Thursday, May 13, 2010

Food Stamp Tally Sets Record; Corporate Bond Sales Collapse

From Jenna Orkin

Food Stamp Tally Sets Record
Felix Salmon: Good idea to sell stocks
Corporate Bond Sales Collapse, Yields Rise; Public Sector Wage Cuts in Spain; EC Proposes New Economic Rules
Is That a Cop Investigating Big Banks?
Showdown in New York: Legislature Approves 100,000 Furloughs
15 Scary Reasons Why It's NEW YORK That's The Next Greece
Schwarzenegger: "Terrible Cuts" Needed to Close Deficit; Prison System Insanity
Canada's Household Debt Reaches Record $42,000 a Person; Fast and Furious Real Estate Decline Coming; Beijing Home Prices Plunge 31.4%
British banks face break-up in just one year
Spain faces unrest as austerity plan is announced
EU imposes wage cuts on Spanish 'protectorate'
Backdoor Bank Bailout? Fannie And Freddie May be "Losing Money as a Matter of Policy" from Rice Farmer
JP Morgan: Gold Could Now Face 'Unlimited' Demand

Oil Leak/Environment
Gulf oil spill: Firms ignored warning Spill rig's safety valve failed
...hours before explosion in Gulf of Mexico.
What Happens If They Can't Stop It? - from Vantage Point
JO comment: Not only could it get drawn into the Loop Current, the Gulf Stream and the Atlantic Ocean, but we also have hurrican season beginning June 1. The argument that might galvanize the government, however, is that of Florida Senator Bill Nelson, who points out possible disruption of military training on the East coast.
Public still backs offshore drilling
Canada's looser offshore oil drilling rules a cause for concern
Lester Brown: Plan B 4.0

Current and Upcoming Military Exercises
See which ones coincide with the skies closed by the volcano.
Gun-Toting Victims Fight Back
Arrest of 13 CIA Agents Sought in Spain
U.S. struggles to ward off evolving cyber threat
Cyber-Security - from Elizabeth Miller

NASA Spacecraft Hijacked by Aliens


mr drei said...

Nuclear Explosion Can Heal the Bleeding Wound in the Gulf of Mexico

steve said...

Sorry if you didn't like my post yesterday Jenna. I understand that this is your site and it's your perogative to post whom you wish; but I didn't think I said anything too offensive by asking why is MR closing the gate on his success.

There are still those of us who would like to continue following but who can't afford another monthly bill. As Mike said " you get used to it"

Has there been a discussion about having people donate when they can and as much as they can?

Radiohead amazed everyone by allowing people to download their last CD and pay as much they wanted or nothing at all. Most people paid even though they didn't have to.

I'm just asking why now, as Mike has stated, that numbers of followers are growing are you going to shut a large number of us out?

Bryan said...

Dear Mr Ruppert,

I read the update on CollapseNet yesterday and was heartened by Paul Mineau's comments but

as one of the betas may I ask that you provide some more feedback to the Beta testers - even if it's OK we'll think about that.



businessman said...

The more I think about it, the more it makes sense that we may have the next terrorist attack before we experience real major economic collapse in many of our cities. This way it will allow for every hardship in the future to be blamed on terrorism, instead of on Peak Oil.

Once the precedent has been set for cyberterrorism having knocked out our electricity, gas, water, banking systems, credit card systems, and the ability of our merchants to electronically take our money and ship and deliver products to their stores, cyberterrorism can then be blamed for almost every shortage we'll experience thereafter in the future.

And the majority of the people will probably just eat this explanation up.

Weaseldog said...

I'm spinning! Weee!

(CNN) -- Natural forces, human effort and some good fortune have kept the massive oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico from becoming an all-out environmental disaster, scientists say.

TheProfessor said...

As I said a week ago or so , all it's going to take is one hurricane and the path of destruction is going to be a lot heftier. This won't be very good for the topsoil...

Nick said...

Holy shit, now they are claiming 70,000 barrels a day from the oil spill, 70,000! As in more than 10 times than the claim of 5,000. This just gets worse and worse.

Soggy Bottom said...

The big news in Australia at the moment is a class action being taken against the banks, in particular the four major banks that operate here.
They are accused of ripping off clients to the tune of $5b AUD through exhorbitant and unduly large service and penalty fees.
The action is being taken by a law firm on a pay if they win basis and they have been inundated by over 1,000 people a day contacting them to sign up. People here are angry with the greed shown by the banks and the lack of good service.
For the banks I would think the $5b a piss in the ocean for them to pay but the bad publicity will be harder for them to escape. Everyone, it would appear, has some ‘bank’ story to relate. It might however be a wake-up call for the political parties. To see the amount of public wrath shown towards the banks might just give them the balls to rein in the activites and greed of the banks (one lives in hope). I am sure the politicians will be able to get some mileage from such a public show of solidarity.

gamedog said...

As a few of us have noticed, seems Blogger software is losing posts again, probably due to the increased demand. I've not been able to post for the last few days either, lost some lengthy posts too.

This is obviously NOT due to Jenna, for two reasons, first the links I tried to post here have been posted by other blog members anyway, second, if Jenna doesn't want something posted, you will see "comment deleted by an administrator" as one of mine was rightly deleted last week - I read a headline which looked Kosher, posted in haste without reading the full (offensive) long article it linked to.

The sooner CoLLapsenet is up and running, the sooner we can overcome this tedium.

Margaret said...

I really appreciate this community of thoughtful, intelligent posters (for the most part :-)

I have no problem paying $10/mo for CollapseNet. I find this forum not just informative, but psychologically necessary in these crazy times. It's good to know there are people out there who give a shit about what's coming down.

On another note, it's been colder than normal where I live for the last few weeks, and I've had to start getting creative about how I'm going to put my tomatoes in the ground. They're 2-3 feet tall in their pots. I grew them from seed. It made me ponder how I'd be feeling if I had to RELY on my home-grown food for survival. I'd be stressing out big-time right now, worrying if the weather will be warm enough this summer for certain crops.

This is what people 200 years ago had to deal with, too. When there was crop failure, there was starvation. If my garden fails, there's always the grocery store...

I have a safeguard in that I joined a CSA, too.

Anyway, I came up with a creative solution on how to get those tomatoes in next week, despite night-time temps not reaching 50 yet. I'll put wire cages around them, then wrap the cage in plastic (clear garden kind) to keep the plants warmer. Damn, imagine how creative I'd be if it meant the difference between life and death!

RanD said...

Rather than risk "losing" their posts, bloggers might consider composing their work on a secure location, such as provided by Microsoft Word, Notebook, or whatever location one typically uses for creating/receiving e-mail. From there one can then copy & paste her/his work to the blog's comments panel as many times as is necessary until it successfully sends and publishes, rather than have it vanish forever via Blogger software failure.