Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The official story is coming unravelled as quickly as 9-11 did, and in the same ways. Thank God I see that many more, experienced and well-funded independent press organizations are going after the story than there were just after 9-11. Yes, Haiti is being occupied. Yes, it is disaster capitalism. Yes, it reminds me of how the beaches in Sri Lanka devasted by the Tsunami were all instantly transformed from slums and shanties into pristine beaches -- subsequently sold to tourist developers exclusively. It starts with one nagging question. Like this:

Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake -- the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700s?

Many are still asking why the aircraft carriers Hornet, Yorktown, Enterprise, Saratoga and Lexington had left Pearl Harbor just days before Dec 7, 1941. What does it prove? Nothing. That's why it leaves one unsettled. What does it prove that the U.S. military is denying access to Haiti of relief supplies and personnel from CARICOM? Caricom is a joint, multi-nation Caribbean relief effort with doctors, military, medicine and food. A news story today from Trinidad reported that Caricom personnel and supplies were being turned away.

You see. It is not profitable to slow decline. And -- as with 9-11 -- you come to a point where you say, "It's walking like a duck... It just quacked..." There are many out there now who will know how to invesitgate and break this story. I don't need to

I will stay focused on the things I'm doing now. I already have the map. Haiti, I'm afraid is the "Something Evil" which has come this way that I predicted. It is and will definitely be bigger than 9-11: More deaths, more property damage, a crisis in hemispheric politics, all just as a huge economic collapse was looming. -- I wrote my first-ever economic alert at From The WIlderness on Sept. 9, 2001.

Don't throw out the potassium iodide yet. We have a long ways to go.

Say a Prayer for the New White Trash.

From Jenna Orkin

Police admit gangs have taken over Port-au-Prince
CIA Contractor Now Flying Spy Drone Over Haiti
3500 More Peacemakers to Haiti
US Marines ’Hit the Beaches’ To Help Stricken Haiti
Haiti earthquake: medics warn of infection risk to 3 million people
Haiti Hospital Waits for Patients
Supplies Diverted From Haiti for Fifth Time
Profiting From Haiti's Disaster
Haitian 'Orphans' for Sale

The Coming Oil Conflict In Iran
FBI 'fabricated terror emergencies'
Top Obama czar: Infiltrate all 'conspiracy theorists'
It was less corrupt under the Taliban, say Afghans
Nigeria fights to restore calm after days of riots
Pinera Eschews Pinochet Terror While Embracing Chile Dictator's Economists
Undersea Internet Cables Could Detect Tsunamis
WHO Eyeing Global Tax on Banking, Internet Activity
China Begins Monitoring Billions of Text Messages as Censorship Increases
US: Police Fight Cellphone Recordings
Hackers create opportunity for military firms (from Rice Farmer)
WABC: Airport Security System Draws Senators' Ire
The Department of Defense has issued a new publication (pdf) to update and clarify its doctrine on "psychological operations."

Inflation in record leap
Markets panic about inflation
Oil Shortages to Reappear in 2011, Goldman Sachs Says
Brown's victory may favor Wall Street
China presses some banks to restrict lending: sources
China tells banks to halt lending
Smaller U.S. mergers to be scrutinized
'G20 and IMF should merge'
Treasury delays first step in new capital rules
Families face years of pain, says Bank
Housing starts take surprise drop in December
Fed Should Read Its Own Memo on Rising-Rate Risk
Half of Young Black People Out of Work (UK)
US Does Not Have Capitalism Now: Stiglitz (from Rice Farmer)

Oops! School Staffers Get Wrong Shots
Up To One Third of Cancer Studies Use "Wrong" Cells

From the Life Copies Satire Department:
Bible References on Gun Sights? (from Rice Farmer and Vantage Point)


casey said...

'Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake -- the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700s?'

You are not implying that weather modification was used to create an earthquake are you?

robmac58 said...

Here is a link to the story about the Royal Navy leaving the Carribean waters.

