Monday, January 04, 2010


JAN 3, 2010 -- As I write, the world is falling apart. Military forces from all major powers are flooding the Gulf of Aden, using piracy and terrorism as a pretext. This is all jockeying in anticipation of a major, and possibly total, war in and around the Persian Gulf -- where 60% of the planet's known oil is. Pakistan is imploding. Within days it will face a "worst possible" energy crisis and, according to Pakistani news sources, trigger massive civil unrest. Pakistan has failed. An Israeli and/or U.S. attack on Iran is now, no longer unthinkable. Just recently, Israel recalled all its ambassadors and charges d'affaires simultaneously for what (sure looked to me) was an emergency huddle. Major power shortages are crippling nations from the Phillipines, to Vietnam, to India, throughout the Caspian and especially Pakistan. Cities in many countries (including the USnd Britain) are selectively turning out streetlights that will never come back on because they can't afford the cost. The world is starting to shut down.

Sovereign default is a threat throughout Europe and especially in Greece and the United Kingdom. There are signs that the U.S. economy has started to implode. I will join my good friend, the brilliant James Howard Kunstler, in predicting a DOW at 4,000 in 2010.

President Obama has just ordered massive governmental preparation for a biowarfare attack. Something evil this way comes, and it will be worse than 9-11. Those who have followed me regularly over the years know that I have never gotten excited about any of a score of rumors of another attack. I was the last to get excited because I trusted the map we were making. It proved accurate.

It still is and I am scared shitless. But I am not panicking. I'm trusting the map. We made it together. We're on this ride together.

With the movie Collapse doing well and the book selling strongly I appreciate the risk I'm taking with my credibility, and that I am inviting attacks for issuing this statement. It has been estimated that over a decade my predictions have been 80 per cent accurate. (I never kept count.) I pray to God that this is one of those 20 per cent that I get wrong. To all of you who I love and to whom I owe so much, I recommend that you make a small investment in potassium iodide tablets for yourself and your family. It's time to start running faster than the other campers.

And with all of that you should hear the songs the New White Trash are writing and recording. You will very soon. I am so proud to be a part of this band. Music will make the birth of the new paradigm easier to take. I've been listening to Taj Mahal all day.

From Jenna Orkin

Deadly animal diseases poised to infect humans
Obama Orders Gvt. to Prepare for Biological Attack (from cj)
Pakistan: Energy Crisis May Cripple Country by 15th
Pakistan government under pressure after deadly attack
Cruise Missile Attacks in Yemen (from Vantage Point)
Obama aide says al Qaeda may plan Yemen attack
Russia suspends Belarus oil supplies

UK and US shut embassies in Yemen
Yemeni air attacks risk mobilising hostile tribes
Iran Plans Large-Scale War Games (from Rice Farmer)
Obama to exploit Iran unrest for sanctions
UK airports to get full-body scanners
New U.S. air traveler screening focuses on 14 nations
Report: Cartoonist attacker targeted Hillary Clinton
Arms deal set to strain U.S.-China relations
Is the Detroit Nigerian "Terrorist" A Patsy? (from Vantage Point)

The 2010 Food Crisis Means Financial Armageddon (from Businessman)
Britain 'must produce more food'
Exxon's Built In Escape Hatch from the Shale Gas Game
North Magnetic Pole Moving Toward Russia
At the rate of forty miles per year.
Tajikistan earthquake leaves 20,000 homeless
Two large quakes near Solomon Islands
Obesity epidemic spreads in sub-Saharan Africa
Belching cows can help to rescue our planet

Bernanke warns about creating new bubbles
So he can say, "told ja so."
Iceland's Parliament Coerced Into Offering Bribes, Hoping For Quick Entry Into EU
China's hunger for metals
Tokyo Stock Exchange to Launch New Trading System Jan. 4
For Some of Japan's Jobless, Homes Just 5 Feet Wide
NYT: Loan program may have made things worse
Unemployment sets a grim record in 2009

Cyber Threats to Expect in 2010
Boy, 4, shot dead in US church
Power of Attorney
John Yoo, charming, witty, so non-threatening.
Google exec runs for Vt. governor


wxdude714 said...

