Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Gas Supply Suspended as Shortfall Reaches Record High: Pakistan

From Jenna Orkin

Haiti's president nowhere to be seen
Guess the US/UN will have to do its honor-bound duty and step in.
UN Wants Troops as Looting Rises In Haiti
UN to Vote on Sending More Troops, Police to Haiti to Aid Recovery Effort
U-2 Flights Likely Over Haiti; Predator May Go
Aid Arrives but Few Are Lucky to Get It
U.S. to fleeing Haitians: You will be sent home
Obamas serve lunch to poor on MLK Day
Imagining a Haitian-scale disaster in the U.S.

Treasury's Delay Cutting Home-Equity Debt Threatens U.S. Housing Recovery
Illinois Careens Towards Bankruptcy; Governmental Collapse Coming
Housing Bubble Comparison: US, UK, Canada, Spain, Australia, Japan
Could England be the next Iceland?
2009 Saw Sharpest Rate of Decline in Britain in 88 Years
European ministers say Greece must tackle deficit
Corporate-government spread widens
After the stimulus binge, a debt hangover
Newsweek: The real unemployment rate
Goldman takes a stab at gold bugs and 'oil-peak'ers, says dollar will flourish
JAL files for $25 billion bankruptcy, to cut 15,700 jobs
Yen Carry Trade Shows Japan Losing Mojo With Collapsing Market Volatility
Iceland Credit Risk Rises `Considerably' If Bailout Loan Shelved, S&P Says

US Army to 'protect' Pakistan's nuclear sites (from Rice Farmer)
In France It May Become Illegal to Call Your Spouse "Fat"
Presidential Election in Ukraine: Moscow Is the Clear Winner
E.ON chief in call to save coal plants
...to keep the lights on.
Gas supply suspended as shortfall reaches record high ‎(Pakistan)
Power Cuts: Nine Hours a Day in Kathmandu

Skype, Wireless Companies Fight to Shape Net Neutrality Regs
FBI broke law in phone searches: report
Turkey blocking 3,700 websites, reform needed: OSCE
Foreign reporters' Gmail hacked in China
Jewish newspaper attacked by hackers
Weapons inspector stung in sex case

Cocaine found in NASA shuttle hangar


pagun said...

Once I fasted for 5 days on a holy mountain and on the 4th evening I saw Ben Franklin standing in front of me, holding a big key, which was attached to a kite, under some clouds that had a Zeusy look. Lightning struck, the key got real hot, and Ben dropped it, shaking his hand like he had gotten burned, and then the whole scene disappeared and everything was back to normal.
I interpreted this to mean that the Great Spirit was saying "Don't fuck with electricity," and that the reason was because no matter how you generate it, you still have to tear down the holy mountain to get the copper to transmit the stuff.

gamedog said...

A thought occurred to me regarding the "looters" in Haiti.

From what I can see on various "news" channels, there is not much left intact, the "looters" are just scavenging whatever they can. It's not as if commercial interests, or the actual shop owners have anything left to salvage anyway, who would buy it with no money?

So, setting them up as "looters" is to who's benefit?

Much money seems to being made supplying "aid" and I wonder if preventing "looters" is really protecting commercial interests, increasing need for more "aid".

I mean, wouldn't it be better to organise people into salvage squads and use what's left to save some lives, instead of letting them fight over what will turn out to be buried/bulldozed rubbish if it's not salvaged?

All those lines of people trying to get work with the aid agencies, seems people would work for a share of edible salvage. But then, if there was sanctioned, organised, salvage - they probably wouldn't need so many "security forces".

Just seems there are policies that would help some, and different policies that would help others.

Just random thoughts... LOL

OregonSurvivor said...

"Goldman Takes A Stab At Gold Bugs And 'Oil-Peak'ers, Says Dollar Will Flourish"

Funny, just yesterday Goldman was predicting Oil Shortages:“It’s as good as it’s going to get right now in terms of supply growth"

Oil Shortages To Reappear in 2011 Goldman

Paul said...

US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs'


Evidence points to aircraft – familiarly known as "torture taxis" – used by the CIA to move captives seized in its kidnapping or "extraordinary rendition" operations through Gatwick and other airports in the EU being simultaneously used for drug distribution in the Western hemisphere. A Gulfstream II jet aircraft N9875A identified by the British Government and the European Parliament as being involved in this traffic crashed in Mexico in September 2008 while en route from Colombia to the US with a load of more than three tons of cocaine.

In 2004, another torture taxi crashed in a field in Nicaragua with a ton of cocaine aboard. It had been identified by Britain and the European Parliament's temporary committee on the alleged use of European countries by the CIA for the transport and illegal detention of prisoners as a frequent visitor in 2004 and 2005 to British, Cypriot, Czech, German, Greek, Hungarian, Spanish and other European cities with its cargo of captives for secret imprisonment and torture in Iraq, Jordan and Azerbaijan.


I worked in a Transportation dept as a summer job during the long University vacations. One of my jobs was to make sure our lorries didn’t return empty after making a delivery - it was more economical that way. Looks like the CIA have a similar cost-cutting mentality?


