Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Jan. 11, 2010 -- "Permalture -- Farms for the Future" --

http://www.viddler.com/explore/PermaScience/videos/4/ It's not just because my friends Colin Capmbell and Richard Heinberg are in it but that helps! This film also totally fits with all of my life's research and the science I used in "Confronting Collapse". At 48 minutes it would be the perfect double feature with "collapse" the movie. We must distinguish real hopes from false ones. We must discard or put aside less important threats and issues to address the only one that matters. Be prepared to learn about Permaculture and be prepared to smile. This is our hope.

From Jenna Orkin

CNBC's Kilduff: $100 Oil in Next Six Months
Constitutional Crisis in Argentina, President Threatens to Take Over Central Bank; Potential Latin America "Cascade Effect"
When the UK Needs Energy, Wind Farms Fail to Produce
Power cuts upset life, candle demand up (Pakistan)
Pakistan Army May Go To North Waziristan - Lieberman (from Rice Farmer, JO)
Pakistan terror death toll worst ever in 2009 – a 48% rise
U.S. household names hit by Venezuela devaluation
Chavez warns businesses after currency devaluation
China the new king of the road
China car sales top U.S. As China Rises, Fears Grow on Whether Boom Can Endure
Chavez Threatens to Seize Businesses, Devalues Currency by 50%; Chavez vs. Obama, Parallels Greater Than You Think!
Massachusetts Miracle: Republicans May Win Senate Special Election For Kennedy's Seat
Guns and goons: Private armies in the Philippines (from Rice Farmer)

Ponzi Scheme: The Federal Reserve Bought Approximately 80 Percent Of U.S. Treasury Securities Issued In 2009 (from Rice Farmer)
Federal Reserve Earned $45 Billion in 2009
Fed seeks to protect US bailout secrets
America slides deeper into depression as Wall Street revels
Wall Street turns flat as advance fades Fed unlikely to be swayed by jobs data: Bullard
China surprises with bank reserve hike, markets hit
China will likely spend full amount of stimulus
China’s “Terminal Phase” of Credit Bubble Excess
Economy still bleeding jobs
Household Survey Charts Reveal This Is No Garden Variety Economic Downturn (from Rice Farmer)
Will the U.S. Social Security System Survive? (from Rice Farmer)
401(k): Here comes the screw job (from Rice Farmer)
Personal Bankruptcy Filings Rising Fast
Schwarzenegger budget ax would fall heavily on poor
Dubai's First Foreclosure Opens Floodgates in World's Worst Housing Market 'The Slums of the 21st Century Are Being Built in Dubai'
Interview with architect - catch the name - Albert Speer Jr.
Rahm Emanuel may quit as Barack Obama's Chief-of-Staff

Clinton to talk bases, security on tour
Elite Iran force’s rise may limit U.S. options
Suicide rate of young veterans up 26 percent
Yemen officials admit to losing battle against al-Qaeda
2010: Giant Gathering Storm Clouds (from Rice Farmer)
We Might Just Nuke Those Cyber Attackers - General
Yemen's top al-Qaida scout is American-born
Military deluged with intelligence from drones
NYT: Remote-controlled planes produced 24 years’ worth of video in '09

Oil at Heart of Dispute Over Iran Fourth UK gas warning
Freezing conditions lead to new alert as North Sea field is shut.
California Ties Cash to Energy
Cold records are shattered across Florida

"The World Bank Unveiled: Inside the Revolutionary Struggle for Transparency"
by David Ian Shaman, Parkhurst Brothers Inc. Publishers, 2009.
Airport Droids Attack Human Gene Pool (from Rice Farmer)
Green Sea Slug Is Part Animal, Part Plant


Nick said...

Thank you for the video on permaculture. I am currently attending a school in Washington where our main focus is permaculture and primitive skills. Your work has been a great inspiration to me and is probably the main reason I am out here learning the things I am. Thank you for everything, especially spreading the permaculture message.

businessman said...

The article mentioning that The Fed is returning its $45 million in 2009 profits to the Treasury...how does that fit in with The Fed being a privately-held, for profit institution?

Is this one-time window-dressing to look good to the public? If not, does anyone know what profits The Fed gets to keep and what profits they're supposed to turn over to The Treasury?

OregonSurvivor said...

The $100 oil link leads to this article. And then my head explodes...

No Peak

agape wins said...

Rand, your # 27 was old stuff, we have, & are evolving way beyond the Quantum terms you name, my next post will be a long one, for now just a little to chew over, I would love to have F.Kamilov's
slant, how about James Williamz, or Yiedyie; the following are quite fruitful, what do you find?
I can't/won't, cut/paste for you, read for insight.






