Monday, December 04, 2006

Iran/Dollar/Euro; Swimming/Oil; Plot/Assassinate/Rosales;

Iran to Replace Dollar with Euro

Plot to Assassinate Rosales Foiled, Chavez Says

CFR: National Security Consequences of Oil Dependency (Oil Drum)

Swimming in Oil


Rice Farmer said...

"Bush 'Privacy Board' Just a Gag",72248-0.html?tw=wn_index_4

At its first public meeting, board members refuse to answer questions from the press! Chairperson is partner in same law firm where Alberto "Torquemada" Gonzales once worked. As with the "Iraq Study Group," the joke's on us.

Rice Farmer said...

"Afghanistan’s opium crop at an all-time high"

Mission accomplished.

Rice Farmer said...

"The Peak Oil Crisis: The Saudi Op-Ed"

Tom Whipple's latest.

gaelicgirl said...

Here's something interesting that sheds new light on the Administration's response to the Baker/Hamilton report:

Rice Farmer said...

"Japan, US tune up defense policies"

A roundup of recent events in US efforts to maintain its "unsinkable aircraft carrier" in the Far East.

Rice Farmer said...

Interview with David Pimentel

Pimentel stands his ground in claiming that ethanol is an energy sink if you include ALL the inputs. It's a sobering assessment.

mrs p said...

Swimming In Oil -- It reminds me of the same denial & defiance seen in Southern California and on H1,2 & 3 commercials. Like a last hurrah of dante's inferno. The smell alone would be a turn off. I'll stick with Olive Oil at least it grows on trees.

Rice Farmer said...

"9/11: The Roots of Paranoia"

A 9/11 debunking piece that is quite instructive. Predictably, it latches onto the physical evidence argument and Loose Change, an easy target. It also makes some incredible assertions of its own.

Rice Farmer said...

"Oil groups dream of day they can enter Iraq"

"Yet it might be Russian, Chinese and Indian oil groups that stand to benefit first from Iraqi oil, given their apparently greater willingness to take on the security risk. Hussein Shahrastani, Iraq’s oil minister, recently embarked on a tour of Asia, holding meetings with China’s four biggest energy companies. He said concerns over security did not come up."

Rice Farmer said...

"McKinney introduces bill to impeach Bush"

David Cutter said...

Hey y’all

To gaelicgirl: You go girl! Good job connecting some dots. I like it.
To rice farmer: Same as above. I believe you’re reading, thinking and posting effectively and I appreciate it.

To Mike: I’m glad you’re taking care of the basics. Your health. None of us can do anything without that. You’ve had a major impact on changing the course of my life. My eyes are wide open now. Thank you.

To all:
I’m still processing the loss of FTW and as such I’ve been working on a post to this blog. I’ve been really busy with the changes in my life so this is taking a while. As Letterman said: “I’m a thoughtful person.” As the FTW “reorganization” proceeds, I realize what I am really going to miss is the level of analysis and choice of which stories to pay attention to. That’s what Mike provided for us when he brought his 30years(or more?) experience to that analysis.
Some of what I want to say was already said weeks ago, but I’ll say it also. As limited as this community is (especially after the electricity goes off) I still feel a sense of community. Even more so when I go out into my physical world to prepare or to talk with people. I am still dealing with an incredibly high level of denial. I think the denial might even be growing. I know the sources that we follow are just becoming clearer and clearer about peak oil. But I think the denial of the country, as whole is increasing. When I look back on my own denial, that makes sense actually.
I discovered peak oil through Rubicon at the end of 04. Through much of 05, my denial would wax and wane. During the most waxed denial, I would be saying to myself…. It’ll be Ok, Don’t worry about it. We could be witnessing the waxing of denial in the American public. That’s probably a bit much to hope for, but maybe it’s starting to wax. Could this be progress?
I don’t come to the Blog site as much as I used to and until now I’ve been a lurker. I do think it’s a valuable idea, to share news, analysis, ideas and that we talk about ways to build our sense of community online. My hat’s off to those that already do so. So I add my two cents and I encourage other lurkers to post their ideas. C’mon you guys and gals. Contribute to this mental lifeboat. Even though it’s only virtual and may only last as long as there is electricity. I still think it’s worth whatever extra energy we can put here.
That’s enough for now. I welcome all comments

David Cutter

Rice Farmer said...

