Wednesday, June 02, 2010

World Currency Unit Intended to Rival Dollar; Turkey Threatens Action

From Jenna Orkin

World Currency Unit Intended to Rival Dollar
China Denies Speculation about Diversifying from Euros; Oil in Euros Revisited; No Good Currency Choice Except Gold
Turkey Threatens Action; Israel on Alert
BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak May Last Until Christmas in Worst-Case Scenario
On the Verge of Implosion
Mass. Crackdown on Illegal Immigration
Czech Republic President says 'The Euro Zone Has Failed'
Hatoyama Quits as Japan's Premier After Nine Months as Popularity Plunges
Iron Ore Speculators 'Serious Threat' to Global Economy
Government review to examine threat of world resources shortage

Chaos Reigns In German Politics As Merkel Has Lost Grip On Power
German Central Bankers Suspect French Intrigue
Three Signs That Europe's Enormous Bailout Has Already Failed
Is Massive Refinancing During The Bubble Years A Ticking Bomb?
Here's the REAL state of unemployment in America
Rosenberg: Deadbeat Homeowners Are Just The Tip Of The "Pay Me Later" Economy
Updated Interactive Map of Failed Banks, Includes Failures for May 21 and May 28; Texas Ratios, Capitalization Ratios, etc, for Failed Banks
Subprime Goes to College; Students Buried in Debt
Canada is First G-7 Country to Hike Rates
Wall Street's War - Matt Taibbi from Vantage Point
Gold to $10K?
Interview with Chris Powell

Oil Disaster
BP hires ex-CHENEY-official for U.S as Spokesperson ‎
BP One of the Companies Cheney Met With in Energy Task Force (2005)
BP...leak set to increase
US Laws that Could Be Used in Prosecution

Quote of the day:

The river sweats Oil and tar...
and the deep seas swell

And the profit and loss.

T.S. Eliot

Report Says DoJ Not Prepared for WMD Attack
Israel Envoy in Geneva: Flotilla Activists Linked to Terrorist Groups
"Green" Decontamination of CBRN
Change to Miranda Rights
Wikileaks Was Launched With Intercepts From Tor Anonymizer
Darpa Wants to Predict Deadly Pathogens with ‘Prophecy’
Video: Killer iRobot Wipes Out a Whole Field at Once
Proposals for Increased Government Subsidies, Indirect and Direct
A variety of proposals have emerged to allow further government support for journalism through either indirect or direct means. Whatever the means, care must be taken to ensure that government support does not result in biased and politicized news coverage.
Increase Government Funding
Establish a "journalism" division of AmeriCorps
Establish a National Fund for Local News

Temperatures reach record high in Pakistan
Mining linked to rampant spread of TB in Africa
Paper Diagnostic for Blood Typing
Waste-Treatment Plant Plays Mozart to Microbes
I hope it works better than Baby Mozart.

Airline Gives Osama Bin Laden a Boarding Pass
HELP WANTED – COLLAPSENET (Immediate) --Chief Financial Officer

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businessman said...

When discussing the second huge oil leak in the Gulf, if MCR is accurate in saying that the oil explosion "caused geologic ruptures", this may completely end the option of detonating a nuclear device in attempting to stop the oil spill...for fear of creating far greater damage.

rjs said...

no one is talking about the real worst case scenerio...that would be if one or both of the relief wells run into similar pockets of frozen methane that caused the original explosion...we could end up with more than one well spewing at even a greater rate than it is currently...and we're talking about a reservoir that could have tens of millions of barrels in it, which would take years to deplete...

OregonSurvivor said...

Is the gulf oil spill doing for Peak Oil what unusual winter storms have done for Global Warming?

F.Kamilov said...

To add to the collection of "weirdness" now ushering in the New Paradigm:

Giant Sinkhole in Guatemala City

And yes, I do agree with the protestations of some people - prayer is a permanent state; but in times like this, people are misguided as to the labels attached and proffered. I don't think it needs any labels or denominations - just wisdom.

Jimmy said...

Dear Mr. Ruppert,

Just now, I found your site.

I didn't saw your movie 'collapse', but only the trailer. I always thought about it, I also believe the same thing.

So I recommend to take a view on FOFOA's blog.


And now, I would check your blog every day for more news or insights.



Jimmy said...

And don't forget that the Gulf is a popular 'hurricane-zone'...

Imagine: Not only oil on sea, but also oil on land...

Hurricane Katrina

Other hurricanes...

This would become a mega disaster!

Kieran UK said...

Regarding BP...

Is it possible that this is a hostile corporate takeover? Is it feasible that the pipeline was sabotaged in some way so that the BP share price would plummet, leaving the company with no option but to be swallowed up by kindly corporation with oil interests?

Is this the new 9/11?

Why is BP not arguing liability? BP seems to have taken responsibility faster than any other corporation in history. No enquiry, no inquest just an admission. Is it possible that the BP executives, whilst taking the heat in the short term, will have cosy new jobs within the new company after takeover?

I think we are witnessing a preservation of the last few US "doorstep" reserves, and any other non-US company willing to get involved in this region beware!

Surely no-one would inflict this sort of devastation on an American public, purely for corporate greed?

And of course, this newsreel will roll on and on, threats of the spill lasting for many months to conjure up support for somene, anyone in fact, to stop the leak.

If I were Royal Dutch Shell or Total, I would be very very careful.

Anonymous said...

How convenient...

President Barack Obama pressed Congress to ... pass legislation to help the nation kick a dangerous "fossil fuel addiction" Wednesday, trying to channel disgust over the worsening oil disaster into a force for clean energy.

"e Brutto" said...

Harvey thinks we have a COMEX default on Gold and Silver.
Data tomorrow will define how much physical metal has not been delivered.

'The data on the gold will be much clearer tomorrow and we shall know conclusively how many oz will be standing.

If the data is correct and 2.7 million of of gold is standing, the banking cartel will be stuffed and we will have our banking default

and then our run on the banks. Expect a banking holiday if this occurs.

all the best


RanD said...

businessman's 10:53 AM and rjs' 11:10 AM above posts speak only tenuously about conditions and likely possibilities concerning what R & D are now referring to as the Deepwater Horizon 'event', or Deepwater Horizon 'Macondo Field well blowout'.

For instance, it is fundamentally inaccurate to state that "...frozen methane...caused the original explosion..."; whereas it is clearly mindless human behavior that caused BP's ultra-complex, ultra-careless/ultra-eco-environmentally dangerous drilling venture to release frozen methane in such a manner as to explode and destroy BP's profit-oriented Deepwater Horizon enterprise.


The single both most comprehensive and up-to-date body of details we found on this issue is at wikipedia:

janjigi said...

Thank you for your lifetime of work. Sending healing blessings of love and light. Thank you for your courage and commitments.