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Mike Ruppert

[FTW is really screwed up right now. Everybody knows it and I am not going ignore it. I am in bad shape too. I am not going to hide that either. I have been in Caracas for 14-plus weeks and am facing a serious combination of medical symptoms that were described by Carlos Ruiz in “Living with Mike Ruppert in Caracas”. They include sudden drops in blood pressure, blood sugar crashes, dizziness, weakness, paresthesis of lips and fingers, small kidney stones, heavy calcification of the urinary tract and prostate, cloudy urine and chronic fatigue. There have been four seizure-like violent tremors.

Looking back I can see that the first major signs of my illness started appearing about a year ago. The first tremor happened in January before we moved FTW out of Los Angeles. What is happening now erupted in full about two weeks after I arrived in Caracas. We do not have a firm diagnosis yet. I have just had an expensive series of blood tests run but do not have the results. Both FTW and I need your help although I must tell you that our offices are being vacated next week.

My friends and subscribers know that I have never lied to them. My enemies know that I have never lied to my friends and subscribers. That has been an unbroken bond for 104 consecutive months and I am not about to break it now.

FTW’s time of usefulness on this planet is ending. Michael Kane offered his resignation last week. Having already lost Stan Goff (due to cash shortages) and Jamey Hecht. No one person can carry it on their own. Kane made the right decision for personal reasons and I support it completely. We remain close and trusted friends with deep mutual admiration and respect for each other. The article that follows is my personal tribute to him and the entire generation of talented investigators, researchers and writers that has arisen since 9-11.

One of our former writers has expressed concern for his safety in the current political climate of the United States. I know that he is not alone and that many others feel the same. I say to you all, fight the good fight.

There is one other person I must specifically thank and that is the angelic, dedicated, and steadfast Jenna Orkin who has researched, blog-managed, and loved me so unconditionally as to affirm my belief in God when all other evidence of Him seemed MIA. To all who have made FTW and its accomplishments possible, whether we parted as friends or not, I offer a gratitude that will endure throughout all time.

We changed the world a little bit.

My time may be over too and I must now turn my attention to that. One thing we must do, however, is to save the FTW archives as a permanent fixture on the internet for future researchers and try to clean things up before we go. We must also save my personal library of around 250 books.

How this came to pass merits only a brief discussion. There are too many details that I just don’t know. In the first month after I left the states we had our strongest sales month in (I’m guessing) a year and a half. The organization I hastily put in place before leaving was working. Decisions were made in Ashland to upgrade our store and web site for all the right reasons; chiefly to cut costs by outsourcing our product shipment and warehousing. Many glitches made that process take more than two months and during that time our subscriber-only section was free and often orders could simply not be accepted. It was not that people didn’t want to buy. They just couldn’t.

Sales fell by around 60% and cash flow dried up. I was made fully aware of these details only about two weeks ago. I was out of the loop for these decisions and didn’t find out how bad things were until many well-intentioned choices had already been made; choices that could not be changed. The same is true for our long-time agent/publicist Ken Levine. We all owe a debt of gratitude to everyone who wrote for FTW after I left the United States. Some great stories and articles came out between July and November.

There were more problems of human origin. Some were definitely malicious. I won’t go into them here because they just don’t matter anymore. If there are any recriminations to be given for how things turned out I accept them. I was the glue that held FTW together all these years. I am the one who left knowing that I couldn’t continue any longer after our offices were burglarized and our computers were smashed this June. There had been one-too-many battles and, looking back, I knew my health was failing then even though I didn’t want to admit it.

As far as I know, the Ashland staff did the absolute best they could. However, one person who is no longer affiliated with FTW wrote me about a month ago that the decision to close FTW was a “fait accompli” and that it could not be prevented. I had not been consulted before that. I immediately cautioned against painting a rosy picture and continuing to sell subscriptions and products after I was told that the office was being staffed only one day per week, they couldn’t pay for inventory, and there was no money to ship product or pay staff.

I was advised on Nov. 6 that the staff, working without pay, had shipped most, but not all of the remaining orders.

What is important to me is that we try to make our obligations good. Sadly, in my present condition and position I may not be able to have much impact on that. FTW is closing its doors with many angry people who have not received their orders and vendors who never got paid for what they shipped us. I did everything I could possibly think of to prevent that, including considering returning to the States with all the risks and personal anguish that would entail.

We have jointly decided that the FTW store cease all sales of subscriptions and product immediately, remaining available only for badly needed donations. Those will be used to ship remaining back orders, pay staff save the web site and transfer my personal library to an as yet undetermined safe location – in that order.

Those are the facts. It is too soon to glibly say “let the healing begin”. There is too much wreckage scattered about. But it is certainly time to stop creating any more. Healings will inevitably occur. That is the beauty of life.

At the end of this article I will list options for those who want to help me personally and give FTW the decent end it deserves. I know you’re out there. I am nearly broke and am unable to even purchase a plane ticket if I had another country to go to or a bed to sleep in when I got there. Venezuela has kicked my butt as you will soon see. How all of that happened gave me the “inspiration” for this final FTW essay.

This is my tribute to Michael Kane and to all who have learned from FTW, taken the map we have drawn, and are now reading it for themselves. God bless you. The struggle continues. – MCR]



Michael C. Ruppert

Copyright 2006, Michael C. Ruppert. – May be posted or distributed freely

Cultural diversity is not only humanity’s hallmark of progress, but an insurance policy against extinction as a species. Diversity gives not only cultural and economic riches derived from different perspectives on natural resources and what it means to be human, but options to problem solving that are stifled in a homogenized society. When such a society is organized around economic goals that are measured by profit margins for private gain by powerful elites, where the demands of those who bear cash as the ticket of admission to the marketplace rule, rather than the needs of people, then those who are deprived – and those who have never been part of such a global economy – must necessarily suffer. The genocide of tribal peoples, therefore, is symptomatic of a deep malaise in the world’s metropolises. Indigenous peoples will suffer the most, but humanity as a whole will suffer the loss of some of its memory, not only of a unique knowledge of the natural world, but of its ability to cope with the future in various, diverse ways.