I knew a WW II vet named Walt, who never fired a shot in 2 yr.'s; he was a Radio man with a
Recon unit, he was one of only four from his original unit to return, wounded several times, saw a lot of heavy, mean action. Define "Fit", or for that matter "Fight"? It took Enormous Courage to keep down & tend the Radio. If we were all "Shooting" who would be tending to the "Other"?
As with Climate Change there is another viewpoint.

One in five troops unfit to fight on the front line

Another page of History turned, the loss of another Other, A Great Woman!!

Woman who helped hide Anne Frank dies

Saved from the agony of female circumcision

Cover up or face life in jail, naked rambler is warned

Vampiric Aphid said...

I watched that Kudlow segment when it was airing and just as I was about to get excited, Kilduff starts dismissing Peak Oil. They even mention that "cheerleading" Business Week article which offers zero counterpoint and backed by selective quotes. It's good that Peak Oil is even getting attention though no matter what it is. I know when I heard "Peak Oil" for the first time it interested me enough to do my own research. Hopefully others will do the same and not take the word of Kilduff or Stanley Reed at face value.

businessman said...

That Business Week article that Oregon Survivor forwarded to us on Peak Oil...It's amazing to me that such a well-known magazine could, at this moment in time, publish such a completely ridiculous article.

But then again, they're definitely part of the mainstream media.

Hef Lee said...

On the topic of permaculture...
very pertinent
the one straw revolution
this is "scout" philosophy towards agriculture
primitive skills
reaping and sowing on the move


Velobwoy said...

A Comparison of the Effects of Three GM Corn Varieties on Mammalian Health

Not much, just liver & kidney toxicity.

speppin said...

A key phrase from the Fed article:

"From its revenue, the Fed deducts operating expenses, such as employee salaries, then returns almost all of the earnings that remain to the Treasury. The largest previous refund to the Treasury was $34.6 billion, in 2007."

Since the Fed has not been audited, presumably we don't know what its revenue is, or its "operating expenses"...

Very kind of the Fed to return "almost all of the earnings that remain to the treasury", but how much were its operating expenses? The article doesn't give us that crucial bit of info.

Anonymous said...

Ever wonder why all the really large earthquakes are in locations with huge populations of poor people?

* * * * * * * * * *

Seems like the world is starting to wake up about the flu shot scare. theflucase.com is listing many countries launching investigations and refusing any more shipments. Amy Goodman finally mentioned something about this in her broadcast yesterday, with an investigation here in the States into the hyped need for mass vaccinations. With a new billion dollar vaccination production center in the works here, I guess we won't be hearing too much from the mainstream press about big pharma's plans to keep finding more and more illnesses to vaccinate us against.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Pstajk: My son and I are going to the Jeavons workshop in NJ on the 29th. Maybe we'll see you there.

Brendan Carmody said...

Nice video on permaculture. I also discovered one from the man who coined the term "permaculture" ,Bill Mollison, traveling the world doing the same thing in 3rd world countries,
truly great stuff.


Pandabonium said...

Kiduff's comments were rather funny - I agree we could see $100 oil this year, but he rejects peak oil "theory" and cites a discovery in "shallow" Gulf waters by McMoRan Exploration et al as a "game changer" and "one of the biggest finds in decades". Really?

Shallow? The water yes, but the well... They drilled to over 28,300 feet! Game changer? "estimated 2 trillion cubic feet of "resources" (does that include the sand or is it all gas?). Anyway, the world uses over 104 trillion per year and rising.

But don't worry, according to people like Kiduff, we just need to find more of these fields with our high tech dousing rods. Like about 50 or 60 of them a year?

Vampiric Aphid said...

BusinessMan: I wrote Stanley Reed over his article on Business Week and he responded quickly. To sum up my e-mail, I voiced disappointment over his skewed and rather uninformed article. His reponse, "The article was intended to present a different view of the oil supply/ demand situation than one normally receives and, thus, to spur thought."

I don't intend on responding again. However as I mentioned, and I mentioned to Stanley, was that I can only hope that discussion on either side of this issue is better than none at all. Stanley's article gives a highly erroneous view that our generation and even the next will not have to worry about oil.

gamedog said...

Businessman the BBC reckon on the fed returning $46.1bn from a profit of $52.1bn.


the whole system is a revolving door of smoke and mirrors with jobs for the boys!

RanD said...
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Vampiric Aphid said...

Regarding the Fed "payback" to the Treasury. Can someone explain something to me that maybe I'm missing? According to CNBC last week, 80% of the treasuries last year were purchased by the Fed, under the guise of "investors". By having the Federal Reserve print money and then buy trillions in government debt with it sounds like Fantasy Economics to me. If the FRB were a typical investor, wouldn't the goverment have to pay them back eventually once those Treasuries mature? Since they're already broke how would they ever believe they could pay back those trillions without having to borrow new money to pay old debt? Am I off base here? Or maybe when the FRB purchases Treasuries they're 30 year notes so they don't have to worry about paying them back until the Apocalypse has already occurred and Lemurs rule the earth?

