Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide

It is slowly becoming evident to all Latin American nations that they must hang together under the Bolivarian Revolution or they will all be hung and stripped bare, separately. This story goes directly to the heart of my decades of work on CIA and drugs and my investigations surrounding the CIA Inspector General's report of 1998 which mentions Posada Carriles in several places.

If anything has the potential to accelerate Latin America's emerging unity under a Bolivarian banner quickly the Posada case is it. And for the CIA this is a no-win situation where the revelations, press and political ramifications can only get worse. FTW has been following the case for years. Just search the FTW web site for Posada.

I first met Peter Kornbluh of the National Security Archives in South Central Los Angeles just two weeks before I had my face-to-face confrontation with then Director of Central Intelligence (DCI) John Deutch. I can almost guarantee that there are other documents there, waiting to be seen, that will damage the US even further.

Trivia Question: Who was the DCI in 1976? – It was George Herbert Walker Bush. That was the fateful year that the CIA attempted to recruit me when I was with LAPD. – MCR]

Documents: CIA Warned of Bomb Plot

OF COURSE there is no attack planned on North Korea. Duh! Since at least Ronald Reagan it is U.S. policy to only invade countries that are defenseless. There will be no invasion of North Korea or Iran.The possibility of invasions such as these – the equivalent of starting World War III – will only enter the realm of possibility when the bumpy plateau of oil production ends and irreversible decline begins, never to turn back again. Michael Klare says the bumpy plateau could last “a decade or more.” Though FTW believes this is highly unlikely, all eyes are on oil production. As long as we remain in the volatile plateau area of oil production the game of global capitalism can continue to transfer wealth from the “have-littles” to the “have-lots.” – MK]

Bush Says No Plans to Attack North Korea

As resources become more scarce and the empire feels more resistance from countries outside its orbit who are also competing for resources, more pressure will be applied to native peoples who sit on vast amounts of resources throughout the Northern Hemisphere. It has always been this way, but now it will get much worse. – CB]

"Gunboat Diplomacy" aimed at the Indigenous People of North America

Beijing Must Curb Population Growth or Face Water Shortage

Thousands in Russia Protest NATO Military Exercises

Suicide Attacks Foiled at Two Oil Sites, Yemen Says


directinfo said...

Peak Oil drives Police State

Resource Wars drive Demand Destruction

Slave servant to Master

Master servant to Sin

Chris Shaw, feral metallurgist said...

Did you ever consider the utter idiocy of rendition flights? A whole fleet of aeroplanes burns tons of fuel carting poor patsies to and fro between "secret" prisons all over the world. Few or none of the prisoners ever end up being charged with anything. So we are asked to believe that this is the result of misguided or over-zealous intelligence agents in the "war on terror".

Isn't it far more likely that rendition flights are actually part of the narcotics highway? We know that those flights pass through almost every country uninspected and officially "non-existent".

Those of us who realise that the incarceration of Australia's David Hicks makes no sense, must look elsewhere for a plausible justification for the Guantanamo facility.

As a US owned "island" of lawlessness i.e. beyond the jurisdiction of US lawmakers, Guantanamo makes perfect sense if it is looked at as a major node in a CIA drug network. Small wonder the Administration twists and turns in it's efforts to hang on to it's hapless "terrorists", against world opinion. The facade must be preserved at all costs.

Keep on keepin' on Mike.

Love from Australia.

Rice Farmer said...

Re North Korea, the danger that it presents is hyped completely out of proportion to far greater threats, particularly that presented by the US.

Bearwolph said...

I had no idea at all. Thank you.

Rice Farmer said...

Only 16% of Americans believe Bush on 9/11

The figures in this poll indicate that the 9/11 truth movement is indeed making progress. At 16%, the only believers left now must be hard-core fans of Bill O'Reilly and Alexander Cockburn.

Howlin_Dog said...

I am not exactly sure what is working here and what is not but what the heck... might as well try to post anyway.

I happened to run into the NPR article about spin being put on the Brittish General's remarks. It makes me think of all of Stan Geoff's articles about the cover your ass mentality of the military bureaucracy.

British General Refines Remarks on Iraq Pullout

Rice Farmer said...

Although there has been a lot of talk about biofuels here in Japan, too, overall there is less hype than one sees in the US media. Nevertheless, many Japanese are pinning their hopes on this and other "renewables." To inject a bit more realism into public discourse, I wrote a letter to the local newspaper, pointing out biofuels' low EROEIs and competition with food. It was published this morning, and already I have a phone call about it from a person who is influential in the local conservation community.

Rice Farmer said...

