Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June - CNBC

HELP WANTED – COLLAPSENET (Immediate) --Chief Financial Officer

CollapseNet has an immediate opening for a Chief Financial Officer to assume immediate management of all financial and accounting operations for a closely held California “C” corporation, including processing of payments, merchant accounts payroll, banking and required regulatory and tax filings.

The successful candidate will currently reside in the greater Los Angeles area and be able to start work immediately.Salary, other compensation and benefits are negotiable after interview. CollapseNet is an equal opportunity employer expecting to launch almost immediately, with a solid business plan and expectations of substantial income at launch.The successful candidate will be familiar with the works of Michael C. Ruppert and the documentary film “Collapse”

(Approximately one week after launch) -- Personal Assistant to Michael C. Ruppert, CEO

Must reside in the greater Los Angeles area and be ready to begin work immediately. The successful candidate will have proven familiarity with the works of Michael Ruppert and a proven commitment to the goals of the Lifeboat Movement. Basic familiarity with accounting procedures, record keeping, networking, scheduling are required. Foreign language skills preferred, as well as exceptional interpersonal/public relations ability and personal appearance.

The successful candidate will have a valid US passport and be available for travel (both domestic and international).

This position will involve irregular hours and close personal contact on a regular basis with an internationally recognized author/journalist in a variety of settings. The right chemistry is essential for a successful relationship. It will be the ultimate fly-on-the-wall position for someone dedicated to promoting the goals of the Lifeboat Movement as a facilitator. The position will involve regular interfacing with a wide variety of business, political, and VIPs with the express purpose of loyally and accurately implementing and following through on the directions of the CEO.
Salary, compensation and benefits to be determined at hiring.
Send resume and contact information in confidence to:
From Jenna Orkin

Dollar Primed for Collapse by End June - CNBC
South Korea conducts major anti-submarine exercise
North Korea vows to rip up military safeguards with South
China Dispatches Emergency Envoy To Restrain War-Mad North Korea
BP Denies Significant Improvement In Oil Leak, Stock Still Surging
Appears only mud flowing from well
Troops not militarizing Mexico border: U.S. envoy
Hive Thefts on the Rise in Germany
Colony Collapse Disorder: Cause Discovered? - from Rice Farmer

Bill Gross, Robert Mundell say Sovereign Default Likely Inevitable
US money supply plunges at 1930s pace as Obama eyes fresh stimulus
Borrowing Billions From Pop Bottle Returns - Democrats Latest Scheme to Avoid Balancing California's Budget
Miami Commissioner Says Bankruptcy is City's Best Hope; Chris Christie Says New Jersey Careens Towards Becoming Greece
Will Miami declare bankruptcy and start a national trend?
More Cities on Brink of Bankruptcy - from Rice Farmer
Queen Announces New Government Austerity Measures
Britain’s ballooning prison population is a disastrous mess
In real money, British house prices are down by 70% - from Rice Farmer
Hyperinflation Guaranteed
Investors go to cash, shun Buffett's advice
The grasshoppers and the ants – a modern fable
Greek Scramble For Physical Brings Gold Price To $1,700 Per Ounce from Rice Farmer
"A popular spot for street vendors to sell their coins is near the Athens Stock Exchange. There the traders wait for citizens to bring payments received from unloading their paper assets like stocks and bonds."

Oil Disaster/Energy
Deep Water Drilling and Expensive Oil
Live Footage of "Spill"
Workers on Failures on Oil Rig
Big Spat on Rig Preceded Explosion
BP chose riskier casing for well: report
BP: Our Twitter Account Was Hacked!
Foreign Oil Now Has A Choke Hold On The Chinese Economy
Spiraling Costs Threaten International Fusion Reactor Project
Three from Rice Farmer:
Oil spill brings ‘death in the ocean from top to bottom’
Matthew Simmons: It Could Be 24 Years Before The Deepwater Gusher Ends
Deepwater Horizon: This Is What the End of the Oil Age Looks Like

Syria Has 1000 Ballistic Missiles Zeroed on Israeli Targets
Al Qaeda Denies Alleged World Cup Terror Attack
Obama Security Strategy to Highlight Domestic Terrorism
Census Workers Can Enter Your Apartment in Your Absence
How do you count people when nobody's home?
Space so full of junk that a satellite collision could destroy communications on Earth
Cancer patient forced by judge to have surgery
"Doctors will be allowed forcibly to sedate the 55-year-old woman in her home and take her to hospital for surgery."