Paul said...

Vampiric Aphid

It's a Ponzi scheme - plain and simple!

And as with all ponzi schemes, it will eventually go pop!

And when it goes pop, it will bring down the whole edifice that comprises the US government system.

Being from the UK I do not feel smug at all. We are in a worse state, and our system is likely to go pop first. This is a competition with few winners...


Vampiric Aphid said...

Paul, I was hoping it wasn't that horrifically simple but it appears to be that way. However there seems to be one wildcard in this Ponzi Scheme that Bernie Madoff would have probably killed for...an investor with limitless money. Madoff's scheme could have continued in perpetuity if he had the FRB printing and handing over the money he needed for it to continue. So in this case, I don't see the US Government's "Ponzi Scheme" collapsing like Madoff's. Instead the FRB will print additional money to fulfill the governments monetary requirements. But instead of a crash ala Madoff we will see the dollar decline in value, commodities go up and standards of living drop. Unless I'm missing another wildcard that could "pop" the scheme even if the FRB continues printing the money the scheme requires?

Hotspringswizard said...

Friggin FED! What a pit of corruption that group is. I had told my mom and stepdad in past years about the realities of this nefarious collection of central Banksters and about the fact that it is not a US govenment agency but is a privately owned entity.

Yesterday my mom calls me on the phone and starts telling me about all the bad things Glen Beck has been telling everybody about the FED, like they are not part of the US government and that they have been screwing us all.

I said " Mom, I've been telling you that for years but now that Faux No News and its minion maniac Glen Beck barks out this same info, now its something you consider valid? " She then says, " Oh Honey, when did you tell me that? Oh well, she's 70+ and maybe the aluminum in the Chem Trails is erasing her memories :-)

Hey Paul, I didn't see any e-mail address at your blog profile. You can find mine in my profile. Just wanted to suggest something to you.

And RanD, this you wrote, " Again: right as they read these words, there will be those who imagine themselves being justly rewarded if they could only wring Ruthie's and David's heads from their necks. ", oh man, your bustin me up with that :-) As far as humankind, " completely elevating our consciousness from where it presently remains " as you ( two ) suggested, I think from here on out into this Long Emergency the prospects for that will be growing dimmer. Suffering masses of people across this ol world I think equals more primitive behavior and not a grand awakening.

I'm sure R and D #28 will be along soon to confuse some, and enlighten others, all at the same time :-) So much diverse thinking, its like being in a tropical forest of ideas, and R and D definitely provide for some exotic bits to chew on :-)

RanD said...

agape wins, Agreed: R & D's #27(*see below) stuff is indeed very 'old stuff'. And there's a reason for that: our human species has yet to show requisite signs of evolving itself out of this very 'old place' that we're all still living in. Hence, until there's requisite evidence that we're at last showing those signs of healthily blossoming truly new consciousness, the crucial need of continuously revisiting the same-ol' same-ol' stuff/themes down here at FTW will continue. And your above 5:24 PM post proves that point perfectly.

We need to begin seeing, examining, discussing, and becoming fully knowledgeable about principles here, not merely flaunting the latest eyeballs-&-imagination catching latest 'new' linguistic superficialities/inevitabilities, such as 'quantum' this, 'peak oil' that, 'permaculture' there, and 'collapsing-human-condition' now at each other. In other words: nothing here at FTW that any of us are discussing is truly "new" until we begin fully understanding how & why literally "all of it/this" came into existence in the first place, and thereby begin seeing and knowing exactly how & why we/our species fit(s) to the scheme of it ALL. Until then, none of the truly good realizations such are presently being made visible to us via the efforts of quantum physicists, peak oilists, permaculturists, and the timely collapse of this horrendous state of human affairs that we've so very long been living in will be able to optimally come into place as they must and one day will.

As it is, rather than all of us being ready and willing to intelligently, non-violently, freely/openly & harmoniously collaborate on the whole of it all, many of our human kind selves still only see continuing to variously war against 'the other' as the necessary means of instating what they perceive to be good. And this most assuredly very sound fact will NOT go away until it has been resolved within the ultimately comprehensive overarching/underpinning context of existence, it-SELF.

Again: right as they read these words, there will be those who imagine themselves being justly rewarded if they could only wring Ruthie's and David's heads from their necks. Nothing will change for human kind until we change ourselves via opening up to completely elevating our consciousness from where it presently remains.

*(Note: Rand's The Self & the Other - #27 post will be reposted as The Self & The Other - #26)

knittingbouvier said...

That was an amazing documentary on permaculture farming, thank you for posting. I just sent it to many friends and family. Beautifully done little film, I hope it goes viral, if it hasn't already. The world needs to start practicing this means of farming.