Sunday, September 24, 2006


The following message was sent by Mike after I sent him some of your comments by way of encouragement. For some reason, the paragraph key is not behaving. Sorry. Jenna Orkin MESSAGE FROM MIKE To all of you who have sent your love and personal messages I can only say that you have saved my life more than once. You did that because you showed that you understood me and I -- who have such a hard time with it -- could actually feel the love.

I wish I could tell you all more about what my life is like here at the moment but I just can´t for reasons that maybe someday I´ll be able to ´splain to you. These are terrible times for the planet and I fear they are going to get worse. Right now I am in something of an unavoidable limbo that seems to have no end. But it will, I´m sure. I mean, who the Hell am I to say, I´m 55 and have been through enough. I don´t need no more freaking evolutions. As always, my arms are too short to box with God. How quickly my head will take me to a place where I´ll think I´ve failed, or I didn´t do enough. How quickly isolation from friends amidst the trials of learning a new language and culture can sap one´s strength.How absolutely and magnificently lucky I am to have these words from people like you to remind me of all the things I have to be grateful for and give me a much needed attitude adjustment.We are, and always will be connected.



Rice Farmer said...

It's great to hear directly from Mike, and I'm glad he knows we're behind him. I eagerly look forward to reading more of his news and insights on FTW.

Rice Farmer said...

Another sobering look at biofuels
"Biofuels: Green energy or grim reaper?"

Paracelsus said...

Good to know you can hear our voices and understand just how many people care for you and are wishing their love down/across/up to Caracas! I've uprooted a few times in my past and know how utterly exhuasting it can be to find your feet and begin creating a sense of place, but this will come in time Mike, your character will assure success and we are with you at every step.

Piano B said...

Yesterday evening italian public TV RAI broadcasted a whole movie about 911, Confronting The Evidence.
It was in prime time, millions of people watching.
There was an interview to Mike, very extensive, about ten minutes. They explained who Mike is, what he did and everything.

Mike, this is a little protection for your life. The more they show you on national TVs, the less "they" can harm your life.

With love, from Italy

Green2Go said...

It was great to hear from Mike -- it keeps OUR hopes up as well as eases our minds a bit about his safety and well-being.

Marianna said...

Mike, please be assured and reassured, that we are resoundingly
grateful for the work you've done (and we're spreading the word; I recently I recommended CTR to my friends in the UK, who know people, who know people, there -- the last couple of weeks I've been running into people who are getting the 9/11 realization -- I further it by making the peak oil connection... I think there IS a groundswell underfoot -- the shape that it takes remains to be seen, but I think it's not going to take very long for the groundswell to become a mountain... not very long at all).

I also know how stressful the moves I've made have been (and they've just been within the US ). I can't begin to imagine what it must be like to be, as Paraclesus calls it, "uprooted," with relatively little preparation, and plopped into a new country and culture, and to be aware that you are basically a man without a country.

I know that when one is in crisis, and struggling to survive, it is difficult focus on taking care of one's physical and emotional wellbeing, and to consciously foster a sense of peace and balance within oneself -- I have found these are NECESSARY requirements of survival. Even if the things one does to bring oneself into balance are just very simple, small things, they can be of benefit. I think that it is just the fact that that they are done with the intention of caring for oneself that makes them be of benefit -- the body-mind somehow responds by lowering the stress chemistry. I keep thinking about the piece you wrote about the night life in Caracas... just enjoying the people, the laughter, the smiles... I hope you're able to latch onto things like that, to give yourself a little bit of joy (in the midst of the tornado of crap).

Edward said...

In the last post, Mike, you mentioned your inner demons. check out this quote: "The Real War is inside us. History is merely an outward manifestation of that internal human struggle."

Chairman Mao

FTW admin said...

hi marianna, thanks for your comment. i'm not sure which piece you're referring to about the night life of caracas. plz be aware that recently a fraudulent email was sent out which mike emphatically did not write. the life he leads is extremely circumspect. thanks as always.

Mike said...

Sounds like Mikey's got political troubles. Being at the forefront of the real September 11th investigation and the growing malice towards the new overt corporatism would definitely put him in a spot...lots of new friends in high places, and very angry old enemies. US SpecOps are currently in SA; keep an eye on the terror/drugs/Venezuela connections being made on US news. Watch your back compadre, and say hello to Mr. Chavez for me. Gozaria de un juego ajedrez con el.

casecore said...

turn off your RFID chip .....take a gold coin and buy a nice bottle of wine, a good cuban cigar and go to thong beach. this is dose of attitude adjustment.


green man said...