THY WILL BE DONE, The Conquest of the Amazon: Nelson Rockefeller and Evangelism in the Age of Oil, Gerard Colby with Charlotte Dennett, Harper Collins, 1995, p. 685

INSERT DATELINE, CARACAS – Nature protects itself through diversity. It stands to reason then that when threatened – as it is now on so many fronts – Mother Earth will exert itself aggressively; enforcing rigid boundaries that ignore the lives of individuals – plant or animal – in order to preserve the diversity which protects all life. That human beings as a species also show such characteristics is proof of the connection between man and planet. In some ways this is not unlike the point in time when a child must break with parents in order to fulfill its own destiny, with its own unique life path, thus guaranteeing that the evolutionary process – life itself – is protected; that something better and new might follow.

All individual life ends so that that life as a whole may go on and evolve. As I have said in so many lectures, the human race is now being faced with a choice: either evolve or perish.

Americans tend to think of the Third World as “the frontier”, a place still open to settlement as if it were a divine right just for the willingness to endure a little hardship. With overpopulation and dwindling global resources, the “frontiers” are defending themselves to protect diversity in many ways; ways that are far more effective than any resistance to colonization in previous centuries. Global warming has been characterized as a planet developing a fever to rid itself of an infection. I believe that increasing global tensions might also be mirroring that process.

The human side of this resistance is also organic and, in Latin America, Venezuela is its heart. It has now taken solid root, emerging almost simultaneously in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador. I do not think it can be stopped. It is an anthropological resistance.

Living in Venezuela has been an amazing, brutal, and illuminating lesson. It is a truly alien culture that I find simultaneously beautiful, hard, giving, unfamiliar, uncomfortable and definitely self-protecting to the extreme. That is why I am confident that Venezuela, and most of Latin America, will survive the coming crash of Peak Oil better than any other region of the world. I believe it is already starting to protect itself. It doesn’t need me or any outsider to survive. But as a general rule, only those who are native here will be protected by its blessings.

It is not just that I am blond haired and blue-eyed, which does get me a lot of double takes – some hostile. It is as though I am a fish used to swimming in a different kind of water. The way that I swim affects the other fish here, already swimming too much in a superimposed American cultural blanket that has been enforced by scores of coups, debt enslavement, colonization, exploitation, genocide and war over the course of the 20th century and into today. In order to understand this picture a British citizen trying to drive in super-crowded Caracan traffic where there are few rules. Under stress the Brit might instinctively react in a way that might tie up streets. Now change the image of traffic to a culture adapting to dwindling energy reserves, conflict or panic. The Brit would be singled out quickly and forced off the road so that the rest might “function” in ways they were accustomed to.

However, the powerful lessons and principles of human justice, sustainability, harmony with the land, freedom from the mandate of endless capitalist growth, openness, and localization contained in the Bolivarian Revolution led by Hugo Chavez are powerful survival tools that can and must be studied and adapted to other regions. If one reads Richard Heinberg, Matt Savinar, Megan Quinn, Post Carbon Institute, FTW, or any of the great sustainability writers, one will find those same principles; arrived at through different means.

Forget labels. This is what will work.

The Bolivarian Revolution is different from the main body of sustainability literature in one key respect. It is the practical, hands-on implementation of these principles on local, national and continental levels; something all European and North American sustainability advocates know little or nothing about. How could they? While US and European sustainability advocates write about “shoulds” the Bolivarian Revolution is an evolving process of actual doing. It must be watched closely by all who would learn from it.

The irony is that for the most part, the Bolivarian revolution does not see itself as a sustainability movement but rather as a political and economic one. Now for another of my trademarked quotes: Until you change the way money works, you change nothing. The Bolivarian Revolution is doing just that.


The Bolivarian Revolution and Venezuelan culture inherently knows that it cannot make too many exceptions to the rule that diversity must protect itself or else the rule will have no meaning. That’s exactly what I was asking it to do (though I didn’t know it) when I came here. I am not just one migrating gringo. Mike Ruppert could not be assimilated without changing something here: the Tao of politics.

That is why, after 15 weeks of waiting, after only one interview, a formal petition and a lot of pressure from influential Americans and Venezuelan-Americans (some with direct government connections) I have not heard a word on my request for political asylum. Venezuelans are inherently suspicious, let alone of a blond gringo who is an ex-policeman who came from a US intelligence family. It is possible that within the massive and glacially slow bureaucracy, some who are not loyal to Chavez have buried my request under a pile of papers. In Latin America things take much longer and I can see now that the waiting process, never guaranteed to be successful, is part of a natural selection.

My thirty year record of activism and sacrifice in the US means little in Venezuela. Those deposits were made in a bank belonging to a different ecosystem. There are no ATMs for that kind of withdrawal here.

The first real kindness shown to me by a full-blooded Latin American with government connections, came about two weeks ago as “Tano”, a bearded artist and long-time revolutionary who had worked with Salvador Allende in Chile, looked at me with true compassion and said, “Venezuela will run you through a gauntlet. It will ignore you. It will make promises and never call you back or fulfill them. It will mistrust you even if you have lived here for ten years, twenty years.”

It took me 12 weeks to get to Tano and it was not by a linear, logical path.

Tano is a famed artist and thinker knows Hugo Chavez personally. He has traveled with him. His kindness and sympathy was abundant and visible. Kittens slept on his massive belly as he spoke from behind a desk cluttered with papers. Two dogs gravitated to him as though he was a magnet. He offered to open doors and make some introductions in certain ministries. As opposed to many other unfulfilled promises since I have been here, he meant it. Promises are made quickly here and soon forgotten, even between native Venezuelans. But it was already too late. My health was gone, I could not make one important event and I had already been rejected like an invading organism; rejected by the differences in culture and an environment I had trouble adapting to.

I was introduced to Tano by my young Venezuelan friend Ivan, who, at 27, who had just quit his job as a trader at J.P. Morgan because it was too stressful. He was too Venezuelan to live the life of a Venezuelan posing as an American. Good for him.

It would be embarrassing to many people if I named the names of all of those back “home” who, learning that I had come here, told me that they had been considering the same move. They said that when things got intolerable in the States, or the UK, or Canada, they would just move here; or to Costa Rica, or to New Zealand, or to someplace else. My pains and troubles here will serve as an object lesson for all that the time to relocate in advance of Peak Oil has, for almost everyone, long passed.


The important distinctions about adaptivity are not racial at all. US citizens come in all colors. American culture is the water they have swum in since birth. A native US citizen of Latin descent who did not (or even did) speak Spanish would probably feel almost as out of place here as I do. They would look the same but not feel the same. And when it came time to deal collectively with a rapidly changing world, a world in turmoil, a native-born American’s inbred decades of “instinctive” survival skills might not harmonize with the skills used by those around him.