Jenna Orkin said...

ismk has left a new comment on your post "I REALLY, REALLY DO NOT LIKE THIS STORY":

Can someone post a link supporting the quote about the British naval flotilla pulled out around Haiti before the earthquake? I am not saying that I don't take Jenna Orkin's word but I would like to see reference to support that statement. Thanks for the help.

toner deeski said...

is casey a fed? or is he doing their work for free?

someone please find jeb bush and let us know if he plans any out of state trips in the coming days.

bartonbythesea said...

I have to wonder if there might be some meat in this story.

One never knows.

Eddie Willers said...

Article says ships were removed weeks before earthquake, but interesting nonetheless.

No question the US military is there for resource extraction - the US military has never been interested in preserving life.

Good find, MCR, this is what you do best!

pstajk said...

These articles keep getting better and better!

That's a bad thing right?

I particularly like the one about Cass Sunstein; what a freakin' creep!

Btw, attached to that web site is an advertisement for a solar generator ... that thing looks pretty decent (costs about $1,600).

Anybody have any good information or know of any good web sites regarding solar powered generators in general?

I wonder how much power this solar generator produces by itself? Looks bad ass though.

Or are these guys just using my fear to make a buck!

Solar Generator

Emissary said...

I was first a little stunned at what MCR was suggesting (i never really bought into the HARRP project too much). But looking At the HARRP records it seems it was started up on the 10th and stopped minutes before the earthquake happened on the 12th. Together with that link from bartonbythesea this ties together into something i dont really want to accept. I think we need to look into this with care.

here is the HARRP data for the 12th, you can go back and look at the 11th and 10th too.

agape wins said...

Things sure are moving along, Mike mentions the Ships leaving Pearl!
I have things I wrote in 2005 which will follow.

Al Olmstead,
Says we should stick with MCR, & Crossing The Rubicon; How does he
think 6th Sense, Intuition, Foreknowledge, Predictions, or Good Guesses come from, why are
they so common?
Go to;

Listen to the show if you have not done so, what would you do if you knew something was going to/Could
happen, would you look after your own best interest, or that of a "Few" poor unfortunates?
How long has this been going on, how far back would you be willing to go to "Feather Your Nest"?

Who would you inform, what benefit would it bring you, as things decline would you become bolder or
pretend everything was ok, would you position "Yourself" or let "Fate" play itself out?

RanD is using their Brain/s according to their Age/Generation, Writing words which just confuse "The Other Brain", They mean no harm & some do get Their point; You need not fret over skipping what causes more stress, you will get it another way!

Now on to the end of what I started before

Life can be difficult, & cruel, sometimes we live a Lie, sometimes we lie to ourselves,
I am no more Multi. than any or those around me, Those I thought were "Others" were HERE, they came here, the German, & Japanese all knew some English before the war! They would have ended up here anyway, they were or at least felt like "Others" where they were!
You have to Go there/BE there, to, see/Know the "Other"; thank you F.Kamilov!!

I Love the picture on the Jan. 18. entry, I have to save that one!

We none of us deserve the comfort we enjoy; Peace,Namaste,Amae.

Chuck said...

Mike. You lost me on this one. I've read your work and believe a lot of what you state, but you're not trying to say that the earthquake was actually generated are you? I agree that there are some politics going on with regards to relief supplies, which is unfortunate. But, implying that this is purposeful is a little over the top.

Edwin said...

January 20th, 2010

Via: NextGov:

As personnel representing hundreds of government and nongovernment agencies from around the world rush to the aid of earthquake-devastated Haiti, the Defense Information Systems Agency has launched a Web portal with multiple social networking tools to aid in coordinating their efforts.

On Monday, Jean Demay, DISA’s technical manager for the agency’s Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, happened to be at the headquarters of the U.S. Southern Command in Miami preparing for a test of the system in a scenario that involved providing relief to Haiti in the wake of a hurricane. After the earthquake hit on Tuesday, Demay said SOUTHCOM decided to go live with the system. On Wednesday, DISA opened up its All Partners Access Network, supported by the Transnational Information Sharing Cooperation project, to any organization supporting Haiti relief efforts.

gaelicgirl said...

