Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs

From Jenna Orkin

Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs
U.S. Offers Pakistan Drones to Urge Cooperation
Suspected drone down in Pakistan
China clamps down on lending
China lending clampdown weighs on global equities
South Korea slows
U.S. selling weapons to Taiwan
Chavez Failing to `Burn' Currency Traders as $93 Billion Leaves Venezuela
Drugs brings more money to Mexico than oil
Dubai Helping Iran Evade Sanctions as Smugglers Fail to Bow to U.S. Laws

India can become 3rd largest economy by 2012
Obama to seek 3-year freeze on US domestic spending
U.S. Senate Democrats Said to Consider $80 Billion Jobs-Stimulus Package
The Second Phase of the Global Economic Crisis Is at Our Doorstep (from Rice Farmer)
"Almost 100% of the gains in the US stock market since September 14th have been manufactured in after-hours trading with enormous purchase of market futures. Strong circumstantial evidence points to this large buyer’s identity as the Plunge Protection Team."
Davos Too Big to Fail as Bankers Eclipsed by Regulators Recoil in Backlash
Growing Movement To Disband Police Departments
Schwarzenegger Puts Unions In The Cross-Hairs
Cash Strapped Illinois Accelerates Property Tax Collections
Britain 10pc poorer after recession, says CBI
European Union Sees Threats to the Euro
Europe mustn't leave Greece to bleed Joseph Stiglitz

"Blame the Victim" Department
Will endemic corruption suck away aid to Haiti?

China eyes copper mines
The billionth African
Minister says Aung San Suu Kyi will be released
The minister said the government would pursue an international-style market economy after holding “free and fair” elections, including loosening restrictions on car imports.
Fitch Upgrades Indonesia Debt Rating to Decade High

Computerized Balloting in the Philippines
China Accuses U.S. of Cyberwarfare
Doomed jet made ‘fast and strange turn’

New Paradigm
The man who lives without money
Travel by Bamboo Trains in Cambodia – True Ingenuity!

Indonesia’s president releases third pop album
New White Trash, watch out.


RanD said...

gamedog, You missed R & D's point of needing to NOT see ourselves as "victims" of a superior "ever nebulous PTB".

Perhaps it will come clearer by emphasizing that there are no truly 'bad guys' OR 'good guys', that we're all just human beings interacting with each other in the ways that we do -- i.e., sharing with, lying to, keeping secrets from, stealing from, killing, arguing with, competing & fighting against, teaming up with, loving, hating, laughing with, flattering, insulting, working with, learning about & from etc etc etc each other as a matter of routine, and thereby collectively producing the human condition of which each one of us is an intrinsic component/creator.

Only by beginning to see ourselves in this way do we have any genuine prospect for successfully overcoming, escaping from, and thereby "defeating" our one & only true enemy, which enemy is our common, general, species-wide IGNORANCE of reality's nature and our unwillingness to accept that only seeming absurdly simple fact.

Cheers to you, good friend!

yakyakjack said...

Title: Al-Qaida aims to hit U.S. with WMDs
Translation: CIA aims to hit U.S. with WMDs

marketTrader2 said...

What happened to the Minneapolis date for "Collapse"? I hope the Q&A is still happening.

Anonymous said...

World Economic Forum Chief Security Officer Dies in Probable Suicide

gamedog said...

R&D I didn't miss the point, I disagreed with it. It's too utopian for me, there's too much reality going on, we need a real solution.

You seem to think if everyone saw the world like you did we'd all be saved/save ourselves, I can agree with that, but I don't think everyone will ever think that way.

What makes you think everyone will start thinking in this way and therefore save ourselves?


Adam Virga said...


businessman said...

Regarding the H1N1 scare, it makes me wonder if this was all just a test to see how the world would respond to it, and what level of compliance would be obtained by the people lining up to get their vaccinations. In addition, this would give the people who run things added insight into what specific geographical areas would have more people not complying with getting their vaccinations.

This could have all been similar to how companies will test market a product, rolling it out in specific geographical areas to see if people will really buy it. Then from the information obtained from this the company will then decide if they really want to roll the product out on a national or an international basis.

If vaccinations may be used for decreasing the size of the population, running a test like this one would make perfect sense to me. It would give the people running things a much better idea of how they'd need to make the program work much more effectively the next time...when it's all for real.

businessman said...

I found this to be an informative article discussing the problems we're all now faced with around commercial real estate here in the United States:

An Insider's View of the Real Estate Train Wreck

RanD said...

gamedog, We never expect everyone to instantly begin thinking the way we do when merely pointing out that profound specific changes in human thinking & behaving need to occur. Nonetheless, thinking 'out of the box' must happen before we humans can change anything. And, STATING what steps must be taken to do that is prerequisite to getting out of our boxes.