I don't agree with the author's conclusions reagarding the food crisis. The problem is there are only two countries in the world that export food in enough quanities to overcome a food crisis. The US and Canada. During my study of weather modification, FOREX reserves, energy prices and food prices in 2007, I found quite the opposite to be true. Many foregin nations bought food from US producers. This means our dollars come back to us for goods and service and into the pockets of the American Farmer through the Food Manufactors, instead of dumping them to exchange them for Euros. Food scares in '07 especially in India actually caused food inflation on the comex making food more profitable which aided the American Farmer tremendously in 2007. It's a win-win situation, without US dollars foregin nations like India, Egypt, Iraq will not be able to buy food because we will be the only ones to have it... for the time being.

marketTrader2 said...

Alright, saw the movie, but I got the impression that pissing in your backyard and living off that, won't cut it. So I would like to know if somebody is actually trying to form a sustainable community in America based on the pretense of the reality in this movie? Call it whatever, co-op, commune, but it may be ironic that many farmers end up living the way Mike suggests we'll have to, only because the financial implosion precedes the resource one. The people prepared for peak oil, get prepared NOT because they know what is coming, but because of the increasing struggle just to make it. All the peak oil people, me included die in the city and we even had a superior internet connection. Anybody know if the first guy to spot the iceberg from the Titanic survived?

Unknown said...

Please enough of the Homeland Security Threat Level style updates. Last time on this blog, the world was going to end in 2008 because of the Mumbai attacks.

Titus Pullo said...

Please link to the story of Israel recalling all its ambassadors? That seems very alarming, indeed. I can't find it via "The Google."

Titus Pullo said...

found it, nevermind.... thx

Peddler on the Hoof said...

hasn't gulf of aden been 'flooded' with foreign navies since 2008?

wxd: i'd add brazil to your food exporter list.

bill: end of human-made institutions (not world) is more like it.

tony said...

In my opinion, this greater military activity can be linked to the Kopenhagen conference, which, climate change or not, was about finding a peaceful answer to the question: who will get the remaining fossil fuels?
This failed completely.
And now, war on terror is back in full force, the Chinese want a military base near Saudi Arabia, the Russians say they need more weapons to deter the US, Israel calls back its ambassadors, etc.
As if they all were waiting to see if somehow there would be an agreement at Kopenhagen and, since there isn't one, rush forward to do their own thing. Masks are coming off.
On a side note, it will be interesting to see if Russia can regain control of Ukraine in this month's presidential elections (by way of Yanukovych).

Vampiric Aphid said...

I just re-read the Mumbai blog and while it was ominous, it wasn't like this recent posting. Let's be fair here. MCR has been correct enough to give serious consideration to his warnings. We are all to make our own conclusions. Also, if you believe Peak Oil and its consequences to be true then you understand that even if things don't unfold in 2010, it will eventually. When MCR talked about trillions in Citigroup/JP Morgan deritives in and the housing bubble in Crossing the Rubicon, he saw the problem and that the consequences were not far away. Can't really fault him for not giving a specific date. The fact's are out there. 2010 is going to be, at the least, a worse year than 2009. Economically speaking anyway. $7 trillion in marketable debt alone? When does it stop making sense to prop up a $10 trillion GDP economy with equal or greater amounts of debt? For oil, we're already at $82/gallon. Almost 3x what it was worth in March, and this is even under depressed economic conditions. Don't forget the historic precedent of sharp oil price increases with recessions following right aftwards!

tony said...

I also wonder if the execution of that British drug smuggler by the Chinese was a kind of political statement.

Mute1985 said...

This is out of context but I want to give a deep and honest thank to MCR for his work.

I'm a talk radio host in an important redneck/blind rightist minding radio station in Canada.

