Sunday, May 09, 2010

Medvedev: Chances for New World War Exist; KBR To Get No Bid Contract

From Jenna Orkin

Medvedev: Chances of new World War exist
Richard Clarke: Cyber Attack Could Cripple in 15 Minutes
Times Square Bomb Suspect Worked for Pakistani Taliban, U.S. Officials Say
U.S. warns Pakistan after NY bomb attempt
Arab world needs $144bn to meet food needs - from Rice Farmer
The Future Of Europe Hangs On A Tiny German Election Going On Right Now
KBR To Get No-Bid Contract as US Alleges Kickbacks
Obama makes rare comment about dollar on Russian TV

British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro
UK Taxpayers Ramrodded Into EU Bailout
Euro recovers on Greece rescue
Phew, that was fast.
UK political instability to knock sterling lower
"We Will Defend the Euro, Whatever it Takes" Says EC President; Neither Speculators nor Goldman Sachs to Blame
EU Pissed at Rating Agencies; Gold Tops $1,200; Pentagon Lobbies Against Raises for Troops;
Did Gold Finally Become The World's New Reserve Currency?
Corporate Bond Sales Plunge 86%
White House Doesn't Rule Out Sabotage in Thursday's Wall St. Plunge
Moody's Gets "Wells Notice," SEC May Order Ratings Agency To "Cease And Desist"
What Freaked The Market Out On Thursday? It Was Those Damn Protest Videos On TV
Food-stamp tally nears 40 million, sets record - from Rice Farmer
Billions pour in for India's superclass
Subcontinent's elite have huge market to themselves – and vast gap is opening up between rich and poor
Anger as NATO prepares to join Red Square parade

Oil Leak/Environment
Major Setback in Oil Leak Effort
BP's Oil-Capture Chamber Clogs, Forcing Its Removal From Leaking Gulf Well
AP: Oil Blowout Preventers Known to Fail
Investigation Into Cutoff Valves Like One in Gulf of Mexico Spill Show Repeated Failures, Weakened Regulations
First Underwater Footage of DEEPWATER
- BP
Methane hydrates or "flammable ice."
Tar balls from Gulf oil spill found in Alabama
"Dauphin Island - Tar balls have washed up on Dauphin Island in Alabama, reflecting the seriousness of potential oil contamination, the distance it covers and how difficult it might be to eliminate."
In Less Than 72 Hours, Louisiana Beaches Will Be Pasted With Oil All Over The Place
4 Gulf oil spills in days prior to 4/21
"Two weeks before the recent oil spill beginning 4/21 there were 4 reported incidents of spills reflecting the seriousness of potential oil contamination and patterns related to issues of oil."
Renewables Sector Crosses Line with Ludicrous Claims
Ash cloud closes 19 Spanish airports
Will Iceland's Katla Volcano Blow Next?

Pyongyang Shelter Against US Bombs
Microwave Technology to Stop Vehicles
FCC Lets Hollywood Turn Off Your Output Jacks
Mystery Disease Linked to Missing Israeli Scientist; Debunking of Previous Article: SEE HERE
Is Braille facing extinction?
"Schools are shirking Braille for more tech-savvy tools to assist blind students, such as text-to-speech software and audio-enabled ebook readers. But will the loss of Braille detrimentally affect the blind?"


businessman said...

Regarding the article asking if gold is becoming the world's new reserve currency, there's merit to the argument, but I wonder if over the long run something else may really become the world's reserve currency.

With all of the discussion over creating exchanges for trading carbon credits, this has me wondering if eventually these credits may become our ultimate currency. People and businesses need to consume energy, and energy is becoming scarcer and more expensive for everyone.

And when you combine this with an estimated trillions of dollars that are expected to flow through these exchanges, there's a lot of money to be made off of this by Wall street families and the financial elite, while exercising even more control over all of us at the same time, too.

This all just has me wondering if gold will be the reserve currency over the long run, or whether it will become energy and/or carbon credits.

Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

Post-Peak Oil collapse will rip open the myriad of liberal pretenses and hypocrisies of those who would defend the frivolous notions and dangling phantoms of "humanity." Look to your tribe; look to your immediate secessionist bioregion for hope, wisdom, guidance, protection and continuity.

As long as one offers solutions, the public will be primed for bearers of bad news.

@ businessman, regional currencies and the autonomous currencies of secessionist breakaways inclusive. One sure way to break the globalist game is to step out of and away from it.

gamedog said...

Businessman I concur, tho I've been banging this drum for quite some time, it probably got sidetracked as I tried to highlight the AGW scam.

“[Imagine] we carry bank cards that store both pounds and carbon points. When we buy electricity, gas and fuel, we use our carbon points, as well as pounds. To help reduce carbon emissions, the Government would set limits on the amount of carbon that could be used.”
The words of UK Environment Secretary David Miliband speaking at the Audit Commission Annual Lecture last year. (2006)

Milliband - bilderberger 93 - is set to replace Gordon Brown.

Further reading:

From Harvard Environmental Law Review -
Button, Carbon: Commodity or Currency?

Personal Carbon Trading: notional concept or workable proposition? Exploring theoretical, ideological and practical underpinnings

Centre for Social and Economic Research on the Global Environment (CSERGE), School of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, Norwich, NR4 7TJ, United Kingdom

Anyone remember "Climategate" involved UEA? subsequent investigations were whitewash controlled by the establishment.

nicholas said...

Collapse: It happens to all great civilizations..

I thought that people might want to pull out for a wider view considering that the transition to a post-peak world will require a massive transformation in thought..

So I bring you two essays by Daniel Quinn:

The New Renaissance -

Our Religions: Are They the Religions of Humanity Itself? -

agape wins said...

5,08,10; 1:15pm.---third attempt, 5,10,10;11:15am.
I am way too busy to keep this up, I have been working on this for three
days and it will go over most everyone's head or be ignored.
Man & his Science, have reached the point of self destruction
capability, I feel that there was no turning back after 1900!

As for Collapsenet; those that will will, those that can't will have an
option(I recall), & those that choose not can assemble the information
by themselves, by whatever means. My brother would not read any of
this, if he were PAID!

What follows should take 2 posts.

Elmo wrote;

"They are the ones who design all of the wars and the financial
catastrophes that /you/ must willingly endure. They will take everything
away from you that they possibly can; then bomb you into oblivion
without giving it a second thought! They have it all mapped out, and
written in stone.
/Don't think I'm joking!/ If you and I can't wrestle the power away from
them, then /we're all fucked!/ We can't just wander off and plant our
little gardens, and pretend they're not there!" ----And then again---
"So, this site is no "lifeboat" for people like me. /Dreams/ of
alternative energy, improved health-care, vertical farming are not
/lifeboats/. They're all just so many /flying cars!/ I need something I
can actually use!"

And then--- Sebastian Ernst Ronin said...

"the anthropological notion of mankind (and the "human race") is a
globalist construct designed to serve globalist purposes."---"If
anything will be served, it will be one's immediate tribe."

I say no one but selfish "Number ONE/ME, is ever "served", by
survival, elimination of those "beneath" one's self, or Evolving in, &
of itself.

Ronin likes to box everything up, I don't see MCR, or any other poster
here in the cage he wants each of us to reside in, He has the right to
obsess over the extremes he sees but few fit his mold, just the noisy
ones that get heard/fixated on, by the mass Media. some of what he says
is valid, but he looses creditability(with me), with his SHOTGUN
approach to human nature-If it's in that direction its game.

Again Ronin;

"When assuming responsibility for the lives of others, it is always
imperative to keep the following maxim in mind: /It was worse than a
crime; it was a mistake./
7:00 AM"
NOT a mistake, an OOPS! as in the "A Bomb", 9/11, & now the Gulf Oil spill!
All with unknown consequences, Science is now a God onto itself, Which
could(WILL?)end it all!

Bigotry with no name is still BIGOTRY; it's no longer true that, "If it
looks like a Duck, it's a Duck". No "JAP" was "Sub human", and not all
"Oil Men"/Republicans/Politicians should be locked up!


agape wins said...

