Tuesday, January 05, 2010

How Russia Is About to Dramatically Change the World

NEW, NEW WHITE TRASH SONG by Doug Lewis, Andy Kravitz and Mike Ruppert

Jan. 4, 2009 -- "Avalanche and Earthquake" is the latest from New White Trash. Given the severity of my last (blog) post this will tell you how I'm building lifeboats... I'm building family.

I love this song. I contributed the words and melody to brilliant guitar chords and the chorus line Avalanche and Earthquakes. Doug laid some brilliant guitar in this and Andy added percussion and -- as always -- mixed, tweaked, fiddled around and arranged like nobody's business. I love these guys and it should be apparent that we have a solid song writing team... a real solid fucking band. And we have a real message. Wait till you hear what I did with my old buddy Jim Sullins from down in Nashville. It's called "On My Back Road". That'll be up as soon as we finish "trashing" it.

NWT is catching on. It's resonating and we're getting hits from all over the world. Welcome to the music of the Post-Paradigm. We are producing culture. And music will make the birth of the new paradigm that much easier to take.

Welcome to the New White Trash: http://www.newwhitetrash.com

From Jenna Orkin

How Russia Is About to Dramatically Change the World
Climate change far worse than thought before
Colombia rebels, al Qaeda in "unholy" drug alliance
Man charged with threatening to kill U.S. President, First Lady
Run for cover.

MI5 told US about bomber's terror links a year ago
MI5 'still using threats to recruit Muslim spies'
Security Service used blackmail to turn us into informers, immigrants say
Exclusive: CIA Attacker Driven in From Pakistan
Six trucks of explosives 'disappear' in Yemen
Afghan bomber was triple agent
Germany knows nothing of alleged CIA murder plot
Opposition Mounts in U.K. as Islamist Group Plans Anti-War March
New Executive Order Aims to Avoid Declass Deadline

Frozen Britain may run short of gas
Bookies slash odds on coldest-ever January
China and S Korea gripped by freeze
Seoul battles heaviest snow in 70 years
Calgary's cold weather causes record power demand and a call to conserve (from Rice Farmer)Iberian Spot Power Hovers Near All-Time Lows (from Rice Farmer)
Peru's mountain people face fight for survival in a bitter winter
Avalanches bring misery to the frozen Alps
Power outage halts flights at Washington DC airport
Maize shortage to affect over 4 million Kenyans
Nepali gov't to limit power cut to 12 hours daily (from Rice Farmer)
Will Middle East Tensions Drive Oil to $300? Part I (from Rice Farmer)

John Williams: Hyperinflation and the death of the US economy
Advance warning: Danger of bond market collapse! (from Rice Farmer)
Japanese Government Bond Market at Risk of Collapse? (from Rice Farmer)
Will the Euro Become the Most Hated Currency for 2010?
School Bills Due But State Can't Pay: "There is No Money"; Let the War on Public Unions Begin
Personal bankruptcies rising fast
Bankruptcies increased 32 percent in ’09
Turbulence Marks Global Outlook for 2010 (from Rice Farmer)
Dems, Wall Street water down financial reform
Ron Paul "No Longer Fringe"
Krugman: Beware the blip
Climbing crude could scupper ‘recovery’
Economics and Limits to Growth: What's Sustainable? (from Rice Farmer)
"The end of growth does not come from depletion, but from rising capital costs."
Treasurys set for worst year since 1978
Krugman Sees 30% to 40% Chance of Second U.S. Recession as Stimulus Fades
Geithner Finds No Good Deed Unpunished as Banks Seek Profits From Bailouts
Housing Animal Spirits Set to Be Banished as U.S. Prime Foreclosures Mount
Walmart, Costco, US Bank Profit From Energy Credits in US; Carbon Tax Thrown Out By French Court

Easing the Pain
Half of Americans with depression not treated
Study says acetaminophen may ease psychological pain
Could it help us through our terror? How about bankruptcy?
France Plans to Sell Surplus Flu Shots
Five million people have been vaccinated in France but the country purchased 94 million vaccines. The government wants to sell off the extra doses.

Nineteen pythons found by firefighters in burning trailer
Top 10 Sci-Fi Weapons That Actually Exist
Can Male Prostitutes Boost Economy?
Depends on whose.


Tricia said...

Forget the potassium iodide tablets. Get the Lifesaver Bottle or the Lifesaver jerrycan, which can purify water for a family of four for two years.