"Society, however, must be careful to treat every case individually, and ensure that this case provides no precedent for overriding the consent of people with learning disabilities in future..."

"He made public the ruling to help those faced with similar ethical dilemmas in the future."


CPL said...

If anyone has taken a look at the efforts being done with BP's kill plug, it's a hopeful effort, not a sane one.

They are pumping sludge down the side in order to divert the flow of oil on to a barge sitting off to the side. So far it's looking like it's working on the level of re-directing traffic.

What isn't being explained is there is still pressure under that and with nothing but mud coming up out of the hole right now the pressure the oil is pushing at is greater than the pressure of the mud being dumped down the hole.

IF they some how manage to keep the plug in place there is nothing to say the seafloor won't collapse again making the hole bigger. With the rushed planning, as an engineer, I don't see how they will contain it for longer than a couple of days. It's like watching kids make a dam out of paper mache in a creek, sure it works for a little bit, but the water eventually wins.

Weird thing about water is it can do a lot of damage with very little of it. Ask anyone trying to get a sump pump fixed. The actions being taken to save a basement or the ocean floor, only last as long as the sump pump stays on.

zn4ke said...

thank god shiny new technology will save our lifes

Spycams used at Porton Down to thwart terrorists

businessman said...

Civil Unrest in Flint Michigan is Getting Out of Control

KIYP said...

Thank you, Michael, (and Jenna) for everything.

here's my response to the collapse movement:

Tomislav said...

Here's some comic relief :)
I just stumbled upon a brilliant stand-up show by comedian Robert Newman called on the topic of geopolitics and oil:

Elmo said...



Anonymous said...

"Obama Threatens 14 US Governors With Immediate Arrest"

Check your sources, it's another Sorcha Faal article, likely a hoax.

Anonymous said...

Here are some excerpts from todays speech by President Obama concerning Peak Oil and the growth paradigm, without actually having to say the words 'Peak Oil'.

President Obama: Now, let me make one broader point, though, about energy. The fact that oil companies now have to go a mile underwater and then drill another three miles below that in order to hit oil tells us something about the direction of the oil industry. Extraction is more expensive and it is going to be inherently more risky ... because we can't drill our way out of the problem ... but we should be pretty modest in understanding that the easily accessible oil has already been sucked up out of the ground. And as we are moving forward, the technology gets more complicated, the oil sources are more remote, and that means that there's probably going to end up being more risk. And we as a society are going to have to make some very serious determinations in terms of what risks are we willing to accept.
I will tell you, though, that understanding we need to grow -- we're going to be consuming oil for our industries and for how people live in this country, we're going to have to start moving on this transition. ... we can see what's out there on the horizon, and it's a problem if we don't start changing how we operate.

Click here for the full transcript

ck872 said...

re bee ccd story:

"Ninth, reported observations during the last years regarding the diminishing of insect populations, especially bees, can be explained by a decrease in their reproductive capacity, as I described."

"This is also true for insects and probably causes colony collapse disorder in bees."

"It might also contribute to the decline of the bees, which are becoming increasingly susceptible to pathogens."

Quotes from scholars moved to range slightly off topic -- Canadian Parliamentary hearings on the dangers of EMR to human health, esp. from cell phones & their base stations. A biophysicist & cell biologist (among others) tell it like it is, see .

ck872 said...

re bee ccd story:

"Ninth, reported observations during the last years regarding the diminishing of insect populations, especially bees, can be explained by a decrease in their reproductive capacity, as I described."