Paul said...

Just a thought on the situation on Haiti......

Any guesses how long it will take to be flagged as a “failed state” and warnings in the MSM that it has become a potential recruiting ground for Al-Qaeda?

Lucky the US has all those troops there, eh?


agape wins said...


"After all these years" now everything is lovey dovey, no seething undercurrent of hate,
no wishing "for the good old days"? Remember I'm from Missouri/Show me-oops, Michigan!

We have a Refrigeration Tech. who moved here from Mich. about 2 years ago, because of work/or lack thereof, He returned for Xmas, planed on staying through New
Year day. He said the negativity was overwhelming, even in his own Family; he returned the day after Xmas! His opinion is they are so mired in their suffering that it has become comfortable, any improvement, or attempt at change is too much work.

In effect he has become "The Other" that they can not understand, someone they resent,
or are angry with/about.

JUST NOW had a Customer WALK in on prosthesis's, looked to be about 25, he lost BOTH Legs in Afghanistan in 07, he walks as good as I do! Along with him was a man in a wheelchair who lost his legs in Iraq in 05. They both looked and acted well, I remember some WWII Disabled who were total Shit; to be blunt.

Elmo said...

To answer Paul...

Any impoverished country is by definition a "failed state", and is subject to occupation at-will. This is "Imperialism 101".

Anonymous said...


I'm with you on the looters. The media is making them into criminals so there will be an excuse for the tens of thousands of invading troops. I hear conflicting stories in the media about the behavior of the people in general in Haiti right now. I think on the whole they are behaving incredibly well, all things considered. Perhaps its because of all they have already endured. Gee, if more looting went on, perhaps they might find more people alive buried under the rubble.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *

I made a list of all the things gone wrong in Haiti and decided that even a long term humanitarian effort isn't going to save them. The logistics of just providing a drink of water and a "bisuit" to that many for a few days is mind-boggling, not to mention their long-term medical, shelter needs - and hopefully some day having a life more than roaming the streets waiting for someone organize things. I wrote to Obama this morning (so I guess I'm now on some special watch-list) with my concerns. I think that MANY people, especially the orphans, should be airlifted out as refugees all around the world, immediately, with larger, more affluent nations taking greater numbers. I don't know how any collection of relief groups can provide food, water and medical care to millions in a nation where all infrastructure is demolished, it's really hard to get into and out of, having little to no local agriculture, depleted soil, no prospect of meaningful work or income for the majority and staggering masses of elderly, infants and children with no one to care for them. Then I come home from work and see TV spots about the huge number of orphaned children, but warnings that anyone attempting to enter the US from Haiti will be turned back.


I'm so behind the others as far as Collapse goes. By April it will be old hat for just about everybody. Do wish I could see it sooner. Will it be out in art-house cinemas? We have a few around where I live.

* * * * * * * * *

As far as RanD goes, I always had a hard time figuring out where he was going with his postings and started skipping them over. I guess he has a right to express himself. Perhaps his own forum would attract more like-minded individuals who could appreciate his philosophical musings.

Larry said...

A bit of searching and you'll see that there are numerous oil deposits running pretty much from Florida, through Cuba, and to Haiti. In addition to commanding these deposits, a military establishment in Haiti also supports influence in Central and South Ah-murka. What a remarkable coincidence.

Raymond said...

Paul - that's a great find in the msm. more evidence control of "the message" is slipping from the tptb.

And then this from Jenna's headlines "Cocaine found in NASA shuttle hangar" - opening new markets are they?

Jeff said...

Looks like fuel is becoming a big problem in haiti,all the extra people and machinery showing up gobbling all the fuel and no gas for relief vehicles.
I wonder how long until the money runs out and people can no longer help,reality is a bitch.

Paul said...

This from George Ure


We see where inflation figures for the UK are out today and the annualized rate of inflation is (you’re gonna love it) is now running north of 7.4%.  No, the stories about the economy seldom do what I do – which is take whatever the number du jour is and run it out for an annualized rate.  instead, most (purported) business writers simply rewrite government handouts which compare things with year-ago levels.  In the case of the UK that particular backward view means a 2.9% year-on-year change.


He is quite right... I skipped over the news that inflation was *only* 2.9%, thinking that’s not too bad considering. But 7.4% is a whole different ball game - especially when my savings are bringing in.. well nothing really. The MSM up to their usual tricks and covering up the signs of coLLapse!


@ Al Olmstead - please don’t go - I’m intrigued by your description of MEANING and how we read meaning into the PICTURES we want to see. I can see that process working - in me and others. I can see huge difficulty in ascertaining what are “dots” (hard evidence) and what is us “connecting the dots” (= a kind of wish fulfillment) - especially in the current environment where the MSM control the flow of information (are they real dots?), and have a very specific meaning that they want us to believe. And if you refuse to accept the MSM version of things (their dots, their meaning), what info can you trust, and what meaning can you trust? Hard stuff to get your head around, so any tips?


gamedog said...