With your work, M. Ruppert, and the help of some of my best friends who talk to me about peak oil several years ago. I totally change my mind on almost all economical, political or geopolitical subjects. I was able from 2006 to push the listeners to get out of debt, get out of stock market, to buy gold, to buy smaller but more eficient houses etc, etc.

I had to fight against the mockery of my colleague but history giving me reason time after time, I finally gain some credibility.

The majority of my listeners think I'm just a freak who beleive in stupid conspiracy but I receive now more and more emails everyday from people who finaly understand the problem of peak oil... and I work for THESE guys.

I'm trying to move in a little farming town with a bio farm for neighbourg now. I don't have much money but I try hard to be faster than a majority of those blind campers.

So I just wanted to give a little cheer to you and everybody else who understand the imminent crisis and has I read the blog and all the comments everyday, It gives me hope.


pstajk said...

I can read between the lines here, and I understand the new posting (however subtly cryptic), yet I am left a bit stunned.

As Vampiric Aphid said - we'll all make our own conclusions considering what we're all seeing.

The recent postings have more than a tinge of alarm to them: food crisis, biological warfare, pakistan, potassium iodide ...

Like I said I'm kind of stunned, yet I heed the warning.

It's hard to run from a bear when you don't know which direction its coming. Any thoughts?

I mean half of me agrees with billmo and the other half doesn't know what the hell to think.

Don Hynes said...

No need for apologies or qualifiers Mike. You pencilled the outline of a map that gets bolder every day. Those handicapping your accuracy miss the point, which is first make a map and second to understand it. The "underpants bomber" and his arms manufacturing "banker" Nigerian papa (isn't that one of those countries with oil?), the CIA strike that cost 8 "agents" in Afghanistan that turns out to have been done by a Jordanian double agent (doesn't torture work?), the Pakistan energy quakes Jenna linked to (won't China just jump Tibet and take Pak in the fire sale when their economy is completely off the cliff?), just points on the map. After understanding is what to do and that's still very much in the mix particularly after Nopenhagen. Appreciate your call Mike and the heads up does no one wrong who's been practicing with map and compass themselves.

martypantsROK said...

"potassium iodide" - Really? Now that seems a little extreme.

I've always loved reading the wilderness blogs, but I'm starting to tire of the "sky is falling" types of things.

While you may hope this is one of the 20% that isn't true, I personally hope it is. I've become a collapsitarian and think we need that get out of the total rut of thinking the US is in.

Robert Paulsen said...

I'm not familiar with this source, but when I posted this over at I got this very interesting link from seemslikeadream:

Militant Gamesmanship

While "Tehran plans a major military exercise" the real story, I'm hearing through sources is that US intel is noticing how many al Qaeda types have left places like the US and Yemen and seem to be converging on Pakistan.

Why? Well, word has it that AQ hasn't been able to buy nukes so the 'new game' is likely to be to agitate and action a coup against the Pakistani government and swipe their nukes.

Not much big in the headlines so far, although plenty of stories like "Five more die in Pakistan bombings" and "Three killed in US drone attack in Pakistan's northwest" to be sure.

If what I'm hearing is correct, then AQ is done shopping and they may have Pakistan's nuclear arsenal in their sights. Over the coming weeks and months, I'll be paying a little closer attention that that theater. You & I won't be the only ones watching; China's close on this and a Xinhua story "Militancy poses great threat to Pakistan's existence: President" backs up the idea that Pakistan is the "next Iraq". Except this time there really are nukes and they really would be up for grabs if the government/military alliance there fails.

Sobering stuff. We'll have none of that here, thank you.

RanD said...

Re Something Evil Comes this Way:

North Magnetic Pole Moving Toward Russia?! Ah ha! Sounds like a perhaps scientifically irrefutable exemplification of what Charles H. Hapgood perceived (and was endorsed in Albert Einstein's 1955 Foreward to) Hapgood's marvelous 1957 original "The Earth's Shifting Crust" 1st edition of "Path of the Pole"!

So far today's rate of motion seems a bit slow, however; only app. 40 mpy? But, as we know, some things sometimes speed up. If not? Oh well, it was fun anyhow. (We're sure Graham Hancock LOVES it!)

