Tuesday, December 19, 2006

LIQUIDATION NOTICE -- 4,000 Copies of "Crossing the Rubicon" Available for Immediate Bulk Purchase Only --


As a result of the tragic closure of "From The Wilderness" some 4,000 copies of "Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil" are at risk of being disposed of by a Los Angeles warehouse for unpaid back storage fees. Rubicon has sold approximately 100,000 copies in the US and France and has become "the bible" of modern geo-petro politics for many and a trustworthy map of past, current and future events for tens of thousands. In April of 2006 it was taken into the Library of the Harvard School of Business.

Purchased originally by its author and FTW founder Michael Ruppert these books are new, in cases, on pallets and ready to be shipped. Money from the sale of these books will be used for ongoing medical treatment of Michael Ruppert who has recently moved to the New York City area to be cared for by sympathetic physicians who are familiar with his work and the special challenges he faces as he recovers from a serious illness.


1. None of the books can be released untill all back storage fees are paid to the LA area warehouse holding the books. At present the unpaid fees are approximately $1,500. At time of sale a current figure will be calculated.

2. The books cannot be sold by case lots or in individual units. The warehouse is holding approximately 6.75 pallets of books with each pallet containing approximately 560 books with 35 cases of 16 books per case. There are "a few" extra cases. The books must be sold as a complete lot.

3. Neither the warehouse nor anyone in LA is capable of shipping out one or two cases at a time, let alone one or two books. The warehouse has no staff for this, there is no shipping fund and there is no"store" available to facilitate case lot sales. Orders for lots of 20 or more cases will be considered but an order for the entire lot will be given first priority. Unless otherwise negotiated the purchaser will need to arrange for a freight company to pick up and transfer the books to their new home. Freight charges will be significant, therefore we will consider seriously "discounted" offers. The point is that these books must be saved.


"Rubicon" is still selling well and has just entered a second printing at the publisher. As history continues to validate its predictions it is certain to experience a resurgence in demand. No reasonable offer that meets the above challenges will be ignored. We are willing to sell the books at a price that will allow any reseller to significantly underprice any sellers out there even after shipping and payment of back storage fees. The current Amazon retail price is around $14.00. Whoever acquires these books could well be selling them for much, much less and still be making a handsome profit. The tragic end of FTW and the health crisis which nearly cost Mike Ruppert his life is not over. "Crossing the Rubicon" and the eight and a half years of groundbreaking work by FTW and all of its great writers remain an unchallenged and uncontested record of journalistic and research excellence. This offer is a win-win for all concerned if these books can be saved.

Offers should be directed to Mike Ruppert's attorney:

Mr. Ray Kohlman
116-16 142nd St.
Jamaica, NY 11436


Rice Farmer said...

Some things to be considered: First, how long will the warehouse wait before it dumps the books? Second, is there someone willing to store the liberated books? Third, if FTW fans contributed money to a fund to save the books, who would run the fund? Mr. Kohlman? If a book dealer could be brought into the deal, so much the better.

Dan said...

I too would like to help save the books, but unfortunately I can't afford to buy a ton of books. However if possible I would be interested in going in on a group effort of FTW readers/fans to help save the books.

Personally I'd be interested and could probably afford 1 case of books. (16 books)

illyia said...

Can some of these be donated to libraries for a tax deduction? Can some be donated to Green Groups for dissemination? "Crossing the Rubicon" has been a great aid to me. However, like many followers of Sir Ruppert's - we march to the beat of another drummer... maybe the one in the manger.

Certainly not the one in the Big BiZ Mngr position... So there his work must languish, as does my own.

He must donate - freely - to everywhere that will take the book. I know it seems horrible... but I am not asking anything I have not done.

Sometimes one must give in order to receive in the next world... not that "New World Order" thingy....

I mean: The Truth.

Wish I could do more...
Maybe could shake a $100.00 but that's it for me. God Bless you Sir Ruppert. You deserve such a title more than anyone who now holds it.

Thank You, So Much,

Rice Farmer said...

"Chinese Officials Assure Public That Food Trumps Biofuels"


Rice Farmer said...

"Morgan Stanley charged with using '9/11 smokescreen' to hide e-mails"


thetalkingowl said...


Don't take this the wrong way but you need to learn to read. Mike can't just freakin' give em away. They're sitting there and w/o some money the company holding them will destroy them. Mike's gonna end up selling these at a financial loss my guess. So he is giving stuff away.

Rice Farmer said...

