Thursday, November 09, 2006

Masterful FTW Webmaster Fixes Website Problem

FTW's webmaster extraordinaire, while working in a voluntary capacity, has fixed the problem mentioned on this page the other day. JO


Rice Farmer said...

And it's that kind of voluntary spirit that can keep FTW going, even if in a downscaled form. Many thanks to the webmaster!

Meanwhile, more dire predictions about the impending US economic meltdown.

"Bush’s Chernobyl economy; hard times are on the way"

PPUK said...

Can FTW survive using a open source content management system like Joomla? Articles could be submitted to different categories then (ok, I don't realise how difficult and complicated this then will be!) all it takes is someone to screen and approve the articles from the back-end admin interface.

Green2Go said...

Way to go Webmaster! Don't you just love a challenge. ;)

trevbus said...

The FTW subscriber list should be turned into an email list, either on an opt-in or opt-out basis. I think in the absence of FTW itself we subscribers could help each other out.

JJMALAS said...

Dear MR: Realize this is just a time of trial. You will be OK. As John Paul II use to say, "Be Not Afraid". You will be OK.

Rice Farmer said...

U.S. will train Latin American militaries: Ban lifted to offset trend toward left

duff said...

If there is a way to volunteer and contribute to keeping FTW alive please let us know.
dr rdw

getoned said...

This may sound a little far fetched but, I hope you will read this through (and, please, try to understand, that I am only wanting to speak in the best interests of Michael Ruppert, the FTW staff, and all those members of the FTW website, as well as non-members)!

Since my studying days at Mercer University in Atlanta, I have ALWAYS been fascinated and impressed with the business concepts of Network-Marketing (and MLM`S - Multi-Level Marketing). I am sure most of us have heard of Amway. That business has been wildly successful for many people since its humble beginnings about 40 years ago.

As we also know, throughout the years, MANY MLM and Network-Marketing businesses have sprung up across America (and the world). Some of those businesses have been just as successful as Amway (Nuskin and Pharmanax to name only a couple), as well, many of those businesses have not been as successful. And of course, as we know, A LOT of those businesses have been down-right criminal in their dealings with their "members".

But, as I`ve mentioned before, I have been a resident of Japan for the past 4 years. During this time I have involved myself with a Network Marketing company of Japanese origins (Naturally Plus is the name of this company). I have been able to secure a residual (residual, meaning constant) monthly income that, I must say, is impressive!

I would not want to seem like I am trying to sell any of you ANYTHING! But, I am only trying to promote a thought and a new idea.

If in fact, we all, were to unite our dollars under a single business entity, that ALSO provides us with a residual income...couldn`t we basically, support OURSELVES and OUR CAUSE?

Couldn`t Mike keep a steady monthly income coming into his bank account, AS WELL AS FTW?

Wouldn`t a constant flow of income allow us to survive (just about) any problem that might befall this website?

I know this may seem far-fetched...but, please let me know what you think.

Rice Farmer said...


In large part, a summary of Rubicon.

Rice Farmer said...

(Japan) Ministry of Environment to Promote Production of Enough Biofuel for 40,000 Cars

d'napoli said...

I know of a site called The Intelligence Daily (; it covers many topics similar to FTW. The site lacks original reporting, however, there is occassionaly some very good commentary. You might want to add it to your list of sites, if people want to get info about peak oil, arms trade, drug trafficking, etc. now that FTW is not operational.

Rice Farmer said...

Alexander Cockburn (Counterpunch) is getting desperate. The latest issue of the CP newsletter is almost entirely (except for one page!) given over to upholding Bush's 9/11 story by arguing that the planes brought down the WTC towers. As I noted before (
this has no direct bearing on the matter because the case for US complicity is already made.

joepa51 said... is also a very informative website

Rice Farmer said...

Article on "Lifting the Fog"

Perhaps Jenna (who was a presenter) can suggest some good links.

Pandabonium said...

Rice Farmer reported: "(Japan) Ministry of Environment to Promote Production of Enough Biofuel for 40,000 Cars"

Great, and we don't even grow enough food in Japan to meed half our needs. Now we're going to grow edible plants to feed cars instead of humans?

Considering the papers you have written on this, you must really find this kind of report frustrating.

By the way, I was in a grocery store in Kashima the other day and they had very cheap specials on brocolli and celery - from the USA. Yipes.

Niamaat said...