SerryJW said...

Did you see that Israel is distributing gas masks to the entire population

businessman said...

LOL...It continues to intrigue me how some people who don't regularly participate in this Blog just drop in, impart upon us their feelings of total superiority, and then move on.

I admire everyone in here who have decided that the best response to give these kinds of no response.

As I've heard someone I've learned a great deal from say many times, "I can choose peace, or I can choose this."

Vampiric Aphid said...

Don- Yes, Nigeria is actually a pretty big oil producer. I think it was actually ranked right near Iraq in terms of production (in 2006). I'm sure Iraq is pumping a lot more out these days. Nigeria is also currently in a "constitutional crisis" which may see the military intervene. Dutch Shell and Chevron may lose their oil contracts there. A good amount of oil to lose out on!!

Peter J. Nickitas said...

Where does one get potassium iodide tablets?

Peter J. of Minneapolis

MCR said...

MUTE 1985 -- You've made my day. --



Gustav said...

Hi guys.

It's not about WHEN, but about THE PATH we're on. Speed is relative. Time is it's own master.

But when you are sitting in a lounge of a boat travelling down the river, you would probbably want to listen to the guy sitting on the bow.

Sometimes the rock beneath the surface turns out to be a floating log, but would you prefer NOT having a guy sitting on the bow?


A new tipping point of the global systemic crisis: When the slip knot around public deficits is going to strangle Western states and their social security systems

gels said...


To suggest that citizens stock up on Potassium Iodide (aka: DUCK! H-BOMBS INCOMING!!) is wildly irresponsible if you do not accompany such statements with ballpark probabilities.

In other words, is the US now facing a 1 in 100,000 chance of Nuclear Exchange in the next year, whereas in 2006 it was 1 in 1,000,000? 1 in 5? 1 in 50000?

You don't say.

When you insinuate Nuclear War or Pandemic Style Biological Attack without any semblance of probabililties for context, you provide a disservice to the readers.

It's one thing to rationally absorb the blatant indicators predictive of the current Great Recession and say: extreme economic trouble is on the way, buy gold.

It's another to say: there's a good(How good?) chance that safeties are being pulled off ICBMs and/or some unnamed pandemic bio terror attack is being prepared to cull the planet's population- this year.

Indeed, while I agree that Peak Oil and the Energy Crisis have arrived, I do think your forecast for implosion -this year- is a bit apprehensive. I feel we will get to collapse, just not for 10-20 more years.

At that point your original argument for this year's extreme geopolitical instability (i.e. nuclear war) becomes somewhat more plausible.

Steven Langbroek said...

Well, some good news (small as it may be):

Iceland has convinced it's president to not let them pay for banker's mistakes. I hope other countries will follow: (in dutch) (in english)

gamedog said...

Timely warning Mike, right on.

Living on Nothing but Food Stamps

"About six million Americans receiving food stamps report they have no other income"

Brown 'crackdown' on Yemen terror is exposed as just spin

"Gordon Brown was accused of 'playing politics with terrorism' yesterday"

Gee, who woulda thunk it....

F.Kamilov said...


Just out of curiosity re. the Polar Shift theory and Graham Hancock: Hancock set up an excellent case for this in his early "Fingerprints of the Gods" book, but the in the one that followed, "The Mars Mystery", he himself refutes this by replacing it with the Asteroid/Cometary Strike Theory! I think both are equally valid, yet we can't seem to pinpoint the exact source of the trouble that befell Man's Golden Age of "prehistory"...

The work of Charles Hapgood on the ancient maps, equinoctial precession and crustal slippage is original and from a time when such material was exclusive and explosive (like I. Velikovsky's); the "Von Daniken" era had not yet arrived when it was printed first in 1957, although it was "Chariots of the Gods" that I read quite early on.

And I'm sure you'll be acquainted with "Hamlet's Mill", a scholarly work by Giorgio Santillana and Hertha Von Dechend which is inseperable from Hapgood's work.

F.Kamilov said...