China central bank sees risk of US dollar slide on asset sell-off

Major U.S. $ Crisis Looming

Western Miners Told That Gold Prices Will Top $1,000 An Ounce

To FTW people, this news is not surprising at all.

gaelicgirl said...

David Cutter: Thanks for the encouraging words, and thanks also for sharing your thoughtful process. I'd also love to see more posts like yours on here. And I totally agree that what I most miss is the "level of analysis and choice of stories" that FTW provided. Even though I go to a number of other websites that have similar info, NONE of them pulls it all together in quite the way that Mike Ruppert and FTW did. I keep hoping that the situation will evolve to yet a new place where some of that might come back into being, perhaps in some other way....? (I'm an eternal optimist--perhaps a good thing to be these days).

letsgo2006 said...

Hi Jenna:

You don't have to post this, I was simply wondering if you have any updates on Mike and how he is doing. I am concerned. Thanks.

Rice Farmer said...

Protecting the U.S. from lunch meat, soup

More evidence that "border security" is primarily meant to hassle people.

FTW admin said...

hi 'let's go'

he's doing better than when he was in vz. many thanks.

Rice Farmer said...

Our children's microchipped future?

FTW admin said...

to reiterate disclaimers posted elsewhere on this blog, FTW emphatically does not endorse 'loose change.' i'm unfamiliar with some of the other titles on the following list.

NyTeCRaWLeRx has left a new comment on your post "Iran/Dollar/Euro; Swimming/Oil; Plot/Assassinate/Rosales;":

documentaries to watch on google...
Who Killed John O'Neill
Freedom to Fascism
Terror Storm
Denial Stops Here
9/11 Press for Truth
Truth and Lies of 9/11
Loose Change
Road to Guantanamo
Fidel Castro: The Untold Story pt 1
Fidel Castro: The Untold Story pt 2
Fidel Castro: The Untold Story pt 3
The Money Masters pt 1
The Money Masters pt 2
Stranger Than Fiction (all 5 parts)
The Revolution Will Not Be Televised
The Oil Factor
Iraq for Sale
Secrets of the CIA
Peace, Propaganda & The Promised Land
Orwells Rolls In His Grave
American Blackout
How Cuba Survived Peak Oil
Michael Ruppert's Fear and Present Danger
End of Suburbia
Arsenal of Hypocrisy

Rice Farmer said...

A front-page story today in Japan is the merger of two of the biggest seafood companies. Major reasons given are the decline in global seafood stocks and high fuel prices. In fact, as I reported quite some time ago, many Japanese tuna operations have already gone belly-up due to high fuel costs.

Rice Farmer said...

Allow me to emphatically agree with the non-endorsement of "Loose Change." I strongly feel this video and its popularity are detrimental to the 9/11 truth movement. Assuming the best of intentions on the part of its makers, the physical evidence approach diverts attention from the excellent evidence presented in "Rubicon," which is exactly what debunkers want. Because Bush cleaned up the crime scenes and destroyed the physical evidence as quickly as possible, the physical evidence approach is by nature highly speculative and even theoretical. This makes it an extremely easy target for debunkers, as everyone can see. Thus the "9/11 baiting" that is used to draw everyone into futile arguments about the towers. Further, many people in the 9/11 truth movement have fallen for the debunkers' non sequitur argument that proving planes brought down the towers also disproves US complicity. In fact, proving that planes brought down the towers proves only that planes brought down the towers. By contrast, debunkers flee from discussion of the evidence presented in "Rubicon." Their astounding claim is that this "is not evidence." And they get away with this because nine of 10 people in the 9/11 truth movement see only the towers and fall victim to this baiting. They foam at the mouth and argue about melting points and simulations, which are easily countered by plausible arguments from the other side. The whole thing is an exercise in futility.

There is probably a basis in legal argumentation for avoiding LC and the physical evidence approach. Mine is based on logic and strategy.

mrs p said...

RE: Loose Change 2nd Edition & soon to be released 3rd Edition. I haven't seen LC #1 but the 2nd Edition does raise the motives--who--profits--issues. Although it's a distraction that sends people in the wrong direction, it does get those with their heads in the sand up to their waists, (a nicer way to say what I really mean), coming out to consider the idea of cover up and conspiracy to commit mass murder. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

FTW admin said...

the disinformation in 'loose change' and on related websites ultimately does enormous damage by contaminating the solid evidence for u.s. involvement in and orchestration of the attacks.