Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Hat in hand, U.S. turns to India to create jobs; Greek jitters rock euro

From Jenna Orkin

Public Pensions Face $2 Trillion Deficit
Exhausted Japan finance minister to quit: report
Japan deputy PM to be finmin, raising fiscal questions

Hat in hand, U.S. turns to India to create jobs
Inflationary Forces and a Tectonic Crack in U.S. Treasuries
Dept. of Energy on World Oil Chokepoints: Baab El Mandab
Greek jitters rock euro, world stocks slip
Iceland Debt Cut to Junk by Fitch as President Blocks Accord (from Rice Farmer)
Why the Philippines is a failed state (from Rice Farmer)
Morgan Stanley’s Roach says Fed should exit now if economy is strong
How the government payroll has replaced goods producing jobs
California Seeking Federal Bailout
Silicon Valley 'Bloodbath' Leaves Entire Office Buildings Empty (from Jon Noel)
Commercial Construction Projects Drop 35% (from Jon Noel)
Americans Flock to Texas (from Jon Noel)
Kraft's bid for Cadbury in the balance
Buffett's interested.

Care homes forcing elderly to have feeding tubes fitted
Thousands of dementia sufferers told they must have gastrostomy surgery to gain entry
Antidepressants, Placebos Equally Effective?

More Snow Coming for Already Frigid Europe
Arctic chill in South; record snow in East
U.N. stops food aid in southern Somalia
Earlier hurricane warnings promised
Native tribes fight Cape Cod wind farm Chinese Copenhagen negotiator loses job Dead fish provoke alert around Gulf of Mexico

India: Israel NSA on hush-hush visit (from Rice Farmer)
Israeli army officers fear arrest in UK
Did the CIA Plot to Kill German Citizen?
2,500 ex-servicemen in jail
Passenger profiling 'could be used in Britain'
Body Scanners Might Violate U.K. Child-Protection Laws
"Explosive" at California airport found to be honey

Killer Micro Drone Project (from Jon Noel)
Bin Laden's parenting style: Cruel, unusual
Two arrested for allegedly filching dental fillings from lab


businessman said...

In Somalia they've set up their own form of a cooperative stock exchange, with people investing their money in the financial plundering of their pirates.

"Ransoms have even increased in recent months from between $2-3 million to $4 million because of the increased number of shareholders and the risks."

"I am really happy and lucky. I have made $75,000 in only 38 days since I joined the 'company'."

Click Here for the Article

tony said...

Nice article by Jim Willie:

events that according to him could happen in the next year:
- Saudi Royals fall
- China gains full naval military capability
- Russian cuts off natural gas to Eastern Europe
- Greece defaults on its debt
- Mexico fails as a state
- Credit crisis relapse hits the US banks
- The US supply chain suddenly suffers disruptions
- Fannie Mae is revealed as a slush fund, toxic bond haven, and object of grand criminal fraud coverup
- The real 911 story comes out
- Iran is attacked
- Japan suffers a financial & economic crisis
- UKGovt suffers a debt downgrade
- Talk swirls for eliminating some central banks
- China faces a degree of chaos
- Food prices soar in the US
- JPMorgan is object of persistent rumors of gigantic credit derivative losses
- London metals exchange shuts down

agape wins said...

The posts have been Outstanding this last week, keep it up, from MCR/Jenna, on down!!

Sebastian Ronin said...

Liberal moaning and hand-wringing. Yawn.

2:17 AM

Shame, remember when you put some/any one in a box you confine YOURSELF to a Straitjacket/BOX/Ghetto which you may not be able to escape from!
It's like wearing Dreadlocks, or a Star of David; have you thought that your political trouble is connected to the "BOX" you (& only you) have confined yourself to?

I find the posters here to be openminded, with a wide range of political slants which change
with the topic and the interchange which is taking place.

Stand back and look around , first at the Universe, & then at the people you know, Ambiguity/Difference
rules! Identical/Twin Universes are not the same, as proof, check the DNA of so called "Twin" humans.

We can/will not go through another Crusades, or the other "Ethnic" Cleansing's which have taken place.
Would it please you to have every one converted into a Clone of you, all marching to the beat of
another Hitler-Or/AND MOSES, do you envision MCR parting the water of the Rubicon, purging "OUR"
Nation/movement/Blog of any/all Idolaters, Marching us for 40 yr.s to the "Promised Land"?
I pray you have a more positive outlook/Goal, please enlighten us as to the "Moaning"/"Wringing" you
detect, AND what you would you like the Chorus to vocalize as our way of life comes apart?
The Mass Media/TV is enough of a lullaby.

Potassium Iodine can be found at any Survival/war/army surplus supplier , and at a good Health Food Store, the danger of a radiation "leak" is greater than most people think, P.I. is not something for that "last minute shopping list"!

I have a Hearing loss from the B 52 (which is another subject for another post), but I can't sort words from Music, no matter how good it is! I need the Lyrics to NWT's Songs, please.


Rob_B said...

The UK making moves toward more home-grown food. Of course there's no mention of imminent shortages or the fact that we're only 60% self sufficient.

eyeballs said...

RE: Why the Philippines is a failed state

The author is using Chomsky's turnaround of "failed state" which indicts the US as one. The heart of the article is:

"...nowhere does the interest of the people come in and that is why we are a failed state."

The myth of The State has always included some notion of representing the people: keeping order, defending the borders, fostering prosperity and celebrating the values of the citizens. Yet all states, everywhere, at all times, have been actually run by self-interested governors in a class by themselves -- in a one-party state, a two party state, or even a multi-party state (as long as no party, which is not part of the collective governor's club, can strongly influence events).

With globalized corporate government, there are no independent states. And lately the crassly obvious theft of public funds and opportunities to empower the tiny governor class has completely destroyed the myth of popular sovereignty. The State is cardboard front for what is really going on.

The Fund for Peace, working on behalf of the governor club, of which it is definitely one cloth, has determined that certain states are not completely controlling their territories (and delivering the value of those territories to TPTB). "Chronically ungoverned" west Pakistan, for instance, is just an embarrassment to Total Control, since those people insist on acting as they please. They don't even have banking machines!

The Philippines is only a country because Spain owned those islands (which the US took in 1898) and the Dutch claimed the ones now called called Indonesia. The Moslem south has been fighting for independence for several decades, and if you go a couple hours north of Manila, the rich agricultural north of Luzon could do quite well without a central government. Several islands in between would lapse back to impoverished but free status without a lot of complaints. Manila would be hurting, because it eats the imperial pie produced by all the rest, and produces little food.

Similarly, the US is only a state because of an aparatus steaming along which asserts that it is one. This aparatus is run by the small group that feeds on it, but it is supposedly based on the will of "we the people". That is, the US is supposed to be a state because we want it to be one.

What if we don't?

robmac58 said...

U.S. natural gas supply predicted to drop by 13% in 2011. Analysis by Bill Powers here.

Peddler on the Hoof said...

How can we buy Icelandic debt? I'd be in line. Well for the next year at least. ;)

Anybody read SurvivalBlog?