When I clicked on the link for the story referenced by MCR under "I Really, Really Dislike This Story" where he talked about Haiti, I got a story from Taiwan about oil tankers...??? Is that right? If so, I may be dense, but I don't get it.

sallyk said...

Mike, I've followed you for a long time, and I'm still a believer in many of your theories. But I'm not connecting the dots on this one. I've been a faithful blog reader for many, many years, and I respect your work. However, I'm really disheartened by the lack of any hope whatsoever that I read day after day on these pages. I'm not one of these people who reads one entry, and then swoops in to criticize, just to set the record straight. I'm just a fellow human being who is refusing to give in to urges to keep the suicide pills handy. Call me delusional, but I think the human race is going to pull through in the end. I admire you, but I will no longer read you. Good luck and best wishes.

gels said...


I am concerned. You pass the buck on building demo, yet allude to weather modification/geomagnetic earthquake induction?

The former is a human capability well documented for decades. The hypothesis is strongly supported by many lines of data. The null may be correct, but at least the hypothesis is coherent and pausible.

The latter? I see 2 internet links. Wow. One is to some HAARP website that shows a purple spectrum for 2 days in January. This means what? Some antenna bank in Alaska was firing a geomagnetic storm at Port-au-Prince? Please. For what? Haiti is a barren rock of city slums and stripped hillsides. It is not Iraq. What does flattening Port-au-Prince do for "them"?

I can easily come up with a dozen major reasons for dropping buildings. I can conceive of a reasonably low personnel structure "in the know" and to "do" the demo.

How on Earth (literally) would an earthquake induction team keep things quiet if they are making calls to London to pull the British Navy?

Until I hear umpteen geophysicists analysize HAARP, and find the sort of broad based data available for hypotheses like demo, I will pass on HAARP.

What do you know that I don't? Do tell.

wez said...

Mike...heard from Stan Goff on events in Haiti?

wez said...

Mike...heard from Stan Goff on events in Haiti?

wez said...

Mike...heard from Stan Goff regarding Haiti recently?

wez said...

Mike...heard from Stan Goff regarding Haiti recently?

wez said...

Mike...heard from Stan Goff regarding Haiti recently?

businessman said...

Congressman Ron Paul mentions several things worth listening to in this one-minute video. Including mentioning that the CIA is in the drug business.

Click Here for the Video

Raymond said...

Gels, that wasnt Mike that mentioned HAARP, it was a blogger, Emissary on this post, and others on previous ones.

I didnt read anywhere that Mike said Haiti earthquake was human induced.

Gryphon said...

For those who need the dots connected, read this, Parts 1 and 2. Hoagland has promised an update soon and has told me the conclusions will be stunning.

HAARP's potential as a weapon is great indeed.

See also:

Gryphon said...

But wait! There's more!

A Haiti Disaster Relief Scenario Was Envisaged by the US Military One Day Before the Earthquake

by Michel Chossudovsky

MCR said...

The pschos are out I guess. I never mentioned HAARP. Someone else did. All I said was that the technology to manufacture or induce earthquakes along fault lines exists. That's abundantly well documented.

In fact it's so easy to cause erthquakes that the USGS and major universities undertake studies on how to keep human behavior (like deep oil drilling with water injection) from causing them. Someone else do a little research for once.

That means that a man made cause for the Haiti quake cannot be ruled out.

As far as "walking away" as Gels suggests... you're right. I walked away from building demolition because it can't be proved in a court of law. There is no admissible physical evidence. I don't know how many thousand times I have to say it. But people like Gels will never listen.

Haiti can't be proved either. And what did I say I was going to do about Haiti? I said I was walking away.

I'm very consistent. I pick my battles wisely. And I sure don't listen to people like Gels who would have me get exhausted investigating something that can't be proved or will produce no change.

Suspicion and belief are entirely different from proof. Nothing is more important now than mitigating collapse.

If I have the ability to save lives by teaching and educating through the movie, book and my music as I am, then doing what Gels would ask would be the same thing as manslaughter to me.

Gels, you can waste your time, but you've had enough of mine.


Emissary said...

