Friday, January 22, 2010

RON PAUL AND THE CIA; Pakistan Armed Forces "Tried to Oust President"

First, I want to again acknowlege the courage and clarity Ron Paul has offered for so many years. I want to thank him for publicly endorsing my life's work (without saying my name) -- but especially for acknowledging the monumetal work of my friend, the late Gary Webb. This story is not quite what it seems to be. I don't know if the Congressman gets it. A great deal of CIA's operational command and control was transfered into the Pentagon under Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld. At the time it was called the rape of the CIA. It was executed by Bill Tenet and Porter Goss. I wrote about it in detail at FTW as it was happening.

As collapse proceeds, the U.S. Government will inevitably downsize. The CIA's days are numbered. It's all coming down to the last conflict (or series of) when battlefield intelligence is all that matters. No need for long term deep covers and all that other clandestine stuff. When the CIA is eliminated, all of its crimes will be buried with it; and all of its capabilities will have been transferred to the Pentagon years before the death. I described it all in Clobalcorp in 2005. I wonder if Ron Paul sees this?

Here's the Globalcorp link again:
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From Jenna Orkin

Pakistan armed forces 'tried to oust President'
Massachusetts Election Decided by Diebold
Iran says may hit Western warships if attacked (from Rice Farmer)
Cheap Oil is Gone, and That's Good News
25 State Unemployment Funds Bankrupt; Credit Card Defaults at Record Levels
Recent Graduates, Teens Hit Hard In Miserable Jobs Market
Did Obama just kill Bank Of America; Is prop responsible for 45% of Goldman's bottom line? Banks may shed private equity assets in Obama plan
Obama calls for limiting size, risk-taking of financial firms
Obama Bank Restrictions May Fail to Shield U.S. Financial System From Risk
Geithner Said to Fear Obama Bank Plan Hurts Policy: Reuters Link
Airline revenue in worst plunge on record
The Boomer Bust?
With millions of Baby Boomers entering or nearing retirement age, consumer spending may change dramatically.
Obama Puts Social Security on the Chopping Block (from Rice Farmer)
Why a world currency won't prevent another crisis
China May Buy Less U.S. Debt, CASS Researcher Says (from Rice Farmer)
Bank Overhaul May Hurt Economy, Stocks: Experts
Bank Rules Should Be Imposed Gradually: Rep. Frank
Big Banks Have Already Figured Out The Loophole In Obama’s New Rules (from Rice Farmer)
Failed US Banks — Who's Buying Them
US Does Not Have Capitalism: Stiglitz
Barack Obama will be a one-term president if he doesn't ditch his statism
The World Bids Farewell to Obama
US President Barack Obama suffered a painful defeat in Massachusetts on Tuesday. With mid-term elections looming, it means that Obama will have to fundamentally re-think his political course. German commentators say it is the end of hope.
Mr. Change Needs a Reboot
UK considers Obama-style banking revolution
Merkel's Germany to Let Euro Die? (from Rice Farmer)
Hospitals 'must cut services to stay afloat'
University admissions 'crisis' fear

Relief aid getting to Haiti, but not to the people
Police kill man over alleged rice theft
Vows to Move Quickly for Haitian Immigrants to U.S.
Haiti Has Become Ground Zero For Brazil To Flex Its Muscle Against The US (from Rice Farmer)
Haitians and Hasidim Find Common Cause

Attacks of 9/11 staged, says former Malaysian PM
The former Malaysian PM does an enormous disservice to legitimate investigation by basing his analysis on such observations as, "If they can make Avatar, they can make anything." Not to mention turning the issue into nothing more than a manifestation of the Muslim/Jewish conflict.
Hugo Chavez accuses U.S. of using weapon to cause Haiti quake
The age of the killer robot is no longer a sci-fi fantasy
Spy Agency Charter Lost in Space
The proposed new charter for the nation’s spy satellite builder, the National Reconnaissance Office, is stuck in the Department of Defense’s general counsel’s office. The lawyers are apparently worried that the new charter may expand the agency’s powers into areas governed by the military services.

Negotiations Begin for Extending Nuclear Plant Lifespans (Germany)
Popular Protests Put Brakes on Renewable Energy
Military in Hawaii has big plans for solar power at base
Ireland Facing Severe Water Shortage (from Rice Farmer)
Vietnam Faces Potential Water Shortage (from Rice Farmer)
Creating glaciers out of thin air
Homoeopathy sceptics plan mass 'overdose'
Protesters to swallow pills in bid to prove treatments ineffective
US senator out to wreck EPA power


Anonymous said...


