Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Oil Spill: This Disater Just Got Enormously Worse; Faber Sees US Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels - Bloomberg

From Jenna Orkin

Big Banks Face Financial Doomsday in 2012
Russell Napier on when to expect the Treasury bubble collapse
Faber Sees U.S. Inflation Approaching Zimbabwe Levels - Bloomberg
The World's Going To Hell In A Handbasket -- Here's What We Need To Do - Roubini and Das
Eurozone banks face second wave of loan losses
Tropical Storm Agatha Kills Over 100, And It's Heading For The Gulf Of Mexico
US military rejects calls to take control of oil spill - from Rice Farmer
Cash flow restriction eyed as punishment for North Korea
"North Korea: U.S. Relations, Nuclear Diplomacy, and Internal Situation," May 26, 2010. CRS
China Suspects False Flag

Israel Under Growing Pressure to Ease Gaza Blockade After Flotilla Deaths
Protests erupt around the world after Israeli raid
IFJ Condemns Gaza Attack And Demands International Inquiry
Israel: Activists on Gaza sail had weapons - Israel News, Ynetnews

China Property Risk Is Worse Than in US - CNBC
Top Chinese Central Banker: Our Property Crisis Is Worse Than The US And UK Bubbles
China's Latest Economic Guidelines Expose A Government Terrified To Hurt Property Speculators
Commodities' Biggest Collapse Since Lehman Fell Signals Bear Market Ahead
President of Germany Forced to Quit After Afghan Gaffe
...a gaffe being a Freudian slip in which the truth escapes.
European Economic Confidence Slips; Inflation Quickens
Spain Trapped in Perverse Cycle as Wage Cuts Deepen Crisis
Euro Bailout Plan is all about Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks

Science Czar Considered Forced Abortion, Sterilization as Population Control Methods
From CRS: "Terrorism, Miranda, and Related Matters," May 24, 2010.

Oil Disaster/Environment/Human Rights
Gulf oil spill: This disaster just got enormously worse
BP Revised Permits Before Blast - WSJ.com
Clouds of Undersea Oil Drifting Through Gulf May Cause Oxygen `Dead Zones'
">Norwegians say they knew the leak was much larger right from the start
From the 1953 CIA Overthrow of Democracy in Iran, to the Iraq War, to the Criminal Gulf Catastrophe, BP Was There from Elizabeth Miller
Europe's Nuclear Waste Storage Problems
The Scandal of Child Labour in US Farming from Elizabeth Miller
Sherpas say ice melts making Mt Everest more dangerous to climb
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rjs said...

faber has lost his marbles


Ruhh said...

A question for MCR or anyone else that can substantiate the facts.

MCR mentions a few times that 10 calories of hydrocarbon energy go into every 1 calorie of food.

I am wondering where this data comes from. I've reluctantly quoted that a few times and I'd like to be able to back it up.


"e Brutto" said...

Excellent recent Faber lecture here:

The world economy according to Marc Faber.
In my opinion his advice on what to do with your assets is exactly right.
Austrian School economist, Marc does not believe in a full social contract .
His analysis is sound, except in my opinion he does not analyse the impacts of Peak Oil in precipitating a collapse or the key role it plays in preventing a return to a business as usual fractional reserve ever increasing energy availability (flow) economy and the impact on the entire world rather than just the occidental world.

Jenna Orkin said...


thanks, i replaced it with a fox link. the original was actually to the drudge report but you're right about where they got it.

Jenna Orkin said...

actually, ruhh, it was craftier than that: the 'drudge retort' which in haste, i thought was the real thing

Mitchell said...

@Ruhh, in my opinion what's more important than precise ratios (10:1 is more like an average) is an appreciation for pervasive, essential hydrocarbon "inputs" for fertilizers; irrigation energy; farm equipment; transportation (including refrigeration); etc. in our current system of industrial food production.

We literally "eat" oil!

But since you asked, here are a couple of places to start (admittedly both secondary sources):


Michael Pollen's Ecology (4500 calories hydrocarbon per 80 calories of lettuce)

Anonymous said...


Regarding 10 calories of hydrocarbon per 1 calorie of food...I believe you'll find the info you're looking for here:

Eating Fossil Fuels: Oil, Food and the Coming Crisis in Agriculture

afors said...

A workable oil spill plan?


Anonymous said...

I've become increasingly despondent the more I learn about our current administration. Our foreign-born Presidential "advisors" with extreme views seem to have been in the foreground or background for at least 2 decades. And there they are officiating at the funeral of Lech Kacyinski. Now we have this revelation:

A List of Goldman Sachs People in the Obama Government: Names Attached to the Giant Squid’s Tentacles


Our unelected leaders pulling the strings from behind the curtain. They who must not be named. Explains a lot of the weird things that have gone on lately.

buaguy said...

While we're on the topic, could someone remind me of the source for the .97 correlation between economic growth and fossil fuel emissions?

"e Brutto" said...

That Marc Faber link is from 2009.
A more recnt incarnation of Dr doom

businessman said...

From Bloomberg:

BP said it won’t be able to stop the flow of oil from the gushing well in the Gulf of Mexico until August:

Click Here for the Article

Scott said...

Please remove the Fox News link about Obama's Energy "czar".

1- None of the spectacular claims about his views are in quotations. If he made controversial statements, why not quote them exactly? One common reason for describing what someone said without quoting it is to distort it without getting sued.

2- The links that are supposed to contain the material being referred to are broken links. Therefore, we have no way of knowing if this is true or if Fox is making this up. This is not how credible journalism works.

3- Fox News is, by definition, not a credible source. In a well-known court case, Fox has successfully defended their right to lie. In 2003, the Florida Court of Appeals ruled that since there is no rule against lying, the 1st Amendment protects Fox's right to lie. If you don't believe me, here's the official ruling:


stevonjohn said...

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