Chavez also thinks it was some kind of weapon

The problem with this whole thing is none of us can prove anything, I am currently writing an Energy report for my local town including permaculture solutions (inspired by MCR) and it doesn't help me too much when one of my main references believes in weather modification (whether its true or not). `its Something that none of us can prove other than a few coincidences and is way more out there than even 9/11.

Olive & Orange said...

Is Haiti sitting on oil?

Paul Davis said...

Something is odd about the difficulties of getting aid in. Last night the BBC reported that main highway between the Dominican Republic and Port au Prince is intact and undamaged but empty of aid vehicles when you'd think it would be very busy.

ecosutra said...

I saw in a comment from the great article (Rice Farmer) about Haiti and what we dont know about the past history of evicting farmers for baseballs. Well now it seems the bio fuel war to find land for Jatropha has landed on Haitian shores. Seems 2 bio fuel companies one from China and one from US are engaging in rights over Haiti. Remember Haiti is one of those tipping point deforestation situations? Europe has already mono cropped the world for sub tropic species resources (Teak, Palm, eucalyptus, sugar cane, corn and soy have devoured landscapes. Limited areas for developing Jatropha bio fuel exist. Unless you destroy eco systems some more. I need a miracle. Americans are in the dark about the scale of the situation required to match, in a renewable framework, the calories the hydro carbons create to feed each other without any efficiency systems in place now, or having no sense to start implementing efficiency.
I see the thinking of humanity as synthetic and the great shift is the natural state of mind setting in like a tsunami. Will it be to late for those lost in the synthetic sea? Well I feel Permaculture is lost at sea. Polarizing isn't it? The totem poll shift. Make sure your expectations are not synthetic. I can not wait, I am so excited for the collapse of the synthetic totem poll, for then the American princess will see value in Permaculture systems. And I can be a prince one day. lol. Its all about perception. I need this to become fashionable. Permaculture for just refugees is not fashionable. I guess that is my goal, and I got a plan to get there. I just need this damn collapse to get here. I pray that the energy collapse will happen sooner so that I can be saved from melting permafrost.

Ecuador's last precious forest is loosing the battle from the alien global oil raiders. Yes I would love humans to become Navi. We are eco terrorist in the eyes of the establishment already. But have faith in nature that she will pull the plug on energy first, enabling the lifeboat builders to start getting attention.

I hope we can all find ways of showcasing regenerative ways that create abundance through food foresting. Even if your demonstration is a small micro scale system, like a bonzai tree. Show the synthetics a system. Get water plant tanks and feed fish tanks into gardens and solar pump the system in a cycle thus you are recycling water. Get a greenhouse going and start growing seeds for your neighbors.

PS, has anyone else noticed that the major media outlets are starting to post articles from this blog, finally? The Economist for one.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

A two-word post on January 16 seems to have gotten the ball rollinig. You're welcome.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Re die-off: Technocratic cull and ecological purge will run in tandem. They will do so until such time as both have played themselves a runaway freight. This is hardly the time to resort to liberal hand-wringing and squeamishness. All who envision boistrous nights of sitting around the Post-Peak Oil campfire mouthing spiritual platitudes of kumbaya are more than welcome to do so.

North American Renaissance Party

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Re "something evil"

Act 4, Scene 1 of Bill Shakespeare's Macbeth.

2nd Witch:

"By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes."

For those who have read Rubicon, let's remember that MCR inferred that it is difficult to imagine a word and/or state of mind that is beyond evil. I would imagine that if one is tight with the God of their understanding, then all good and well. If not, then I would suggest keeping the potassium iodide close by.

SkipGreeb said...

Wow, and the US Southern Command was preparing for a Haitian disaster relief scenario the day before the quake...

Anonymous said...

"Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake -- the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700s?"

Coincidence? Unless you have the inside track on some info that we dont, I think coincidence will do just fine.

Anonymous said...

"Why was a British naval flotilla pulled out of the waters around Haiti just days before the earthquake -- the first such gap in British naval coverage since the 1700s?"

Coincidence? I dont know, what do YOU think?