Another one of my trademarked lines is that Post Peak survival is not a matter of individual survival or national survival. It is a matter of cooperative, community survival. If one is not a fully integrated member of a community when the challenges come, one might hinder the effectiveness of the entire community which has unspoken and often consciously unrecognized ways of adapting. As stresses increase, the gauntlets required to gain acceptance in strange places will only get tougher. Diversity will become more, rather than less, rigid and enforced.

As energy shortages and blackouts arrive; as food shortages grow worse; as droughts expand and proliferate; as icecaps melt, as restless, cold and hungry populations start looking for other places to go; minute cultural and racial differences will trigger progressively more abrupt reactions, not unlike a stressed out and ill human body will react more violently to things that otherwise would never reach conscious thought.

Start building your lifeboats where you are now. I can see that the lessons I have learned here are important whether you are thinking of moving from city to countryside, state to state, or nation to nation. Whatever shortcomings you may think exist where you live are far outnumbered by the advantages you have where you are a part of an existing ecosystem that you know and which knows you.

If the time comes when it is necessary to leave that community you will be better off moving with your tribe rather than moving alone.

Evolution is guaranteed. Useful knowledge gained by ancestors is incorporated into succeeding generations. It may not be used in the same way that it was when acquired. It may lie dormant for years or decades, safely stored in DNA or the collective unconscious. But it is there, and it will always be available should the day come when it is needed.




My trusted attorney Ray Kohlman in New York will be receiving all donations intended for this purpose. I really need help. At present only checks and money orders can be processed. They should be made out to Ray Kohlman and (very important) the Memo section should read, “For Mike Ruppert”.

Mail to:

Mike Ruppert
c/o Ray Kohlman
300 East 71st St.
Suite 3H
New York, NY 10021

Those with offers or information on residency in another country should contact Jenna Orkin, Jennakilt@aol.com. These must address three things: Visa and immigration considerations, access to affordable health care, and an initial place of residence. Jenna will screen these offers and forward them to Ray Kohlman for further evaluation. I can only get online for a few hours a day at best by going to an internet café.


All contributions should be sent to FTW’s agent-publicist Ken Levine by check or money order only. Offers to store (or purchase) my personal library of 250 volumes should be made to Ken Levine (below). If I do make it into another life and recover my health, however, I reserve the right to someday reclaim the 15 or so books that are personally autographed to me by their authors. Again, checks or money orders should be sent to:

c/o Ken Levine
More Than News Productions
13500 Ventura Blvd.
Suite 301
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
818/907-9466 phone
818/907-9551 fax

DIRECT CREDIT CARD DONATIONS, can be made at the FTW website. These will be used to fund immediate operating expenses, salaries, and other essential functions. They will not be used to help me personally.


mrs p said...

Wow! I'm dumfounded. Is this real? Has your site been hacked again?

My mother bear instincts are inflamed! As for kidney stones you must increase your fluid intake (not alcolhol!) and reduce salt intake! You can turn all of this around but you must be devoted to the healing part.
The following is from "Nutritional Healing" by Doctors, James & Phyliss Balch.

Urinary tract problems needs 6-8 oz of DISTILLED water EVERY HOUR while awake! Essential! Acidophilus tablits (especilally if taking antibiotics). Also very important Vitamin B6.

Kidney stones are accumulations of mineral salts (combined mostly with calcium) which can lodge anywhere along the course of the urinary tract. Studies indicate that refined carbohydrates, including sugar, help precipitate kidney stones. The sugar stimulates the pancreas to release insulin, which in turn causes extra calcium to be excreted into the urine. If you have a history avoid the Amino acid L-cystine and avoid calcium intake, & dairy products. Milk & antacids may cause kidney stones. Avoid oxalic acid-containing/ producing foods such as Asparagus, beets, parsley, rhubarb, sorrel, spinach, swiss chard & vegetables of the cabbage family. Also avoid alcohol, caffeine, chocolate, dried figs, lamb, nuts, pepper, poppy seeds and black tea. Increased fluid intake is extremely important.
Watermelon is a natural diuretic. EAT IT ALONE and OFTEN. It has a clensing effect but when eaten with other food it will SOUR and become TOXIC. (hence the old saying, "Melons: eat them alone or leave them alone!" Use only Distilled water for drinking and cooking. And drink Cranberry juice to help acidify the urine.
Very Important: 500 mg Daily of Magnesium oxide or Magnesium Chloride also Very Important:
Vitamin B-6 100 mg twice daily: Taken with Magnesium, B6 reduces oxalate, a mineral salt common in kidney stones.

From Me: (I'm not a doctor) but I read that Vitamin A can heal urinary tract lining damaged by stones. Drink some Carrot Juice. It's very sweet but will be good for you. Cranberry usually has lots of sugar so try to get some of quality without the sugar (corn syrup)<---not good and mix it with pineapple juice or apple.

Mike please get well. Find a health food store? Go to Oz if you can for awhile, then NZ. I think there might be people there who could help you. Maybe Queensland would be good for you.
Also, (don't laugh at this one) but Mercury is REtrograde in Scorpio right now til Nov 18. We're all Re-viewing the past. Things are not what they seem. Commincations are "Merckey" and garbelled and what is said is not what is meant. Plans are cancelled, RE-versed, changed etc, Reviewed. Don't sign anything until after the 18th. Just get well. If this is all true then my heart aches, if not I'm a sucker with compassion!

FTW admin said...

yes mrs p it's real. thanks so much. i suspected you'd be writing. the nutritional insights are interesting. thank you.

Rice Farmer said...

I can't say I didn't see it coming, but I guess I was in a state of denial, too. So it's a shocker. I hope my recent donation makes it to Mike.

Meanwhile, I hope this blog will continue.

As to saving the FTW archives, I repeat my suggestion of putting everything on CD-ROMs.

rhizome_evolver said...

On relocation:

I've seen ads for help with relocation for Croatia. The "top ten reasons why croatia" are here:


Plusses seem to be:

* VISA (or was it permanent residency) can be obtained for the officers of any Croatian company

* A company can be established for about $3500, give or take. Was not very obvious to me what part of this has to be spent, and what goes toward the operation of the company

* The (post-communist, which should include quite a few things) health insurance is $60/month for a these officers.

* Croatia is a tourist destination, so speaking English would not be too revealing I guess.

