Friday, September 15, 2006

DOE/Gas Shortages; Sun/Wind/Solar; Water Labels/Shortages; SARS/Bribes; Funds/Radios

DOE Predicts Gas Shortages

Living on Sun, Wind, Solar
Courtesy, Larabraveheart

Water Labels on Food Could Ease Shortages

China SARS Hero Gets Life for Accepting Bribes

Funds Stalled for Interoperable (sic) Radios The inability of the police and fire departments to communicate because of radio incompatibility was a major factor in the loss of life on 9/11 and an issue about which families were up in arms during the Commission hearings.


Rice Farmer said...

9/11 Commission Report One Year Later
2.5 MB PDF download

Rice Farmer said...

Japan, Iran to continue talks on oil field project

Japan wants badly to proceed with development of the Azadegan oil field, but is being pressured by the US to stay out. Japan has decided to keep its hand in, as I thought, but its subservience to the US is making it do a political tightrope act.

getoned said...

First, I wanna say, "Thanks, rice farmer" for endorsing shorebreak and my thoughts on defending the Constitution. I believe with you that "The constitution is the central rallying point for real patriots..."

After reading the article "DOE predicts gasoline shortages", it becomes obviously apparent to me that our country`s goverment is turning the heat up slowly to prepare the masses for the impending price spikes that we already foresee.

This report reminds me of the frog sitting in a pot of water over a flame, having it slowly turned up on him/her so that she doesn`t jump out of the pot. It is astonshing to note how many times the words "peak" or "peak oil" appears in this article.

I question how long before the true effects of the collapse of our energy infrasrtucture hit home with the majority of Americans. It seems to me that even though gas prices have risen to over $3.00/gallon, Americans as a nation are a stubborn nation when it comes to change.

Now that prices are on the decline and there`s been the annoucement of a new discovery of oil in the Gulf, it`s hard to say whether we will relax our guard or whether we will wake up to what is really "coming down the road".

Howlin_Dog said...

What a fricking joke we are !!!!

The DOE Gas Shortages article had some kind of advertisement about Willie Nelson supporting Bio-Diesel. I guess Willie is behind it because he is a big farm-aid supporter.

Anyhow we just had an article about food vs. SUV fuel and NPR recently had an interview with pork producers feeling the squeeze because of grain prices. I wonder how Willie will be feeling about the pork farmers (and beef farmers) loosing the family farms because of bio-diesel?

But on the bright side (there is always a bright side) maybe I won't have to put up with my doctor griping at me about my cholesterol. Heck I can even join PETA and have advanced warning when the topless protests happen. No, better not do that... would raise the blood pressure on this old boy's cholesterol plugged arteries.

Rice Farmer said...

By the article about food vs. SUV fuel you perhaps mean the one by Lester Brown, "Starving the People To Feed the Cars," posted on FTW. I'm glad that people are starting to wake up to the food vs. cars problem earlier than I thought they would.

But, apropos of my comment about markets under the previous blog item, this struck me in particular because the squandering of food to feed cars is yet another indication that markets are more important than human life. As Brown wrote, when the price of crude hit $60, the market shifted grain to biofuels. The market doesn't care that one in five American kids already doesn't get enough to eat.

Rice Farmer said...

Howlin_dog -- "But on the bright side (there is always a bright side) maybe I won't have to put up with my doctor griping at me about my cholesterol."

Right -- as Mike Ruppert observed, we're going to wonder how we were ever worried about getting too many calories!

BTW, does Mike read this blog?

getoned said...

Please allow me to continue my rant on why it seems so important to me that we defend and preserve our Constitution:

Actually, I am constantly being bombarded with feelings of excitement (when I read how other people agree with this view, not to mention the focus of groups and professionals who are and have banded together for this sole purpose. Groups such as Judicial, We The, America:Freedom to many more).

However, I am also slammed with feelings of despair and a sense of being anxious for fear that not enough Americans are aware of the trampling of this great document, before those thugs, gangsters and conspirators do away with this so important paper which, to me, is "The Pride Of America", putting them in TOTAL control of our country.

When we consider how many people have been and are sued, tried and convicted by the IRS for REFUSING to pay income tax ( when in fact, there IS NO LAW which says that we MUST pay an income tax on our wages). When we consider that our Constitution provides us with the tools to petition and to DEMAND answers from our goverment (a goverment that doesn`t answer those petitions of re-dress). When we consider that the FEDERAL RESERVE BANKS are in direct violation of our constitution (by printing and distributing worthless paper as money, not to mention, charging YOU AND ME AND OUR CHILDREN to perform this illegal act).

When we consider that our constitution has had the civil rights of the people almost completely "whited out" by the Patriot Act and those other "new" laws put in place to "fight terrorism", then we MUST consider to stand together (Republicans, Democrats, Independents, non-party affiliates..basically ALL CONCERNED AMERICANS) FOR THIS DOCUMENT...FOR OUR SURVIVAL AS A NATON.

The line in the sand MUST be drawn by US ("WE THE PEOPLE...").

I vote with my "dollars". I totally support ftw`s efforts. But, I also support Judicial and We The and Carolyn Bakers`s Speaking Truth To Power (as well as other groups and organizations that feel our constitution is worth defending and preserving. I just feel time is getting short and situations are causing time to speed up, which could cause us to have to make crucial decisions at a faster clip.

Nonetheless, WE must make these decisions...for our children, if for no other reason.

Thank you for allowing me this forum to express what I feel that is crucial at this time in our history as a nation.

Hodger99 said...

Whats all the fuss - they talk like a trillion $ is a lot of mony - the bushies spent a couple in just 2001 alone -