Some folk around here think you may be alluding to HAARP, but that would be quite a leap.

Emissary said...

Nice of you to call me a psycho MCR. Perhaps a better description of what you are talking about in future rather than just alluding to things. I'm sure many of us on here thought you were alluding to HAARP even though we think its total BS. It would be nice if you or this blog could back up your statement about man made earthquakes being well documented. The only thing I can find is about injecting liquid into the ground, not exactly discreet.

The fact of the matter is there is indeed some correlation between HAARP and many of the last few big earthquakes (china for example). But again thats probably just coincidence. It would be nice if you actually came out and said things in future rather than just alluded to them, it does your credibility no good when some of us are trying to use your fantastic work as references for our own work to try and inform our local communities about peak oil.

Emissary said...

By the way, I'd also just like to say i freely admit I jumped to the wrong conclusions about the post. And I apologise for that. I have no wish to get into any discussions about things we can't prove and in all likely hood are BS anyway. In fact i wanted clarification that he wasn't talking about HAARP.

Personally i am over the hump of peak oil now and am coming down the other side with a view of what i can actually do to help those around me. I strongly suggest this blog begins to do the same. Its very VERY easy to find negative news that fits the map, but your preaching to the converted. Perhaps its time for us to work together to find news and information about what we can all do to help after a collapse, because none of this information is worth the virtual ink its written with after the collapse. All it will do is give us the power to say "i told you so" and then keel over and die.

Personally i just think a little section in the blog of positive news and info may help all of us much more than a continuos barrage of bad news. I have invested in a large amount of permaculture info and am visiting permaculture farms around my area. I am also currently writing a report to give to my town council and hopefully later my county council on the possible future that awaits us and what we can try to do about it.

Andrea Muhrrteyn said...

Emissary you can find some info about references to HAARP and earthquake generation, by Dr. John Coleman (former MI6) and Dr. Tom Beardon (nuclear physcist) at:

MCR said...

Weather modification van absolute be proved. The US congress passed weather modification bills in 1970 and 1976.


OrwellianUK said...

I think when Mike mentioned the British Naval Flotilla (which was reported in the Times by the way), it was just to raise a question as to whether someone knew about this in advance.

Seismology is advanced enough to predict a high likelihood of an earthquake, especially along a major faultline and there had been specific warnings of a major seismic event here.

All it takes is for Military/Industrial/Political Complex policy makers to instigate some preparations - a plan that can be implemented almost overnight if such an event occurs.

On the other hand, I have seen numerous news reports of Geothermal test drilling causing seismic events by accident so if someone was of a mind to deliberately cause an event of which there are several ways....not perhaps likely but in any case less important than how the event has been acted upon.

Sallyk - if you were meaning to imply that Mike was suggesting suicide pills, that is not what potassium iodide is for - quite the opposite. Also, there is much positive stuff here - see the post about Permaculture from a few days ago and Mike's new book. It's all about spreading the word.

I admit that it sometimes gets a bit depressing, but not so much as the blank looks I get when I try to inform people about the economy/peak oil.

Vampiric Aphid said...

Emissary: I disagree. The blog should remain the same. My friend is in the same mindset as you, he's "Over Peak Oil, now how do we help mitigate it?"

I'm a fairly recent convert to the "map" and Peak Oil but I would argue that to move onto working towards mitigation we need far, far more awareness. You can't help mitigate a worldwide catastrophe with 100k people. First people need to understand. "Collapse" seems to be the first mainstream awareness project but there is a long way to go still.

Marcel said...

Haiti is good on the job training for our Military for when thy get back stateside and take care of Haiti II.

ecosutra said...

Here is some good news, I was given permission to release the Geoff Lawton Permaculture design course for free and seek sponsorship funding.

Anonymous said...

