantial evidence points to this large buyer’s identity as the Plunge Protection Team."
Davos Too Big to Fail as Bankers Eclipsed by Regulators Recoil in Backlash
Growing Movement To Disband Police Departments
Schwarzenegger Puts Unions In The Cross-Hairs
Cash Strapped Illinois Accelerates Property Tax Collections
Britain 10pc poorer after recession, says CBI
European Union Sees Threats to the Euro
Europe mustn't leave Greece to bleed Joseph Stiglitz

"Blame the Victim" Department
Will endemic corruption suck away aid to Haiti?

China eyes copper mines
The billionth African
Minister says Aung San Suu Kyi will be released
The minister said the government would pursue an international-style market economy after holding “free and fair” elections, including loosening restrictions on car imports.
Fitch Upgrades Indonesia Debt Rating to Decade High

Computerized Balloting in the Philippines
China Accuses U.S. of Cyberwarfare
Doomed jet made ‘fast and strange turn’

New Paradigm
The man who lives without money
Travel by Bamboo Trains in Cambodia – True Ingenuity!

Indonesia’s president releases third pop album
New White Trash, watch out.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Falklands Prepare for New Invasion by Oil Prospectors

From Jenna Orkin

US Missile Defenses to be Fielded Near Russian Border
‎(from one of my students)
North Korea threatens South with war
The Falklands Prepare for a New Invasion by Oil Prospectors
China's $2.4 trillion grip on the global economy
Why China's About to End Dollar-Peg
China Says Worst Sea Ice in 40 Years Starts to Recede
Morgan Stanley Expects Oil to Rise to $95 on Demand
Some Fear Foreign Cash Will Infect U.S. Races
Foreign Money in American Politics?
I'm shocked that there's gambling in this casino.
Thousands protest in Venezuela
Existing home sales fall sharper than expected
Shades of the "Unexpected Headlines" of Jan. 8.
Employers unexpectedly cut jobs in December
U.S. nonfarm payrolls unexpectedly fell in Dec
Canada Unexpectedly Lost 2,600 Jobs in December
Paging James Cameron: Pentagon Wants 3-D Surveillance
Inside the Great Australian Internet Blackout

Freak Current Takes Gulf Stream to Greenland (from Jon Noel et al.)
Warm Atlantic Water Rapidly Replacing Sea Ice (from Jon Noel et al.)
Climate Change and Civil Liberties
Last decade warmest ever: NASA
Campaign to save forests failed by food giants
Scientists Envision Monster 'Frankenstorm' California no less, home of halcyon weather.

Bin Laden claims responsibility for U.S. plane attack
"Back to basics": Bin Laden hits U.S.-Israel tie
Can't confirm bin Laden tape authentic: White House
Miliband warning over 'Bin Laden' tape
US commander signals peace talks with Taliban (from Vantage Point)
Police stop and search 'not cutting knife crime'

Stephen King: Danger of a US-China trade war
AIG a national security matter?
New York Fed E-Mail to Geithner Cited Benefit to Banks of AIG's Bailout
AIG tosses roadblocks at Geithner
Wall St. agreeing with Main St. anger
"No more fat cats — it's Obama's fault now."
US Aid for Low Mortgage Rates Set to End
Wal-Mart Lays Off 11,200 at Sam's Club
Treasury Rally on Borrowed Time as Options Anticipate Fed Prone to Tighten
Obama Bank Restrictions May Fail to Shield U.S. Financial System From Risk
Corporate bond sales cut in half by widening spreads
Peak Autos: America's Love Affair with the Automobile May Be Coming to an End
Kansas Budget Deep In The Hole and Unemployment Insurance "Trust Fund" About To Run Dry
Hoschton Georgia Dissolves Police Department
CNBC: Bernanke has votes for confirmation

Darling reveals frustration over Obama bank plan
UK expected to be declared out of recession tomorrow
And into what?
Thousands of criminals to serve less prison time
Scrap fixed retirement age, says equality body
Don’t write Japan off. The giant is stirring

Oil Production: Post-Peak Mexico
'Peak water' could flush civilisation

Swine Flu
H1N1 Vaccine Mistake: School Gets Insulin Instead Of Swine Flu
‘Fake’ swine flu pandemic? WHO slams charges

