Friday, September 22, 2006

Why the Blog Seems FTW-Centric

Jenna Orkin

This is in response to a criticism just posted that the blog is 'self-involved' referring inordinately to tampering with the FTW website and other recent events.

The reason for that is that if the website goes awry after business hours, the blog is often the only means by which notification can go out to readers. The blog is also the forum through which FTW staff and readers can respond to tampering with FTW affairs. There is considerable interest on all sides in doing so.

Further arguments could be made in self-defense of the blog's apparent solipsism but I believe they're unnecessary as most readers already understand them.


mrs p said...

Right on Sister! You go girl!

mrs p said...

I'd also like to say, Thank You, Jenna, and to all the others who work on this blog & FTW for your encouragement, guidance, expertise, creativity, and many hours of hard work. We all sit back here & can criticize all we want but we're not the ones doing all the work; we're not the ones in the trenches. FTW is a heart that beats strong in most of us even though anyone is obviously welcome here as long as they follow the rules of the road. All blogs have rules & codes of behavior. So no Whinning! and again Thank you Jenna! This blog is vital to my sanity. Thank you!

FTW admin said...