* Was not obvious to me what an initial residence would be, but the poprietor of that site (an expatriate himself) offers help in purchasing real estate. I assume that they know something about initial residense.

* Croatia is not a member of EU or NATO (although it is aspiring). On the other hand, it is a former communist country, and even though it claims to want to reintegrate in Europe, there is probably a substantial influence of Russia of over the situation there, hence not much reason for Croatian officials to be overly cozy with the US authorities.

* There are probably down sides: Croatia being "Tuscany at half the price" seems expensive to me; there was an etnic strife between Croatians and Serbians (or was it Albanians ?) around WWII, so if Europe is inflamed at some point in the future, that might resurface. But Europe is like this almost everywhere else.

Information from a separate sourse on Croatia is:


That site has basic info on other countries also.

Chris Murphy said...

To say that this news is heartbreaking would be an understatement. Mike and FTW have proven to be invalueable resources throughout the years. Mike is one of the most important people to ever walk this earth and I hope that he has a speedy recovery from all of his health problems. Please keep us in the loop regarding your health Mike, you are truly loved and respected.

rhizome_evolver said...

Dear Mike,

I had an urge to chime in when I saw your pictures in Caracas and
before your departure from Oregon, but I suppressed it twice because I
felt that the comments of a stranger will probably sound too

While there might be a malicious involvement in the health problems
described above, they sounded to me just what I though I saw in these
pictures -- a burned out American denizen, toxic with the regular fare
of health-hazardous junk of the American "food" environment, and
spaced out from stress and lack of regular sleep.

You are probably right when you say that the world does not need us to
protect itself from the plague, and that we need to evolve with the
world in order to survive.

One question is, Evolve in what order? We have been too immersed in
the old ways of the world, and we have huge TODO lists that can fill
decades of activities. One of the principles of permaculture is
"First, generate income." In light of the situation described above,
it seems to me that "income" in your case is defined as "health."

You have been a narcotics cop, an info cop, and it would not be too
difficult now to become a health cop. May be this will be the
make-or-break line item on the list.

I myself have been a health cop for a year now (or at least have been
striving to be, and have enjoyed serious benefits so far). I am not a
health professional, am not licensed to provide medical advice, and do
not wish nor intend to offer it. I would like to share my findings in
the sea of information that is out there, as have been verified by
observations on my own body (N=1). They are intended to be used as a
starting hypothesis for further research, not as medical advice.

Briefly, I would experiment with: potassium citrate and bicarbonate,
vitamin C, melatonin, body cleanses, fasting. Pointers are below.


I wish you all the best in this journey, and hope that you will be as
dedicated and inquisitive when it comes to your health as you have
been in your other projects. Once you fix this, there are decades
ahead of you to fix the rest of the world.



Poster "mrs p" provided some very pertinent info. I'd like to add to it.

* Drinking too much water leaches sodium from the body. This may be
good news to people with edema (which sometime masks as obesity).
At some point some salt should be taken in. Dr. Batman recommends 1/2
tsp (2.5g/ml) per 2 quarts (2 liters) of water. Sodium intake may
be low priority in the beginning

* In order to dissolve calcium deposits (prostate, kidneys, probably
also pancreas, pineal gland, joints, and other places) the colloidal
properties (the ability of the blood to carry solutes, as measured
by the "zeta potential") needs to be improved. Fantastic pages are:


The recommendation in riddick/chap22.htm is 1g potassium citrate /
1 quart of water (preferably distilled, reverse osmosis, or
De-ionized). Roughly the same citrate can be gotten with the juice
of one lemon / 1 qt of water, which is centuries old health
recommendation from the Mediterranean region.

Another recommendation is to avoid aluminum like the plague.

* Potassium citrate increases the ability of the blood to carry
solutes, which includes calcium salts. It dissolves all the sludge in
the body and presents it to the kidneys for excretion.


People swear by the kidney cleanse procedure of Dr. Clark:



This may well be root of 95% of the described problems.

* When toxins (which need to be excreted as acids) and acidifying ash
(like the phosphoric acid in coke, other soft drinks, grains, and
red/white meats) are presented to the kidneys for excretion, they need
to be buffered by alkali so that the blood remains slightly alkaline
at all times.

* When there are not enough alkali in the diet, calcium is pulled from
the bones to buffer the acids for excretions.

* Since calcium is very weakly soluble in neutral and alkaline
solutions (you need vinegar to dissolve an egg shell) calcium salts
start depositing everywhere, including kidneys, prostate, pancreas, etc.

* At some point the body refuses to pull any more calcium from the
bones, which leaves it with the problem of unexcreted acids. They are
sequester in mast cells to get them out of the way, which manifests
itself visually as obesity.

* At this point quite a bit is also the soft tissues, which changes
the acidity there and invites various parasites to invade the tissues.

* Ingesting sufficient alkali (as in vegetables) begins to pull the
acids and toxins out of the tissues and lets the kidneys excrete them.

* The potassium in potassium citrate is an excellent way to provide
extra alkali to the body. The citrate is an acid, but is not
acidifying to the kidneys, because it is organic (has no ash).

* Some people advocate drinking alkaline water. Potassium bicarbonate
is an excellent way to do it. Potassium is an extremely important


* cleaning calcium deposits with potassium citrate will probably clear it.


A couple of ideas.

* It is possible that the blood is so salted out that it cannot carry
enough solutes (including sugar) around. There are fantastic photos
of sludged blood vessels in


If this is the case, potassium citrate will clear it.

* The pancreas might be partially calcified too, which will mess up
the insulin system. If this is the case, potassium citrate will clear it.

* There might be parasites living in the pancreas. People, including
some I know personally, swear by the Parasite Cleanse of Dr. Clark



A well functioning body is very useful. Among them the liver cleanse
is an easy one and has enormous bang for the buck. Also it is
indispensable when dealing with toxicity that need to be neutralized
through the liver.



This is a deep and very important story, which I'll try to make short:
It is intricately connected with: sleep, depression, suicide,
schizophrenia, prostate (and breast) cancer, vascular disease,
obesity. The definitive book is:


* Briefly, the recommendations are 0.1 to 10 mg (mostly 1 to 3 though)
15-30 minutes before bedtime; stay and sleep in total darkness during bedtime.

* The pineal gland, which normally produces melatonin is often quite
heavily calcified. Dunno whether potassium citrate will fix that,
but it probably will.


Extremely important, gradually work up "bowel tolerance," see:


... and references therein.