Robert Paulsen:

"AQ" is tied hand and foot and can't buy anything! He was out of the picture in 2004. His jailers are faithfully following their US overlords' concern in this regard by keeping him under restraint. Previously, the man used to be a blustery type with a lot of pompous bombast and gusto. Now he writes silly articles for the local press from under house arrest, and issues occasional pathetic whimpers on this, that or the other issue, just to get himself noticed! Once a hero for his people, even they are now sick of his failed theatrics.

Sandlin said...

whether a nuke hit becomes reality or not, I have stocked potassium iodide for over 2 years. Better safe than sorry?

Unknown said...

@ businessman: been on this blog since its inception and was a subscriber to the old FTW. I also post under different usernames so your assumption is erroneous. Sometimes MCR goes overboard with the hyperbole - Thanks for the map but let readers draw conclusions/actions. The comment about potassium iodate tablets was irresponsible.

Robert Paulsen said...

F. Kamilov:

I think George Ure might be using AQ as shorthand for al Qaeda, not A.Q. Khan. Basically he's saying that with the power vacuum about to occur in Pakistan, al Qaeda is positioning itself to fill that vacuum and gain control of their nukes.

OrwellianUK said...

Talk of Potassium Iodide might be a little alarmist, but bear this in mind:

The region in which all the troubling violence and instability is brewing is literally bristling with Nuclear Weapons. Israel has them and it is no longer unthinkable that they might use them against Iran. Pakistan has them and with that country's crisis deepening it is fair to say that their arsenal could soon become the proverbial loose cannon.

In addition, we can't forget neighbouring India and China, nor Russia - all Nuclear Powers - and certain other regional states, formerly of the Soviet Union and likely still in possession of their own nuclear capacity.

On top of this, we have the numerous US bases (dozens of them) spread all over the region and it would be foolish to rule out the possibility that some of them contained tactical nuclear devices.

Finally, with just about every Major and Regional power having a Naval presence in the area and those easy-to-have a-collision straits of Hormuz and Aden on the chessboard, I think we can see just how easily a rash act or mistake could cause the situation to get out of control very quickly.

I'm reminded of one of those hollywood scenes where everyone is at a face-off, toting guns knowing that the first person to lose their nerve and fire will set off a carnage that will kill almost everybody - Will Smith in 'Enemy of the State' springs to mind.

In this context, it would seem that MCR's comment is not actually that hyperbolic. He's not saying that the US mainland or Europe is under imminent threat of a Nuclear attack, but rather that there is a slight possibility that we could be dealing with a global atmosphere and water supply that have been compromised by the effects of a regional nuclear exchange.

So, we're not been advised to get some lead sheeting in and build some fall out shelters, but rather to get some 'just in case' medication. A little like recommending we stock up with oranges to fight seasonal flu with a good dose of vitamin C.

That's my pennies worth anyway.

Unknown said...

Where is this map he keeps talking about? Is it something only he has access to or is it something available on the web?

tony said...

OrwellianUK said: "certain other regional states, formerly of the Soviet Union and likely still in possession of their own nuclear capacity."
No, all nuclear weapons went to Russia.
(just saying)

Anonymous said...

There is no peak oil, but there will be a chronic shortage for other reasons.
There is more oil in the Alberta oilsands (a U.S. owned venture then there is in Saudi Arabia)

The coming chronic global shortage comes for another reason.

It's the U.S./U.K. controlled oil bourse that will cause it.

Iran is being targeted because it's one of several countries that want to use their own currencies for oil sales, rather than using the U.S. dollar.

Any country that doesn't want to play ball with the U.S. government and the Financial (Federal Reserve) and Oil interests is, in essence, put on a hit list!

The United States, learned that Iran intended to form its own bourse and not use the dollar for oil sales. Therefore, the notion that Iran is a menacing almost-nuclear country was trumped up, presented as fact via the corporate media, and Iran is now in the crosshairs.

Other nations wanting more independence from U.S./U.K. meddling include Norway, Venezuela, Nigeria, Bolivia, Sweden, China and Russia.