Emissary: At first glance I would have to agree with your post about moving on etc. etc. There is more to do though than that. If you look to the links posted on this blog there are many outside sources which would help any individual be prepared for what is coming.
You state that it's easy to find negative news about what's coming. I can personally say, no, it's not. If you step outside of yourself for a moment you could possibly realize that not everyone is as enlightened as you seem to be.
The first step in becoming independent is knowledge. You tell MCR to start blogging about news and information on what to do after the collapse. I wonder have you thought about those who know nothing about peak oil, or what our world is soon facing. Have you realized there are people out there who are so brainwashed by mainstream media that they have absolutely no concept of how corrupt our government and world really are?
So then, assuming there are those out there who don't know, what would they find if MCR did indeed do as your presumptuous advice suggests? They would see a blog about permaculture, stocking up gold, peeing in your backyard, keeping a year’s supply in food and water. And for what? All Mike would seem like is a backwoods freak.
To be honest, I didn’t know anything about peak oil until I saw the documentary collapse. And if I would’ve found information on permaculture before seeing that, I would’ve thought, oh that’s nice, maybe I’ll buy some fruit to support that person. Since then I’ve been in a mad rush to suck up as much information as possible. This blog has helped me do that.
People need to be educated about the why's first. And quite honestly, whose responsibility is it to be prepared? Is it my government’s job to make sure I don't die? My town counsel, my neighbor? No. It's my responsibility, possibly my husband's as well. We should lead by example, if other people wonder what we’re doing and follow, so be it.
Mike has made information available. Yes, even information about how to be prepared and change. The administrators of this blog cannot be blamed for what the readers post and what conclusions readers come to. We all are responsible for our own opinions.
For someone who seems to be “in the know” so well, I’m surprised you are so close minded about what information should be posted on a blog that doesn’t belong to you. No, he is not preaching only to the converted. If you’re so convinced as to what MCR should do with his blog, (I notice the name emissary isn’t mentioned in the administrator tab) maybe in addition to all of your reports, you should create your own blog then you wouldn’t have to tell others how to run theirs.

Emissary said...

Fair enough Vampiric Aphid, I am not saying get rid of the Negative news, just perhaps a little more positive news with regards to permaculture. I agree that more people need to know about peak oil, but the majority don't want to hear about it, no matter how scientifically you present it to them they are stuck in a bizarre loop of "oh THEY will find a solution to it". Whoever the mystical THEY are.

Like it has been said its all about building lifeboats, I am under the impression that it will be specific towns and villages that will be saved as a whole rather than a specific % of the population of towns and cities. You cant build a sustainable town unless everyone is on board. If we think we'll be ok because we have built our own lifeboat for ourselves, it will be a painful wake up call when the marauders clonk us on the head and steal it for themselves.

I am trying to encourage people in my small town through positive associations with how much money and time permaculture could save them if we invest in it all as a community. Some people will just not accept the end of an epoch and so the only way is to let them see the rewards and benefits they will get rather than try to make them change through fear.

Collapse is raising awareness, but a large % of the people who watch it will go to bed terrified and then wake up the next morning thinking, "oh its probably not that bad, it was just a film after all....."

Emissary said...

Again i just want to say that i wrote that perhaps a portion of the blog should be dedicated to some more optimistic outlooks.

I wrote "Personally i just think a little section in the blog of more positive news and info may help all of us much more than a continuos barrage of bad news"

For a long time i have researched and followed peak oil until an old friend said to me "ok, i believe you so what do we do about it?" I was left without an idea. It was that point that I realised, yes we do need the map to be filled in as we go along, but we also need to give the people who wake up some positive action they can take to empower themselves, other than just the depressing task of informing others that we are screwed. Without a positive stance we will just be left with a bunch of people who know all about peak oil but are utterly terrified.

Gryphon said...

More connections...

Vampiric Aphid said...

You're right Emissary, in that regard it wouldn't hurt to have some links or something on the blog that could take people to information on how to prepare for the transition. You're also correct that many people may see "Collapse" and detach themselves from it as if it were a movie, not real. It's a way a lot of people deal with heinous shit. However from all the reviews and feedback from "Collapse", there is great hope that the majority of viewers will seek out further information like many of us have, and from us pushing it on friends and family (you have been, haven't you??) it'll keep spreading.

But on the flip side, it really is terrifying or we wouldn't be here. My friend and I have talked at great lengths about transition scenarios and preparing, and ultimately it's a difficult and bleak outlook without more community/local govt cooperation.

