Saturday, January 16, 2010

US to Double Weapons Stockpile in Israel

From Jenna Orkin

CoLLapse on Time Magazine's Short List
The ten best documentaries of 2009 (includes "Collapse;" from Rice Farmer)

US to Double Weapons Stockpile in Israel (from Rice Farmer)
Israel's Looming War in Gaza: Can Obama Stop It Before It Starts?
US waves white flag in disastrous 'war on drugs'
Latin American Cocaine Link To Al Qaeda A ‘Global Threat’ (from Rice Farmer)
China's Foreign Exchange Reserves Jump in 2009

Why Britain needs the stomach to pay off its debts
Spending cuts and tax rises are inevitable
Food Shortages Coming, Buy Commodities: Jim Rogers (from Rice Farmer)
Supermarkets at root of veg shortage
Gold trader quits to run farm
Nose-Biting Traders in Chicago Give Way to Geeks in Documentary `Floored'
Peak Revolving Credit
Recovery in U.S. Extends Into 2010 Without Stoking Inflation, Reports Show
Is Fed Buying Behind the Stock Rally? (from Rice Farmer)

Haiti earthquake: UN says worst disaster ever dealt with
Quakes in Venezuela and Oklahoma
What You're Not Hearing about Haiti (But Should Be) (from Rice Farmer)
Haiti's Fault Rupture Boosts Long-Term Risk of Jamaica Quake, Experts Say
Plant could save millions from malaria
US Military Bases Surround Venezuela (from Rice Farmer)
Netherlands denies US is using territories to prepare attack (from Rice Farmer)

API: US drilling activity falls 37% in 2009
Record Asian oil buying to help absorb stockpiles
Asia reads Jim Rogers.
Energy costs fuel 2009 consumer price rise
Cut-price gas 'put patients at risk'

Afghan Conflict Spreading into Central Asia, Russian Analyst Says (from Rice Farmer)
Official Dutch inquiry concludes Iraq war was illegal
FBI based Bin Laden image on Spanish politician


gamedog said...

More hedge fund traders join rush to Geneva

Bonus supertax sends the City's super-rich to Switzerland

Is this a sign of the Rats leaving a sinking ship?

Businessman "a very interesting tightrope act" Indeed mate, there's not enough room to example the dozens of times I've seen eyes glaze over LOL

Raymond, the first person starts talking about "World Permaculture Federation" should be ousted from the movement!

HSW, there are quite a few things one can do to plan for secure perimeters. know which trees to cut to block access roads well away from the site, plant things like Blackthorn hedges, buckthorn, a well layed blackthorn hedge would put off most people (search hedge laying). Rolling roadblock with abandoned cars, let the access roads overgrow and disguise routes in etc. stategic planting of thickets (maybe poison ivy etc). A good exercise in planning, is to look at your site as if you were someone desperate to find it and get in, make a site plan showing all access routes, and then work out how best to disguise/block leaving only one (semi easy/less impenetrable) approach which would then be the obvious line of attack/defence. I always thought the gun laws in the US would help prevent marauding zombies, surely organised folks will be armed and pose a much greater deterrent to would be looters - they will go for the easy targets, so try not to be one!

RanD said...

RanD's Reality - Part One

Hotspringswizard (et al.), Goodness, dear friend, our 3:57 AM response to your 10:27 PM post confused you? Seriously: it most assuredly was not written to do so. I will explain our 3:57 AM response, sentence by sentence, enumerated and "in quotes", with bracketed explanations wherever deemed necessary, and give you a concise explanation following each of RanD's sentences (in parentheses), as follows:

1. "Hotspringswizard, Thanks oodles for the positive feedback." (This sentence first addresses then praises you for 'the positive feedback' you gave us.)

2. "That sort of thing [i.e., providing 'positive feedback', in general] contributes immeasurably to improving focus and spreading general well-being [however, only for those who are up for receiving it, of course]." (This sentence further emphasizes, explains, and augments what you said to RanD -- as RanD read & understood your words -- in your 10:27 PM post.)

3. "Inherently mindless competition is a disease-sustaining rag, intelligent collaboration the wave of the future." (This sentence further emphasizes, explains, and augments the significance of distinction between the respective effects of 'competition' and 'collaboration'. In fact, we [R & D] see Hotspringswizard as being basically a heart-&-mind 'intelligent collaborator', not an 'inherently mindless competitor'; and felt not at all 'miffed' by anything you said in your 10:27 PM post, and see everything Hotspringswizard and RanD have been sharing here at FTW as exemplifying collaboration, not competition.)

The whole of your 9:24 PM post, however, having been written from your MIS-perception(s) [sic] of our 3:57 AM post, has revealed things we [R & D] also need to address, and I will do this by implementing clarifications [in brackets] when deemed necessary, while following a few of your statements (enumerated, "in quotes") with our responses (in parentheses), below.

1. "I think the things you two right [sic; 'write'] about, few here can make sense of for the most part." (So it appears.)