About two weeks I saw a documentary about 911. It was about the so called conpiracy theories. I heard a few days before also the doubts what really happened on that day. A few years just before the invasion of Iraq I knew it was a lie. I didn't saw the connection between the attacks and Saddam Hoessein. In the beginning our press was critical about the invasion but since last year they became less critical. They are very superficial and gave almost no real information what's happening. And was very searching for why things happened like 911. I heard on the dutch radio that americans have more doubts about the official reading by the government. And it was a surprise for me that there're so many internetsites, groups of people who have critical questions and want a real investigation. So first I read a book of David Ray Griffin, recently translated in dutch(also including the dvd Confronting the evidence) It gives a good review and basis for further reading. After that because in the documentary I saw your book Crossing the rubicon(I searched that word in my dictionary)), I've ordered the book and read already some chapters. I'm very impressed about your book. For me it explains a lot of things and about subjects that I didn't know. Like the connection between CIA and drugs trafficking. I couldn't belief it! It makes me afraid of the future, it's clear to me that we in this world haven't so much time. The most important thing is that people get conscious of the energy crisis but people takes too much for granted and believe what politicians say(even in the Netherlands) So thank you for that you made me conscious of the problem we in the world are dealing with because of your book.
I keep follow you and I'll hope that things gonna be allright for you, so hold on!

Patrick from the Netherlands

Rice Farmer said...

Still more sobering news about biofuels. This is a reposted subscriber article from New Scientist.

"Fuels gold: Big risks of the biofuel revolution"

Howlin_Dog said...


It was great to hear from you, both in this blog and in your article posted today. Being almost the same age as you I think I have earned the right to say "Screw that evolving stuff."

You have not failed. Seems to me you have poked old cyclops in the eye and got him ticked off. I look up to you, even though I am probably not even a chigger on cyclops' butt.

Give em hell... follow the first part of Casecore's advice, but never never go to the back of the bus like his 2nd part.

Marianna said...

Jenna, I was referring to the night life Mike described in Caracas Part II "... This city is alive." I was thinking of the potential for pulling out little bits of happiness, just in all that vitality he described. Caracas Part II wasn't the fraudulent email, was it ( I hadn't thought I'd recveived it... )?

FTW admin said...

marianna, if it was published on the ftw website then it was legit.


Rice Farmer said...

Green Man -- welcome, and I hope you stay with _Crossing the Rubicon_. It's worth the effort to read because it ties many seemingly disparate things into an organic whole, and shows how they relate to 9/11, which is one of the greatest scams of all time.

getoned said...

Thanks for the post Mike Ruppert.

As you can see, there is a lot of love and respect for a person of your calibre. We need many more people like you to step forward. And, as I pluck this out, many more people ARE stepping forward and being heard and making others aware of the high crimes that have been commited in the name of "FREEDOM"!

Keep us in the loop with your comings and goings, Mike.

Love ya, Man!

mrs p said...

To Mike: Please be careful! It's wonderful to know you hear us & feel the love. That makes me feel better about the unfairness of all this crap. I have to work at it everyday to keep my anger at a reasonable level so as not to cause myself ill health. I have to wonder if Cheney & crew can feel how ill he makes so many disgusted & angry people feel? Seems like his own people are turning against him. This is small but the course of the universe.

I keep hoping things will get better;false hope I guess. I feel like things are coming to a creshendo (seems like for Mike anyway), or at least that's the impression the wicked ones are trying to create. Isn't Big Brother after all of us in some form or another? I also have these preminitions ocasionally but I've always had intuitive feelings since my teens. So much dirty dealings and bad ju-ju flapping around on the planet at the moment. And this spying business really sucks. So many people here are outraged about living in a kind of Nazi Germany. We have to expose the perverse government robots as much as possible. Rubicon does it the best! They will not continue to stomp on the U. S. Constitution & Bill of Rights.

How refreshing to hear such great news from Italy and I hope we continue to hear more news like that! I tell everyone I know, about Mike & his fabuloso Crossing the Rubicon. Many are simply "not suprised" and eager to go get the book! All the truths will come out. Meanwhile we all must continue to survive & live justfully so step back you wicked spy robots & take 5. We're all entitiled to live in justice, free from your oppression and so is Mike! The whole world is watching all of you naughty neocons without souls. Whatever God is to you - it's on your case.

Mike - so many honor & love you, don't ever forget it. And please be careful.