Epochal changes in socio-psychologically inculcated human behaviors occur only after first personally seeing, acknowledging, stating, and doing what must be done to initiate such changes.


agape wins said...


You have to remember that our older generation thinks,writes, & talks a Strange language to what "Younger people" are expecting, I have no trouble understanding what you write/think but it can go high over the heads of most here on this Blog!

That is why the Prophets of old in
the Bible were ignored- they were
speaking a Forghin (Delibritly
mispelled, thank you!)
My Grand Daughters have taught me a lot I had forgotten.

I have to post about information and MEANing..
Everyone stand back and Loosen up!

Raymond said...

rand and agape, we get that the human race needs to raise its collective consciousness to fix these problems, just dont think its going to happen anytime soon. jesus, buddha, krishna, eckhart tolle and bob geldof have all given it a crack, so i'm not expecting contributions on this blog to shake things up too much.

its like saying, if everyone just got of debt, stopped using banks, farmed in community, and live in self sufficient villages, we'd solve peak oil; or if everyone in the rich west donated just $10 each, we'd fix world hunger. it just doesnt happen that way, and wont. hence, this blog, providing solutions and support to those that are willing to look.

and enough with the comparisons to persecuted prophets.

trobador said...

...lets take a big breath now, because we will need it, as I believe that by spring, the crack of the financial system will open wide, the cleaning process of the big boys has started... http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/01/26/markus-reinhardt-dead-dav_n_436981.html

Now, as for this Blog, I am surprised (not really in fact) about harsh comments on good spirited blogger...

The only way to survive in a true fashion, is to get back to basic. Prophets were killed for sharing that truth, as it freed people from fear and mostly, from the protection of others. The system wants us dependant on it. Period.

So, I salute you dear friends, as this is my last post. By february 13th, I am gone for a long "business trip" in the wood...preparing for the essential....

Before i leave, here's my 2 cents of advise:
1- First thing we did when we arrived on this earth was to breath...go back to it...from the belly and align ur thoughts and will with it.

2- Take 100$ and buy seeds/grain NOW. A handful of sprouted grain will allow you not only to survive but become stronger as there is 500 to 2000% increase in enzime, vitamine, etc.

3- Take care of others if you are sad, depressed, in fear...this is the best way to focus your thoughts elsewhere, as where is your heart is your treasure.

Thank you to all of you, may we see each other in a world where man and women are united to become the best of who they are...unfortunately, human need crises to discover that what we were searching for was not for us....

...and yes, Amae, peace, shalom, assalam moalekum, shanti shanti, Nam Myoho Renge Kyo...this is what we have to think, say and do...the rest is distraction of the mind...

...thanks to you Mike and Jenna for your dedication. Your work allowed me to discover how the "shit" was made, by whom, and for what...now, the smell is too strong...and the only solution is action in the field...this where we'll meet.

RanD said...

agape wins, We thank you for your valuable comments, and agree with much of what you say. Yet, we also disagree with much of what you said, and implied, in your 8:58 PM post. For instance:

You say, "our older generation thinks, writes, & talks a Strange language to what "Younger people" are expecting." In fact, Tim Carbone, who was once a frequent poster here at FTW, recently apprised us of a blogspot where posters of all ages (and a much closer proportion of females to males than generally occurs at FTW, too, btw) are predominantly and fluidly engaged in discussing the sort of material that is frowned upon by a relatively high percentage of FTW posters. This information, coupled with your observation that what RanD writes/thinks "can go high over the heads of most here on this Blog!", suggest that it is perhaps not so much "Younger people" and people in general who do not understand what R & D say, as it might be telling us something about how our FTW forum/family thinks and writes as a group.

Also, it is not clear to us how accusing "the Prophets of old in the Bible" of, as you say, "speaking a Forghin (Delibritly mispelled, thank you!)" explains why they were, as you also say, "ignored". And, is it true that your Grand Daughters taught you to (...hm-m-m, what?.. exactly?) remember a lot of what you'd forgotten? If so, then what are you 'remembering'? to us?

Also, what we read directly from the Bible tells us that much of what the prophets of old right on up through Jesus said just didn't want to be heard, understood, or believed by the status quo then any more than the status quo does today, and reading that same Bible today -- carefully and honestly -- will show any brain/mind worth a flip that literally none of today's myriad so-called "Christian" churches conform with the teachings attributed to Jesus.

So it goes.

abudalslam said...

and and agape, we get that the human race needs to raise its collective
consciousness to fix these problems,
just dont think
its going to happen anytime soon. jesus, buddha, krishna, eckhart tolle and bob
geldof have all given it a crack, so i'm not expecting contributions on this
blog to shake things up too much.