2. "What you convey many times is this air that RanD has come to an exceedin[g]ly high state of awar[e]ness," (Actually, in no way does what R & D know represent "an exceedin[g]ly high state of awar[e]ness". Fact is, everything that we know is also readily accessible by all human beings with normal, reasonably well-functioning brains [like yours] and sufficient interest in learning for themselves, on their own -- ideally with little more input from Rand than to say so. It is also our impression, however, that the actual 'problem' for those who are illogically critical of RanD's words is that most [whether consciously or subconsciously] just don't want to hear what RanD has to say.

(As it truly is, every human being is physiologically perfectly capable of learning everything we [R & D] know for themselves, in that we've all been evolved specifically to equally know, share, and thereby collectively benefit ourselves by personally, willfully, self-consciously connecting up directly with the source of everything that exists. We all have the capacity to be equally intelligent in accordance with the source of existence which is also everybody's source of intelligence. It's but a matter of realizing this is so and going for it, or not; just like it's always a matter of choice to drink water offered if one wants to.)

(Continued on Part Two, below)

RanD said...

RanD's Reality - Part Two

3. "and [R & D] feel the need to " en-lighten " [sic] those of us below you [R & D] in mental capacity to this greater wisdom." (We do not feel anybody is "below" RanD, nor have a need to 'enlighten' anyone; nor are our "mental capacit[ies] [for] greater wisdom" more than anyone else's . Enlightenment is a matter of personal choice, but cannot be opted for if such realization never occurs in one's person, or is never expressed by another.)

4. "Clearly you feel this special knowledge you hold can help to bring humanity to a grand awakening of the consciousness." (Yes, we do. Again, though: it's always a matter of personal choice whether one wants to understand what another says.)

5. "So maybe you " en-lighten " some, but I'd bet for the most part you confuse many." (From many years of testing, observations, and research, we know that RanD's words will regularly incline to startle, disturb, and confuse those who've not assimilated RanD's perspective well enough to share what we see. This situation is to be expected when radically differing information is broached. How many people have a working knowledge of how and why everything came into existence? If our knowledge was yours, how & where would you share it with others? Would you merely ignore it hoping it would go away?)

6. "So if my observation is accurate [which it isn't] then how is what you write contributing to the achievement of, 'improving focus and spreading general well-being'?" (We see "the achievement of, 'improving focus and spreading general well-being'" occurring right here at FTW; very slowly perhaps, but only for those who've not found the genius in patience having discovered the actuality of life eternal. We support everyone who's up for learning whatever they need or want to, and see FTW being a good place to receive & share information.)

7. "Seems to me the vast majority of people who are posting here are just trying to get a clearer picture of the developments of these precarious times we are heading into and not seeking ongoing nebulous philosophical lessons from RanD." (Yes, we agree, but only to the point where you presume RanD is pumping out "nebulous philosophical lessons". That's where you begin shooting yourself between the eyes by failing to connect the dots.)

8. "Trust me, none of this means I feel any ill will towards you two. You may feel I was bagging on you but thats not what I intended. I just thought your comment about people wanting your heads wrung from you[r] bodies was funny and your ideas that somehow there's going to be some mass human awakening to a higher level of thought and action isn't going to happen." (We know you feel no ill towards us, and glad you found some humour in our words.)

9. "I come here to check out the list of great links provided by Jenna, to read MCR's occasional postings, and to consider others contributions that bring more light to these subjects too." (So do we.)

10. "Perhaps you could start a blog with you[r] philosophical ideas ( #26, #27, etc ) and refer people to it from time to time. Seems like you two have an ongoing interest in sharing things of this nature so a personel [sic] blog might be the ticket :-)" (We're not feeling moved to do that, and will be greatly pleasedwhen we don't have need of doing much of what we're committed to at this time :-))

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Haiti: NAARP?

OregonSurvivor said...

Sebastian- Do you mean H.A.A.R.P.? If so I had the same suspicion. Otherwise, National Association for the Advancement of Red Haired People?

RandD- Please give a hint as to what path you have taken up the mountain. Vedic Quantum Christian Scientology? Just a guess...

Did you see the comments from scientists with the Large Hadron Collider, that they believe actors from the future have caused failures in the present to prevent development of the anti matter which destroys our world in the future?

And I am my own Grandpa.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Oregon Survivor, yes the former. 10,000 troops on the way in...jumping off platform to Venezuela, etc. Then again, it could just as easily have been a shot across the bow from the Chinese or Russians. It is my understanding that they have their own versions. There are several of these puppies on the planet.

RanD said...

"Vedic Quantum Christian Scientology?"

Oh my! No no no! Not that!!! More like "Open Your Eyes, See the Dots, Connect Them for Yourself, and Know-for-Yourself-ism!" (Gosh... that's kinda unwieldy too, tho, isn't it?) (Hm-m-mmm... guess I'll have to think on that for a while longer....)