Platinum Overtaking Gold as Metal of Choice With Rebounding Sales of Cars

Saturday, January 23, 2010


Stan Nangle, a friend and member of the Irish Greens, has just sent me the following link showing that apparently the North Atlantic Conveyor belt has collapsed. That's the only thing that makes living in Europe possible. There was a lot of buzz about this in 2003-2004 (I think) when a DoD report was released warning that such an event was possible, even likely, as a result of global warming. Those stories were clear and vitually unanimous that such a collapse would lead to a near-instant ice age for most of Europe. The fact that Ireland (and the rest of Europe) is having its coldest winter in a hundred years makes this a true emergency to evaluate. I don't have time to do this but thankfully I'm not the only map maker here any more.

The DoD stories will be easy enough to find for old hands. Most will remember them. If those stories then were accurate (as present circumstances suggest), then Haiti just became a minor traffic accident. But we have to be very thorough.

1. Find an analyze the DoD stories.
2. Confrm that the map below is accurate.
3. Is this a temporary condition? Has this happened before and then quickly reversed or restored?
4. What scenarios/responses have been evaluated and proposed if this occurred?

If I'm correct about the Dod stories then this map is very frightening. As I recall, there were some stories from 03 or 04 that even showed what this map shows right now. I think the first question to ask is whether this is temporary or not. It should be asked with the utmost urgency.


Is Today the Day After Tomorrow?

Jenna Orkin

The North Atlantic Conveyor has attracted the attention of a broad spectrum of venues, from the lefty Monthly Review to Jeffrey Sachs at Columbia.

Preliminary research yields:

"It is believed that North Atlantic Deep Water formation has been dramatically reduced at times during the past (such as during the Younger Dryas or during Heinrich events), and that this might correlate with a decrease in the strength of the Gulf Stream and the North Atlantic drift, in turn cooling the climate of northwestern Europe." (wikipedia)

“If a shutdown were to happen soon,” Richard Alley, who chaired the scientific team releasing the National Academy of Sciences study, observed in The Two-Mile Time Machine, “it could produce a large event, perhaps almost as large as the Younger Dryas, dropping northern temperatures and spreading droughts far larger than the changes that have affected humans through recorded history, and perhaps speeding warming in the far south. The end of humanity? No. An uncomfortable time for humanity? Yes.”

William Patterson of Saskatchewan University believes the mini Ice Age could take place in a matter of months, a Day After Tomorrow scenario.

According to The Monthly Reivew, in "An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and its Implications for United States National Security" Peter Schwartz and Doug Randall argue that "rather than falling first and foremost on the global South the direct effects of a shutdown of the thermohaline conveyor would bear down on the global North—specifically those countries bordering the North Atlantic...In their scenario a “thermohaline circulation collapse” causes a drop in average surface temperature in northern Europe of up to 3.3°C (6°F) along with severe temperature drops throughout the North Atlantic, lasting about a century. Colder temperatures, wind and dryness in the global North are accompanied by increased warmth and drought in much of the rest of the world."

U.S. sees long-term role in Haiti recovery
India on high alert as LeT buys para-gliding equipment (from Rice Farmer)
Indian airports on hijack alert (from Rice Farmer)
S.Korea orders lights out to boost birthrate
Conserving energy with Jevon's paradox on steroids.

Iraq war was illegal, lawyer will tell Chilcot inquiry
Israeli drones take over skies of Afghanistan (from Rice Farmer)
The real story of Guantánamo is beginning to emerge (from Rice Farmer)
Anthrax in heroin kills eight in Europe

Iceland's children paying for slump
N.Y. farmer kills 51 cows, commits suicide
Ron Paul's State of the Republic Address (from Rice Farmer)
9/11 Firemen in Haiti

Doctors attack NHS ban on robot surgeon
Lasers to beam energy from space

Miner to reveal extent of new gold reserves discovered in Fiji


How Right Were We? Jan 22, 2010 -- US Raises Concern Over China Oil Policy --

This story by Kjell Aleklett (co-founder of ASPO International) announces that the U.S. is getting tense over China's aggressive pursuit of oil reserves. It's short and pretty scary. It quotes Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, of Maryland.