Anonymous said...

The posting for MCR's songs says, ww.newwhite . The link goes to the wrong website.

I and four others saw Collapse two weeks ago. It was awesome.

MCR said...

Sorry, maybe Jenna can fix. It's http://www.newwhitetrash.com

gamedog said...

I just got 180 potassium iodide tablets for £5.40 inc delivery. I hope I never need them, but I'd rather have them sat in the back of a drawer and not need them...

... than need them and not have them in the back of a drawer!
Hat tip Urbansurvival subscriber only: (sorry G. too important not to publish)

Have a read of Frederick Sallagar's "The Road to Total War" which deals with careful dissection of WW II and concludes (roughly) that neither the British nor the Germans wanted total war which included bombing of civilian populations in London and Germany (Dresden's firestorms, et al). Yet a unique combination of personalities and pressure from the militaries and intelligences fields made escalation to total conflict inevitable.

A related paper on point, which may assist your personal assessment of post Iran-attack possibilities is William Schwabe's 1990 Rand paper " Roles and Phases in Superpower Deterrence and Escalation control."

The summary escalations would be:

1. Israel attacks Iran.

2a. International community isolates Israel and cuts US energy OR

2b. Arab alliance attacks Israel and US forces in all arenas, Iran takes Iraq (and it's oil!) and the US already drawn off into Afghanistan is unable to prevent the Iranian action without going nuclear which is unactable to China and Russia...which leads to

3. Russia and China declare war on the US for our resource grab in the Middle East

4. A series of unfortunate misreading and structural dynamics (as explained in the Rand papers) leads to the global nuclear escalation path.

But, at least the markets would have something to blame its collapse on!

rand links: http://www.rand.org/pubs/commercial_books/2007/RAND_CB408.pdf


One strike could have ended Iran nuclear program in 2004

Here's one for the warmists :~/


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that your top headline comes from The Trumpet, a religious magazine published by the Philadelphia Church of God.

Wow...these must really be End Times, Jenna. ;)

Patrick said...

Regarding Russia changing the world, that may be true, but...

The comment about Iran wanting to wipe Israel off the face of the Earth has been taken out of context since its inception.

If anything, Israel is the bully, let's be honest!

Note: This is NOT anti-semitic so please don't go there.

trevbus said...

Hi Tricia,

MCR is recommending potassium iodide not chiefly for water purification, but to saturate your thyroid with non-radioactive iodine, so that if you eat or breathe nuclear fallout your body expels the radioactive iodine.

It would be prudent to have iodine on hand for both water purification and nuclear war. Hopefully you won't need to use it at all.

Potassium Iodide is often referred to as KI.
eg http://www.ki4u.com/

pstajk said...


What awards is Michael Pritchard winning this year?

Every single one, yes? All Nobel, Emmy, Grammy, Pulitzer, and MTV awards, right? ... i mean give him every 1st place ribbon that exists

There are so many cruel and thoughtless people out there right now and it only takes one Michael Pritchard to change the world with one simple, easy, and life-saving invention.

He is Mohammad, Jesus Christ, Sidhartha, Buddha, and Zeus (minus the thunderbolts and pecks) in one, is he not?

Einstein creates a few formulas; this guy eliminates thirst throughout the whole world ... who wins?

Is my hyperbole over the top?

v said...

Concern as China clamps down on rare earth exports



OrwellianUK said...


You're dead right about that old myth.

It's one of those 'goebbels' type lies that has been repeated so many times that everyone thinks it's true. Bear with me on this Jenna, because it will become relevant.

The context is that Ahmadinejad was quoting Ayatollah Khomeini who in a discussion about the corruption of certain regimes (e.g. Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia and Iran under the Shah) said: "This regime that is occupying Qods [Jerusalem] must be eliminated from the pages of history".

See this link

He was referring to the Zionist regime that runs Israel rather than Israel itself. Like most of these issues it has been distorted and turned on it's head.

The Palestinian issue is similarly viewed through a perspective that is actually backwards. Last night I saw part of a Sky documentary by Ross Kemp who usually does these 'gung ho' things in Afghanistan.

He described the Palestinians as Israel's 'Enemy at the Gates'. The truth of course is the opposite way around, because rather like the US and the UK, Israel is in fact a 'Terrorist State' who engages in 'Wholesale Terrorism', rather than the 'Retail Terrorism' of resistance groups such as Hamas.

