Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Anyone in NYC Area have Quikbooks Pro?


Do any bloggers in the NYC area have Quikbooks Pro? We have large zipped financial files which we need printed and accessible. However we do not have the program. Can anybody in NYC help us out?


Monday, December 25, 2006


The first thing I want to say is how deeply touched and encouraged I have been by all of the messages of support, donations and good wishes you have sent. They are saving my life on a daily basis. While it is so very difficult to recall the disastrous and painful events of this last year, no matter how challenging they have been, you have given me hope and the chance for a new beginning.

I believe there is more that I have yet to contribute.

I am now in New York and, thanks to the help of doctors who are familiar with my work and the tests it has brought, I am making progress. And 'progress' is a word we should all hold close on this Christmas of 2006. With the challenges of Peak Oil becoming ever more apparent, with a world situation that sometimes seems gloomy at best, I am focusing on the love and hope you are giving to me and hopefully to each other this holiday season.

In these I find good reason to celebrate. While there are those who would celebrate the demise of FTW, I suspect that they have already understood that they and their activities are, at best, inconsequential. The map we have drawn is clear and being read by many on their own. Many of you have communicated to me the changes you have made in your personal lives thanks to the work done by all the great writers who graced our pages over the years.

My personal challenges include recovering my health and cleaning up a lot of wreckage that still remains. As you know, we are trying to save some 4,000 copies of Rubicon, find a permanent home for the web site, and pay off a lot of debts. We are looking for a new, less expensive web host, and I am looking for new ways to occupy my time as I recover my health and address the financial and personal challenges that lie ahead. When all is said and done there will be no black marks on FTW's history or my own.

One thought that occurs to me strongly is that while so many in the Peak Oil movement have done so much to educate people about the coming challenges, we have not done enough to inspire hope in or take care of each other. Since returning from Venezuela I have been in touch with many Peak Oilists and have found this to be a shared awareness and concern. But in the generosity and kindness I have felt since being in both Canada and New York I have a new attitude emerging based upon a simple human kindness that penetrates and defeats all gloom.

In reading Richard Heinberg's lastest book on the Oil Depletion Protocol I find inspiration to write a fictional account about the many qualities in the human race that are both worth saving and which may actually prevent much needless suffering. While I have retired from investigative journalism I have not retired from writing and I am exploring some ideas to give us all motivation and hope. The world seems burned out on war and tension and perhaps this can point the way to new approaches for our mission.

We have a lot to do still and this Christmas reminds me that, as important as it is to take care of the world, it is even more important to take care of each other; to care for the caregivers.

With deep gratitude for the Colin Campbells, the Richard Heinbergs the Matt Savinars, the Julian Darleys, the Mark Robinowitzes, the Barry Silverthorns, the Megan Quinns, that Pat Murphys, the Mike Kanes, the Matt Simmonses, the Roscoe Bartletts, and all those whose names I can't possibly list here, and with special gratitude for all of you who have sent me your love I say:

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may we continue to show our love for and to each other throughout 2007. Unlike oil, love is a renewable resource.

Michael C. Ruppert

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

LIQUIDATION NOTICE -- 4,000 Copies of "Crossing the Rubicon" Available for Immediate Bulk Purchase Only --


As a result of the tragic closure of "From The Wilderness" some 4,000 copies of "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" are at risk of being disposed of by a Los Angeles warehouse for unpaid back storage fees. Rubicon has sold approximately 100,000 copies in the US and France and has become "the bible" of modern geo-petro politics for many and a trustworthy map of past, current and future events for tens of thousands. In April of 2006 it was taken into the Library of the Harvard School of Business.

Purchased originally by its author and FTW founder Michael Ruppert these books are new, in cases, on pallets and ready to be shipped. Money from the sale of these books will be used for ongoing medical treatment of Michael Ruppert who has recently moved to the New York City area to be cared for by sympathetic physicians who are familiar with his work and the special challenges he faces as he recovers from a serious illness.


1. None of the books can be released untill all back storage fees are paid to the LA area warehouse holding the books. At present the unpaid fees are approximately $1,500. At time of sale a current figure will be calculated.

2. The books cannot be sold by case lots or in individual units. The warehouse is holding approximately 6.75 pallets of books with each pallet containing approximately 560 books with 35 cases of 16 books per case. There are "a few" extra cases. The books must be sold as a complete lot.

3. Neither the warehouse nor anyone in LA is capable of shipping out one or two cases at a time, let alone one or two books. The warehouse has no staff for this, there is no shipping fund and there is no"store" available to facilitate case lot sales. Orders for lots of 20 or more cases will be considered but an order for the entire lot will be given first priority. Unless otherwise negotiated the purchaser will need to arrange for a freight company to pick up and transfer the books to their new home. Freight charges will be significant, therefore we will consider seriously "discounted" offers. The point is that these books must be saved.


"Rubicon" is still selling well and has just entered a second printing at the publisher. As history continues to validate its predictions it is certain to experience a resurgence in demand. No reasonable offer that meets the above challenges will be ignored. We are willing to sell the books at a price that will allow any reseller to significantly underprice any sellers out there even after shipping and payment of back storage fees. The current Amazon retail price is around $14.00. Whoever acquires these books could well be selling them for much, much less and still be making a handsome profit. The tragic end of FTW and the health crisis which nearly cost Mike Ruppert his life is not over. "Crossing the Rubicon" and the eight and a half years of groundbreaking work by FTW and all of its great writers remain an unchallenged and uncontested record of journalistic and research excellence. This offer is a win-win for all concerned if these books can be saved.

Offers should be directed to Mike Ruppert's attorney:

Mr. Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd St.
Jamaica, NY 11436

Monday, December 18, 2006


Having received excellent treatment in Canada from a holistic doctor, courtesy of generous and caring FTW friends and readers, Mike Ruppert has learned that his best options for further medical care lie in the United States. Although he had written in "By the Light of a Burning Bridge" of his intent never to return to this country, he, along with his closest associates, believes that his present medical condition supercedes all other considerations. (For details on his medical status, see http://www.fromthewilderness.com/free/ww3/120206_mike_canada.shtml )

Currently, Mike is in New York City where he is particularly interested in hearing from locally based readers. However, he has read all the letters that have been sent to his attorney, Ray Kohlman, and intends to respond to each one personally as soon as his health permits.

Please note: Ray Kohlman's address has changed although any mail sent to his previous address has been forwarded.

Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd Street
Jamaica, N.Y. 11436

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