In 2005 I sat in a private one-on-one meeting with Roscoe Bartlett in his congressional office. He had made posterboard enlargements of two maps I had just published at FTW. He had also enlarged a couple of charts by Matt Savinar. My maps showed how international and geostrategic competition was brewing over diminishing oil reserves. One focused on the world and one solely on Africa.. Congressman Bartlett asked me what I thought was coming next. It was clear that China was in play everywhere. I pointed at Venezuela and the Caribbean, and West Africa. I said, "Proxy Wars". The next day Bartlett took my two my maps and Savinar's charts into a private one-on-one meeting with George W. Bush. -- Just ask him.

How right was I?

For the newcomers these are not "The Map", I refer to so often. That's a metaphor. But I guess these show that I know how to make real one. It just makes me sick to see the reality.

We are truly in the Endgame now. -- So I'm going out to see one of the best guitarists in the world tonight, Michael Jost. He's a good friend and has played some tracks for The New White Trash... Balance.

From Jenna Orkin

From spas to banks, an economy high on drugs
Britain raises terror threat level to "severe"
India tightens air security
Alert: Female Suicide Bombers May Be Heading Here From Yemen
Newsweek: U.S. doesn't check visas before flights leave
'We Can Never Have Complete Air Travel Security'
Petraeus: Missile-Shooting Ships on Station in the Gulf (from Rice Farmer)
Could Mississippi Delta Become U.S.'s Haiti?
Al Qaeda Could Provoke Indo-Pakistan Wars
"they ("Al Quaeda") intend to destabilise not only Pakistan, but the entire region by provoking confrontation between India and Pakistan through terror attacks. This is a very complicated issue and very dangerous for the entire region as a whole," he added."
Pakistan rules out fissile talks for now: diplomats
Venezuela's oil estimates doubled
Preparing for Hurricane in Haiti Day Before Earthquake
Over 2,000 Karens flee Myanmar army raids

Bernanke future in doubt as Dems defect
Paul Volcker: the 'big man' behind Obama reforms
Geithner Has Concerns About President's Proposed New Bank Rules
Obama's 'Volcker Rule' shifts power away from Geithner
What Scott Brown's victory really means
What if China's bubble bursts?
Quarter of US grain crops fed to cars

Pentagon official spied for China Japan's new ‘facial’ security
Pentagon to Merge Next-Gen Binoculars With Soldiers’ Brains
Removing Part of Skull Makes for Better Brain Scans
Head of bomb detector company arrested in fraud investigation (Iraq)
High radiation levels blight Iraq
Officials Say Kids Need Second Dose of H1N1 Vaccine
Doctor Argues We Should Ration End-of-Life-Care
Mother "Not Clever Enough To Raise Child" Has Baby Snatched (Ireland)

Friday, January 22, 2010

RON PAUL AND THE CIA; Pakistan Armed Forces "Tried to Oust President"

First, I want to again acknowlege the courage and clarity Ron Paul has offered for so many years. I want to thank him for publicly endorsing my life's work (without saying my name) -- but especially for acknowledging the monumetal work of my friend, the late Gary Webb. This story is not quite what it seems to be. I don't know if the Congressman gets it. A great deal of CIA's operational command and control was transfered into the Pentagon under Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. At the time it was called the rape of the CIA. It was executed by Bill Tenet and Porter Goss. I wrote about it in detail at FTW as it was happening.

As collapse proceeds, the U.S. Government will inevitably downsize. The CIA's days are numbered. It's all coming down to the last conflict (or series of) when battlefield intelligence is all that matters. No need for long term deep covers and all that other clandestine stuff. When the CIA is eliminated, all of its crimes will be buried with it; and all of its capabilities will have been transferred to the Pentagon years before the death. I described it all in Clobalcorp in 2005. I wonder if Ron Paul sees this?

Here's the Globalcorp link again:
New Song From The New White Trash Jan. 21, 2010 -- We just put up a new song: "Running With the New White Trash" -- We have some big things in the oven and live appearances are coming... along with a few other surprises. To be notified and receive updates, just sign up and join the New White Trash -- Music from a tribal nightclub at the end of the world.

