Sunday, May 23, 2010

UN Recommends Changing the Way Money Works


May 22, 2010 -- My God, we have all come a long way to see this day. We have to walk. -- We have to walk with the as yet unborn. For they have not had a chance to choose what paradigm they will live in. We walk with the dying because that is how we witness; it is how our witness brings love. We walk, because if we stand still, we die. -- I send you my strength and you send me yours.

The Lifeboat Movement is born:

From Jenna Orkin

Obama Calls for New International Order
UN says case for saving species 'more powerful than climate change'
"The report will advocate massive changes to the way the global economy is run so that it factors in the value of the natural world. In future, it says, communities should be paid for conserving nature rather than using it; companies given stricter limits on what they can take from the environment and fined or taxed more to limit over-exploitation; subsidies worth more than US$1tn (£696.5bn) a year for industries like agriculture, fisheries, energy and transport reformed; and businesses and national governments asked to publish accounts for their use of natural and human capital alongside their financial results."
South Korea to take ship case to U.N.
Europe's woes to have small global impact: U.S. official
Okinawans angry over U.S. base plan, PM at risk
Hatoyama Says Japan Has No Choice, to Keep U.S. Marine Base Within Okinawa

Hedge funds bet on falling euro
UK Moves Could Cripple Progress To Save The Euro
300,000 UK Public Sector Jobs Face Axe; No Sacred Cows Including Quangos; What the Hell are Quangos?
32 States Borrow $37.8 Billion Total to Make Unemployment Payments; CA Tops List at $6.9 Billion; Bill to Extend Benefits Until DEC in Congress
The Dollar Bubble: Video
Broke Britain 'can no longer afford role in Afghanistan'
Brazil's Economy Has Hit Bubble Speed
Jim Rogers: Gold going higher, paper money being debased

Oil Disaster/Environment
BP May Owe US a Million Dollars a Day in Royalties
WATCH: Is Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant Safe?
EPA TO BP: Change Dispersants ... or Else?
PHOTOS: Oil Spill Hurts Wildlife BP Says Oil Capture Rate Down to 2,200 Barrels a Day
BP calls in Costner's $26m vacuum cleaners to mop up huge oil spill
Yes, that's Costner as in Kevin. Vindication for Waterworld.
Cap and Trade Scam
Prisoners and homeless make Chelsea's biggest ever garden

17 States Now Filing Versions of Arizona Law
Navy Outsourcing to Dolphins
Deep politics
US names first cyber warfare general


businessman said...

You guys may want to get that video of MCR talking in Vermont up and available on your own server. Even though I've watched it twice now, I've encountered problems with it not being accessible at times on both the CCTV Web site and on the Senator Wagner Web site.

On a separate but related note, I had been thinking for quite some time that the elite would be building their own enclaves to live in and protect themselves in for the coming ramifications of Peak Oil, and MCR's reference in his talk to these people now buying 150-200 acre estates, and building huge walls around them on Martha's Vineyard, makes me recognize that the process is underway.

businessman said...

Here's a video clip where Council on Foreign Relations member, and international political heavyweight Zbigniew Brzezinski, discusses the global shift in power, and how people becoming more aware in the world is making things more difficult for world governments.

Click Here for the Video Clip

Elmo said...

U.N. case for saving species...

"if the goods and services provided by the natural world are not valued and factored into the global economic system, the environment will become more fragile and less resilient to shocks, risking human lives, livelihoods and the global economy."

I would take it one step further, and say that we need to re-think our entire value system. For instance: weeds have no less practical value than watermelons; sharks have no less value than salmon; and cockroaches have no less value than you and I (in fact, they may have more value, because at least they try to clean up some of our mess).

Sacred Earth is mandatory for our survival.That's the lesson of the age. But it means that we have to re-define who is #1. That's going to be the most difficult task of all... swallowing our pride!

If we thought of ourselves less as having the right to exist, and more as just being lucky to exist, then we wouldn't have to worry about who's to blame for things like species extinction, dwindling resources, poison oceans, climate change, etc..., because they wouldn't be happening!

All this constant jabber about who has the right to do what... How is that helping anything? You say that you have the right to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"... Well, what about that cow you just ate? What rights did she have?

And the thought of "paying people to give a shit"... That's downright reprehensible! We need to teach better values to our children. WE; not some disgruntled school teacher who is more worried about getting laid-off in the next 6 months!

But we can't teach what we don't know. So now we have to go through this "learning experience", just to have it rammed down our throats what the aboriginal people already knew!

Oh, but we're so much better off now, thanks to all this industry, right?! BAH! I would give anything just to stop the noise!

Mr. Kowalski said...

IMHO, it's simply a matter of time before the current economic system collapses on itself:

businessman said...
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Tomislav said...