Rice Farmer said...

"Shale Could Rock Oil Supply"

"Chevron, Los Alamos team up to develop oil shale"

More hopes for oil shale, though I doubt the EROEI differs much from that of tar sand. The bottom line is that the resulting oil won't be cheap.

directinfo said...

I am believing that there is a big mega-project out there for Mike to sink his teeth into.

Will the presidential administration will need an independent advisor? Those guys get treated pretty well, I suppose.

Will the state oil company need a spokesman for the United States? Kind of a PR Pit Bull? That would be funny for us FTW readers to watch.

Or maybe Mike could mellow out in the country side focusing on his writing. Some of the edge might drop but the insights might deepen. (I'm not saying that they aren't deep now).

So, we readers don't have to visualize or need Mike to have post-US hardship. Post-US should be liberating.

visualizing and taking positive opportunities will be important for Mike now and our support might help in some small way.

Rice Farmer said...

About those cheap gasoline prices...

Item quoted from Le Metropole Cafe on how Goldman Sachs is manipulating the market with its commodity index.

Rice Farmer said...

Good point by Directinfo. Mike is apparently faced with serious hardships, but I expect there are opportunities as well. And he still writes good stuff! His last piece shows he still has that cutting edge... of a hot knife through BS.

Rice Farmer said...

I expect that CounterPunch editor Alexander Cockburn is going to find it harder to maintain his stance of calling 9/11 doubters "conspiracy nutcases." Some of CP's most prominent contributors, such as Bill Christison, Paul Craig Roberts, and now Ray McGovern, are openly expressing doubts about Bush's story. Will Cockburn ignore the contradiction and continue publishing their stuff, or will he publicly denounce them as "nutcases"? I'm not the only one asking this question, so I'm sure CP is getting a lot of emails on this.

Wiccedwoman said...

Mike, Here's me:-

And here's the stuff I'm doing locally re Peak Oil:-

My friends call me a "Terrier" (for persistence), but I couldn't hold a candle to you. For sheer bloody minded tenacity, fire and courage you're on the cutting edge - and a major inspiration.

I'm also a psych nurse, qualified in 1978 in the UK, and I get very irritated (to say the least), with people who dismiss you as crazy.

I work with crazy people all the time - and have done since 1975 (when I started my training). You are absolutely NOT mad - though I guess you don't need to be told that ;-)

For me, just the free fall of the Towers is a crime in plain sight. It's not rocket science. It's bloody obvious.

Though having worked in a de-tox unit for 10 years as well, I can see very clearly how the mechanism of denial works at all levels.

It's now time (I think), for you to take care of Joy and related stuff - though methinks that fire of yours is still blazing . . .

And here's one piece I always find inspirational. Check it out, maybe you will too:-

Take great care of yourself - and put your feet up for a bit. You've earned it.

identitytheft said...

To Mike, and to all others:

This is an opportunity.
This is an awakening.
The future is not decided.
Everything you do will become a part of the world. Your energies are part of all the worlds energy.
It is an evolving revolution. Keep communicating. You cannot hate when you understand. There is a possibility, a chance that the world will improve, and humanity will reach new heights.

We are not alone.

maebrussel said...

Mike, your arms ARE long enough to box with god! I saw a bumper sticker the other day that said "God was my co-pilot, but we went down in the mountains and I had to eat him." Another one I really like is "The problems we face will not be solved by the minds that created them."

Rice Farmer said...

CNN distracts American public with stupid survey

Now you know why CNN stands for "Crap News Network." This whole debate over who let UBL go is nothing but a cheap distraction, about as meaningful as discussing Paris Hilton's latest escapades. The 9/11 truth community in particular needs to keep its eye on the ball!

directinfo said...

7-ELEVEN drops CITGO gasoline...

Denies move tied to Chavez jab...

The above headlines are screaming to me that Mike Ruppert is needed to PR for CITGO. Venezuelan-controlled Citgo Petroleum needs a man that understands the forces at work. Millions of dollars in revenues are at stake, but that's not all...

... uncalculatable human lives are in the balance as the US continues to demonize Venezuela as some sort of loose cannon ready to use "oil as a weapon" (what non-sensical term is that anyway?)

Long story short, for a cheap-cheap million bucks a year to Mike Ruppert paid by the Chavez Administration (let's think high for our friend and hero, Mike, shall we?), Mike will rip the face off the farsical US position that Venezuela is responsible for their own doomed-to-fail policies and practices. In addition, Mike will help win back tens of millions in revenue from STABLE oil sales to the US market.