"CNOOC signs 16 bln usd deal to develop Iran's North Pars gas field - report"


FTW admin said...

both illyia and the talking owl are correct. the books will no doubt be sold at a loss. but it is also true that mcr would rather give them away than see them destroyed. however, we do not think this is going to be necessary. thank you for your comments.

letsgo2006 said...

I too would be glad to donate to a fund to save these books and at least buy a case. Jenna, is this something which will work if many of us purchase a case? Does the whole kit and kaboodle have to be shipped as one? Let us know what is feasible. All we need is 15 people at $100 but we need a place to ship and need to know the cost of shipping? Gail

FTW admin said...

thank you gail but what's really needed is a bulk sale of a few thousand books.

GK said...

I emailed an offer to raykohl@hotmail.com to buy and ship all the books 2 days ago, but have not heard any response.

FTW admin said...


many thanks for the offer. i'm sure you'll hear from ray as soon as he can give you a definitive answer.

gaelicgirl said...



They post an article entitled: "White House Basement Nerve Center Gets Makeover", and then comments that this is the same room from which the attacks of 9/11 were coordinated, and then references "Crossing the Rubicon" by Mike Ruppert!

FTW admin said...

gaelic girl,

thanks! excellent catch

Rice Farmer said...

"India, China ink pact for co-operation in oil, gas sector"


Rice Farmer said...

According to this morning's paper, the US and Japan are signing a memorandum on the exchange of the global geographical data that each has, "chiefly for military purposes." The Empire and its Asian arm continue working hand-in-glove for global domination.

Rice Farmer said...

Also in today's news: Japanese airlines are starting to cut domestic routes that run between outlying cities. The reason given in the report I read was that high fuel expenses make those routes unprofitable. Keep in mind that this is happening at a time when many Japanese airports are planning or working on expansion projects in anticipation of greater traffic. Can you spell "cognitive dissonance"?

RanD said...

This was generated by illyia's 8:59 PM thoughts/sentiments:

All of us, indeed, ultimately "march to the beat of 'another' drummer"; with the particular "drummer" to which I refer being something which -- to this moment, at least -- in fact has long been fundamentally/significantly beyond what humans have generally understood is the overarching-underpinning/actual means of our existence and, therefore, ultimately also is the source even of our respective behaviors.

It is furthermore not too much to say that without requisite consciousness/knowledge of 'why' and 'how-we-are-able-to' exist -- and therefore function/behave as we do -- cannot but subject us to experiencing the consequences of not possessing such information.

This is indeed uncommon subject matter that is being broached here; and, do know that this sort of information could not have begun issuing forth to become part of any progressively routine dialogue if its time had not been ushered in by...well..."us".

Moreover, as it is, therefore, MCR and those that find themselves in oneness with Michael's spiritually motivated interest in instating humankind's common good, are recognized as having been indispensable to the issuing forth of this information. Cheers to us all!

As for anyone's good works "languishing", that is never the case. All of humankind's efforts are continuously monitored: in no true sense do we live in a mindless/meaningless/purposeless
(i.e. 'indifferent') Universe, a Universe of which we are in fact instrumental components.

Moreover: the exclusive source of humankind's "problems" is simply our species' fundamental collective/general ignorance of reality's construct, and nothing other than that. Period.

Obviously, the requisite time and effort of bringing spiritually generated consciousness into a suitably evolved physical structure (read 'human organism') could not be the immeasurably meaningful process/experience it has been -- and still is -- if it were to have occurred instantaneously. Such a Universe would consist of nothing but 'sparks', without anything existing in between.

This provides plenty to digest for the time being.

Till further on down the road: much Love and Good Health to us all!

Pandabonium said...

The Great Game on a razor's edge

The accidental killing of Alexander Ivanov, a Kyrgyz fuel-truck driver, by Corporal Zachary Hatfield, a US serviceman, at the Manas Air Base on the outskirts of the Kyrgyz capital Bishkek in December is threatening to snowball into a first-rate crisis for the United States' regional policy in Central Asia.


Pandabonium said...

"Global economy faces a dangerous year"

Fossil fuel production declines, food commodity price rises due to ethonol demand, bloated housing market, etc. - everything FTW has been pointing to - coming together.

A peon said...

Hello.This is a bit off subject,but a lot of old FTW articles seem to be inaccessable at the moment.For several of them I get the message "Page Cannot be Displayed".

FTW admin said...

a peon

yes we became aware of this problem last night and are pursuing it as far as is possible on the saturday before xmas. thx and happy holidays to all

Rice Farmer said...

"EU Oil and Energy Production Plummets"

"Statoil cuts 95,000 barrels per day"

For "sound reservoir management."

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

Mainstream media - CNN.com: "Iran oil profits could dry up by 2015"