I'm just now making it around to The New White Trash website. Avalanche & Earthquake...excellent song! When does the official album drop? Also, will you be offering it as a digital download (Amazon mp3, etc.)?

Just a suggestion...a lot of bands in the digital age give out free digital MP3 downloads in exchange for an email address. It's a great way to collect email addresses and stay connected with the fan base to let them know about new releases.

gamedog said...

Here we go again!

UK terrorist threat level raised to 'severe'

Coloured threat levels are so passée!

Anonymous said...

It has been nice seeing Ruppert post more. And congratulations for the great movie "Collapse." I have a suggestion: Ruppert needs money, I like podcasts. How about offering podcasts for a subscription fee? Ruppert can read the news and then once a week he can put out as podcast. It probably wouldn't be too hard to get guests too.

Matt said...

Disaster economics article published in 2005 specifically referring to Haiti. Fascinating.

businessman said...

Are there any possibilities of a New White Trash concert coming to the Los Angeles area?

eyeballs said...

Hey Brits!

Help me out with this one.

“Police in the UK are planning to use unmanned spy drones, controversially deployed in Afghanistan, for the "routine" monitoring of antisocial motorists, protesters, agricultural thieves and fly-tippers, in a significant expansion of covert state surveillance.”

What the flock are “fly tippers” and will they necessitate Hellfire missiles, or not?

agape wins said...

Fly Tipping.

agape wins said...

Metem said...


My guess is that fly-tippers are analogous to cow-tippers . . . except much faster.


Mike wrote: "There will be so many stories of courage, heroism, sacrifice and love to arise from this tragedy."
see here:

Paul said...

@ eyeballs, gamedog

Fly-tipping is the dumping of rubbish in unauthorised places - usually consists of dumping an old mattress, a few car tyres and an old pram in a lay-by - but at its worst can involve barrels of toxic chemicals in one of national parks…. Hellfire missiles? too good for ‘em!!

An interesting sideline - I was listening to a radio programme about our surveillance state. One item reported on the police operating the drones who were taking them around to schools and demonstrating them to the children so they wouldn’t be too alarmed when they saw these things flying around…. Incredible! Will they soon be demo-ing terminator robots on our highstreets with the reassurance that they are for our own protection? You never know where those pesky terrorists will strike next, do you? After all, UK terrorist threat is at ‘severe’, so we must do our best to protect you….


gamedog said...


We're seeing more of this because of land fill charges for commercial waste (weigh bridges on tip sites charge by the ton), tho there's always been some irresponsible tipping, we regularly get a couple of ton dumped in our access road which I have to move, or pay the council to move. Not so bad if it's garden waste I can compost, but a pain when it's old fridges, furniture, and even asbestos sheets.

Seems a poor excuse to buy drones tho - they wont be operational until 2012 - when the gov is prolly expecting civil unrest and Olympic protests etc.

In my experience these and other products are pushed into the police by retired policemen working for commercial companies using the "old boys network", I'm sure it's a case of "back scratching".
I've seen it with telephone systems, and computer technology first hand - they did not buy the best system, or the most cost effective, the choice seemed to be solely based on the fact an ex cop was in charge of the purchasing from other ex cops working in the commercial sector.

RanD said...

Dear MCR & JO:

In all good ways imaginable: Ruthie & David thank you both for your looseness & firmness of leash while providing us this place from which to express ourselves. We love you both; dearly.


Now, "Does Ron Paul see this?" No he does not, at least not yet:

Ron Paul, like all Ralph Nader/Paul Wellstone/Mel Carnahan/Bernie Sanders etc types is but another of this world's myriad of would-be political heroes who have been destined to both succeed & fail. Tears need not be shed for them. This has not been the epoch for unmitigated success of the good.

Like their beloved Country, they have from the outset been destined to do what they have done, nothing other than that. No differently than it has been for each one of us. From the outset of humankind's history we've been consistently shown that this is the way it is. Here we are watching it happen as we experience it happening. All of us are part of something that is fundamentally greater than ourselves. And only by yielding to that greater "something" are we given to optimally share in its gifts knowledge & power.

Only by seeing these things can we know what is worth saving.



eyeballs said...

Ha ha...

Cow tippers?! I don't even wanna know! Just hope my government will protect me with whatever sci-fi technology they've got.

Paul: Hellfire missiles? too good for ‘em!!

In the right hands, ...

... but it never happens. I've always been in favor of capital punishment - for the real crimes. But the real criminals never get the kind of justice that would make the world jump up and say "YEAH!" Still, not being one is its own reward, and makes you worth listening to.

Thanks to all for the British education.