Think big,
Be supportive,

JMC said...

"The 9/11 truth community in particular needs to keep its eye on the ball!"-Rice Farmer

Oh yeah. It is easy to get distracted by irrelevances or even one's own frustration at what appears dead obvious.

I approach the subject by stating at the start: pre-meditated murder is always a conspiracy. Those who destroyed the evidence and tampered with the inverstigation are, AT THE VERY LEAST, guilty of tampering with a crime scene and have made themselves accesories to murder after the fact.

I owe Mr. Ruppert credit for starting to think of 9/11 in terms of a crime scene as oppossed to an "assult on our way of life by those who hate our freedoms", blah, blah blah. Not that I ever bought that rubbish; it was just hard to articulate WHY I wasn't buying the rubbish.

Thank you Mike. It is the mental hurdle that is always the greatest; helping people overcome it may only win one battle in the war, but without it the war is lost.

Everyone else, just remember the above when some one wants to dismiss you as a conspiracy "buff": Pre-meditated murder is always a conspiracy...etc.

And if you've seen these words before on the comments at Google Video, yes, it is me posting under a different name.

Long live the Jersey Girls.

Bankley said...

Michael...Good to hear from you. You've touched more lives than you'll ever realize. Don't forget to let some music lift your spirits
from time to time.I intend to spend some time in Cuba, Suriname and possibly Venezuela early next year. This is for an 'on-the-ground' perspective and also a reprieve from the Canadian winter.
Hang in there, friend. We all need you. Not a clingy need. More of a spirit solidarity.... Ron

Rice Farmer said...

Yes, excellent observation by jmc -- the WTC site and Pentagon are CRIME SCENES, and the hurried cleanups were destruction of evidence. Fortunately, readers of _Rubicon_ know that our case is made without relying on destroyed physical evidence.

Gail said...

Dear Mike: It is always good to hear from you...that tells us you are still there, though I feel the distance. Then there are the articles with your razor like wit and sense of humor, when all looks like doom and gloom. I am still outraged that you had to leave with one suitcase and your laptop. Free country was only an illusion. You are right, it looks pretty dark. I have two kids who are of age for the draft, and if that happens, I may give up my thoughts of a sustainable community in the USA and take a boat to Caracas...not too far from Florida! If I could learn Latin, surely Spanish can't be too hard. I prefer the idea of living a sustainable life in a sustainable nation. Don't like the idea of entering old age in a failing police state. Stay safe and stay well and yes we DO care. I am glad you can feel it.

FTW admin said...

hugochavez1 has left a new comment on your post "Message from Mike Ruppert":


Dear Mike [ftw admin has taken the liberty of editing what must surely have been a misprint here]

My friens from Dublin are now in Venezuela living in the revolution you know once in Ireland we had our own revolution as will take place in America soon once people realize the diabolical plan of the NEW WORLD ORDER that is now unfolding before our eyes.

All of us in Ireland Salute you and your work we send you as mych

Geronimo said...

Hi Mike,

Thoughts of peace and joy are sent to you each day so you can be surounded by a shield of positive energy. Simple some could say, but when you look at it, all religions are connected to that principle. Everything happens in relation to our thoughts. That being said, i have a question for all of you american people.

To what extent is it possible to create a "black book" of the people involved in the production of armements in united states? To what extent, would 'nt it be possible to map the profile of ordinary citizens that are involved at the corporate level in the production and trading of armements, as we know that they are the fibers from which the weaving of war is realized.

We intend here in Canada to pressurized the few senior executives s by sending information on their wrong doing to their children and neighbours the consequences of their actions (photos of children wounded or dead because of the armements produced by these people, pollution created because of bombs, etc.). We sure hope it will affect their behavior as it is more difficult to pressurize their bosses knowing how corrupt and fake is the electoral system.

I wish you success in your resistance movement.

May peace prevail at the end.


KWKlutz said... is it you you are still so tall and unbent from the many years of courageous battles for truth. I am SO glad to have read your musing from afar, and to know, even yet, your spirit rages on!! Yes we/I love you,and you should know that behind you stands this army, this wall, of strength and fortitude. That's here for you and your world at large!
With love my friend,
Katie from Vermont

HansV7 said...

Why go to Venezuela? Just curious...

Why live in a country whose leader believes in price controls? Most recently, Chavez proclaimed that a barrel of oil should never fall belw $60/barrel.