It is not anti-semitic to say this, although it gets shouted down as such by those who misuse this accusation.

Israel long ago sacrificed security for expansionism. If they want 'security' on their streets, they need only obey UN Resolutions and International Law and return to the 1967 borders (even these borders were immoral, but legitimised by the UN). What they actually are doing is gradually ethnically cleansing the whole of Palestine of its indigenous people. Gaza and the few remaining enclaves in the West Bank are 'reservations' full of refugees.

Similarly, if the US and UK/Nato really want 'security' they need only end their policies of intervensionism, exploitation and support of puppet dictatorships. But again the policy is one of Hegemony, not security.

Currently, the Israeli-Palestine issue (I will not call such a one sided act of State-Sponsored Criminality a 'Conflict'), can be seen in the context of Peak Oil. Israel's expansionism and militarism is part of US strategy in the region, with Israel being their local 'enforcer' - the tool by which they might decide to attack Iran with, then pretend to admonish.

Now, as we see attention building on the Yemen, it would appear that we are looking at a 'Tale of two Triangles'. The first Triangle is the Golden one, mentioned by Mike which contains 60% of the worlds fossil fuel reserves and is centred on the Persian Gulf.

The second Triangle is the one which is made up of the 3 points of the Suez Canal, The Straits of Hormuz and now recently and significantly, the Gulf of Aden. All these 3 bottlenecks - the vital shipping/oil transit routes in the region are fundamental to the 'Grand Chessboard' being played upon.

Paul said...

Following on from OrwellianUK’s comment on 04 Jan posting:

I am currently reading James Douglas’s excellent book “JFK and the Unspeakable” (as recommended by Jenna I think).

We are nowhere as close to Armageddon as we were in the 60’s during the Cuban Missile crisis. I remember it well and was scared as hell. But the current situation could very easily slip into a similar crisis - and I am sure there are vested interests that would welcome - or are more likely working towards - the firing off of a few nukes.

The pressures on JFK from the military to start a nuclear exchange with the USSR were enormous. He resisted and was executed for his efforts. Are those pressures still present now - absolutely. Is President O made of the same integrity and courage as JFK? I don’t think so.

I’m not suggesting that the US is the only country likely to start a conflict - just drawing parallels. In the 60’s there were just two empires face-to-face. Now there are many factions each with their own allegiances, objectives and capabilities.

A quote of JFK from the book jumped out at me:

“Above all, while defending our own vital interests, nuclear powers must avert those confrontations which bring an adversary to a choice of either a humiliating retreat or a nuclear war. To adopt that kind of course in the nuclear age would be evidence only of the bankruptcy of our policy - or of a collective death-wish for the world.”

I am not sure sure whether we have bankrupt policies or a collective death-wish or both. But I shall be buying a supply of potassium iodide - just as insurance for my own family.


RanD said...

The Whole & the mundane - #25

F.Kamilov, Ruthie & I are sincerely grateful for your kind and thoughtful response (from your Part 1 - 2:01 PM post). Nonetheless, your response also makes it clear to us that you do not (and why you do not) understand what we are saying; all of which also leaves us knowing that it would be remiss of us to not state the following, for all of us here at FTW:

Ruthie & I conduct our lives from a perspective that sees the whole of existence and the mundane as being inseparable, and find ourselves both given & compelled to say so. From doing this we are then suddenly caused to realize and further state that the FTW forum/family is therefore justly defined as being (for us, at least ) a truly "sacred" place, one which see having been brought into being by the whole of existence AND the mundane, with the inherently inseparable two working together to serve the purposes, ultimately, of both. This in turn describes (for us, at least) how the means and forces by which the fully shared self-consciously developing thoughts & feelings of Ruthie's & my physically embodied, i.e., physically actualized SPIRITUAL selves/"souls" -- which/who are focused on the productive interaction of existence and the mundane -- are moved to produce and live hereby such words as you are now reading.

This also describes the mental/behavioral self-orienting system that R & D implement to determine what's best for us to do during the general course of our lives together, and not merely during this highly accelerated phase of massive evolutionary change, whereof an ever self-transforming world of human experience is, as we speak, overwhelming and replacing the world from which it is being produced.