From Dr. Clark's book:


* from memory, "large" does of Vitamin D (I believe it was 60,000 UI 6 days
a week for a few weeks, then once a week thereafter) + whole milk -- to
get it to absorb

* from the research of Dr. Johanna Budwig: Omega-3 (fish and flax seed
oils) -- to get it to the tissues once absorbed.

HansV7 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
lyma2 said...

Dear Mike,

My wife and I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate what you have done to uncover the truth and help people see it so clearly.
It is time now for you to take care of yourself and then resume your good work. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. God bless you!

P.S. Have you considered joining Al Giordano in Mexico?

A peon said...

Hi friends and neighbors.It been awhile,been kind of busy.I've just recently been reading Mikes latest news,and thinking.I was thinking I'd like to send some healing thoughts Mikes way,as well as what I hope will be some benificial information as far as his health goes.What Mrs.P has posted appears to be on par with what I am about to post.Lke her I am not a Dr. either,and these are not my opinions,but the information I am going to post are the opinions of various Drs. as well as fellow researchers like yourself.Well,more like a second opinion seeing as they steer slear of anything having to do with prescription ro non prescription drugs or surgery,which in their opinion should only be options of a last resort.In fact my source for the info I am about to post bites his thumb at Big Pharma in much the same way you Mike bite your own at Big Oil.Well,here goes...

First and foremost,you should seek the care of a licensed healthcare practitioner that does not make use of drugs or surgery,if they are available or affordable in your current location.Here are some specific links concerning the ailments you are now afflicted with.

Kidney Stones:
Drink 1 gallon of distilled water combined with the juice of 5 organic lemons and 2 cups of raw organic apple cider vinegar every day for two weeks.

Essential Fatty Acids,Quantum-Rx EFA Oil: www.healthline.cc

Kidney Protection Formula,Kidney Clear: www.instituteforvibrantliving.com

Supplement,Stone Free: www.planetaryformulas.com

Kidney Support,Tinkle Caps: www.totaldiscountvitamins.com

Dr. Schulze,Kidney/Bladder Cleansing Program: www.dr-schulze.com


Pantothenic Acid and Vitamin B6: www.puritan.com

Amino Acids,BAM: www.metabolicmaintenance.com

Adrenal glandular products,Thymus Organic Glandular: www.nutricology.com

Digestive Enzymes,N*Zimes: www.enzymeuniversity.com

Nutri-Health Products,FenuPro: www.bestflora.com

Blood Sugar Balance,Ridge Crest Herbals: www.ridgecrestherbals.com

GTF Chromium Complex,Rainbow Lite: www.interhealthusa.com

Stevia: www.steviasmart.com

Whole Food Green Powder,Vitamineral Green: www.livingnutritionals.com

Glycemic Health,Gaia Herbs: www.gaiaherbs.com

Enlarged Prostate BPH(Prostatitis):

Ashwanda,Ayurveda Organics: www.omorganics.com

Saw palmetto(Serenoa repens): www.jarrow.com

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Six flavor tea,Healing Place: www.healingplace.com

Calcium,Nano-Cal: www.nanocal.com

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Gymnesyl,VitaNet Health Foods: www.vitanetonline.com

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Chromium,The Vitamin Shoppe: www.vitaminshoppe.com

Oral Chelation & Longevity Plus Formula: www.extendedhealth.com

Protein Powder,RiSoTriene: www.risotriene.org

Also,a site on alternative health insurance: www.alternativeinsurance.com

I hope that the above sites will be of some use.I'm not sure if they'll be publishable on the blog though.I hope so,they may benefit other readers.So,hang in there Mike,and thank you so very much for all your efforts at making the world a better place.Just knowing there are people like you in it makes it so.

thetalkingowl said...

"my opinion, you or someone at FTW (i.e. Jenna) should try to connect with Richard Rainwater in TX."

Rainwater is a close friend of Bush, he financed his governor campaign in 1994.

Mike wrote a book accussing Bush's administration of conducting 9/11.

The idea that Mike should contact Richard Rainwater is blatantly stupid.

Green2Go said...

So sorry to hear about Mike's health problems and the additional problems associated with FTW's website.

Regarding Mike -- please, please try to take care of yourself mentally and physically. I wish I could do more to help.

Regarding FTW -- Why does FTW have to have an office? I realize that this was once maybe part of a business venture because it entailed so many hours of research, writing, office staff, and distribution. And these people have to be paid for their time if all of their time is spent on FTW. But there are many websites out there and writers who write great articles sitting in their home office. Some have other jobs and have an online website on the side. Couldn't FTW have contributing writers and news research analysts that donate their time and skills to such a great "cause." It wouldn't have to be updated with original articles daily -- maybe once a week? Other websites are surviving without the conventional methods of doing business (actual office and staff). We are in the computer age here. A virtual office is what you need -- apparently from the terrible troubles in Ashland.

Or you could start over. To pay for itself, a small website with Google ads can bring in some funds. Amazon Associates is a good way to make a few bucks to support a website. PayPal has great storefront tools. Perhaps all of this could be combined to pay for operating costs and guest articles.

Perhaps the dream was too big or perhaps it got out of control. I really hate to see FTW dissolved over mismanagement and lack of funds. There has to be a way to get back to the roots of FTW's purpose.


FTW admin said...

A peon has left a new comment on your post "EVOLUTION":

....I was just on FTW's search engine(s).One of them(I believe the older of the two) is still in working order.The newer one with the dark blue boarder results in pages and pages of nothing but links to good ol Wing TV,no matter what you type in.

On a more positive note,I wanted to share something else with Mike.I remember reading somewhere(Carolyn's or Mike Kanes article on Mike Rupperts last days in the U.S. I believe) that one of Mikes first loves is music.This is something we share in common.So,I wanted to share with Mike a couple of songs that keep me going when the going gets tough.You don't even really need to hear the music.The lyrics are enough for me.I know these most likey won't be able to be published,but I hope they are sent on to Mike.The first is a song called "All Things Change" from Billy Corgans solo album "The Future Embrace"

FTW admin said...

thanks, a peon, for alerting us to the wingtv links. a message is going up about that momentarily

FTW admin said...

A peon has left a new comment on your post "EVOLUTION":

Ok,I think I sent that last one without typing in the other song I wanted to,so here goes.This next one is called "Lyric" by Zwan

KT said...

