Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oil in Loop Current

From Jenna Orkin

Oil in Loop Current
NORAD scrambles 2 F16s in southern Arizona - from Rice Farmer
The World Can't Live Without Deepwater Oil
Iran Prepared to Block Gulf Oil and Wreck Western Economies
Social Security Needs $5 Trillion Worth of Tweaks

Pelosi to Musicians: Quit Your Job; Taxpayers Will Supply Your Healthcare
Congressional Democrats Mull New $100-Billion Safety Net for Jobless Americans
The "Flash Crash" Was A WATERFALL Event Like The One That Preceded The Fall Of Rome
Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything Liquid, You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year
Global Systemic Crisis from Eurozone Coup d'Etat to UK - from Elizabeth Miller
Euro plunges to four-year low as bailout fails to reassure markets
UK Proposes 50% Tax on Capital Gains, Up From 18%
Shadowstats Money Supply Charts
Flood of Calif Businesses Abandon State
SEC Admits to Inadequate Tools to Conduct Investigation
German Households Are More Indebted Than Greeks: Chart of Day - from Rice Farmer
Guess Who's Even More Broke Than Greece? - from Rice Farmer
Alternet: Why the 'Experts' Failed to See How Financial Fraud Collapsed the Economy - from Elizabeth Miller
Wall Street faces reckoning
Nightmare on Wall Street
Beware of outing skeletons in the economic closet

Oil Disaster/Environment/Science
Violent hurricanes could hamper oil clean-up
Hamper cleanup? How about multiply disaster?
Air Tests from Louisiana Coast Reveal Human Health Threats
Safety Fluid Was Removed Before Rig Exploded
U.S. Drilling Regulator Quits Amid Criticism Over Rig Disaster
Dmitry Orlov: Deepwater/Chernobyl Parallels - from Vantage Point
Argentina, UK Claims to Falklands
Volcanic Ash Shuts Major European Air Traffic Hubs
In terms of oil conservation, this volcano is a godsend.
Scientists Forecast Decades of Ash Clouds
NOAA: Hottest April and hottest Jan-April on record - from Elizabeth Miller
A new breed of terrorist?
"Last month, three eco-activists tried to bomb a Swiss IBM plant. Nick Harding on the dark side of green."
JO comment: I wonder who's behind this.
Gates Foundation: Sweat-Triggered Vaccines

In the line of fire in Bangkok
Worst may be yet to come
Slideshow: Thailand in turmoil
Rogue Thailand general who backed protests dies -from Rice Farmer
Zombie Satellite Forces Evasive Manoeuvers for Cable TV - from Jon Noel
Israeli Microbot Fires Pencil-Sized Rockets to Stop Bombs
Eyewitness Account of Watershed Brain-Scan Hearing
Female Troops Told to Carry Condoms
Woody Allen says Obama should be granted dictatorial powers
The slant is that he was serious. The reality?


cfinne192 said...

Plus, as an added bonus:


businessman said...

Here's a quote from the article mentioning that female troops were told to carry condoms on the front lines:

"The Ministry of Defence said it did 'not encourage' sexual relationships in theatre."

Is this what war has become now...theatre?

ecosutra said...

Hey, I made a cool article with a bunch of links and a list of top undeniable elements of collapse. send it to your friends, its undeniable.


v said...

Economic Hitmen (animation)

The Elephant in the Room

Chancellor Angela Merkel plans to announce Germany's ban on short-selling on Wednesday, a coalition source told Reuters on Tuesday



sunrnr said...

Oil "leak" in the Gulf - BP is saying their 4" pipe inserted into the 21" riser is "successfully" gathering 2000 bbl/day of the "estimated" 5000 bbl/day "leak"

Looking at the latest underwater video Oil volcano!. Notice the huge amount of gas pouring out towards the end.

BP is also saying "no layers underwater" and "leak impact will be very very modest". Now they have the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration who's responsible for tracking the oil saying the report of huge plumes underwater are untrue. No one is actually looking at this point.

Who the hell are they kidding!!??

The gross negligence, incompetence and arrogance of BP, Transocean and the various Govn't agencies is beyond criminal.

Steven said...

Re: The Richard Russell article-

I agree with him that it feels like something wicked this way comes...however I believe that putting your faith in greenbacks would be foolish at this point. With the Fed printing money like it's going out of style it's only a matter of time before hyper-inflation screws us all. (like in Weimar Germany when my grandfather had to take a wheelbarrow full of Reichsmarks to the store to buy a loaf of bread) I think it might be better if you spend your money on 1. Gold (although it's becoming crazy expensive now) or better yet other metals like silver, platinum, or exotics or 2. Durable goods. Useful things that can be traded with your neighbors or used by you in the event of shortages. Best of all invest in seeds and books detailing how to grow your own food. I highly recommend "How to grow more vegetables..." by John Jeavons and "The Gaia's Garden" by Toby Hemenway.

wwsolutions said...

From Bloomberg/Business Day (South Africa): "The slow demise of Europe’s single currency looks certain";

"With every step that this crisis takes, the euro gets closer to falling apart. In a few years, we will be talking about the Deutschmark , franc and peseta again."

James said...

"I highly recommend "How to grow more vegetables...""

So do I, Ecology Action is a priceless tool.

v said...

SKorea's top diplomat: 'Obvious' NKorea sank ship
Yu Myung-hwan told reporters in Seoul on Wednesday that there is enough evidence to take the matter to the U.N. Security Council

Oil drops to $68
Oil fell to $68 a barrel after touching its lowest in more than seven months on Wednesday, pressured by high U.S. stockpiles and as concern over tighter financial regulation dampened appetite for riskier assets.

'Obama Biggest Recipient of BP Cash'



Mitchell said...

businessman, about your comment on the quote from the condoms article, see this article about "theater" (or "theatre for British spelling):


1_Crazy_Canuck said...

Ottawa police investigate Royal Bank of Canada firebombing


This will supposedly "threaten" the G8, G20 summits

The G20 summit is in Toronto June 26-27 and the G8 Summit is near Huntsville, Ontario on June 25-26.

Tantive said...

About gold http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TniFdVLQpLY

And look the market for gold today =D
funny stuff

businessman said...

Mitchell...I understand.

It still sounds like the perfect term the elite would've given to war...sipping fine wine and eating caviar...while the theatre is going on.

businessman said...

Arizona just showed that it holds the ultimate ace in the hole over Los Angeles:

Arizona Threatens to Turn the Lights Off in L.A.