Wednesday, May 19, 2010

S. Korea Briefs China on Ship Sinking Blamed on North

From Jenna Orkin

Seoul to blame North Korea for warship attack
South Korea briefs China on ship sinking blamed on North
Thailand on the verge of civil war
All Hell Breaking Loose In Thailand, Stock Exchange On Fire
Crackdown may spark "guerrilla war"
Roubini: Japan could easily go next
Congressional Legislators Attempt Push-Back on ‘Euro-TARP’

Specter of Inflation Haunts Europe
Fears Intensify that Euro Crisis Could Snowball
Shock & Awe Phase II: Germany to Ban Naked Short-Selling at Midnight
Credit Default Risk Soaring In Europe
US Senate Votes No on IMF Aid to Troubled Nations
A Superpower and a President with Declining Clout
GM Posts Profit, Considers Returning to Auto Lending Business; Treasury Reports $1.6 Billion Loss on Chrysler; $34 Billion Total Auto Taxpayer Hit
Ron Paul: How the US Has Stolen Your Identity
Sears, Kmart to Offer Cash-for-Gold Service
Be Angry at Congress, Not Wall Street: Ex-Official
Goldman Sachs Did Nothing Illegal: Clinton
Conspiracy of Banks Rigging States Came with Crash

Oil Disaster/Environment/Science
Gulf oil plumes may pose new threat
Government Remains Blind To Underwater Oil Hazard -from Vantage Point
Gulf Disaster - How Big is the Spill? - from Vantage Point
Smallpox vaccine 'helped fight HIV'
Greenland rising ‘an inch a year’ as ice melts
Here Come the 'Smart' Meters; Dinner at 4? - WSJ
Dioxin in Mississippi River from Soap
London Cabbies, Accountants Look to Chip-Fat Fuel, Twitter to Save Costs
Ocean fish could disappear in 40 years: UN - from Rice Farmer
Gulf Looks To Science To Turn Desert To Farmland - from Rice Farmer
Arctic Team Reports Unusual Conditions Near Pole - from Elizabeth Miller

Door to Civil Rights Group Padlocked, Welded Shut
Berkeley Asks Freshmen for DNA Samples
Massive wall to be built around city of Baghdad - from Rice Farmer
Alabama teacher investigated for Obama assassination lecture
The Secret Service is investigating an Alabama geometry teacher over the discussion regarding angles if they were used to assassinate the president.

Woman to sue phone company after husband discovered affair through bill


OregonSurvivor said...

"This is it", Crossing the Rubicon, and other quotable quotes. Bottom line, the world economy is now out of control!

Alea Iacta Est

Weaseldog said...

GS did nothing wrong?

So Bill Clinton, fraud and front running are ethical practices?

cfinne192 said...

As a point of interest (as Mr. Cramer is rarely a point of sound advice) check this out from CNBC today.

I saw this live and kept rewinding my DVR, first to see Mr. Cramer say the word "collapse" on the topic of the European economy, then to hear him hint a few times that "something bad is going to happen", then try and pick out exactly what was being said off-camera at around 1:15 -- 1:20.

I think Cramer went a little too far (or, likely was too honest) and a CNBC producer was unhappy about that.

But hell, I love seeing newscasters and the dog-and-pony-act that is CNBC stumble up here and there on the road to economic collapse.

Thom One said...

Garbage from today's Key West Citizen:

BP ran a half-page ad (strategically located in the classifieds, section B, page 3) telling Floridians that they are on top of this catastrophe, doing everything in their power to stop the geyser (I don't call it a leak or spill; it's an open well that's gushing), clean up the mess (LMFAO) and prevent it from spreading.

Yeah, I know, I can hear your laughter from here.

All indications are that the oil has entered the loop current, yet they deny there's any such evidence. "Preventing it from spreading" would require them to at least send a boat or two out to investigate the claim. Claim or not, you'd think they'd at least send a boat or two just to have a look. You know, cos it's a leak. It's leaking drip-drop into the water.

They're doing as little as possible cos they know their asses are being hung out to dry right now and the company will go broke. They want a controlled demolition.

Hmm. I've heard that term somewhere else...

Also in the Citizen, for people who want to volunteer to assist BP in oil clean-up/oil slick mobility prevention, the FKCC (Florida Keys Community College) is now offering an Oil Clean-Up course (LMFAO). Cost: (I don't think you'll believe it, so it's best if you just investigate it yourselves-- Aren't they jumping the gun a little bit? I mean BP is doing all they can do to prevent that oil from reaching the Keys and beyond, right? They said so. They wouldn't lie to us, would they?...

RanD said...

So-called "...ethical practices..." are incapable of occurring on behalf of anyone or anything via any form of economic system with a numerically implemented premise for value. And those with the capacity to understand this incontrovertible existential fact will invariably & continuously experience & revisit the myriad actualities/inevitabilities of Cause & Effect until they begin to see and understand -- and give fully conscious heed to -- this incontrovertible existential fact. And, this includes ALL of us.


robmac58 said...

Oil well blowout causing high levels of hydrogen sulfide in Louisiana air.

robmac58 said...

Oil well blowout causing high levels of hydrogen sulfide in Louisiana air.

Tomislav said...

Violent Anti-government Student Protests in Slovenia
Slovenian students violently protested against planned government reforms that would limit their work during studies and thus lower their income.

Demonstration against cutbacks to Italian universities

Careful, you don't want those damned book readers getting too smart... better cut some funding!