What can I say? My boyfriend and I only just discovered you and FTW in the last few months and I am devastated by this news. I will be sending the largest donation I can afford and wish you all the best.

You opened my eyes and have changed my life. Thank you. Please get well soon. We will be thinking of you.

Now for some practical help:
As for a place to go have you thought of the UK? I know it is probably very low down on the list but the health care is free. The NHS will treat anyone who turns up, in theory you have to have been living in the UK for 12 months to qualify for all treatment but my boyfriend who is American did not have to prove this when he registered with the NHS. There are also walk in centres where they will just treat everyone who walks in off the street. This kind of thing is good to start off with but not so good for longer term treatment. You will have to pay a small fee if you are prescribed any drugs though. As an American you can stay in the UK for 6 months with no visa. If you wished to stay longer you would have to apply for a work permit before entering the country which would have to be secured by your prospective employer. At least the 6 months would buy you some time to recouperate. Plus you speak the language which always helps. I have emailed Jenna with more detail about this.

As for your health, I'm a childrens nurse so I don't know too much about adult problems but what I can tell you is this:

-Drink lots of water (as others have advised). I'd recommend to be aiming at about 3 litres a day. No alcohol or caffeine please. If the kidney stones are small this should help flush them out of your system and I can only wish you luck and strong pain killers for the time when they do decide to move.
-Cloudy urine is very often a sign of infection which would fit with the kidney stones as they can block the urinary system up and thus cause infections. Some antibiotics may help with this. Trimethoprim, Nitrofurantoin and Cefalexin are 3 that are often used.
A urinary infection would also link with the possibility of diabetes - if you are diabetic then there will be sugar in your urine which bacteria can live on increasing the risk of infections.
-The blood pressure drops could also link with kidney problems as it is your kidneys that control your blood pressure.
-The dizzyness is probably a result of changes in blood pressure and/or blood sugar - sort them out and the dizzyness should go.
-Good diet can go a long way to controling diabetes if that is what the problem is. Avoid anything with lots of sugar (unless you are feeling dizzy/irritable which may indicate that your blood sugar is low, in which case immediatly have something with natural sugar (fruit/fruit juice) and follow it up with some carbohydyates to maintain your blood sugar levels).
Eat lots of fruit and vegetables.
Keep meal times regular to maintain your blood sugar levels.

Try to get some exercise at least 3 times a week if you can. A half hour walk should do it.

Have a look at
It gives good general health advice and often has useful links if you search for a specific ailment.

Try to get plenty of rest too, a regular bed time and lots of sleep will help your mind and body cope.
And drink lots of water.

-One last point that I feel I have to mention is that your symptoms could be consistent with Mercury poisoning (although you would probably have even worse symptoms if this were the case). Could this be a possibility? Have you had any dental work recently?
Have a look at:

Just don't give up. You will get better. You are in our thoughts every day. Good luck.

torrentbin said...

Mike, our thoughts are with you. You are a true patriot for all humankind. Though it may be time for you to take a much-needed and well-deserved rest, and hopefully only a reprieve, know that your legacy continues on in the people who share your hope for a sustainable, peaceful world.

As Mark Twain put it: "In times of change, the Patriot is a scarce man; brave, hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, however, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a Patriot."

May our cause succeed for all mankind.

All the best, Mike. Truly -- thank you for a better map. Be healthy, be well. Be human!

Ric said...

It seems to me we're missing the point of his article. He's now facing what most of us will face within our lifetimes, which is encountering the depletion of all we own, dream, and know. Unless we're extraordinarily lucky or crooked, most of us will be faced within our lifetimes with losing our nation, home, resources, wherewithal, loved-ones, friends, and health. In the process, Mike's demonstrating what to do when we also become strangers in a strange land that was once our home: doing what we do best, which in his case is continuing to report from the wilderness. What I hear him saying is that it is not so important that I "survive," but that I give all my skill, resources, and training to the community of my loved-ones. I hope his friends are sending him as much money as free advice.

Captain & Kellina said...

Dear Mike,
My husband and I are so sorry to hear about your failing health and problems getting accepted into Venezuela. We hope that you can get into Croatia or some other place that will be healing and warm and who will appreciate you and keep you safe.

We just found out about your website in the last 3 weeks (after devouring your book, CTR). We wish you well and hope that you will consider archiving your website on one or more cd-roms. We would buy them in a heartbeat.

Captain & Kellina

letsgo2006 said...

Dear Mike:

I am saddened to hear the news. More than anything else it is important to take care of oneself at a time when stress has been high and prolonged. I am sending a couple of things through your attorney which may be helpful.

You CAN heal. But it may mean standing down for a while and letting it be....we have learned the map, and that is what you wanted. Your voice often comes to mind as I am reading various things on the web..."Mike would say....."

My mother, a long time psychologist who passed on in 2002, used to say that it takes half as long to heal, as the stress that got you there. So don't be going anywhere if you get my drift. Your life is not done, and there are things yet to enjoy. Among them the many friends you have just here on the internet.

Hugs, and love,

Gail from Florida

Pandabonium said...

I'm no doctor and don't even play one on TV, but one man's website has helped me immensely and he documents his articles extremely well (like you do). His name is Bill Sardi and his webiste is www.knowledgeofhealth.com .

There is a wealth of information available for FREE on that site. His focus is on diet and suppliments and he exposes big pharma for what it is using studies and articles from major peer reviewed publications.

Please, at least have a look. It has made a world of difference in my life.

Take care my friend.

PPUK said...

Hi Mike,

Like others on here I'm sad to hear of your ill health and the problems with FTW.

However we all feel you've helped us "grow up" metaphorically and such it's now time to concentrate fully on your own wellbeing. We've had enough training to look after ourselves for now.

As well as physical ailments I guess you've also been suffering mentally and emotionally. I think we all underestimate what physical problems an emotional energy unbalance can cause.

Therefore I hope some of the medical advice already given can help with those physical problems, but also that someone can help you relax and unload all the mental stresses and strains you've shoulded for so many years.

Someone mention meditation but alternative therapies/activities like Reiki, Reflexology, Acupuncture and Tai Chi might help your body's energy system rebalance itself.

Best wishes


pilot said...

Hi, wanted to wish you solidarity and love. Your book and website have changed my life and I'm still reeling! You have been like a friend to me out there.

For various reasons I've felt like a fugitive all my life and know how hard it can be to feel alone and homeless.

Also echo kt's comment that the UK is a possibility though I know you've said it's one of the last places you'd consider!