Every time I hear of military-trained sea animals, I instantly recall William Shatner's hilarious guest appearance on a corny SF TV show called Seaquest back in 1993, playing a supervillain bent on world domination using an army of trained dolphins!

gamedog said...

A few posts back there was a few headlines linking "climate change" to CCD and the collapse of Bee populations. I think I said at the time it was common knowledge among Bee keepers in Europe that nicotine based pesticides were causing this and it was nothing to do with "climate change".

"Following France and Germany, last year the Italian Agriculture Ministry suspended the use of a class of pesticides, nicotine-based neonicotinoids, as a "precautionary measure." The compelling results - restored bee populations - prompted the government to uphold the ban. Yesterday, copies of the film 'Nicotine Bees' were delivered to the US Congress explaining the pesticide's connection to Colony Collapse Disorder. Despite the evidence, why does CCD remain a 'mystery' in the US?"

Trailer for the documentary here...
"Nicotine Bees" Population Restored With Neonicotinoids Ban

pcleddy said...

That video is not loading for me.

RanD said...

"I held nothing back. ..., I say things that are certain to tick off almost everybody out there. That was intended. What I want now is for anybody to challenge me to back up anything that I said here...."

This is what some of us needed to hear; this is what some of us needed to know; this is what we all need to say. Having heard it from you, first, it is then for some of us to say, now:

"Thankyou, Mr. Michael C. Ruppert, it is clear that you have been informed from on high."

--mf said...

Several MAJOR and violent eruptions occurred at the BP leak site, over 18 hours from early AM Sunday, to after 6pm. Many of us atthe LATOC Forum made screengrabs, and documented everything.

I scooped up lots of the information there, and Live-Blogged it in more concise order at my blog:

Something very, very bad has happened down there.


John said...

Hi, Just would like to say that I love this site and please keep up the great work!!!


Vain Saints said...

I don't get it. I don't understand how Obama could be as thoroughly owned by Wall Street as he is.

Obama has all the guns. He can blow Geithner's head off if he wants to. He could round up the criminals and put the fear of Satan into them.

What could be motivating Obama to be the shill he is?

Paul said...


"Something very, very bad has happened down there."

thanks for the heads-up!


gamedog said...

When I worked in port defence, in the early 90's I spoke to one of the top chaps working for Racal who were looking at systems designed to detect divers, specifically for a contract to protect dolphin pens as big as 4 football pitches in SF harbour. One might think it was to protect the dolphins, but the reality was that it was to protect potential animal rights activists, who they thought might try to "free willy".

The dolphins had been trained to attack divers/swimmers, but the unexpected problem was really that the well trained dolphins taught their offspring to attack swimmers too! Imagine what would have happened if they "escaped"! killer dolphins ranging up and down the west coast teaching their offspring to kill swimmers too!

Another one to file under "unintentional consequences"!
Re: U.N. case for saving species:

Blimey, as the plan unfolds you can start to get a much bigger picture of this nefarious plan. So it won't just be a "carbon tax" gravy train, it will tie in well with the WWF scam The Amazon - a "green gold-rush" too!

You've got to hand it to the men behind the curtain when it comes to long term planning!

gamedog said...

Vain Saints: Besides the usual coercive methods ($$/power/keeping entrapment type skeletons in the closet etc.) one only has to look at history to see that any president, who tried to go against the elites, was swiftly popped off so a more compliant figurehead could be installed.

I imagine we wouldn't be in the current mess if JFK's plan to change the money system had worked.

Robert Wagner said...

G'Morning All!

Thank you kindly for the reference to my site. I have fixed the link to the CCTV site, the video is still there. You can also watch it directly on the CCTV site,

One small comment... the economic ideas in the UN report are lifted straight out of Henry George AND a recent report by the University of Vermont's Gund Institute, to the Vermont Legislature, which the latter summarily ignored.

The report said that Vermont's pro rata share of natural resources GIVEN AWAY to major corporations was over a billion dollars per year, roughly equal to Vermont's pro rata share of military appropriations; that is, every Vermont man, woman and child's share in the US Empire's policy of full-spectrum dominance across the globe. Some call it 'military overstretch', one of the factors that breaks empires down.

The Vermont Legislature chose instead to have a 'budget deficit' and to begin to shutting down services.

In short, these imcumbent crooks have been ignoring the evidence for years because it doesn't fit the Keynsian/Austrian School's incompetent understanding of how the world actually works. The Austrian School of Economics should know better, but they insist on treating the natural world, the Commons, as a special case of Capital, with an initial value of ZERO paid to society. No wonder the rich get richer and the poor get poorer... quicker and quicker as the Commons run out!

The experts simply do not 'see the cat':

RanD said...

Just in, for those who think it won't get as ugly as it NEEDS to for ENOUGH of us to catch on to what we NEED to:

"Despite moratorium, drilling projects continue - Records show at least 7 new permits for drilling, 5 environmental waivers."

gamedog said...


Cause for alarm?

