Wednesday, October 04, 2006

VZ/Arab Terrorists; US: China/Bioweapons; Iran: 9/11/White House; Ahmed: London Terror; Ukraine Gas; Mx/Vz Energy

Chavez Denies Harboring Arab Terrorists

U.S: China Developing Biological Weapons

Iran Calls 9/11 a White House Conspiracy

Nafeez Ahmed on London Terror Plot

Ukraine's Gas Plans

Mexico/Venezuela Energy Pact


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with reference to the comment below, plz note that ftw does NOT endorse the 'no plane at the pentagon' theory. it is a hoax used to discredit valid evidence via 'guilt by association.'

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This really isn't in response to the post. I just didn't know where else to put it. I was never much of a "believer" coming into this. It was plausible for be to think that the government knew and did nothing. I could go there. Then I read Operation Northwoods. It was mind blowing. My mom has been researching the passenger lists from 9/11. She can't find 95% of the passengers on the Social Security Death Index. I just assumed she was doing it wrong or that there was some explanation. But after reading Northwoods, it's possible that there were decoys, aliases. I have to do more research, but it's definitely more possible to me now.

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Edward has left a new comment on your post "VZ/Arab Terrorists; US: China/Bioweapons; Iran: 9/11/White House; Ahmed: London Terror; Ukraine Gas; Mx/Vz Energy":

Hey, I'm moving up into the hills in Idaho in preparation for Peak Oil. I invite all of you to join me... I know you don't like bears much, Jenna. But I'll protect you. Hope you like elk.

Green2Go said...

From the SSDI --

The SSDI does not include death records for everyone who has been issued a Social Security Number (card). Common reasons for exclusion include the following:

The death was not reported to the Social Security Administration (SSA).
* The death occurred before the Death Master File was maintained in a computer database. About 98 percent of the deaths in this database occurred between 1962 and the present.
* The person did not participate in the Social Security program.
* Survivor death benefits were (are) being paid to dependents or spouse.
* A recent death may not be indexed yet.
* Human error. (Before you give up, read the section titled "Missing Entries in the SSDI.")

TNT in Tampa said...

I gave my mom those excuses when she first brought it to my attention. Now she's checking for family members and can't find any....especially Flight 11. Don't know what it means, but strange.

Rice Farmer said...

It's intriguing to wonder what hit the Pentagon, but it's hopeless to spend a lot of time on it, as far as I can see. Our case is already made on the strength of known and verifiable facts, and the 9/11 truth movement should be pursuing that angle instead of pissing away its time and energy on arguing about why the towers crumbled, etc.

Rice Farmer said...

Speaking of 9/11, on Saturday there is an international 9/11 conference in Tokyo. Here's the website.

This blog will also post news about it.

Unfortunately I suppose they will be debating the Pentagon and the WTC.

JMC said...

I agree that the physical evidence arguments are not the most effective way to challeneg those accountable, rice farmer. However they do serve one valuable purpose if they are kept in context: they keep us sane.

Bear with me. (Aaaaigh! Bears! Run from the site!)

Hem. Excuse silliness. Too much Colbert Report.

Reguarding 911 we have been treated like dependents of an abusive spouse or parent. One of their ways of controling said dependent is "crazy making behavior", that is making you doubt your own reality as you can see it. Examples: fighting parents;"We never fight!". Swearing, threatening spouse;"I never curse". Confronted incestor; "I never did that!" And in the event they find themselves trapped by inconsistanceies, they change their story.

Bush: "We will find Bin Laden, whatever it takes." (paraphrase)
"I don't know where he is. I don't care."

Rice: "We had no idea anyone would consider highjacking airliners and flying them into buildings."
After finding intelligence briefings prior to 911 describing just that, thundering silence.(actually, I don't know that for certain. But if she's "clairified" her statements, I haven't heard it)

We are abused citizens being bombarded with crazy making statements. To hold on to your sanity in such a situation it is nessecary to cling to evidence/testimony that confirms your common sense or gut reactions until such a time you have the resources and opportunity to be more effective.

I think people who find it easy to move beyond the physical evidence and still feel confident making a case have probably never been in a situation where physical facts were the ONLY thing keeping them sane, and/or persons with a high level of intellectual/investigative confidence. Remember we do not all come to this issue with the same distributuiion of experience/ resources/skills.