There is no peak oil.

Crude oil is the real currency of the world. There is no Peak Oil, but Americans will never hear about huge oil and gas reserves that the United States and the U.K. has, which, if ever tapped, would..."

Well, it would collapse the American dollar...The price of gasoline at the pump would plummet; the President, Democrat or Republican can never allow this, ...and why won't they?

Here's why: If they allowed the untapped oil reserves (and/or other oil fields to come online) to come to American refineries, the other oil producing countries of the world that haven't jumped ship from the American dollar yet, would not be obligated to buy our national securities, our T-Bills and our securities, and the dollar would collapse in a months time...and the President and his team knows this.

But yet on the other hand, if other nations continue to jump ship, and don't use the American dollar, and the "New York Bankers" - those "Money-Changers" no longer have the control of the oil of the world, through the control of the American dollar, the dollar will collapse anyway...It's just a matter of time. Supranational currency controlled by the Federal Reserve anyone?

The Stock Market Crash, dollar collapse, and world-wide depression has already started, and so has consolidation of power by these "Money-Changers" on a globally scale. Consolidation of power in the hands of a greedy few. Hyperinflation is coming when the market has bottomed out and so is a global currency.

The international money-changers (re: the international bankers who own it and print it) want a one world global currency.

This is why there will be a war in the Middle East...and the world will be at war once again...everyone who has stake in M.E. oil will be there defending their own critical national interests. It's all about control on a global scale.

Bible prophecy is correct about what is coming on the world...concerning events about to take place and what the world is going to be faced with. Are you ready? Are you ready for the mark of the control over ALL buying and selling?

Vampiric Aphid said...

Ed and Lisa: Someone can probably explain this better than I but...the "map" isn't a traditional map. If you read "Crossing the Rubicon" you can get an idea of what he's talking about. To understand the map you first must accept the Peak Oil theory, in that oil is running out and unable to meet increasing demand. If true, then world events makes sense in this context and the "map" can (and does) typically predicts future events. It can also explain past events. In America's case, it's about doing whatever it can to ensure they are in a military and political position to ensure a steady flow of gas and oil. If there's only so much to go around, well...not so nice things start to happen.

OrwellianUK said...


"No, all nuclear weapons went to Russia."

How can you be so sure?

In any event, it doesn't much reduce the threat of the possibility of Nuclear Exchange.

Hotspringswizard said...

Ed and Lisa, Mike commonly talks about " the map ", and people who post here at times thank Mike for " the map " he has given them. Well I'll make a stab at a brief explanation to your question. The rest of you posters or Mike correct me of course if I am mis-construeing what " the map " means. Just thought I'd try and give a simple answer to Ed and Lisa's question.

The map is not something physical but is rather a mental concept. Its kind of like the idea of how a teacher might bring you insight about the larger realities of whats going on some particular subject matter, and also provides you information on how you can do this interpretation/learning on your own.

A map can provide you a way to navigate a landscape, and in this case its the landscape of world events as related to peak oil, geopolitcal and economic realities, etc. So Mike is akin to a guide, who has pointed out many important signpost along the way of where we are headed. As we have proceeded down this path of information and understanding, Mike has tried to provide others the means to do this deciphering on their own.

People have appreciated " the map " Mike has provide that illuminates more clearly the truer realities of the terrain of experience we are traveling through, and he has enabled others to take part in providing and indentifying more important pieces of this map of our ongoing, unfolding world situation.

Perhaps some others here may wish to cite their own perspective on just what Mike and others mean by " the map ".

tony said...

How do I know? Because that was one of the conditions for letting them become independent, and since the USSR military was controlled by Moscow it would be quite difficult to hide some nuclear weapons from them.
And no, that doesn't diminish the possibility of nuclear exchange, I can agree with most of what you say.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Liberal moaning and hand-wringing. Yawn.

Unknown said...

Hi Ronin, the likelihood of me being a liberal is equal to the probability of you making it onto a best dressed/most beautiful list. Cheers.