Councils carry out over 8,500 covert surveillance operations

Elmo said...

"I don't get it. I don't understand how Obama could be as thoroughly owned by Wall Street as he is."

Well, let's see...
America was discovered by businessmen.
It was colonized by businessmen.
It's people were driven onto reservations by businessmen.
It's cities were built by businessmen.
It's industries were founded by businessmen.
It's officials were elected by businessmen.
It's wars are started by businessmen.
So why would ANYONE think that the C.E.O of the U.S.A. is not controlled by businessmen?

(sorry, businessman) :)

ATL said...

I was interested in the Wikispooks link but nothing came up when I clicked on it,

businessman said...

In follow-up to gamedog's comments, look at the major political assassinations in the U.S. in the 1960s...John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King...all people who were becoming threats to the elite exercising their total and complete control over the people.

F.Kamilov said...

Below is a link to my latest blog post on:


RanD said...

Never has a better question been asked:

"...why would ANYONE think that the C.E.O of the U.S.A. is not controlled by businessmen?"

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Re "walking", just saying, does it not make for an uncomfortable walk if, with one hand, holding hands with Mel Gibson while, with the other hand, holding hands with the Hollywood establishment (i.e. chirping for an Oscar), or do you wish to share the podium with such globalist luminaries as Al Gore and such filth as Inglorious Basterds? Just saying.

agape wins said...

5,24,10; 6:18pm.
In my post of; 5,11,10; 4:25pm.
There were two errors, proof read twice & still did not catch them!

#1; "Jenna posts many distractions almost every day, the goal is to change the way money, Conflict, cooperation, Manipulation by the powers!" Should have ended as, "Manipulation by the powers,WORKS!

Unless "we", each of us, "you" decides, "I" will not be controlled by "Things", money (Paper, Metal, or Bits), Energy, One's relative Position, or intelligence; fear of the WRATH of god, and/or Torture; which all come under the name of FEAR; NOTHING/NADA will change! The same old/same old will bring about Armageddon/HELL FIRE; CoLLapse, in the final sense.
MCR in the past stressed the need for change, but left the change factor open. Only a Total break, realignment will work!
The attempt during WWI failed because of a lack of a extreme position be a few!
Likewise the several attempts at Energy exchange/money reform have been put down by TPTB, again by lack of backbone/determination.

Who gave them that POWER? LAZY YOU & "ME", look in the mirror, not down the street. Puttering around in your garden will not cut it, it will take more than a little skin off your back-- or "coin" for a Blog.

The second lapse was; Collapsenet, Not /Collapse!

I pray that (Collapsenet) is more disciplined, & directed toward concrete Change.

Again it will take more than Gold, Carbon Credits, a new "world
Currency"; or all your "Survival" hording, plan on losing EVERYTHING,
including possibly the coat off your back(Shoes off your feet)!!

Think Watts;

Rodney King;

Chicago Fire;

Or Hiroshima;

Choose your poison, where do you see a garden, or somewhere to trade
your gold, or Carbon Credits?
Think Range/Forest Fire with no
Smoke jumpers, & the Slurry they
depend on.

Gold again 5,22,10;

Mike Ruppert keeps reverting back to GOLD, yet never gives any
guidelines/safeguards, you will not find any!
GOLD is that 2 headed snake of pre history, that Gilded Calf, the
foundation for why money works the way it does.
There are people world wide, Still attempting to recover gold that was taken from them in WWII, by banks, brokers, governments, or just "Friends"!
I have posted about a local customer who took 3 weeks, 3 attempts to sell his nugget for a fair $120.
If he/you were desperate, or just in need, would the first quote of
$29.00 have worked?
Do you have a Jewelers scale to weigh/value your currency, was the price per Oz from a unbiased 3rd party?

Remember it is not where you bought, what you paid; IT IS what you receive when you have to sell/trade!
Do you have the option of "shopping", what is the trust factor, could/would you trust the agent with your baby Daughter

As RanD,Elmo, and MCR have said, it will not be pretty, Sabastian, &
Kamilov will find things quite shocking, barren landscape, "Sub Human" Survivors, with scant hope of putting the "Pieces" back together!

YOU/I need a new mindset, something "I" have never imagined before.
Something "you" never thought possible, forget the "BOXES" you think within/about. The nightmare ahead depends on how you react to it,
just being aware/awake as most here are, will be a big advantage!

Amae will Kill you or save, it depends on how you respond; do Think.

Simon said...

To all those who find Agape's latest post a little too cryptic, I recommend reading the Dhammapada by Eknath Easwaran. After a lifetime of reading esoteric text and interpretations thereof, this one is an easy read, makes sense and answers all the relevant questions. Having read it over the last few days I must say I can now see throught Agape's opaque verbage, and get to the point of what he is saying. That is not to say responding to the challenges therein is an easy task, but then it should not be.