So, yes, continue to warn that the physical evidence arguments are a trap, FROM AN ACIVIST STANDPOINT, and reiterate why(they control the evidence/most experts). But do not dismiss it's value in confirming many people's gut response that brings them to the truth movement, or you risk alienating some of our most passionate allies.

Long live the Jersey Girls.

Rice Farmer said...

JMC -- I see your point. My feeling about the physical-evidence approach is that it's useful as a starting point to get people thinking about 9/11. There's no argument that it has served that purpose well. But listening to these debates about the Pentagon and WTC seems to illustrate that -- for both sides -- it's highly speculative and ultimately futile. Now we have two sets of "experts" engaged in what essentially is a shouting match, with each side claiming to be more expert, and dismissing the other side's claims.

Meanwhile, too few people are confronting debunkers and regime apologists with highly damaging evidence that supports our case. Questions about money, drugs, oil, the war games, timeline contradictions, and the like get pushed off the stage because everybody is so bewitched by photographic analysis. This is just fine with the other side, as it's clear that they enjoy baiting us with the towers while avoiding these other topics. So the physical evidence turns out to be a distraction when getting into public debate about 9/11.

Anyway, that's my take.

TNT in Tampa said...

Here's my take on it. Say we prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the Government knew and/or perpetrated 9/11. Then what? We know Oswald wasn't the lone gunman, but that hasn't change the official story. We know that the government had prior knowledge of Pearl Harbor. Too late now. I don't see how this is going to change anything....

Rice Farmer said...

China running out of water

There is no mention of "Nanshui Beidiao," the South-North Water Diversion Project, a huge project conceived back in the days of Chairman Mao. It's getting more attention in recent years.

Rice Farmer said...

Well, TNT may be right, but 9/11 is such a monstrous crime that if critical mass is attained, it could serve as a catalyst to awaken the bulk of Americans to the absolute corruption of their government. It could spell the doom of the Doctrine of American Exceptionalism, which is the mental block that prevents Americans from seeing the evil that has gripped their own country.

That's my hope, however slim. The alternative is the iron grip of the police state.

Rice Farmer said...

Azadegan oil field project on the ropes

One of today's big news items on the Japanese financial pages.

JMC said...

TNT has a point. ALL by itself proving the powers-that-be culpable isn't going to change anything. But learning to work with people, forming groups to presure your congress critter(appologies to Jim Hightower) for a new independent investigation can.

Also push for voter owned elections and revocking the corporate charters of companies guilty of criminal acts(some of you didn't know that was possible, did you? It's a power of governors. It doesn't happen because enough people don't know to push to make it happen).

Start at the local level and work up to the state level. When we have enough politicians answerable only to voters the tide will turn.

The big concern is time. With peak oil, in my opinion, we have JUST enough time to prevent hell on earth if we do everything possible(conserve energy, develop alternatives, reduce consumtion, switch to local farming economies, adopt victory gardens, change all deisel to bio-deisel, develop local cottage manufacturing industries, etc) to avert the worst RIGHT NOW.

Well, you can see the weak link in that plan.

These people are pushing to make 911 an election issue this year. Give 'em a Google, TNT.

Edward said...

There was a "Frontline" program on PBS on Oct. 3 called "Return of the Taliban." If you want to verify this, check out They discussed Nek Mohammed, who was a Taliban commander and head of an Al-Qaeda training camp. A couple years ago, Nek Mohammed was killed by a Hellfire missile fired from a U.S. Predator drone. This was in Waziristan, one of the border areas between Afghanistan and Pakistan, where supposedly Osama bin Laden has been for the last 5 years. So why hasn't Osama been killed by a Hellfire missile from a Predator drone. Huh? Don't answer, "They don't know where he is." If they can find Nek, they can find Osama. Satellite cameras can now zoom in on a SINGLE HUMAN HAIR. There's no place on Earth one can escape the U.S. Military.

Green2Go said...

Seems to me the Bushites had it when they tried to tell everyone that they were "confused." If you can't tell the truth, then confuse everyone about what was said and tweak it to your advantage. Get the public confused enough to doubt it. That seems to be their strategy. What else can they do -- they have been caught up in their lies and distortions too many times.

TNT in Tampa said...

Mainstream media is owned by the government. They will not grab onto the proof. It will always be a theory by a crackpot. And no matter what the masses say....the government will do as they please; i.e. Bush "won" FL. I'm in FL and I sure didn't vote for Bush. I don't know many people who did.

JMC said...

One nit, TNT: MSM isn't OWNED by the government, but the current government is BEHOLDEN to the corporations that OWN the MSM.

It's an important distinction. Right now we have self censorship by default: if reporter x wants to keep their job, they yeild to their editor who is informed by the owner, who paid for corrupt offical so-and-so who they want to keep happy.

This is actually a very unstable form of censorship. The only benifit it has is that it continues the illusion of a free press. It's risk is that facts leak through constantly, but again this helps maintain an illusion of a free press. If we had direct regime owned censorship, it would be much, much worse.

For instance, this blog wouldn't exist.

Rice Farmer said...

Japan loses most of stake in Azadegan

Down from 75% to 10%.

TNT in Tampa said...

That's my point. They censor the stories that are allowed to air. No Mainstream media will risk telling the truth. Anyone who tries is labeled a conspiracy theorist and discredited. Then everyone says that it can't be true because they haven't seen it on the "real" news. How do we fight this? One person at a time? This neverending war may finally be ended by the time we win over enough citizens.

TNT in Tampa said...

Hey Rice Farmer... on a personal note, I went out and got some vegetable seeds and was all gung ho about starting my garden. Then I happened to read the back of the packet and realized I was supposed to plant the 5 months ago. Now what? Do I just wait til next year and hope that the sh*& doesn't hit the fan before then?

Howlin_Dog said...

This is truthful, but blunt. Don't play around any kids.

George Carlin's typical blunt humor.

Rice Farmer said...

The recent slump in crude prices, causes aside, provides OPEC with a good excuse to cut production, which I suspect members would like to do in any case... or perhaps the decline has proceeded so far now that this is just a good cover for what they would have had to do anyway.

Pandabonium said...

Rice Farmer, thanks for the news links. Sakhalin 2 is (was) to provide 8% of Japan's NG in 2008. I think they will probably get it, but with a delay that could put electric companies in a bind.

Now Azadegan is on the back burner. I wonder what assurances or pressure Japan is getting from the US. As Jim Kunstler once remarked to me about Japan - "they don't have time to f&%* around".

Pandabonium said...

Subtle energy negotiations -

"Chief engineer at BP unit in Siberia is slain"
He was found by his wife in a sauna, shot 3 times - once through the head.

Rice Farmer said...

TNT -- Sorry to say, the seasons rule. If there's one thing I've learned from gardening, it's that we have to do things nature's way. Each food plant has a seasonal "window" (for some vegetables, twice a year) in which it must be planted to flourish, and we have to observe that. On the positive side, you will find this gets you in tune with the seasons, and you'll realize that a lot of that stuff in the supermarkets simply wouldn't be there most of the year without oil.

JMC said...

TNT-I don't know what seeds you bought, but some crops can be grown in late fall or all through winter. I'm lucky to be in the Pacific NW; I'm harvesting a whole string of turnips I just planted in late August. At 55 to 65 days to maturity, with another month of mild weather, I can probably get another small crop before real winter sets in. I'm still planting lettuce, radishes, carrots and onions with good results, though the carrots and onions are over-wintering. Right now you want over-wintering crops; talk to your local nursery.

Keep at it; you'll get the hang of what works for your local climate. You are in Florida; I'd expect you'd have mild winters too, but maybe other factors are in play.

And I've found one silver-lining to global warming:a slightly longer growing season. 'Course the down side is I'll have to move to Canada if I want the same climate I've got now, but, thanks to Homeland Security, I was going to do that anyway.

Rice Farmer said...

Elites Are Afraid of the People

Another example of how elites in power are afraid of the people.

I recall a story about how California's Governor Arnie literally fled the scene after giving a speech to an unreceptive crowd. And look at how Bush is barricaded in all the time. The guy lives in not only a reality bubble, but also a physical bubble. More concentration camps are being built not for illegal aliens, but to imprison Americans whom the elites are afraid of.

Rice Farmer said...

Beijing holds whip hand over slowing US

Iran, Beijing's key to the Middle East

Defense and Military Education: A Dimension of Chinese Power

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