"Lost in the Dust of 9/11",1,6908057.story?coll=la-headlines-frontpage&track=crosspromo

Jenna probably already knows about this article.

BTW, here's a tip for those who want to read an occasional NYT or LAT article but do not want to register. If you know the exact title of the article, put it in the search box at Google News in quotes. Works almost every time.

Rice Farmer said...

Thanks to Jenna for that fine article on food (posted on FTW), a subject dear to all hearts. I'm afraid that even the well-fed countries are in for a rude awakening very soon.

Rice Farmer said...

"A Power-Grid Report Suggests Some Dark Days Ahead"

Bad news for America's grid.

Rice Farmer said...

154 new coal-fired power plants on the drawing board in the US.,71952-0.html?tw=wn_index_12

FTW admin said...

refuse/resist has left a new comment on your post "Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide":

M. Shaw,

i'm very interested in that connection you seem to know a lot about between Guantanamo and the drug trade.
It would indeed be very convenient and efficient to carry around tons of heroine/cocaine throughthese flights.
If you have a couple sources that corroborate youe theory, i'd be glad to know where to read them.
I'm a FTW subscriber in Europe and I've watched closely Europe becoming a fascist entity pretty much like the US has. And I know the "men behind the curtain" need that drug money in order to enforce their New World Order.
When the Peak Oil plateau will become a freefall, we'll see if we were all right or wrong.
By that time, the only thing that matters is getting prepared for resistance.
And hope we won't need to become resistants/"terrorists"/"insurgents" (depending on who's the judge of our actions).

Publish this comment.

FTW admin said...

getoned has left a new comment on your post "Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide":

you know, I was thinking...

if goverment forces were willing to put such a fight up against a women wanting to wear a full-veil (because of her religious beliefs),

( )

"He stated that "wearing the full veil was bound to make better, positive relations between the two communities more difficult."

Why wouldn`t it be possible to believe that this is a FEAR of Mr. Straw`s and those thinking like him that, there is no way to identify ANYONE who wanted to dress in full veil claiming "religious purposes".

Or, that this is more of a WEAPON, in a society that PRIDES ITSELF ON SURVIELLANCE. Any man or woman could do it, if it became more and MORE POPULAR....

Rice Farmer said...

Howlin Dog -- Good observation. Stan Goff is right to give "cover your ass" an important place. It's an integral part of military culture. In fact, the lectures I received in basic training actively drilled "CYA" into trainees. It's one of the first things raw recruits learn.

FTW admin said...

rice farmer, for those of us who have not undergone basic training, what do they tell u in the cya lecture?

mrs p said...

RE: Wearing ones religious garb, here, there, and everywhere.

Isn't this why the first early Americans escaped England and came to New England so they could get away from the rule of the "crown" and have their own religious freedom? Shame...they didn't afford the true first Americans, the indigenous peoples of the mainland, (American Indian Tribes), the same rights. Seems like the religious missionaries go all over telling people they can no longer "do their own kustom" and practice their culture. I say live and let live. Nobody should tell you that your clothes are banned as long as you're not hurting anyone with it. What planet are these people from?

And as for Iran, (some say we're already there -- just not officially), it seems clear to one former weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, in his new book, "Target Iran: The Truth About The White House's Plans For Regime Change," that we are going to Iran. He was on Democracy Now with Amy Goodman yesterday and you can see what he says and about his book if you go to He's quite convincing. He just returned from Iran.

On another note, today on Democracy Now, they showed a clip from the video of Carracas, "The Revolution Will Not Be Televized".

FTW admin said...

Thank you rice farmer!!!!!

Rice Farmer has left a new comment on your post "Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide":

FTW Admin -- It's been decades since my stint in the military, but as I recall there was no one lecture dedicated to CYA alone. The CYA concept was instilled in us across the board. I can still recall drill instructors occasionally raising their voices for emphasis and saying, "C-Y-A!" The ostensible idea behind CYA is that military personnel are supposed to go the extra mile to make sure they have done their duty, and then some, so that they will never have their "asses chewed out" (thus CYA). In reality, the pervasiveness of CYA in military culture extends it to everything, so that it means never getting caught with your pants down, or simply never getting caught. It's self-preservation. Hope this answers your question.

FTW admin said...

newbie has left a new comment on your post "Cuba/Bomb Plot; Bush/N. Korea; "Gunboat Diplomacy/Indigenous; Bejing/Water/Population; Russia/NATO; Oil/Yemen/Suicide":

Sept. 23, 2006: Historic March on the White House demands:

Free the Cuban Five, Extradite Posada!

more at: