Monday, January 25, 2010

Falklands Prepare for New Invasion by Oil Prospectors

From Jenna Orkin

US Missile Defenses to be Fielded Near Russian Border
‎(from one of my students)
North Korea threatens South with war
The Falklands Prepare for a New Invasion by Oil Prospectors
China's $2.4 trillion grip on the global economy
Why China's About to End Dollar-Peg
China Says Worst Sea Ice in 40 Years Starts to Recede
Morgan Stanley Expects Oil to Rise to $95 on Demand
Some Fear Foreign Cash Will Infect U.S. Races
Foreign Money in American Politics?
I'm shocked that there's gambling in this casino.
Thousands protest in Venezuela
Existing home sales fall sharper than expected
Shades of the "Unexpected Headlines" of Jan. 8.
Employers unexpectedly cut jobs in December
U.S. nonfarm payrolls unexpectedly fell in Dec
Canada Unexpectedly Lost 2,600 Jobs in December
Paging James Cameron: Pentagon Wants 3-D Surveillance
Inside the Great Australian Internet Blackout

Freak Current Takes Gulf Stream to Greenland (from Jon Noel et al.)
Warm Atlantic Water Rapidly Replacing Sea Ice (from Jon Noel et al.)
Climate Change and Civil Liberties
Last decade warmest ever: NASA
Campaign to save forests failed by food giants
Scientists Envision Monster 'Frankenstorm' California no less, home of halcyon weather.

Bin Laden claims responsibility for U.S. plane attack
"Back to basics": Bin Laden hits U.S.-Israel tie
Can't confirm bin Laden tape authentic: White House
Miliband warning over 'Bin Laden' tape
US commander signals peace talks with Taliban (from Vantage Point)
Police stop and search 'not cutting knife crime'

Stephen King: Danger of a US-China trade war
AIG a national security matter?
New York Fed E-Mail to Geithner Cited Benefit to Banks of AIG's Bailout
AIG tosses roadblocks at Geithner
Wall St. agreeing with Main St. anger
"No more fat cats — it's Obama's fault now."
US Aid for Low Mortgage Rates Set to End
Wal-Mart Lays Off 11,200 at Sam's Club
Treasury Rally on Borrowed Time as Options Anticipate Fed Prone to Tighten
Obama Bank Restrictions May Fail to Shield U.S. Financial System From Risk
Corporate bond sales cut in half by widening spreads
Peak Autos: America's Love Affair with the Automobile May Be Coming to an End
Kansas Budget Deep In The Hole and Unemployment Insurance "Trust Fund" About To Run Dry
Hoschton Georgia Dissolves Police Department
CNBC: Bernanke has votes for confirmation

Darling reveals frustration over Obama bank plan
UK expected to be declared out of recession tomorrow
And into what?
Thousands of criminals to serve less prison time
Scrap fixed retirement age, says equality body
Don’t write Japan off. The giant is stirring

Oil Production: Post-Peak Mexico
'Peak water' could flush civilisation

Swine Flu
H1N1 Vaccine Mistake: School Gets Insulin Instead Of Swine Flu
‘Fake’ swine flu pandemic? WHO slams charges

Platinum Overtaking Gold as Metal of Choice With Rebounding Sales of Cars


Steven said...

While wandering around through some relatively uninteresting UFO-documentaries (I'm not going to stir up discussions regarding UFO's and aliens, so please refrain from responding to that), I came across the website for The Orion Project (, and more specifically this paper:

Though I don't really know how to deal with this information properly, I suspect you all can. Do consider that he's pretty much on target in predicting worldwide economic collapse before refuting the entire piece.

Best of luck!

Judith said...

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/23/2010

by Baron Bodissey

Gates of Vienna News Feed 1/23/2010
The United States Geological Survey has determined that Venezuela’s Orinoco belt holds twice as much in oil reserves as Saudi Arabia, which is considerably more than the Chavez regime has ever estimated. However, at least one Venezuelan oil geologist disagrees with the USGS assessment.

Lift-It-Up said...

I just read this article from about the top oil reserves in the world.

Did a little math and summed up the amount of days until these reserves will be depleted.

Article link

1) Ghawar, Saudi Arabia, estimate 30 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 353 days

2) East Qurna, Iraq, estimate 21 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 247 days

3) Majnoon, Iraq, estimate 13 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 153 days

4) Rumaila, Iraq estimate 17 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 200 days

5) Khuzestan, Iran, estimate 100 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million = 1176 days / 365 = 3.2 years of oil for use

6) Kashagan, Kazakhstan, estimate 9 billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 106 days

7) Khurais, Saudi Arabia, estimate 27 billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 318 days

8) Tupi, Brazil, 8 billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 94 days

9) Carabobo, Venezuela, 15 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 176 days

10) North Slope, Alaska, 40 Billion Barrels left / 85 Million use per day = 471 days

Top 10 Oil Reserves yields about enough oil for 3294 days. ~ 9 years of oil at the current rate of consumption.

Thanks for the wake up call Micheal!

v said...

US oil industry hit by cyberattacks: Was China involved?
Breaches show how sophisticated industrial espionage is becoming. The big question: Who’s behind them?

Very interesting article!!1



v said...

Computer-driven trading raises meltdown fears

Reminds me of PROMIS...



v said...

Could Vancouver 2010 be the next 9/11?

Two tons of Ammonium Nitrate have gone missing from a shipment of 6,000 tons in the Vancouver area from a company that was recently bought out for $22 billion by some of the world’s largest financial companies. These companies are Goldman Sachs, AIG, The Carlye Group and others. The company that was purchased is called Kinder Morgan. Kinder Morgan didn’t report the two tons missing for over a month, when they did report it they came back a week later only to say they simply made a “clerical error”. Soon after the announcement, the RCMP started their investigation and came back only to say they can’t confirm that it was really accounted for.

Don't know what to make of this, maybe it's a bullshit report.



eyeballs said...


As I understand it, the big untapped "oil" deposits of Venezuela’s Orinoco belt are tar sands and heavy, sour oil, located in a pristine and virtually inaccessible river valley. To exploit these hydrocarbons would require vast inputs of energy (seriously hurting the EROEI) as well as massive environmental destruction. Indigenous tribes, needless to say, would have to be elbowed out of the way as their way of life was destroyed.

At astronomically high oil prices, the necessary expertise, investment and mechanical might could be applied to dig out the hydrocarbons, but only if the expectation is for more than temporarily high oil prices. This assumes that demand growth continues as the world economy expands, manufacturing ever more stuff. This is unlikely for the time period needed to ramp up in the Orinoco. So the industrial world may never attack that jungle. I, personally, hope it does not.