Thursday, May 20, 2010

"All Out War" Threatened Over N. Korea Attack

From Jenna Orkin

‘All out war’ threatened over North Korea attack
Misleading headline: It's N. Korea, not South, that's doing the threatening.
U.S. backs Seoul's charge that North Korea sank ship
Heavy oil hits Louisiana shore, enters sea current
FCC Makes Its Move on Net Neutrality
Medicare Implodes - Doctors Opt Out of Medicare at Alarming Rate; Fountain of Youth Sought
Germans Fantasize About New Rich-Nation Currency Bloc That Doesn't Even Include France
China, America and a New World Order
Arizona threatens to cut off LA electricity supply

Oil Disaster/Environment
Factoring in the Real Cost of Oil
Michael T. Klare: A New Oil Rush Endangers the Gulf of Mexico and the Planet
Salazar: Nix Agency Overseeing Offshore Drilling
Reduced research funds hamper study of declining Atlantic salmon
Anyone see a pattern?
White House Covers Up Menacing Oil "Blob" - Wayne Madsen
Long-Lasting Sensory Loss in World Trade Center Workers from Airborne Toxins After 9/11 Attacks
JO comment: This confirms what I and other activists have argued all along: That because of the number of contaminants released, (according to the Sierra Club report, over 2000 but now estimated to be far higher) as well as their diversity, the focus on respiratory illnesses needed to be expanded to include neurological, endocrinological and cardiac effects.
Today's finding is no surprise. Nor is it a surprise that science is finally, when it's too late, acknowledging what common sense could see nine years ago.
What never ceases to amaze, however, is the willingness of the public, who are aware they've been sold down the river over and over again, to abdicate their birthright to think for themselves and admit the obvious: The Emperor-Scientists in their political/academic robes in fact have nothing on.
Can a Chimp Beat Scientists in 2010 Hurricane Predictions?
Place your bets.
Germany Braced for Rising Water, Heavy Rain Central Europe Flooded
Doctors must not ignore the right of patients to die
Why does the timing of this concern raise some suspicion?

US, Israel, Challenged on Iran
Ray McGovern
Afghan Taliban launch brazen attack on NATO base
State of emergency in South Kyrgyzstan after ethnic clash
Mass Protest in Romania Over Austerity Measures; Greek Unions Protest Austerity Measures;Sarkozy Grapples with Austerity

Darpa Wants Code to Spot ‘Anomalous Behavior’ on the Job
Gitmo Shutdown Means More Drone Strikes, Officials Claim
Secret Service Paperwork Requirement to Shake Pres' Hand
Artificial Butterfly Takes Flight

'A Tax Would Not Prevent the Next Crash'
Euro Crisis Hidden Agenda
Rising alarm over funding costs for European banks
Former Central Bank Head Karl Otto Pöhl: Bailout Plan Is All About 'Rescuing Banks and Rich Greeks'
Full-Blown Quantitatve Easing May Be Needed To Save Europe
Save it for how long? Another month?
Trade Implications of the Euro Crisis for China
Morgage Delinquencies, Foreclosures Break Records
CPI Goes Negative for Month, Smallest 12-Month Increase Since January 1966
Waddell: Not cause of May 6 flash crash
REMINDER: Here Are The 25 Financial Institutions Most Likely To Default
Why 1-In-10 Current Borrowers Will Lose Their Home To The Bank
Class of 2010 Set to Flood U.S. Labor Market as '09 Graduates Wait Tables


businessman said...

An article written by someone who's an expert on the subject:

Learning How to Disappear and Be Untraceable

TheProfessor said...

peakoildude said...

Doctors are not going to leave Medicare en masse, until they make more without it. Anybody familiar with Texas health care, knows the patients -whether old or young don't have the money in their pockets to pay Doctors more.
Any Doctor that leaves Medicare, will be selecting themselves for a pay cut. Simple as that.
And linking to this "Mish" blog post should be reconsidered since interviewing one guy while using a word like "Implode" is a "Deer in the Headlights" reaction we should all avoid.

OrwellianUK said...

I'm pretty sure that the sinking of the South Korean Naval vessel is a 'USS Liberty' type scenario.

A total False Flag.

businessman said...

It's been mentioned in here by some people that Alex Jones is someone spreading disinformation. Well someone sent me a video of a recent interview with Alex, in which Alex contends that Peak Oil isn't for real. But the evidence that Alex offers to support his claim comes down to mentioning documents from 15 years ago showing collusion among the oil companies for both price fixing and refining. So Alex is basically saying that because of those documents created 15 years ago, that any decreased oil production we're experiencing right now is due to collusion between the oil companies.

