Thursday, July 26, 2007

100$ Oil Price May Be Months Away: CIBC, Goldman
Producers' Own [Oil] Consumption Rises; Exports About to Plummet
The first in a four-part series by Jeffrey Brown
Mexico, Venezuela Oil Slumps Could Hit U.S. Supply
Conoco Phillips and Tyson Collaborate on Renewable Fuel from Animal Fat
See Mike's article on soylent and thermal depolymerization. If they can do it to animals, they can do it to people, should that ever become necessary.
New Details on Tillman's Death
General Faces Demotion in Tillman Case
CIA Dissenters Aided Prisons Report
Filipino Gets Six Year Sentence in Cheney Spy Case
Venezuela Seizes Over 28 Tons of Drugs
Wall St. Starts to Lean Democratic
Must be that they've seen the light, eh? So Move-On would have us believe.
Letter to the Editor of the New York Times

July 17, 2007

The article on the world's energy challenge, (Big Rise Seen in Demand for Energy) mischaracterizes what Peak Oil advocates believe. We do not suggest that the world is running out of oil. Peak Oil means that production, particularly of 'easy oil' which is cheaper to obtain, reaches a peak after which it declines, becoming harder and more expensive to get. In a time of rising demand such as the article describes, the growing discrepancy can have devastating economic and social consequences. In fact, the IEA report corroborates what Peak Oilists have been warning for a long time.

Jenna Orkin
Chairperson of the first NYC Peak Oil Conference, 2005

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NYC Screening Sunday, July 29, of What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire followed by discussion with filmmakers Sally Erickson and Tim Bennett.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Plame Case Against Cheney, Rove, Libby Dismissed for Lack of Jurisdiction
Global Oil Agency Warns of Supply Squeeze
Big Rise Seen in Demand for Energy
The news here is that the New York Times has been forced to acknowledge that rise although they make sure to misdefine and mischaracterize Peak Oil: "[the report] dismisses predictions from so-called peak oil theorists that the world’s oil deposits are on the decline; quite the contrary, the industry’s view is that the world’s resources remain abundant.
'Fortunately, the world is not running out of energy resources,' the report says in a 40-page summary. 'Coal, oil and natural gas will remain indispensable to meeting total projected energy demand growth.'" J.O.

Worst Case Scenario by Ran Prieur
As Dollar Crumples, Tourists Overseas Reel
Senate Panel Questions Payments for Energy Deals Off West Africa
World Bank Panel Probing West Africa Gas Pipeline
From the "Unintended Consequences of Climate Change" Department
Venezuela May Shoot Down Unidentified Aircraft, Universal Says
Iran to Maximize Oil Income in Non-U.S. Currency
Oversight Committee Calls Up Rumsfeld for Hearing on Tillman Death
Bush Claims Executive Privilege on Tillman
Generals Called to Testify in Tillman Case
Cheney's Office Implies It Has Executive Privilege Of Its Own
In Intelligence World, a Mute Watchdog

NYC: 1. Subway Service Reduced 2. Explosion
These two events a day apart raise questions about the reliability of the city's decaying infrastructure. You won't be surprised to hear, by the way, that the assurances regarding asbestos following yesterday's explosion exactly mirror those following 9/11: "Not as bad as we feared;" "No asbestos in the air." As they did after 9/11, the authorities are relying on air rather than dust tests (which have indeed been found to contain asbestos) because the results are more in their favor. The quality of the equipment they're using should also be examined. After 9/11 EPA used equipment that was 20 years out of date. For every fiber of asbestos they found, independent contractors found nine. The risk of cancer from the asbestos alone could be one person in ten. J.O.