Monday, December 11, 2006

Venezuela: Single Party/Brazil-Argentina Pipeline; Daniel Pearl; US Navy/Gulf of Guinea; Nation

Chavez Heads for Single Party

Venezuela-Brazil-Argentina Pipeline

3 Movies About Daniel Pearl

US Navy Surveillance in Gulf of Guinea

'Rice Farmer' on The Nation


Pandabonium said...

Well said as usual Rice Farmer.

$20bn gas project seized by Russia,,1970064,00.html
This could put the pinch on Japan which will probably lose Indonesia as a source of gas when that contract runs out in 2010

U.S. navy to set up Sao Tome radar for gulf security
This is over off shore oil development in the area.

The empire is thirsty.

Pandabonium said...

Sorry, I duplicated one this post's links in my previous comment. - silly old PandaB.

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

Good one Ricefarmer. I love the "I want to believe" mindset.

Funny how the inspiration has spread. I had a go myself here:

(sorry about the snapped link, but you can paste it together)

There you go Mike. See what you started. There's no stopping it now.

Cheers to all from Australia.


Pandabonium said...

Saudi Ambassador Abruptly Resigns, Leaves Washington
Prince Turki al-Faisal has been only been ambassador to the US for 15 months.

Rice Farmer said...

Food or fuel? A grim assessment:

In terms of economics and ecology, large-scale biofuel production is a bust. Add to that an increasingly dark outlook on food availability and peak oil. It's an ugly picture.

FTW admin said...

Lara Braveheart has left a new comment on your post "Venezuela: Single Party/Brazil-Argentina Pipeline; Daniel Pearl; US Navy/Gulf of Guinea; Nation":

Hi All,

Sorry this is not exactly relevant to the original posts, but, I don't doubt that Mike would support. The 9th of December commemorates the death of Garry Webb, whose journalistic courage greatly contributed to FTW's original work on the War on Drugs and it's shenanigans. The following is a letter written by Garry Webb's wife, to honour his death. (The original can be found at ConsortiumNews Readers Comments on Bush, Webb in response to an article Gary Webb's Death: An American Tragedy). Feel free to share with others, who may be interested in contributing.



Rice Farmer said...

Pandabonium -- nice catch on the Sao Tome radar! It's a story with much greater significance than most people realize.

Feral Metallurgist -- Actually, I've read your essay already. It's been floating around the net, sent to me by several people as "recommended reading."

Rice Farmer said...

"Biofuels: Biodevastation, Hunger & False Carbon Credits"

Rice Farmer said...

"The Pernicious Price of Petroleum",72266-0.html?tw=wn_index_4

Interview with Terry Tamminen, author of "Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction."

Gail said...

For those who are interested, there is an interesting piece on the Federal Reserve Banks participating in Money laundering pre-9/11 on 12/14


Pandabonium said...

Rice farmer - I'd like to take credit, but it is the same article as this post called "US Navy/Gulf of Guinea" - just a different headline. Oops.
But yeah, it points to things to come.

The biofuels article is interesting. I wrote a post last august about using coconut oil for biodiesel in small island nations like Fiji and Vanuatu. But my point was to advocate its use very locally with coconuts that are already being grown instead of importing fossil fuel. Vanuatu has been very successful doing this. Shortly thereafter I read about the EU giving incentives for biofuel resulting in corporations deforesting Malaysia to plant unsustainable palm trees and building refineries in Singapore to ship the fuel to the UK and other countries!

Rice Farmer said...

"Securing America's Future Energy"

Letter by bigwigs urging steps to reduce oil dependence. Includes a link to their 64-page report, which I glanced through. Don't see anything about peak oil, and in fact they seem to believe the DOE's prediction that current 80 mbd crude production will rise to 120 mbd in 2030. Despite some frank talk about ethanol, the overall thrust of the report is to maintain the present system through a combination of means including more drilling, biofuels, and better fuel efficiency.

Jacob said...

UK News

"The Government's case for going to war in Iraq has been torn apart by the publication of previously suppressed evidence that Tony Blair lied over Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction."