Wednesday, July 25, 2007

NYC Screening Sunday, July 29, of What A Way To Go: Life At The End Of Empire followed by discussion with filmmakers Sally Erickson and Tim Bennett.


mrs p said...

I'm keeping the trailer for this film on my blog site. Even though it's a google video it's one of those things that gets the word out. It's at the top left side of my blog and the video choices change...if you wait it will come up and you'll see Sally Erickson. Hope it comes to my town.

A peon said...

A couple pieces I saw as I logged on this morning:

The Dow Falls 300 on Credit Concerns

General Faces Demotion in Tillman Case

Anonymous said...

The following is a vary telling article by F. William Engdahl at Global Research.

The Hidden Agenda behind the Bush Administration's Bio-Fuel Plan
Buy Feed Corn: They’re about to stop making it…

I'm not a big fan of Michel
Chossudovsky's politcal philosophy, but I do enjoy much of his research and that of other writers on his website. My biggest beef with Michel is his effort to use criminal ats of the Bush Administration to support his global peace agenda that promotes the UN as the centerpeice for a global peace effort.

Specifically, I find his efforts with the Kuala Lumpur Global Peace Forum to be disingenous. Most of us know that the United Nations was created and is run by the same globalists and corporate entities who are currently engaging in global warfare for the sake of their "New World Order". This includes nefarious and diabolical personalities such as Cheney, Bush Sr., Bill Clinton, Brzezinski, Kissinger, Gore etc. Centering any "peace" organization upon an organzation as duplicitous as the UN, with it's inhumane Agenda 21 programs and it's Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which ultimately states that nobody has any rights unless they are in agreement with the UN's agenda.

Essentially, I suspect that the Kuala Lumpur objective is the "push" response to the empires "shove". Both are required to convince the world to center global politics under a single roof. Despite the excellent research by Chossudovsky on the empire's activities, a global unification without the benefit of human liberty as granted by the US Constitution will be the direct result of his efforts.

It's a matter of being careful what you wish for. If the empire's plans succeed, Chossudovsky will likely get what he's looking for.

Tyler Havlin said...

Beginning of the end:

Disappointing results from home builders including Pulte Homes Inc. and D.R. Horton Inc. — squeezed by a sluggish environment from home sales and continued defaults in subprime loans — weighed heavily on the market. Jitters also remain throughout the market that the number of private-equity deals — a main driver of the market's record run — might dry up because buyout shops are having difficulties accessing credit.

"Wall Street continues to walk a wall of worry," said Ryan Larson, a senior equity trader at Voyageur Asset Management. "The housing market continues to be a story, and nobody knows when it will rebound. But, the real concerns are about credit and oil pushing higher."

mrs p said...

I'm curious about what you guys think of Aaron Russo's interview with Alex Jones where he tells of nick rockefeller explaining to him, (aaron russo), the whole purpose behind a fake war on terror and the end goal of microchipping all of us, 11 months prior to 911.