Monday, October 30, 2006

Banks/Data; British/Taliban; Al Qaeda/Algeria; Pre 9/11 Briefings; Net Oversight; GAO/Strategic Reserve

Europeans Berate Bank Group and Overseer for Access to Data
Has nothing to do with terrorist financing and everything to do with money flows, privacy and control of populations inside the US and abroad. It seems to me that the long, dark, night of facism is coming very rapidly now as the sunset and twilight of liberty in the US dissolve into darkness. MCR

British in Secret Truce with Taliban

Al Qaeda in Algeria

Pre- 9/11 Briefings
"Government investigations have shown that Mr. Ashcroft was briefed by other C.I.A. officials in the weeks before the Sept. 11 attacks."

U.S. Loosens Control Over Net Oversight Body

GAO: Strategic Petroleum Reserve


Rice Farmer said...

Apropos Mike's comment, it certainly seems that just about everything is in place for instituting the fascist police state in the US. In Japan too, the right (which is more heavily influenced by the US than it wants to admit) is working to reinstitute fascism, but Japan's recent experience with fascism means the population is still wary.

On a different subject, Carolyn Baker sends out a lot of good stuff, and it's easy to get on her mailing list (link on this site). One of today's items is about "peak grain," a subject dear to my heart and stomach. It does make one statement with which I would like to take issue: "A big question mark has to be put on ethanol fuels, except those made from crop wastes." I believe I mentioned this before, but agricultural residues are vital nutrients in organic farming, and since I expect we are all going organic in the not-too-distant future, farmers are not going to give up their field waste so easily. Another strike against biofuels. It won't be long before many of us find out first-hand what it's like to live in North Korea.

Rice Farmer said...

The NAFTA superhighway appears in an item posted on FTW today. While I agree that the North American Union and the superhighway are very bad ideas, I don't think the superhighway will come to be. Even if they hire low-wage Mexican truck drivers, how long before the skyrocketing price of fuel takes down the whole truck transport system? If I'm missing something here, someone please tell me.

Pandabonium said...

Yes, Rice Farmer, you are missing the enabling legislation that will no doubt come into being: the "Truck Fuel Subsidy Act of 2008", through which American taxpayers will fund the accelerated waste of fossil fuels. It will have bi-partisan support.

Rice Farmer said...

Yea, I believe they would try that, although I don't think it would save the system, especially after the US economy collapses. It's a dead horse, and they should stop beating it.

Item in today's newspaper: Remember that Japan recently lost most of its interest in Iran's Azadegan oil field? Well, guess who's stepping in to take up the slack? China, of course. The article says that the Chinese and Iranians are already negotiating. Although such articles are usually in the financial section, this one was on the front page.

mrs p said...

Amazing the NYT article is just one more nail in our coffins. I try to stay positive but...oh well. I think many of us have different levels of disbelief about the "state" we're in. Not to mention the many who just can't see any of it coming at all. It's so horrific what we've become! It blows me away how bad it really is. The "Lizzard Brains" as Bill Maher calls them, can't imagine this happening here. We're standing so deep in it. Got Freedom? Who would have thought it would be so easy to destroy democracy. For love of country we have to go vote for anyone we can get our hands on that's not part of this. Anyone. And demand real voting not by machine! Down with Deibold, et al!

Rice Farmer said...

It seems there's no end to bad news for biofuels:

Michael Kane's article on the Boston World Oil Conference (FTW site) was quite illuminating. "Are you willing to live without electricity?" is the mantra of the renewable-energy gurus, and it makes an appearance here, too. As if answering "no" will ensure that electricity will keep coming. Actually I thought that Michael could have challenged their assumptions a bit more, but he did make a very telling observation: Even oil can no longer support the system built by oil, so how are renewables going to do it? I wonder if any of them gave it serious thought.

Anonymous said...

Raw story and Yahoo News Press Release report that top Saddam advisor was prevented from announcing that Iraq would agree to ALL U.S. demands prior to U.S. attack:

getoned said...

I must disagree with your first log, rice farmer, I am one to believe that Japan is prime for fascism. Many Japanese people I talk to here in Nagoya, seems to take a "leave it alone" attitude when it comes to politics.

Most of those persons feel that there is nothing that will change if they vote or complain.

If you are experiencing a different mindset, please enlighten me.

JMC said...

Sorry to go off topic, but I'm at a loss. Does anyone else have a problem connecting to 911Blogger? Every link I've found so far(I'm still looking) turns up a blank page with a message that says "Sorry, (a series of numbers follow) has been banned."

WTF? Today is 11/3 and it's 6:05pm, PDT. I'll keep looking for a connection. This happened briefly at FTW several months back, but the page said something like "server not found". Since then the copvscia link is the only reliable one, at least from here.

Anyway, will be grateful for any info.

Rice Farmer said...