CPL said...

China won't be in the picture much longer. China is always China, but it has a habit of changing it's political underwear constantly. While the revolutionary guard that currently run the place like it's own piggy bank, it'll be interesting when the shock of 50 million men without mates decide that the worlds largest standing army of 3 million is crushed like a bug.

Besides they have other problems, like feeding 1.6 billion, not the understated 1.3 in the article. With places like Thailand, India...well pretty much everywhere closing and eliminating food exports, throw in the lack of fish protein from the Atlantic (now dead) breadbasket, the calorie requirements alone should create the perfect storm of three meals until the next revolution.

Sprinkle in those aforementioned 50 million without mates, it won't take very much to set things in motion. Hungry, horny and nothing to do, excellent recipe for making a change.

wa-gypsy said...

Mike, Jenna: I would be happy to volunteer to help whenever I can. I am retired and have some time. Just let me know!

Mitchell said...

businessman, please stick around okay? ;-)

I enjoyed the movie "Catch Me If You Can", based on Frank Ahearn's early days of staying one step ahead of the law himself.

TheProfessor said...

dalex said...

It's good to see an article by Ray McGovern -- a great analyst and excellent writer. As with MCR, we're lucky to have his eyes and mind looking out for us.

American readers might enjoy (and learn a few things from) his essay on John Yoo vs. Jefferson's legacy, here:

v said...

US Begins Massive Military Build Up Around Iran, Sending Up To 4 New Carrier Groups In Region

Fed official: Europe's crisis poses risks to US



A peon said...

AP INVESTIGATION:Texas man faked way into Army

Zackrisson said...

Hey Mike and Jenna. I've been following your blog the past few months after getting whiff of Collapse actually by accident via Roger Ebert's reviews, and of course I want to be prepared as well. The problem is I live in Sweden which I can't really say your blog does a very good job of covering, but the picture I've gotten is that Sweden is pretty okay compared to the rest of Europe/the planet (especially with us being out of the Euro zone). Even so, I suppose CollapseNet (or whatever the capitalization is) is U.S.-specific and we'll have to start piecing together our own network ASAP?

Also, big ups on what you're doing. I've seen Collapse and really like it, but for the time being I can only cross my fingers for a region 2 DVD release.

Weaseldog said...

Businessman, that's the same take I got on the Alex Jones' opinion of Peak Oil.

I hear the same argument from folks I meet around town. Those folks actually believe that Peak Oil is a myth. That there is so much oil left in the ground that it would take hundreds of years of ever increasing consumption to begin tapping it out.

The most common myth is that the oil industry is capping wells that are highly productive, to keep prices up. The capping does happen in fields that are still producing. This is done when they switch to steam or salt water injection and they want to direct the flow of oil to specific wells to maximize the quantity of oil captured.

RanD said...

Outrage Over Gulf Oil Spill Grows:

"...morning show anchor pressed U.S. Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to accept responsibility;...activists strung a banner at BP headquarters, rechristening, "BP, British Polluters";...on Facebook, tens of thousands...demand to know how much of BP's oil [sic] is in the Gulf.

"It's anger at the people who are...driving the ship [that] don't have any idea what's going on, why [no]contingency plan? ...even I would have thought of that.

"This is just heartbreaking...I can't believe it.

"Washington...up[s] the pressure on BP." Etc etc etc.


Is it not yet universally sinking in that WE -- the EXTRACTORS, PROCESSORS, REFINERS, BUYERS, SELLERS, TRANSPORTERS & CONSUMERS of THIS STUFF -- are the reason why THIS THING is happening all over our planet?

THIS ain't just BP's, or EPA's, or GM's, or WS's, or GS', or the Fed's, or Congress', or Obama's, or the USA's fault etc etc etc, IT is OUR fault. In other words, cut the scapegoating, quit expecting saviors, wake up and grow up.

OrwellianUK said...

I'm sure Alex Jones is dead right about Oil Companies colluding to fix prices and so forth. I've seen this come to light in just about every other business sector.

However, price-fixing has nothing to do with the laws of physics. Even the most basic mathematics on the industry's own figures for conventional oil, which are overstated anyway, shows that the Peak of production has been reached, because half of all the conventional oil available has been consumed.