Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Obama Tells Military: Prepare for N. Korea Aggression; Explosions Collapse Sea Floor


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From Jenna Orkin

Recently, there have been technical problems with this blog. Intermittent at first, over the last few days they became constant. I don't know how long this crack in the system, allowing today's post, will last.

Please don't waste time or energy - ours or your own - speculating on causes. (D'ja think they're after Mike again?) At this point, if it's not some disagreement between blogger software and my computer, it's probably a twelve-year-old in Slovakia cutting his teeth on a pathetic target, as anyone who's familiar with my level of geekhood will confirm. This note is just to alert you that if I can't log in anymore before Collapsenet launches, I'll look for another way to reach you. Please don't ask what as I don't know yet.

Clinton to Wage Digital War on Kim
South Korea Begins Mass Torpedo Production - Paper
Kim’s Insult-Bot Has Words for You ‘Black-Hearted Dwarves’
North Korea puts military on alert: report
Obama tells military: prepare for North Korea aggression
Obama vows to support South Korea in dispute
US-S Korea naval exercises increase pressure on North
The Next Stage Of Brinkmanship: North Korea Threatens To Destroy Loudspeakers Aimed At The DMZ
US sets up missiles near Russian border
Iran Sanctions Won't Stop Missiles: Russian Senator
Obama to Unilaterally Announce US Missile Tests, Satellite Launches
Jamaica Declares Emergency in Capital

Oil Disaster
Awful News From The Gulf: Explosions Collapse Seafloor At Deepwater Horizon Well Head - from Vantage Point
Less Toxic Dispersants Lose Out
The company that manufactures the toxic dispersant used, Corexit, is Nalco which is owned in part by Goldman Sachs and Blackstone.
Fishery disaster declared in 3 states
BP recovering 40pc less oil
Hurricane Could Spread Gulf Spill Far and Wide
Thanks to Hawkeye, you heard it here first.
Offshore Drilling Insurance Premiums Soar 15 To 50 Percent

China's refining capacity may rise 50%, Sinopec says
Energy Minister Blair Lekstrom acknowledges peak oil and downplays
Shale Gas Costing 2/3 Less Than OPEC Oil Converges With U.S. Water Concern

Legendary Investor More Worried than Ever
Cities face deepening fiscal problems
FHA Volume Sign of Sick System; 90% Mortgages Market Accounted for by Freddie, Fannie
Euro-Area Countries Failed Fiscal Goals 57% of Time, Data Show
FHA Volume Sign of ‘Very Sick System’; Fannie, Freddie, FHA Account for 90% of Mortgage Market
Insanity Down Under: ING Says Thanks to Capital Appreciation, Paying Principal on Mortgage Loans is Unnecessary
Commercial Foreclosures Pick up Speed
The Next Round Of Global Rate Cuts Begins Any Moment Now
The Euro's Sucker Rally Is Being Wiped Out As The IMF Issues An Ugly Report On Spain

Eric Massa on Cheney/Petraeus - from Elizabeth Miller
Google Launches Feature to Protect Search from Spying
In Former Free-Fire Zone, Marines Now Cut Taliban Loose

Truck Carrying 17 Million Bees Crashes in Minn.
Toxic Chemicals from Supermarket Labels Seep Through Packaging to Contaminate Food Princeton Scientist to Congress: CO2 Good for Earth
To quote Oilempire.us: For every Ph.D., there is an equal and opposite Ph.D.


businessman said...

It looks like The Wall Street Journal pulled or moved the story from the link titled, "Legendary Investor More Worried Than Ever". The story is no longer on that Web page.

Anonymous said...

Here's the correct link businessman:

Legendary Investor More Worried Than Ever

"e Brutto" said...

Pulling the live or potentially now 'looped' feed.

Weaseldog said...

'e Brutto', that's a smart move on the part of BP.

If the 'Junk Shot' fails, it's likely to be a dramatic event. Markey knows that it would do more damage to BP's image if such a video went viral.

gamedog said...

"Oilempire.us: For every Ph.D., there is an equal and opposite Ph.D."

I looked up the quote for the context. It was the subtitle in a piece highlighting government misinformation tactics, specifically, tactics used to muddy the waters and/or discredit sceptics of the official 9/11 story.

Jenna, I'm not sure if you meant to use it to discredit the official gov line on AGW, or to turn it around and discredit the sceptic position this time! Never the less, it was nice to see some balance.
It was interesting to note Dr. Happer was the only expert witness testifying to Congress, who was not part of the infamous Hockey team, or involved in the climate-gate emails.

Global warming debate at Oxford Union
"Last week, members of the historic Oxford Union Society, the world’s premier debating society, carried the motion “That this House would put economic growth before combating climate change” by 135 votes to 110.

Serious observers are interpreting this shock result as a sign that students are now impatiently rejecting the relentless extremist propaganda taught under the guise of compulsory environmental-studies classes in British schools"

Luckymom said...

Someone was following the live oil feed from BP and has screen captures from the event that collapsed the sea floor.

Why isn't the mainstream media covering this?!?!


Office of the Cultural Liaisons said...

my own site has undergone massive attacks recently.
and i believe it has been wide spread~

Anwiya said...

Hurray for the bees that escaped!!!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Dr. Happer, we are polluting our environment, and we should definately move away from fossile fuels because of their finite nature. But to me the idea that we're somehow changing our climate is a bit narcissistic and rather delusional to be honest.

Elmo said...

