Monday, December 18, 2006


Having received excellent treatment in Canada from a holistic doctor, courtesy of generous and caring FTW friends and readers, Mike Ruppert has learned that his best options for further medical care lie in the United States. Although he had written in "By the Light of a Burning Bridge" of his intent never to return to this country, he, along with his closest associates, believes that his present medical condition supercedes all other considerations. (For details on his medical status, see )

Currently, Mike is in New York City where he is particularly interested in hearing from locally based readers. However, he has read all the letters that have been sent to his attorney, Ray Kohlman, and intends to respond to each one personally as soon as his health permits.

Please note: Ray Kohlman's address has changed although any mail sent to his previous address has been forwarded.

Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd Street
Jamaica, N.Y. 11436


Nihil Matters said...

Mike, I'm glad that you're returning to the US to get the medical attention you deserve.

Even though you said you never planned on returning to the US you're still very much welcomed back home!!

God speed on your return to good health.

Rice Farmer said...

Good to hear that Mike is getting the medical care he needs, wherever it may be. I know I'm not alone in wishing that he returns to full health and spends the rest of his life enjoyably.

FTW admin said...

HansV7 has left a new comment on your post "MIKE RUPPERT RECEIVING MEDICAL ATTENTION IN THE U.S.":

Glad to hear Mike is doing better. I am learning more about the subject matter especially after visiting rice farmer's blog/links. A few weeks ago I posed a question to Jenna - never received a response and I believe it was intentional. The question is, why would an intelligent man like Mike Ruppert escape to a screwed up country like Venezuela?..............

Adam Kadmon said...

Hi Mike,
I am not a paying subscriber nor have I ever been as I live on a very limited income that does not allow me to subscribe to paid services. I was an occasional reader and a daily reader and former financial supporter of the World Socialist Website at Your site, however, was very interesting and I suspect that you have enough talent, skill, & ingenuity to reinvent yourself. I hope to be able to read your book when I get a chance but as a graduate student in the field of mental health counseling my time is very limited. I read the World Socialist Website everyday because it is free and I think that it gives a very interesting perspective on current events regardless of ideological perspective. Good luck to you in all future endeavors.