Friday, May 28, 2010

Giant New Oil Plume Dsicovered in Gulf; Tensions Rise in DMZ

From Jenna Orkin

New giant oil plume discovered in Gulf
Iran Detects US Nuke Sub in Persian Gulf
Estimate from oil leak revised sharply higher
Matt Simmons: "There's Another Leak, Much Bigger, 5 to 6 Miles Away"
Tensions rise at the DMZ between North Korea and South Korea
Is Europe heading for a meltdown?
Europe will collapse, and then the US will follow, says Hedgeye
Second, Larger Icelandic Volcano May Erupt

Where is Europe Taking the Global Economy?
Gold at $36000 Not as Ridiculous as It Sounds? - CNBC
Antioch California Considers Bankruptcy; Former LA Mayor Predicts Bankruptcy for LA
Recession Could Result in School Layoffs
Up to 300K.
Warren Buffett to testify under FCIC subpoena after resisting commission's request
The Players and the Game
US-historian and lawyer John Ryskamp talks about the various “power games” that are part of the current financial / economic crisis. He sees a liquidation of the whole system at work and states: “Liquidation is a Disney film — directed by Hitchcock! Everyone is smiling and singing, and everyone is dead.”
US Debt Clock
Britons have lost almost an hour's sleep a night during the recession, claims study
Graying Germany Contemplates Demographic Time Bomb

UN says North Korea exporting banned nuclear technology
Russia Skeptical About N. Korea Torpedo Attack Evidence

Sabotage Suspected After Indian Train Collision Kills at Least 56 People

Justice Department Cracks Down on Leaks
Darpa’s Beady-Eyed Camera Spots the ‘Non-Cooperative’

Pentagon: Let Us Secure Your Network or Face the ‘Wild Wild West’ Internet Alone
Cyber Command: We Don’t Wanna Defend the Internet (We Just Might Have To)

BP well disaster stuns hardened oil men
Meanwhile, Here Are 20 Signs That China Is Cornering The Global Oil Market
Accounting for increasing energy use by the US food system - from Rice Farmer
Congress, Obama Suddenly Interested in Synthetic Biology
A Land Out of Time - Oil Documentary
Congressman Jerrold Nadler Blasts Use of Chemical Dispersants in: HERE.
From the strongest congressional advocate on the environmental disaster of 9/11.

Note: The EU Times link of a few days ago has been removed.


Elmo said...

“Liquidation is a Disney film — directed by Hitchcock! Everyone is smiling and singing, and everyone is dead.”

At last, a sequel to The Sound Of Music!

Elmo said...

Pentagon: Let Us Secure Your Network or Face the ‘Wild Wild West’ Internet Alone

Time for the cyber-attacks to start! Hope you've all got good firewalls!

Ruhh said...

RE: New Giant Oil Plume Discovered

Trying to mitigate this oil disaster with more toxic chemicals sounds about as genius as borrowing more money to get out of debt.

Operation Top Kill = FAIL!
Operation Ocean Kill = SUCCESS!

You just can't make this shit up folks!!!

micheal said...

A general comment...

From way back in the Peak Oil movement:

“It will be in no one’s best interest to factually report the reality of the decline of fossil fuels once it begins in earnest.”
Perry Arnett


OregonSurvivor said...

@Velobwoy: A few days back posted a link to "F'ing Booming". I was curious if this was truthful, given the language etc. Here is the link again, and another substantiating it. Thanks to Velobwoy! Why don't we hear anything about this on either the MSM or the Not So MSM? Also why is the media mute on Costner's efforts, Hay Bales, Hair Booms, and the gel that sucks up oil and turns it into Jello? Guess nobody wants to talk about the real disaster, ie. the results of the spill.

F'ing Booming

How Booms Work

Anonymous said...

A one-year delay on new deepwater projects stemming from the Gulf of Mexico well rupture could cut world oil supply by 500,000 barrels per day between 2013 to 2017, Bernstein Research said in a note to clients on Friday.

businessman said...

Elmo...for entertainment purposes...have you ever considered using a photo of the famous red Sesame Street character for your Blogger photo?

businessman said...

This is what we're dealing with in the business world...with the suit-and-tie people...

Europe is collapsing, the rest of the world will be collapsing, and these executives in the know are concerned that today's low level of office construction in Paris poses a threat to experiencing a shortage of office space there beginning in 2012.

Click Here for the Article

Anonymous said...

The latest standoff between India and Pakistan centers on something different: water.

OregonSurvivor said...

The Truth behind cinematic Apocalypses... I find it interesting that while agreeing with the facts presented by MCR, he is simultaneously derided as "conspiracy nut" who believes "In Ruppert’s opinion, we’re all sunk, and our best hope is either some kind of violent revolution or just stockpiling canned foods and hiding in the abandoned warehouse where they filmed Collapse."
I guess he doesn't get the lifeboat analogy.

Yet despite the ad homonym smears, the reviewer concludes:

“The consequences of peak oil,” says Haynes, “will impact every aspect of our lives and change how we do everything. No one’s going to totally dodge this one, so it does tend to hold your attention. Sort of like a train wreck coming right at you, real slow.”