In a testament to the influence and power of the mainstream media over the hearts and minds of the average American; my ex wife and my daughter, both whom I have neither seen nor spoken to in nearly two months, when asked how they felt about the Gulf oil spill, today replied: "What oil spill?"


Soggy Bottom said...

Does anyone know if there is a likelihood of the oil spill entering the Gulf Stream (and therefore coming down my way)?

eyeballs said...

I'm curious how the Gulf tragedy will affect Brazil's program, relative to its recent deep water discoveries. That country's prospects had been looking mighty good lately. But...dare they drill?

Cheesify said...


Thankfully, i dont think we can say historic oxford university society is in anyway representative of people their own age (e.g. me), nevermind the wider public. Having said that the British people recently put the economy first in a shameful election which did not address any global issues other than the UKs involvement in Europe (which has never been exactly clarified for the purposes of the electorate).

I am truely concerned about this oil disaster and I'm considering uping myself during my long university 'vacation' (i know you yanks would get confused if i said holiday) and getting my self down there to do something. Its making me weep sitting here watchnig this fiasco unfold. The illusion and indoctrination of stability is scaring the fuck out of me.


On another concerning note. Why i can't i get this live stream of the oil leak up? I'm running a mac osx and its telling me i need a plugin which is apparently unknown to all of the interenet. I can't find anything in the mainstream media about this sink, not even at al jazeera. What the hell is going on down there?

As this is my first post i'd just like to say to Michael and Jenna, i hope your work succeeds and your 'hundredth monkey' comes soon. I'm trying to education people i know that ours is a critical situation. Everyone seems to nod along and understand but no one seems to realise that their future plans and aspirations may as well take a long jump off a short peer if we dont find a root to sustainability soon. The closest thing i found is a geographer who is concerned with sustainablity of consumption but even he wasn't aware of the gravity of the situation.

Cheesify said...

I'd also like to say, Gamedog, that i have never heard of or spoken to anyone that has had to attend a compulsory environmental-studies class in a British school? I haven't been at school for a 2 years now (4 year since compulsory education) but i would have thought this was something i would be aware of. If anything i think they'd be beneficial because at the minute you hear someone mention the environment to a group of school kids and you'll probably hear some retorts about a tree hugger or something along those lines. People think environmentalism is about global warming and saving the rainforests. They don't realise their lifestyles and everything they do is reliant on it.

Having said that if you can prove me wrong i'll happily accept it. Somethig i have noticed (maybe this is just in my small world of liberal politics students) is that the environmental movement is increasingly assocaited with the socialism. This is something i noticed in Mikes' video 'collapse' as well, the idea of people growing their own food to introduce sustainability makes an unequivocal aount of sense. If we took environmentalism into education maybe we would encourage more societal change as well as economic (as long as you dont use the word socialism i'm sure people will go along with it).

Its just a shame education is at the hands of the government.

Elmo said...

To lend support to gamedog's assertions regarding AGW, I offer this captivating commentary, as well as this educational primer.

For those seeking only the raw scientific data:
NOAA (government).
IPCC (not-so-government).
UNFCCC (whole bunch of governments)

Obviously, it's all just a conspiracy.

VmsAndLoathing said...

"Awful News From The Gulf: Explosions Collapse Seafloor At Deepwater Horizon Well Head"

That was posted on Tuesday, even though it occurred on Sunday, and was debunked by Sunday night.

What next? "O NOES! Abe Lincoln Poisoned At Chicago Restaurant, Dies!"

This is not responsible news aggregation.

businessman said...

Nihil Matters...Thanks for the correct link to that article.

gamedog said...

Cheesify: welcome to the blog, nice to see more fellow Brits getting P.O.

I think you're right about the historic oxford university society, not being in anyway representative of people their own age amongst the general public. I'd say they were representative of highly educated intellectual graduates tho, who are more likely to understand the science and base their view on the data as presented. The general public are more likely to base their view on the spoon fed alarmism, however it's clear more people are becoming sceptical as the polls show.... Climate alarmism in Britain: “…the poll figures are going through the floor.”

Elmo: those opinion pieces are propaganda designed polarise the debate and muddy the waters, "green bashers" "deniers" it's all hogwash and weakens your basis IMO. I'm a Permaculturist, with a very low "carbon footprint" the result of aiming to live a sustainable lifestyle rather than any climate alarmism, I just happen to have had a lifelong interest in weather forecasting, and have studied the science and followed the debate for years, and come to a different conclusion than you have, in your belief based conclusion. I was once a believer in the "Co2 theory" I changed my position around 8 years ago after serious climate research, the political side of it all was not out in the open back then, so my position change was entirely based on climate science research. Carbon trading & political shenanigans since then have served to confirm my doubt of the Co2 hypothesis. The head of the German green party being a Bilderberger serves to indicate how the Green movement has been hijacked by an elite agenda.

The climate changes, it always has. Global temps are in a rising trend, the same trend has been running since the last ice age 20k years ago. Oscillations in temp cycles deviating from the trend are increasing in size, meaning we will see hotter summers, and colder winters, this is because of deforestation. Forests are the climates moderator, less forest means higher/bigger oscillations away from the mean trendline, longer terms cycles are the result of planetary movements/deviations in Earths orbit in relation to the Sun (the driver of climate change), so yeah, the climate is changing and man is responsible - just not in the way you are led to believe as putting out the truth would mean zero profit for the elites.

Go plant a tree, sit under it and contemplate the above, I planted 50 this winter :))