Anonymous said...

Ok seriously. This is beyond ridiculous. Emissary! Do you do anything on this blog other than post your opinions?
Have you looked at any of the websites listed as...hmmmm....LINKS!
In about two minutes time, I found four websites that gave information on change and how to be prepared. FOUR LINKS ON CHANGE AND HOW TO HELP YOURSELF. Those were just the four I looked at briefly to prove to you that this blog does have information about helping yourself after and before the collapse.
Maybe you should look at some of them.

toner deeski said...

Mike, don't let anyone bait you into saying something you don't want to. That has been your strength all this time.
I baited you into a cameo in the last thread, and I apologize, but it did get balll rolling, and you handled it perfectly anyway.

For everyone else, beg and plead all you want, but those of us who know have the map memorized. It is all crystal clear.
Do your homework and you will see too.

gamedog said...

Anyone coming here direct from the site must have seen the other links to TT, permaculture etc.

People who need "links or something" to prepare might want to peruse the links on right hand side of the front page of this blog, try scrolling down, and switch to RX instead of TX for a while, you might just learn.

Ecosutra, right on mate! I for one can hardly wait, let alone contain my enthusiasm! Probably the best news I have heard since MCR woke me up!

bluesclues said...

at 4:32 - "We also finally have a team that's headed in to the airport, ah, from my understanding because my deputy commander just happened to be, ah, in Haiti when this situation happened on a previously scheduled visit."

Also, Ray Kelley just returned from Haiti three days prior.

Raymond said...

emissary, without speaking for mcr, maybe it wasn't "psycho" that he meant - guessing it was "psy-ops" given the sudden flurry of neww postings.

gels said...


It's unfortunate you misinterpreted or misconstrued the thrust of my comment. I offered a comparison between two lines of your public discussion. In no way was I suggesting you should spend your time pursuing certain justices; you are correct it would never amount to anything and be a counterproductive waste of time.

My argument was: you spent an entire post alluding to preknowledge of or initiation of the Haitian quake; your tone suggested dark and nefarious human meddling toward that disaster. Then you said, "I don't need to" (investigate) "I will stay focused on the things I'm doing now" and that you will not be "investigating something that can't be proved or will produce no change."

Why waste a post then? Certainly, a Haitian quake of nefarious origin could never be "proved" legally, nor would any investigation produce any change. It's a much thinner topic to "prime" others to investigate, than the dusty clouds of a decade ago.

I used your other views for comparison- why write about this if you don't write about other things?

Moreover, this post does not support your contention that you are focused on those "things" (i.e. permaculture) you are doing now. If you were, you would have spent the post writing about other things. Perhaps you could clarify.

Second: while I do not disagree with your statement that drilling or hydrofrac or some similar activity on a fault could precipitate a quake, you leave your insinuation of human quake initiation completely clouded over. How are we supposed to interpret such vagueries? Was somebody drilling in downtown Port-au-Prince? You were not clear.

For the record, I retract my insinuation that you mentioned HAARP; you did not.

A retort would be welcome, but I don't expect one; apparently I've had enough of your time. That's unfortunate, because I've spent years delivering the strong side of your arguments, particularly about peak oil and its intersection with major co-catastrophes mid-century, to anyone who would listen; I don't waste my time railing about demo, despite what you may want to believe.

Cordial discourse is a strength. You lashing out with comments like "the psychos are out" is less than cordial, and really not appreciated.

Emissary said...

Hey, For the Boys, yeah sorry i have just noticed the links on the side, I have this blog sent to an RSS reader and so all i get is the news links. Sorry for posting my opinions, This is the first time i have posted on the blog and will now probably be the last. I didn't mean to upset the balance.

RanD said...

Hey Emissary, in no way have your opinions "upset the balance". As for Ruthie & me, we've been reading you and coming away enlightened. Don't leave us!

Vampiric Aphid said...

Emissary, don't take anything here personal. These are highly charged topics and people are going to get heated. This is heavy stuff but please stick around my friend!