"This is also true for insects and probably causes colony collapse disorder in bees."

"It might also contribute to the decline of the bees, which are becoming increasingly susceptible to pathogens."

Quotes from scholars moved to range slightly off topic -- Canadian Parliamentary hearings on the dangers of EMR to human health, esp. from cell phones & their base stations. A biophysicist & cell biologist (among others) tell it like it is, see .

cdjwells said...

Thanks for posting that Rob Newman show Tomislav. I'd forgotten about his take on this. I saw him in standup in Trafalgar Square a few years ago and he was shouting about Peak Oil then.

Ex Pluribus Unum said...

This link doesn't work for me (some coding error)and the "lead" is surely provocative and worthy of inquiry.

Obama Threatens 14 US Governors with Immediate Arrest - EU Times

Nathaniel said...

Hi Jenna,

I'm a fan of the site and of Mike, but I have to raise one objection. You should really think twice about citing anything put out by the "EU Times". Here is a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center about the site:

If you take a careful look at the website, it becomes clear fairly quickly that it is a fringe white-supremacist site with an almost comical set of articles (funny if they weren't so crazy). See the "White Extinction" section under the "Survival" tab and you will see what I mean.

When you link to sites such as this, I think you make many reasonable people question the validity and importance of Mike's information and overall message. That's a shame, because he has done great things to raise awareness of Peak Oil.


Elmo said...

Obama: "I will tell you, though, that understanding we need to grow..."

Seeds of destruction.

Olive & Orange said...

climate manipulation?
...plant control or even worse?

"What in the World are They Spraying?" - Official Trailer

Elmo said...

Continued from Tuesday...

Gamedog said: "I just happen to have had a lifelong interest in weather forecasting, and have studied the science and followed the debate for years, and come to a different conclusion than you have, in your belief based conclusion."

So, discussion is pointless... As I've said from the beginning.

However, don't jump to the conclusion that I believe first, and ask questions later. I understand the science involved. I also understand that all of the arguments against taking any action to affect global warming (man-made or not) are driven by fear of change --particularly that of economic change-- which will occur irregardless of whether AGW is real or not.

And the very same solutions apply to AGW that apply to everything from Deforestation to Peak Oil! So what the hell are we arguing about here?

Hotspringswizard said...

Olive &amp: Orange, My brother is one of the speakers in that link you listed, " What in the world are they spraying, official trailer ". He and his friends have been very active on the issues of Geoengineering and the dire affects of these ongoing programs, and there is a website they created which has comprehensive info on this subject which can be found at:

gamedog said...

Elmo: for a start...carbon trading, carbon tax, the idea that throwing trillions into carbon capture schemes will have any effect on climate or any positive effect on civilisation. The politicisation of science, leading to monopolization of science funding, which could be used to better transition society instead of poured down the AGW black hole. Negative EROEI "solutions" to a non problem. The death of environmental activism as it succumbed during the bloodless coup of AGW and now proudly beats the elites drum instead of protecting the environment. AGW as a political cover for Peak Oil leading to the wrong solutions etc. etc.

Weaseldog said...

Obama said, "I will tell you, though, that understanding we need to grow --"

Buzz Lightyear said it better - "To infinity and beyond!"

ck872 said...

just published on ccd

"Changes in honeybee behaviour and
biology under the influence of
cellphone radiations"
Ved Parkash Sharma1 and Neelima R. Kumar2,*
1Department of Environment and Vocational Studies, and
2Department of Zoology, Panjab University, Chandigarh 160 014, India

Elmo said...

Gamedog, you're talking about a whole bunch of What-IFs that the Evil Empire might do; and, if history is any indication, quite probably will attempt!

However; I don't concern myself with the "solutions" of the windbags in suits (A.K.A. politicians), because they ALWAYS do the wrong thing! Stopping THEM --and US-- is the only solution I'm talking about! Personally, I don't think it's do-able; but I've been known to be wrong.