From Jenna Orkin

Pakistan armed forces 'tried to oust President'
Massachusetts Election Decided by Diebold
Iran says may hit Western warships if attacked (from Rice Farmer)
Cheap Oil is Gone, and That's Good News
25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels
Recent Graduates, Teens Hit Hard In Miserable Jobs Market
Did Obama just kill Bank Of America; Is prop responsible for 45% of Goldman's bottom line? Banks may shed private equity assets in Obama plan
Obama calls for limiting size, risk-taking of financial firms
Obama Bank Restrictions May Fail to Shield U.S. Financial System From Risk
Geithner Said to Fear Obama Bank Plan Hurts Policy: Reuters Link
Airline revenue in worst plunge on record
The Boomer Bust?
With millions of Baby Boomers entering or nearing retirement age, consumer spending may change dramatically.
Obama Puts Social Security on the Chopping Block (from Rice Farmer)
Why a world currency won't prevent another crisis
China May Buy Less U.S. Debt, CASS Researcher Says (from Rice Farmer)
Bank Overhaul May Hurt Economy, Stocks: Experts
Bank Rules Should Be Imposed Gradually: Rep. Frank
Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules (from Rice Farmer)
Failed US Banks — Who's Buying Them
US Does Not Have Capitalism: Stiglitz
Barack Obama will be a one-term president if he doesn't ditch his statism
The World Bids Farewell to Obama
US President Barack Obama suffered a painful defeat in Massachusetts on Tuesday. With mid-term elections looming, it means that Obama will have to fundamentally re-think his political course. German commentators say it is the end of hope.
Mr. Change Needs a Reboot
UK considers Obama-style banking revolution
Merkel's Germany to Let Euro Die? (from Rice Farmer)
Hospitals 'must cut services to stay afloat'
University admissions 'crisis' fear

Relief aid getting to Haiti, but not to the people
Police kill man over alleged rice theft
Vows to Move Quickly for Haitian Immigrants to U.S.
Haiti Has Become Ground Zero For Brazil To Flex Its Muscle Against The US (from Rice Farmer)
Haitians and Hasidim Find Common Cause

Attacks of 9/11 staged, says former Malaysian PM
The former Malaysian PM does an enormous disservice to legitimate investigation by basing his analysis on such observations as, "If they can make Avatar, they can make anything." Not to mention turning the issue into nothing more than a manifestation of the Muslim/Jewish conflict.
Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake
The age of the killer robot is no longer a sci-fi fantasy
Spy Agency Charter Lost in Space
The proposed new charter for the nation’s spy satellite builder, the National Reconnaissance Office, is stuck in the Department of Defense’s general counsel’s office. The lawyers are apparently worried that the new charter may expand the agency’s powers into areas governed by the military services.

Negotiations Begin for Extending Nuclear Plant Lifespans (Germany)
Popular Protests Put Brakes on Renewable Energy
Military in Hawaii has big plans for solar power at base
Ireland Facing Severe Water Shortage (from Rice Farmer)
Vietnam Faces Potential Water Shortage (from Rice Farmer)
Creating glaciers out of thin air
Homoeopathy sceptics plan mass 'overdose'
Protesters to swallow pills in bid to prove treatments ineffective
US senator out to wreck EPA power

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fears of Cyberwar from China; A Marshall Plan for Haiti

A Marshall Plan for Haiti

Gee, didn't I use that exact term a few days ago? Didn't I say it would take a Marshall Plan? Disaster Capitalism. It is more profitable to kill people and take lives than it is to save them. Forget the rhetoric folks. Lay preconceptions aside and just see what's happening here. Perhaps the newcomers, after reading the Marshall Plan story should go back and read one of my best essays ever... It's called Globalcorp.

Here's the Haiti story:
Here's Globalcorp:

And here's a quote from Globalcorp:

"As the human race blows itself into extinction, or destroys the climate, or starves itself to death, the last corporate merger and acquisition will take place. And at the same moment as mankind dies, the CFO of "GlobalCorp" will be shouting, 'Hooray! We did it!'"

From Jenna Orkin

Fears of a cyberwar from China
Clinton says cyber attacks merit "consequences"
China economy soars
Roubini to China: Tighten
China Losing to U.S. as Investment Choice on Bubble Concern in Global Poll
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Pentagon’s Social Network Becomes Hub for Haiti Relief

"On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA's technical manager for the agency's Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system.">

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Ah, progress.
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