Getoned -- Let me clarify my comment by saying that I agree fascism is going to make a comeback here. It's just that there will be a time lag. Older people remember the war and fascism. Read their letters to the editor in newspaper. They do sound warnings. However, it's true that Japanese born after the war don't seem to understand what's going on. Many of them in fact are heavily influenced by the hysterical anti-NK propaganda campaign. As you know, North Korea is being made into the terrorist bogeyman to scare the Japanese populace into going back down the road to war and facism. And I think it will eventually work.

Rice Farmer said...

Read this account of "security" procedures at a major US airport and you'll see they have little (maybe nothing) to do with security and a lot to do with harassing people. A passenger is confronted with a series of ludicrous rules and laws which cannot be produced. Plus, he gets onto the flight with two pocket knives!

Rice Farmer said...
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Rice Farmer said...

Let me correct part of my previous post.

JMC -- I haven't seen anything like that. 9/11Blogger did recently switch servers because of traffic overload.

Meanwhile, Russia continues to assert control over fishing resources, this time off the Kamchatka peninsula. This is part of a pattern continuing from the lockdown of fisheries around the disputed northern islands, and resource nationalism in general.

getoned said...

Thanks for the response, rice farmer! I`ve been here in Japan a little more than 4 years (maybe a lot shorter time than yourself), however what I have noticed from speaking with the people here (as well as just being attentive to their responses to what is taking place in America and the rest of the world), is that MOST Japanese people are so instituionalized that they feel there is nothing they could do to change anything that might be considered serious in society.

Maybe my vision is hampered by my less than eloquent ability to speak Japanese. But, I have spoken with quite a few people here in Nagoya in this short time.

Honestly, I feel Japan is not far from Fascism NOW. The goverment and big corporations (businesses) ALREADY control the people to such a degree that the people feel like there is nothing they could do to change their society at present.

As you know, most people are content with the "salaried" job and the thought of retirement (with the pension). I must say, I have spoken with a select few who actually see what is happenning in Japan, America and the rest of the world! But, I must emphasize, that the number was quite small.

As I have noticed, from grade school thru to the universities and into the working and corporate world, Japanese people are not taught to offer an individual opinion (let alone to think one). It is a sad observation, but that is what I see.

To conclude, I can only say, I see a colony of "The Empire" that is set in place to work for "The Empire" with no other options if they want "The Empire" to protect them!

What do you think? Am I off the mark? I am interested in your response to this, rice farmer. Thanks!

Rice Farmer said...

Getoned -- I have been here 30 years. Certainly you are right that fascism will make a comeback. Some legislation for a return to war and fascism has already been passed. The worst is the "conspiracy bill," which is so loosely worded that two people could be charged with "conspiracy" merely by meeting and shooting the bull in a coffee shop. But it's going to take a little more time until the prime minister is a dictator.

A few months ago a knowledgeable Japanese activist said to me, "The Japanese empire was not defeated in WWII -- it was merely absorbed by the American empire." How right he is. And the Japanese political establishment is working hard to keep Japan moving in lockstep with the US.

Rice Farmer said...

Travel abroad becomes more and more of a hassle for Americans with the "Automated Targeting System" and incredibly troublesome new customs regulations. Reading the CBP's booklet reveals that upon reentering the US, travelers can be charged duty on any items they have which were made in other countries, unless those items are pre-registered with the CBP! Since almost nothing is made in the US any more, imagine the potential for demand destruction if these regulations are enforced to any extent. And that, I suspect, is the real purpose. Read it for yourself:

Rice Farmer said...

Foot power -- Tokyo Station is experimenting with piezoelectric mats which passengers step on when passing through ticket gates, thereby generating electricity. But don't get your hopes up. According to a newspaper report, even if all the station's 760,000 passengers a day walk on the mats, they will generate only enough power to light a 100-W bulb for 10 minutes!

Rice Farmer said...

Check it out! Our very own Jenna Orkin will be giving a presentation.

FTW admin said...

thanks rice farmer.

cate jenkins will be prominently featured in said talk which is currently called

How Science Was Used to Perpetrate Lies After 9/11: A Cautionary Tale for the Approaching Peak Oil Disaster

Mike O said...


I typed in google these words and found this website. Bush, Cheny, and drugs.

This the happiest day of my life and the maddest I have been in all my 52 years.

I have been reading for 4 hours. Just amazing. I think the major media who has kept this from us should be held accountable. I know in my heart that Mike will live and become a great American Hero.

I also hope the two Bushes and Cheny will be in a cage one day just like Saddam. We must do this and purge this PUS from this nasty wound that they have made on our beautiful country.

It will be the only way for us to heal.

Right now I am not able to send money, but I will soon and I will post signs everywhere I can that will say: Uncle Sam selling drugs Cheap :

Oh yea, I am happy today because I am waiting on my dentist to accept my marriage proposal. Wish me luck.

Please take care Mike, I would love to give you a hug oneday.

From one Mike to another. Keep safe.
With love, Mike O

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