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Nato Warns of Strike Against Cyber Attackers
Crisis moves to Hungary? John Mauldin: There's a slow train coming Canada's radical solution to tackle Britain's debt US $13 Trillion Debt Poised to Overtake GDP
Business Can't Rely on Oil After Deepwater Horizon

Oil Spill Cleanup to Extend Into Fall
BP held by ethical funds "Environmentally-friendly funds may not be as green as you think."

Medical Ethics Lapses Cited in Interrogations
From Secrecy News:
The U.S. Army has arrested Spc. Bradley Manning of Potomac, Maryland for unauthorized disclosure of classified information. Among other things, he is suspected of having provided the video of a 2007 Apache helicopter strike in Baghdad that killed several civilians to the Wikileaks web site, which published it online in April of this year. The story was reported last night by Wired's Threat Level blog. See "U.S. Intelligence Analyst Arrested in Wikileaks Video Probe" by Kevin Poulsen and Kim Zetter.Spc. Manning is currently being held in pre-trial confinement in Kuwait, according to an Army statement obtained by NPR.His arrest is the third known apprehension of a suspected leaker during the Obama Administration, after Shamai Leibowitz and Thomas A. Drake, and seems to reflect an increasingly aggressive response to unauthorized disclosures of classified information.
Sarah Palin Aide Fred Malek Helped Richard Nixon Dump Jews from Government Australian police investigate Google Severe Space Weather--Social and Economic Impacts How events in space could affect the grid, navigation, etc. Countryside in Crisis: how dairy farmers are milked dry -UK Crying Over Raw Milk What exactly is the blockade of Gaza? from Vantage Point
Should This Be the Last Generation? And finally... Rat fur: the latest fashion accessory - from Rice Farmer

BP and Feds Withheld Videos Showing Massive Scope of Oil Spill
Mentions three leaks.
Oil Is Front and Center in Doomsday Scenarios from Luis Mora
Boone Pickens: Get Ready for $400 Oil? - from Rice Farmer US Mulls New N. Korea Measures Sub Attack Was Near US-S. Korea Drill
SQUID Solution Could Contain Oil BP Disaster Threatens Florida Water Supply
BP Oil Leak May Last Until December
West Moving Towards Deeper Financial Abyss US Debt Nears Key Threshhold Say Good-bye to Full Time Jobs with Benefits Euro 'dead in five years' Lying About the Gaza Flotilla Disaster Suddenly it's cool to bash Obama James Clapper "In September 2001, Clapper became the first civilian director of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) (previously known as the National Imagery & Mapping Agency), a job he would hold for five years before joining the Pentagon brass." 45% Doctors Would Consider Quitting if Health Care Bill Passes (2009) Nearly 1/3 Doctors Could Leave Medicine if Health Care Bill Passes (March)Nation Faces Shortage of 150K Doctors in 15 Years GM lobby helped draw up report

Report: WHO created ‘distortion of priorities’ over swine flu
UN Urges Global Move to Meat- and Dairy-free Diet Climate Change Forces Major Vegetation Shifts from Elizabeth Miller
Floods Bring Chaos to Central Europe

North Korean envoy warns war could erupt soon - from Rice Farmer
Britain's inflation warning
Former Soviet Republic Could Be Next to Adopt Euro Washington Post Exposes BP ties to Eco-Groups, Other Media Ignore Controversy - from Rice Farmer Oregon's small-scale farms worry about sweeping food safety bill - from Rice Farmer JPMorgan hit by record fine UK must cut pensions
Scientist Fears Govt Muzzle on Deepwater Horizon Data
"I'm essentially being told that the data I'm collecting on my hypoxia cruise may or may not be subject to quarantine," DiMarco says. "Which means that we will not be able to publish it, pending the liability litigation. Oh, yeah, 20 years from now, we may be able to publish it."
JO comment: Unintended consequences of a lawsuit. Or perhaps not so unintended.
Israel Rejects International Probe from Vantage Point
The war film that shocked Denmark In Denmark, the press and public have been stunned by Armadillo, Janus Metz's documentary about a UK-Danish base in Afghanistan
Swine flu experts tied to big pharma
BP Oil: Coming to a Beach Near You in Summer 2010
Africa drought leaves 10m hungry
Britain faces fine for air quality after final warning from EU
Why Pat Tillman Shouldn't Be in Pro Football Hall of Fame

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