In the spirit of Richard Andrew Grove, asking questions and seeking answers, sharing infomation and seeking more information...working collaboratively not only to reveal the illusions for what they are but to also identify the illsionists and how they operate, their motives, their signatures...Is it tru the the "911 truth Movement" is still asking the same questions it was asking 3 or 4 years ago? Maybe we need more collaborators, more investigators, more people who have bits of the puzzle because somehow they participated directly or indirectly with the machinations behind the curtain. Thousands of people on the ground on 911 who have bits of the puzzle of that day and before and after.

I like this blog. This particular entry regarding the webmaster's successful efforts seems to be not only thanking the technician but also a general forum for exchanging ideas and resources. If I post again
I promise to keep it short. I just have so much I want to say now.

It's a good idea where FTWers, truth seekers, complete story seekers, can exchange ideas and sources and stuff. Having a leader, embodied in one person makes an organization unnecessarily vulnerable. A group of active investigators and critical thinkers with perhaps a few guiding principals seems like a way to take us from being programmed and acted upon and fed (from WHATEVER malicious or benevolent source) actors--active and conscious and engaged beyond the primitive brain hot buttons and the armchair philosopher discussions.

rice farmer reminds me that we can only survive in community.

thank you ppuk for joomla. I've just started using google docs & spreadsheets. That might be helpful as well.

trevbus perhaps the email list can be input into a YahooGroups or whatever and then people can choose to opt in or opt out and can choose to be notified daily or not at all or on an "as it happens" basis. I can help input email addresses. We just create the "group" and do an email blast from "FTW"....I wonder how I can implement this without creating work for somebody else?

duff: Yeah, me too. How can I help? I can help in ways not dependent on my location hundres of miles form Oregon.

getoned: MLM is an EXCELLENT idea. Thanks for putting it out there.

Dan Dashnaw said...

How is Mike doing? will there be any communication?

Rice Farmer said...

Pandabonium -- Yes, the idea of Japan producing biofuels is really stupid, especially with a food self-sufficiency rate barely up around 40%, which I believe is the lowest of all industrialized countries. Yet, most young Japanese environmentalists think this is progress!

Leigh McKeirnan said...

I wish Stan Goss and Jamey Hecht and other would consider an occasional donation to us-maybe a tax write off -just to keep us informed. Let us know what happens to Mike.

Rice Farmer said...

Excerpt from "Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost of Our Oil Addiction"

Rice Farmer said...

More on the food/fuel debate over biofuels.

BTW, can Jenna give us any idea what's happening with FTW? We've thrown out lots of ideas, and I assume the FTW team is debating them. We're all on tenterhooks here.

FTW admin said...

we're on tenterhooks too. my hunch about the blog is that i'll post articles but more lackadaisically. all in flux on all fronts. we do know that ftw as we knew and loved it is a thing of the past but the cast of characters is still around. what everyone evolves into remains the question. we all need to keep our by-now-well-attuned ears to the ground.

Rice Farmer said...

Thanks for that news. I guess I'm repeating myself, but just a few thoughts:

First, even if the website stays up in its present form for a time, the content is priceless and must be preserved. I still recommend the CD-ROM route. If all the directories are copied onto other media just as is to maintain the hierarchical structure, users can navigate the database with a browser just as though they are looking at the current website. This would considerably enhance its usefulness as a research tool.

Second, assuming the site cannot be maintained as is indefinitely, downsize it to a more blog-like format that is inexpensive or even free. Provide a way for the FTW community to send in tips, which could be added to the information the FTW team already has. Then, with a minimum of time, FTW team members could post links they think are particularly valuable and append a few lines of commentary from the FTW viewpoint. Certainly no one could write articles especially for FTW any more, but they could post links to, or the texts of, things they have written elsewhere.

I'd also like some others here to elaborate their own ideas on what might be done.

trevbus said...

Might I just say that usually when we leave our comfort zone or take action it is with the support and recommendation of a friend. Often we are told about something important but soon forget it or fail to act on it, because although we may not doubt the information, we do not like to act alone.

Usually a friend is someone we actually meet and know personally. So it is quite remarkable that Mike Ruppert and FTW have been for me, for about 4 years now, just like a friend. There are many things FTW has motivated me to do, read, think about, tell others about, that I would never have done otherwise - for many years I didn't personally know anyone else who read FTW, but you always made sense to me.

Thanks Mike

Rice Farmer said...

"Cuban Oil and Ethanol Could Prosper in Havana’s Hunt for Energy Supplies"’s-hunt-for-energy-supplies/