You'd be better off in terms of health care in a bigger town but if all else fails you are welcome to stay in my house here in the middle of nowhere in beautiful Wales, UK!

Will send details and whatever I can afford. You deserve the very best care in the world after everything you have done for us.

mrs p said...

Prayers and Love to MCR!
Sorry to be wordy but I have to get this point across. I agree with Peter on the aluminium. Many resturants, hotels used large aluminium pots and pans in their kitchens. Strange but they've done it for years here in the U.S. It's poison to cook in aluminum pans or non-stick pans so if you're doing that it could be why you sound like you've been POISONED. Some people have actually killed their indoor birds/parrots with non-stick just from fumes. The nay sayers would tell you otherwise.

Doctors are soddered at the hip to the Pharm Industry and will boo-hoo vitamins or preventative things like avoiding aluminum because it's money out of their pockets. They just want to write Rx's and their patients just want a simple answer, a quick remedy, a pill that usually only masks symptoms and doesn't cure the culprit causing those symptoms.

Very imporant is the idea of blood type. I know it works because I've tried it myself. A lot of people are borderline diabetic and don't know it. There's 4 blood types--doesn't matter about the Rh neg or pos), you could be eating all the wrong things that don't agree with your immune system, digestive system etc. Your blood is your DNA. It's the blueprint to you and there are foods that actually irritate your blood, poison your system & make you prone to things like diseases, diabetes, etc. There's also foods that are highly beneficial to your DNA, that boost your immunity & give you peak performance.

Here's two examples of blood types quick info taken from the back cover of Dr. A'adamo's book: Blood Type O: Needs high protein, low carbs and to cut out wheat & most grains. Type O's risks factors of eating wrong are: Ulcers, and inflammatory diseases such as arthritis.

Type A: Should be a vegetarian (High carbs, low fat) Meditate to deal w/stress. The risks factors for Type A are heart disease & cancer if eating the wrong things.

There's so much more info & lists of wrong/right foods that will Poison you or BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM in the book EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE. or go to the web site of Dr. Peter J. A'damo.

Eat Right 4 Your Blood Type is a wonderful book with all the "tested" foods that irritate or help your blood type, make you fat or keep you in good shape.
I will look for the site don't have at the moment.

mrs p said...

Okay I think this will work.


In stead of buying products which could get expensive, (the site sells supplements & blood type testing kits), but if you just get the book you can start eating foods your body needs,(some of which you actually like & crave may end up being things that are very good for you.)

HansV7 said...

To thetalkingowl: Some of us are not paranoid and delusional. Peak oil is real but the 9/11 conspiracy theories are a bit much for some of us.

Please be kinder and more considerate of others' feelings when you post.

Thank you. Peace.

mrs p said...

Correction: I was incorrect about the name of the Doctor for Eat Right. It should be:
Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo
the website is the same though.

mrs p said...

oops. I left out the .com part.
Also Dr. D'Adamo has a blog!


Maybe Mike or someone for Mike could ask for help/advice at the blog?

pincus said...


Thanks for your honesty.

Your comments about community are very insightful, and it seems that you are feeling your life is empty without a community that understands and appreciates who are are.

We, the readers and subscribers of FTW are that community.

While the old context for your life may be dying. You don't have to die with it.

Please let me offer my two cents.

As soon as you invent a new purpose for your life, a purpose that inspires you and others, this purpose will give you strength and vitality beyond belief. It will also give you courage, something you have never lacked in the past.

Who you are is not who you are for yourself, but who you are for others. In the recent past you have drawn great strength from your role as an investigative journalist not because it is something for you, but because it is something for others. And you have made numerous sacrafices.

Who you are is also the future you are living into. What is that future for you, Mike? That future can be anything, just choose it and begin the actions.

I just want to encourage you a create a future self, a future life, that works for you and the communities that you choose to be part of; whether they be online or in a far and distant country. And I get that future is a bit murky or unclear right now.

Survival is not a future! You are much greater than that!!

Transformation can be ugly, and embarrassing, and humiliating. But when we pull thru, it's always beautiful in the end.

Please take care and keep in touch with us!

Best, Pincus

aaron said...

apparently some of us ARE delusional. 9/11 conspiracy is real. ever heard of mike ruppert?

nortyspawn said...

mike, get well!

u have brought me sanity in this insane world

keep that spark alive - you still have a purpose - we are all behind you 100%

gaelicgirl said...

I have never posted to this blog before, but have been a subscriber to FTW for at least 3 years. I'd like to echo a couple of themes I've seen posted in this thread.

First, Mike, your health is the most important thing right now. You have definitely been under extreme stress for a long time, and that will always take its toll physically. But health can be recovered! As many have said, nutrition is a key. I'd wager that your nutrition has been far from optimal, perhaps not a priority for you. It needs to become one. A wonderful place to start is:
It is a wonderful organization and website of information about REAL nutrition. It is especially relevant for you, because the Weston Price Foundation's nutritional worldview is absolutely predicated on the relocalization of our food supply; it's an integral part of their nutritional outlook. That website, and two books you can find there, have been my "map" to nutrition, the same way your book and website have been my map to our world in the age of Peak Oil. And it has brought me back to health after my own stress-related illnesses several years ago.

Second, and very important, is that I also long to see FTW continue in some form, even if that be scaled down, or all web-based, or whatever. It's been the first website I've checked every day for the last three years! And it is a community, and we will all need that community even more in the time ahead. However I can help, I will!

JJMALAS said...

Dear Mike: Please leave the website up as long as you can, and I am mailing my donation. I really don't understand how you decided to go to Venezuela, but there are other places to hide if you need to. I have a house in a town in Texas (won't say to put the town on the internet), you can stay in and work if you like. It will not cost you. How you can get there, I am not sure. Just let me know, somehow. I will include this offer in my check to your attorney in NY.

Rice Farmer said...

Allow me to emphasize what I said before about stress (and note that others are also saying you've got to eliminate stress). Freeing yourself of stress is of prime importance. I know from experience. When I was much younger I had a serious bout of psychosomatic illness. It was all brought on by stress, but it absolutely devastated me. I was flat on my back in the hospital, not knowing what the hell was going on. So believe me, stress is not a trivial concern.

So Mike, you must let us (your community) keep the FTW flame alive as you recover. Let go. Relax in the knowledge that we are on the job.

