Saturday, March 31, 2007

GAO:Oil; Truthout/Peak Oil; Iran/Currencies; Hormuz; Arms/Persian Gulf; ISI/Killed; Venezuela/China/Exports; Tillman/Rumsfeld/Bush

GAO: Looming Threat to Global Oil Supply "The odds of us not peaking in the next five years are zero." Matt Simmons
Truthout Gets Religion This article addresses the blissfully ignorant belief of some environmentalists that Peak Oil will offer the silver lining of reducing climate change. J.O.
Iran to Sell Oil in Diverse Currencies: Herald Tribune
Oil Pipelines to Sidestep Hormuz
US Looks to Sell Arms in Persian Gulf
Five Members ISI Killed
Venezuela to Double Oil Exports to China
"It seems to me that Rumsfeld would have to be aware of it," Mary Tillman

"Tillman's mother, Mary, said Saturday the newly disclosed document demonstrates Bush was complicit in deceiving her family."


Rice Farmer said...

The BBC article via TruthOut points out an ugly truth. People are going to burn anything, including their furniture, when the need arises. And all that burning is going to make the air dirtier than it is now.

Rice Farmer said...

DBS, Middle East partners to open Islamic bank soon

gaelicgirl said...

Here's an interesting, detailed aricle by Congressman Roscoe Bartlett. I learned some new things, although he lost me a bit on the nuclear fusion part. He's certainly done his homework:

Rice Farmer said...

Scientists Weigh Downside of Palm Oil

Palm oil as a biofuel is pronounced a "failure." And the basis for that given in this article is that it's far from being carbon-neutral. It does not even get into EROEI. One of the first things that comes to mind is: How much fuel is used to transport palm oil from Southeast Asian plantations to user sites in Europe? Do they put all that into their calculations?

A peon said...

Well,I can't say that Venezuela doubling its oil exports to China suprises me seeing as the U.S. has apparently boycoted Citgo gas.I didn't read about this in the news,I went to the Citgo station in my town,and saw that the sign had been covered up,and anything bearing the Citgo logo had been removed.I inquired at the checkout,and the clerk said that it is going to be a Conoco now.She said the reason for this is that Hugo Chavez said some derogatory things about the U.S.,so now the U.S. is boycotting Chavez's Citgo stations.Thats kind of upsetting news.Don't people realize that Chavez provided citizens here with gas when they might have otherwize gone without?I suppose they didn't see his one on one with Barbara Walters either in which he made the ditinction that he does not hate the citizens of this country.He had some bad things to say about Bush,but who hasn't just lately?I know people are deluded in this country,but man...didn't think they were that bad off.So yeah apparently Citgo is no more in the U.S.Anyone know who provides Quick Trip's gas?'Cause until now I had been boycoting every gas station except Citgo.

A peon said...
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A peon said...

Yet more wonderful news.<--sarcasm:

"DHS demand for DNS master key alarms nations"

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More disturbing news.Is it just me,or do we bomb another country on April 6th often?:

Bush: Iran actions inexcusable

'US ready to strike Iran on Good Friday'

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Rice Farmer said...

I suppose everyone has heard about the US-ROK FTA. This morning the TV news reported the FTA, and mentioned that it is advantageous to the US. Then the announcers said, after reading the news item, "You have to wonder if it's really OK for these agreements to be advantageous to the US." In Japan, for ordinary news hacks to come out and say something like this is really revolutionary! And lately I have heard such statements several times.

So the media facade of USA=GOOD is beginning to show cracks. Those of us who live in Japan and listen to the local media can see the great significance of this. It represents a sea change in attitude.

getoned said...

I really apreciate your last comment, Rice Farmer. What I notice is that more and more people WORLDWIDE are questioning their NEWS SOURCES.

...And you are right, this does "...represents a sea change in attitude".

Rice Farmer said...

Iran accuses U.S. planes of violating its airspace

This sort of thing is done on purpose often, as I know from my experience in the military. One country's aircraft will violate the airspace of another, flying just inside and then exiting quickly for a getaway. The purpose of this is to watch the other side's reaction, which provides clues about how it organizes its air defense, where fighters are scrambled from, how many and what kind are scrambled, how much time it takes, how its radar works, etc. Such information is of great value if one is planning a strike against the other country.

Roberta Kelly said...

So, without FTW, I wouldn't be "enlightened." For the truth of what it is, I am eternally grateful. But, I only wish I understood why in the world we're all scrambling to live when the DU in our atmosphere is indeed toxic, everywhere. The money collapse is inevitable and it's global. So why are we all scrambling to change the way money works when it's not working anywhere, anymore, anyway. Awakening from the nightmare into more of the cosmic enema reality is not going to make a new dream come true. Thus, how do we all get on the same page and change the idea energy paradigm dynamic? How else did we get here in the first place other than create it out of our very corrupt unconscious collective as homo sapiens. How to focus on the clean ideas is the real question when our critical mass notion of thinking is too distorted and toxic to be a hopeful reality on our horizon. Thank you Michale Ruppert for the wake-up call.

Rice Farmer said...

Canadian government study shows that using ethanol is not eco-friendly

Another justification for using ethanol bites the dust.

Rice Farmer said...

One other note about the US-Korean FTA. I have long predicted that the US would look for ways to exploit ultra-cheap North Korean labor, and this agreement provides a way to do that. Although presented as an ROK initiative that is still subject to negotiations and US approval, the US appetite for ever cheaper labor to supply big box stores in the US has got to be a factor.

Rice Farmer said...

Billions at risk from wheat super-blight

Potential disaster for world food supplies, as if we didn't have enough to worry about already. Thanks to big business, world crops have become increasingly standardized, which opens the door to widespread disease infestations. If people in different regions are growing different crops, or at least different varieties, that acts as a natural barrier to the spread of diseases. Unfortunately, that is not a money spinner for big seed companies, for instance.

Variety is not only the spice of life, it is a good food provider. As any farmer or gardener will tell you, growing conditions vary considerably from year to year, favoring some crops one year, and others the next year. So the more variety you have, the greater the chances you'll be able to feed yourself, despite weather and disease.

bingding said...

Could someone please comment on the significance of Iran's diversification of oil sales?

As it relates to the world economy, and more specifically as it relates to the USD and the US's economy?