Paul, I saw that article a few days ago, I don't know how aware people are of the background powers behind the "war on drugs", I thought the longer term contributors to this blog were VERY aware - It is after all how I came to this blog via Mike's original copvcia writings back around 02 when I started to question it personally.

I remember reading years ago that Wall St benefited to the tune of $800 million from the drugs trade, I'm pretty sure the CIA have made it much much more profitable since then. Anyone who doubts this should do some research, by searching mikes FTW site, or take a look at Daniel Hopsickers archives http://madcowprod.com/
Raymond: "opening new markets are they?" ROTFL too funny!

cj: I honestly think it would be better to keep local children within their own culture/community. The funding required to sustain them abroad should be used locally- with a huge effort and using Permaculture design methods, Haiti could once again be self sufficient within 5 to 6 years, you may think that is a bold claim, but it is an honest claim.

Imperialism 101 destroys community, fractures culture, self reliance and instils corruption, and faulty western values of consumption - this should be avoided if at all possible IMO.
Agape: I'm running out of time, so I'll post on your observations later ;)

RanD said...

Dear FTW Forum & Family,

There are very specific, readily identifiable -- yet generally inadequately acknowledged -- reasons why the human condition is spiralling toward what much reasonable evidence indicates could be a general state of collapse, the causes of which are also very specific, readily identifiable types of human beliefs, reasoning, and directly correlated behaviors. Ruthie & I consider this to be a self-evincing given: everything that occurs throughout the human condition -- in terms of being specifically human physio-socio-psychological manifestations -- are a consequence of our beliefs, our reasoning, and our directly correlated behaviors.

From this perspective, we then consider it reasonable to suggest that a willingness to openly, methodically, & honestly examine our beliefs, reasoning, and directly correlated behaviors is essential to helping us understand both how & why -- if we can at least agree that it is so -- that our human condition has need of improvement from where it stands today. In other words, if we don't know -- specifically and comprehensively -- how & why we got where we are today, it is certain that we will have to re-experience one or another comparable version of much, if not necessarily everything, that the human condition has -- in principle -- been experiencing from approximately ten thousand years ago up until the finalized stage of collapse whose effects we are already experiencing and generally reporting here at FTW.

It seems to us that before our current human condition reaches any such possibly terminal stages of collapse -- when species survival alone might be the only thing left to salvage -- that we might invest at least some of what time we have left addressing the thinking & behaviors that have brought us to this point.

We see FTW being as good a place as any to bring a discussion of etiological matters into the open and give them a proper hearing. Obviously, academia is utterly failing us in this regard given the despicable now global-wide state of affairs in which we currently find ourselves. In other words, if we are to agree that the world we're living in could stand being improved, we need to get busy doing something about that right here, at the grass roots level, because it's evidently not taking place via the minds and the hands of those sitting in high places. In fact, it appears that academia and those sitting in high places have become rolled right up into being part & parcel of the problem that all members of democratic institutions are required from time to time to address.

Sincerely, Ruthie & David

v said...

Iran in billion-euro gas deal with Germany


Reminds me of TRIPOD II



gamedog said...

Agape, is the difference in attitude you highlight not a result of a driven policy of social deprivation?

This comment is largely driven by an understanding/study of what MCR uncovered in copvcia, and what Catherine Austin Fitts highlights in the "connel corrections" essays which pull together MCRs work, the Machiavellian shenanigans of the Regan administration (we had our own version with Thatcher) linking Wall St, CIA, Drug war, Fed, corp gov etc. a policy of deliberate social deprivation.

RandD you seem to be saying this is all part of the human condition, as if it's in built in all people, but have not the people in such a state been driven there by the above and similar policies? I would say they have, rather than it being an intrinsic "human condition".

Paul, I wasn't saying your link was not useful, it reads back a bit patronising this morning, I think it was a result of being rushed, classic brain fart, I do value your posts :)

RanD said...

pagun, Thankyou for sharing your vision and your interpretation of it. It is clear that your connection with the Great Spirit is a good one.

RanD said...

gamedog, We somehow overlooked your question to us in your above 1:09 AM post, which Ruthie just now spotted. We will address your question either here on this same page or via a more comprehensive post on FTW's most recent commenter's page. We have other things to attend to right now, tho, before we can get back to you. Thankyou for your question. RanD

great brain said...

ah yes, thank you Ruthie and David. why am i in this handbasket? and where are we going? history is so damn magnificent....i believe awareness will come about, perhaps not as soon one would hope. please continue to post long, drawn-out mumbo-jumbo ramblings about third eyes, levitating, astral projection....maybe some aliens. i would suggest evading the e_o word....always touchy. seriously though, please continue posting. i, for one, think its like peas and carrots; a great mix.

loved the post pagun, spaceeba.

RanD said...

great brain, thankyou for your words. as for "evading the always touchy e_o word" ... i've just been giving(receiving, actually) much thought to RanD's next lengthy post, the title of which is likely to be something like "examining (or slaughtering) sacred cows". glad you're here. it could get bloody.

Geshan said...

thanks for the link.