Saturday, September 23, 2006

VENEZUELA: U.S: Close Military Office; Denies Arab Terrorists; U.S. Puppet Runner; Documents U.S Aid; Proposal for Indefinite Re-election Rejected

U.S. Orders Venezuela to Close Military Office in Miami

Chavez Vehemently Denies Harboring Arab Terrorists

Fingers U.S. Puppet Runner

Documents re U.S. Aid to Venezuela

Chavez' Proposal for Indefinite Re-election Rejected


Rice Farmer said...

I see Richard Branson wants to run his fleet on biofuels.

Unfortunately, I have to join the ranks of skeptics here. One could point out various problems, but I want to bring out one that immediately came to mind as an organic gardener. Branson says he will use crop residues to make cellulosic ethanol. But crop residues are a vital nutrient. With many food plants, the residue accounts for more biomass than the harvest itself, and returning it to the soil provides much of the needed nutrients for subsequent crops. If crop residues are removed for ethanol production, the nutrients they ordinarily provide have to be replaced by something else. So where to farmers turn? Chemical fertilizers made from natural gas? So indirectly, this idea for biofuels also competes with food.

Howlin_Dog said...

Thanks rice_farmer... I always wondered about that especially while throwing stuff on my compost piles.

I am still reading more about Venezuela including thise articles posted by the admin. I really like it how the last article has a guy claiming Chavez is proposing to run indefintely and then a previous article mentions his name as a US puppet.

So far:
Everything on has been pro Chavez.
Everything on has been negative about Chavez.

getoned said...

The heat seems to be turning up on Venezuela (by BushCo). I am not as educated as most of you might be, on the subject of current news with BushCo and Venezuela. But, it would appear Venezuela has few aces to hold and to play.

Someone let me know whether I`m reading this correctly or not.

Green2Go said...

The link to the Boston Herald article "U.S. aid stirring suspicion in Venezuela" shows a snipet of the article and points to an archive which then says the article cannot be found. USA today has the same AP article at:

FTW admin said...

Green2Go has left a new comment on your post "VENEZUELA: U.S: Close Military Office; Denies Arab Terrorists; U.S. Puppet Runner; Documents U.S Aid; Proposal for Indefinite Re-election Rejected":

Yahoo News:
"Iraqi parties agree to federalism bill"
BAGHDAD, Iraq - .........

Howlin_Dog said...

The way all media is spinning everything, Iran does not need to purchase expensive centrifuges to enrich uranium. Just let the media spin the heck out of it!

First, two articles about ethanol. Pro ethanol & Anti-ethanol. The pro article is obviously biased by its agribusiness sponsers. The anti article is very good, lots of data, but is old and the pro folks will state they now have biological ways to break down the cellulose, which gets into rice_farmer's (and my) concern. To me it comes down to the 1st law of thermodynamics and economics and life in general... "There is no free lunch."

I am still reading more and more about Chavez. I have found some negative that does concern me. There is a law in Venezuela that states: "Article 148.-Anyone that offends orally or written, or in any other way disrespects the President of the Republic or whomever may be replacing him, will be punished with prison of between six months and thirty months, if the offense were grave, ad half the punishment if it was light. " I found that in a blog called The Devil's Excrement. This site is obviously biased and even cynical, but it does provide links to their sources so I consider it worth the effort to read. The story behind the blog's name is at the top of the blog, but the short of it is, the Devil's Excrement is oil.

Anyhow, on this rainy weekend I am getting something from all this reading. I think I am starting to develop my own model of what is going on and it ain't pretty. I will place my opinion on my own blog because I really do not have the time to do all the necessary research and do not want to pollute FTW. I would appreciate all thought out opinions and if there turns out to be some validity anyone is free to publish it. Credit is not important to me... just the search for truth.

Momo the Wonder Dog said...

howlin_dog - thanks for the links and info.

All countries including the USA have laws which abrogate rights, escpecially those the Cheney/Bush Junta are closest allies with.

I, like you, am not pro or anti-Chavez and just try to get the facts. But, whatever we think or learn about Chavez is irrelivant with regard to the fact that the USA has no right whatever to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations, regardless of a long history of doing so anyway.

I prefer to focus on the conduct of the American Empire as IT is the one killing, imprisoning, and exploiting people around the globe. It is the USA and its allies that pose the greatest threat to liberty that the world has ever seen, not Hugo Chavez.