FTW admin said...

someone just sent in a link to an ashland daily tidings editorial about the need for a new investigation into 9/11. i'm on an unfamiliar computer and can't find the email to post it - sorry - but here's the link

DGSE said...


Ignore all the medical bullshit that's posted here. Seems like you are seriously ill. Go private and get a full physical checkout before you go treating yourself.

Make sure you get checked for Lyme disease/Borreliosis (get the LTT-MELISA test, available privately in the UK and Germany) as this is tricky to diagnose.

There's a lot of controversy in the medical field about how to diagnose illness based on the symptoms you have.

Maybe you got bitten by a Lyme carrying tick when moving to a more rural Oregon from LA.

Ignore all the bullshit vitamin crap and concentrate on getting diagnosed. Go back to the US if you have to, but lay low before resuming your political activity. You can always return to Venezala when you recover.

Anonymous said...


I believe the "email" regarding the Ashland Daily Tidings editorial was sent by me - it was actually a post to the blog but something must have happened to the post "between here and there" so to speak.

I'd commented with something along the lines of how FTW must have been having a stronger impact than realized in the local community.

FYI, when FTW first relocated to Ashland, the local newspaper ran a short piece that was negative towards Mike. I responded with a letter requesting that they give FTW a chance before passing judgement, which they published - much to my surprise. It seems to me that the editorial staff may have conducted enough research on their own to form a supportive position.

Despite all of the recent setbacks, that is incredible progress when you consider whom the ADT staff reports to. At the very least, it's a milestone that rarely gets crossed.

So for all of your hard work, Bravo!!!

PS: It's gonna be interesting to see how long that editor lasts in his position. He's stepped out onto a precipice to which there is no turning back. He has no choice but to defend his position or go over the edge.

TR said...

I would disagree with MCR's conclusion that "evolution is guaranteed". It is far from guaranteed. Historically, societies have destroyed themselves needlessly, some through ignorance while others through will.

This age of technological wonders has centralized knowledge, displacing it from the hands (and minds) of the many into those of the few. The knowledge of how to build, repair, grow, nurture, heal, resolve, utilize has for generations not been in the mindset of the populace.

We operate things, often at the push of a button. The folk-knowledge that took many generations to build has long been erased. To suggest it is "guaranteed" that soceities will be able to renew such a knowledge base is specious.

TIBOR said...


Bad news for me reading your lines in Evolution post.
I totaly agree with everything written in your book and I would like to give you strength for health and future work as a bright star in truth of our era


Kadybird said...

I've been a fan of yours since shortly after 9/11. You have truly enlightened me and I am forever grateful. Godspeed to a full recovery!!

rhizome_evolver said...

*** Stress ***

I agree with rice farmer, that stress is very often the underlying condition of bad heatlh, and God knows that Mike has had his fair share of it, both recently and chronically.

Melatonin is extremely important in dealing with stress (see my earlier post for dosing reccommendations).

I might add here tryptophan (and/or tryptophan-rich foods, of which the best are eggs, yoghurt, ricotta, lamb). The standard reccomendation is 500 to 2000 mg sometime in the afternoon, preferably on an empty stomach.

Melatonin is by far the more important of the two, however tryptophan is important, since it promotes a long and restful sleep. Melatonin promotes falling asleep, but wears off in a few hours. Tryptophan is gradually metabolized to serotonin and then to melatonin, which prolongs the effect.

Once again, for melatonin to be produced by the body from tryptophan, one must be in (as close as possible to) total darkness -- sleep at night, use heavy drapes, no night lights, no LED devices in the room.

The other anti-stress supplement is Vitamin C (ascorbic acid). The adrenal glands are in a dire need of vitamin C for their operation, especially when under stress. Sometimes people refer to vitamin C as the "missing stress hormone." The dosing reccommendation is "to bowel tolerance," as per the links in my earlier post.

Get well Mike,


Lawrence said...


There is a place for you to recover and recharge here in Vermont if you ever need it.


Snowman said...

Mike, are you living in a moldy building? Mold can be a very serious issue for 25 percent of the population that has the genetic type that doesn't eliminate neurotoxins from toxic molds found in infected buildings. See the site


RanD said...

FYI: These are my first words ever on a blog site, and I'm wishing myself well! Thank you!

Hey there Mr Ruppert and FTWers everywhere, I love you guys! I also want VERY much to see those of our psychological ilk become completely immune to those that hate us for our fundamentally logic-oriented world-view. And, to do that, it'll be necessary to go beyond anything the status quo presently considers status quo
(if you catch my drift) in terms of the information I need to share with you guys (males and females alike, of course) -- if you're genuinely sincere about ensuring the human species' prospects for experiencing an evolutionary continuum.

The progressively dire state we all see our human condition evolving into is right now making a truly cosmic statement: we're being progressively compelled to consider significantly expanding human awareness of 'what's ACTUALLY taking place' / big time / here on dear old planet Earth. And yes, I do know exactly what I'm saying and do know exactly what's going on within a fully Universal Context.

The reason I'm here doing this / saying what I'm saying / is instrumentally attributable to Mike Ruppert and his venture to make good with his world and his human species. Cheap preachers and false prophets don't catch my attention: I've been well tutored in the art of avoiding phonies.

The last of my four snail-mail letters to Mike was dated and sent on March 23, 2006. That letter received no response, nor did the previous three. This told me much / but of course not everything / that is pertinent to my purposes.

My #4 snail-mail letter to Mike closed with the statement "More is forthcoming", as did letter #3. Whether I send any more information to Mike or his loyal FTW remnants depends entirely on the response or absence thereof generated by this body of comment.

trobador said...

Mike, dear mike,

Only thing i can advise is the following:

Change your thoughts pattern as everything happens in relation to our thoughts. It is the fundation of all religion.

How to do it? When you have fear or anger or any negative emotions, bless the contrary. THAT'S IT.

Even if u do not believe it, do it...you shall see a difference the same day....

This is my advice mike, i lived hell for a while and followed the advice that was given to me by a wise man. It works.

Good luck, may courage, inspiration and intuition feed your daily life.


Skyman said...

As a newby to FTW I for one would be sorry if you met an early demise. Your present health problems would indicate that your hierarchy of needs have changed. IMHO the world will be better served if you are around speaking your mind. I hope that you decide to save your own life by getting medical attention before doing anything else. I suspect that you have multiple places in several countries that would welcome you with open arms. I hope that you will determine the best place to go to get the medical attention, then go there. God bless you.