Moreover, by fully consciously conducting our lives as described here, we recognize all of which occurs on Earth as well as throughout the entire field of existence does so within a single, unified, fully comprehensible and thus linguistically accessible context. And, it is from this both existence-generated means and personally-actualized perspective that our mundane R & D selves/souls are given/caused to share these words with the FTW forum/family.

It is also from such as we describe here that we know all human beings are produced from, and conform with, this same, singular source of existence; which source IS existence, itself. Still, very few people understand or have yet learned and know this, and largely explains why our humankind world continues heading more or less haphazardly and uncertainly into its future.

Even so, we're guaranteed to get there!

RanD said...

Patrick, OrwellianUK, Paul, and Jenna,

I write this with tears in my eyes as Ruthie smiles and winks at me. These words that you've brought to us re the Israel, USA, Iran, Palestine "situation" -- as it is! -- have long been screaming for life.

Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou, and thankyou!

F.Kamilov said...

Ruthie and David:

The FTW forum is a "sacred" place, for you to carry out your task(s) - as you see them, I don't dispute; but our precious members are all at varying stages of development. Just as children are sacred to a father-figure, but he makes sure to unfold the correct "syllabus" to them at the correct stage: for example, you don't give sex education to a toddler! Nor do you give him car driving privileges. He can't even handle a car! You wait till he reaches a certain stage along his path. I for one go by the old and simple rules, and the adage of not casting pearls before...you know what, as not everybody will know what is best for them. If so, we would have a golden age effortlessly. And for the creature in the adage above, a rotten cabbage will have far more value than a pearl!

I don't have the time or energy to unwind or try to spend needless energy on unwinding your intricately elaborate multi-coloured skeins of verbosity, I'm sorry. Nor would MCR or Jenna, I'm sure. They are decent enough to post your outpourings in the first place. If I lack what is "careful reading" by your standards in this regard, then I am happy to be a careless reader. So be it. If you misinterpret the mystic truth that you are fused to the "All" and your words are "Its" words, or are uttered on behalf of "It", and that you wish to direct
"Its" chorus, then please get help. And regarding what you do or think is best for your selves (or "dual self"), then that is nobody's business but yours. But it may not be - is not, in fact - for others. Person(s) sent by the All to represent It have a natural charisma and need no introduction or certificate. They just "log-on" automatically. I will leave it at that. Such arguments never end, and certainly serve no sensible purpose.

F.Kamilov said...

When I first started posting here over two years ago, I said that the future of the world lay in Russia. It seems now that with the practical onset of the collapse, that is becoming apparent. A day or two ago, a reader here asked me whether Russia was also not culpable of "crimes of Empire", in a bid to defend the US. Well, certainly not like the US: The Soviet "empire" was the only genuinely multi-ethnic Eurasian superstate, unlike the artificially settled USA where the European settlers from outside came and herded what remained of the battered aboriginals onto "reservations"; the USSR for all its failings was not a colonial nexus that sucked the blood out of its underlings and vassals, creating artificially settled world enclaves of super-prosperity to which they are of late inviting "select" immigrants over from the Third World - about which the original immigrants' progeny now feel touchy! It reminds one of a stray wandering onto the territory of another cur, seizing the rich pickings, and then snarling as yet another approaches in the same manner! Unfortunately, that is the reality of all the hyper prosperous artificial Anglophone countries spawned by the British: "multi-cultural" Britain itself, plus the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. And these will be the first victims of Peak Oil and all it means.

RanD said...

F.Kamilov, Once again your comments move us -- yes, both of "us", Ruthie & me -- to find need of responding to your words (and thus to "you").

Your words progressively make clear to us that your brain (and therefore your mind) is cerebro-synaptically oriented to see (understand) conflict as essential to fulfilling your objective, which objective is, in principle, the same as ours: a better world for our species. And yet, this is also why you & we are motivated to intellectually "joust" with each other, despite our underpinning shared (if we may say so)"fondness" for each other, in that R & D see conflict as being incongruous with "a better world for our species".

Moreover, recognizing the above to be so affirms and explains why (for us, at least) you & we -- although oriented toward a common (in principle) objective, will, as you say (and I paraphrase), also incline us to endlessly "argue" with each other to "no sensible purpose".

In the end you & we are both right in doing what we each must, despite your evidently displayed perceived need to try destroying our words (and thus "RanD") and our utter lack of need to destroy your words (and thus "you").

We will argue with you no more.