With regard to An Inconvenient Truth: Essentially a traveling doomsday carnival/slideshow ring-mastered by former Vice President Al Gore, An Inconvenient Truth is a powerful piece of propaganda for the possibility of widespread climate change brought about by global warming.

Yet despite labeling this as propaganda, and noting that "right-wingers often call Gore a profiteer for investing a lot of cash in alternative-energy companies"; there is no effort to personally defame Mr. Gore as is done with Mr. Ruppert. In fact it looks to me that of the movies reviewed, the most difficult to refute / ridicule is Collapse...maybe a reason for resorting to smear tactics?

So next time we see a train wreck coming at us, there will be no need to move because it is just a "conspiracy theory".

By the way, did MCR say dogs and cats will live together (uh, they already do) and what does this have to do with anything?

Here's the source of this ...
Disaster Films

Anonymous said...

La. scientist locates another vast oil plume in the gulf

CPL said...

@Elmo - RE: Cyber Sec.

My rig (network) is fine. The weird thing about most commercial over the shelf products is they assume that they should be purely defensive. Firewalls are fine but will cheap and open source server virtualization, combined with air gaps then sprinkle in some poisoned honey pots (decoys with some lovely booby traps for the humans to touch and play with)

It's the poison honey pots that are my favorite trick. If someone is sniffing around, I purposely leave it open on a couple of ports to "let the thief in". In there I've made sure to leave an assload of infected files tarballed with scripts under the hood to trigger to infect practically everything under the sun (yes...even Sun OS) and torch the fool's system.

For everything else, it all goes through an airgap to allow a presentation level inside the airgap. With the physical disconnection between my DMZ and my network I don't really have any worries.

Because all my machines are virtualized it might take me 10 minutes to restore my DMZ and reset all my traps.

Virtualization (I use Virtual Box btw open source aka free) has a really neat feature called state restoration. That is I build it, take a snapshot of the entire environment and then roll back changes in under a minute for the 10 systems disguised as some random corporate network.

To browse/do stuff I connect through a management console to one of the virtual machines. If I need to transfer files, it travels through an "airlock" of sorts. Mainly USB key. lol Sneakernet ftw!

There are ways to defend oneself to online cyber attacks. Firewalls though are really only fire fences. You have to understand most of the tools people use daily are programmed overseas, even alot of open source products are constantly scrutinized because of the nature of SDLC (software development lifecycle) involves a lot of anon type of development, again in countries that may or may not have your best interests.

While the governments of the world can be pricks. They are some of my nerd herd that are stupendously evil.

CPL said...

If Europe goes and then the US, Canada will be around 5 minutes after the fact. Australia will be 6 minutes after wards.

I do get sick of listening to the jingoistic crap a lot of my very smug country men love to poffer. They, like many, forget it isn't nationalities that build a trust. It's people with a common cause.

Elmo said...



Pandabonium said...

Interesting take on Europe/Greece:
Kitco: Euro Crisis; the Hidden Agenda by Sol Palha.

Basically, it's a race to the bottom to devalue currencies and gain exports. All currencies are going down relative to gold. Some faster than others.

Japan is extending it's ADIZ (aircraft defense identification zone) Westward by 25 km - the max they can do. This is the line by which aircraft must identify themselves or interceptors will be scrambled. Asahi Shimbun: Air space to extend westward. The area in question faces Taiwan and is in the Prefecture of Okinawa, where Japan just caved in to the American Empire on military base requirements.

eyeballs said...

China rising? Sure, and here’s how: working conditions in Shenzen are so bad for Foxconn workers that ten employees have recently committed suicide.

In response, the KMT government of Taiwan immediately came to the rescue of the Taiwan owner, who has driven these workers to take their lives.

"Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou was quoted on Thursday by Taiwanese media as saying Foxconn plans to relocate some facilities and about a fifth of the Shenzhen workforce to western regions of China where many of its workers come from.

"Meanwhile, (TAIWAN) Premier Wu Den-yih said he wished everyone could give Guo more encouragement because he works under a lot of pressure.

"Wu said Guo and his enterprises contributed a lot to Taiwan’s economy and the world’s, and that he was a man of ambition and competent at business innovation.

“'A spate of suicides by employees jumping off buildings in a company drew lots of attention. I wish everyone would encourage Guo more, to help him solve problems,' Wu said.

"Legislative Speaker Wang Jin-pyng also voiced support for Gou, and urged the government to help him.

“'I think his problems are the country’s problems,' Wang told reporters."

With the economy what it is, business leaders of Taiwan apparently depend on the exploitation of Chinese workers. So do buisiness leaders in America. For now, PRC leaders can put the goods on the table, giving infrastructure, food and luxury items to at least a lot of its citizens. Should that break down, there is a vast pool of discontent ready to rip the empire apart. So you can be sure that everyone concerned with continuing this myth of "China rising" will be doing absolutely everything to keep it from falling apart.

Chinese demand at a time of high world population and increasing resource scarcity really means demand destruction for everyone else. And TPTB seem to be very serious about keeping China consuming. We should take this into account as we form expectations for the medium term future.

Michiel said...


Nice setup, but, the danger is them blowing up the roads and bridges, not slashing everyones tires, so to speak.