#2 cont.?;11:20pm

Contains this; Notice, "Differing interests".

"It has attracted hordes of the disaffected with differing interests,
including some who’ve openly expressed their dark racial prejudices and
others who polls suggest harbor more subtle and less visible biases."

And then; Note, "Any Group".

"There is no way to know how many Tea Party supporters — or supporters
of any group — are motivated by racism, or to what degree. For instance,
one could legitimately ask: to what degree is African-American support
of the president motivated by racial pride, and when does that pride
cross over into prejudice?"

Once more; ditto, "Blanket Accusations".

There are no easy answers, but blanket accusations and denials are
worthless and disingenuous."

There is bigger game than MCR, or this Blog, in total--Go hunting, I
repeat/echo, Elmo, "If you and I can't wrestle the power away from
them, then /we're all fucked!"


agape wins said...

#3, of 5,10,10.;11:"45am

What can you learn from a baby!


The Last Train From Hiroshima, p.287.

"General Seizo Arisue, Chief Of Japanese Military Intelligence...was
instrumental in silencing testimony... about Human experimentation in China's Unit 731 biological weapons facility,
so that MacArthur's people could transfer Bio-weapons technology to
America's Cold War weaponeers with minimum controversy."
Two of those "Experimented" on, were Americans, who never received
official compensation, or recognition-Too embarrassing!

"In 1993 the author Gar Alperovitz obtained hundreds of pages of US
National Security Agency intercepts of secret enemy wartime
communications. These revealed that US intelligence knew top Japanese army officers were willing to surrender more than three months before the Hiroshima bomb was dropped."

"Alperovitz has noted that the president’s rediscovered diary ‘leaves no doubt that Truman knew the war would end “a year sooner now” and without an invasion’ (/Nation/, 10 May 1993)."

"Dwight D Eisenhower, the wartime Supreme Allied Commander in Europe who went on to become US president, later admitted that ‘the Japanese were ready to surrender and we didn’t have to hit them with that awful thing’
(quoted in /Newsweek/, 11 November 1963). All of which begs the
question, why did they do it?"

"One tragedy of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is that this historically
unprecedented devastation of human society stemmed from essentially
experimental and political aims.’"

"The fact that Japan was always the target, and that Nazi Germany was not considered, demonstrates a potent double standard in Anglo-American foreign policy. And the basis of that double standard was the issue of race. To the Allies, Germany was a fellow white power which they had temporarily fallen out with; but Japan was an enemy alien, a nation apart. That was why the architects of the Holocaust in Europe were never
mentioned as candidates for a ‘humanitarian’ bombing such as Hiroshima.
Instead, the atomic bomb was aimed solely at the Japanese. They were
considered legitimate targets because the Western powers considered them to be a lower race; as president Truman put it in the letter quoted above, the Japanese were no better than ‘beasts’, and to be treated

"Japan had been seen as a problem by the Western elites ever since its victory over Russia in 1905 catapulted it on to the world stage. Japan had emerged as a major capitalist power, but was never quite one of the club; it was not, in short, a white man."

" They showed the problem in Europe not as the whole German nation, but as Hitler and the Nazis. In Asia, by contrast, the enemy was ‘the Japs’- an entire malignant race."

"‘At the suggestion of Dr Conant, the secretary agreed that the most
desirable target would be a vital war plant employing a large number of workers and closely surrounded by workers’ houses.’"

*"‘President Clinton said today that the United States owed Japan no apology for dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War Two, and that President Harry S Truman had made the right decision to use the bombs.’* /Reuters, 7 April 1995"

"‘Based on a detailed investigation of all the facts and supported by the testimony of the surviving Japanese leaders involved, it is the Survey’s opinion that certainly prior to 31 December 1945, and in all
probability prior to 1 November 1945, Japan would have surrendered even if the atomic bombs had not been dropped, even if Russia had not entered the war, and even if no invasion had been planned or contemplated.’"

If you insist in taking your animosity past the end stay away from me,
I will have none of it!!