One thing is obvious; we CAN NOT sustain this lifestyle! That warning should be SCREEEEAAAAMING at you from all directions! And the solutions are all the same! So again, I ask: Why Are We Arguing?

And, in case I haven't made it clear already... I DON'T CARE if the economy collapses! In fact; I would like nothing more than to see all your money --dollars, pounds, euros, rupees, yen, yuan, gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, emeralds, you name it-- stripped down to it's true and absolute value... NOTHING!

There's the basis of all argument... Money!
Well, I don't serve that particular god!

F.Kamilov said...


Sensible Judge. I wonder when common sense, once not even disputed - will make a comeback to politically corroded ("correct"?) society. Too much liberalism isn't too good either - there are simply those not fit - and SOMEONE has to be there to decide, failing which chaos will pervade ALL.

agape wins said...

5,28,10; 6:00pm.
You have never told me why, before high horsepower engines, wheels were high and narrow, why, long legged Horses were valued, why natives in North America breed long legged dogs, & traveled using Travois rather than dragging a Canoe across the ground?

Why did early English Autos, & those used in Mud Trials have narrow and taller wheels, why do those used on road and in "Trials" carry extra wheels (at least when I was intrigued by the sport)?

What happens when there is no more Concrete, or Asphalt to cover the Mud around us, when there is NO Gasoline to power those "Flotation" tires, & your horse is too tired to pull any more?

What happens when your trees are infected, and the only treatment is an Ax, when they are on fire,
& there is no Slurry (fire retardant), no one to prevent your crop trees from becoming someone's
fire wood?

What about when your area looks like Watts?
Stop playing Their game, they have a "stake" in both sides, you come up short, ether way!

As RanD, Elmo, and I echo one another; you are all distracted by THINGS, your things!

Gamedog, after your latest at 9:34, "will have any effect on climate or any positive effect on civilisation"
What do you expect to have "Positive" effect on a DEAD Civilization?
WWII was planned or at least visualized for in 1905; when was 9/11 "expected", who looked forward
to your reaction, if someone can have a 50 year plan- you & I are snowballs tossed at the Sun!
Spend your time learning to think like your Grand Father, where will you find Steel for Horse shoes, or
just the nails? With no transport, All you eat must be local, your next car may be fueled by Grass.
Carbon credits be Damned, MCR thinks they will never be enforced.

Amae has always been part of Human nature, under different names; call it Community, or Connectedness, an open hand, not a Fist!

eyeballs said...


Following leaders is a default in hard times. Of course, there will be warlords, gang leaders, political leaders (but I repeat myself) who stand up and demand to be followed, and people will tend to choose one likely to feed them, and follow.

For those of us not programmed to follow leaders (we are a small minority, in any society) the alternatives are creative cooperation OR Hobbesian chaos.

It's not going to be possible to organize all the people in participatory democracy that does anything worthwhile. But for the few who are able to cooperate, getting out of the way and doing for themselves and each other will represent a (possibly) salvational separation from the persecuted herd.

It's hard to find a leader who will not also be an oppressor, especially in times so hard that the competition to move the masses is lethally competitive. Seeing this as it is, some may "drop out" and work together. Those who do not want to be oppressed 24/7 should learn to do things for themselves, stay quiet and network like crazy RIGHT NOW.

gamedog said...

Agape: "What do you expect to have "Positive" effect on a DEAD Civilization?"

By hiding P.O. mitigation under a faux blanket of AGW we're aiming for a transition to elite inspired tax slavery (BAU for them) rather than a long term solution. We're wasting the last dwindling resources to keep the elites in the BAUesque manor they've become accustomed to, it's like a bad divorce settlement where you lose everything and still have to pay the wicked witch maintenance with the food from your mouth.

The effort, and dwindling resources should be spent on real mitigation strategies, Re-localisation, Permaculture, Transition Towns, etc. using resources to aim for sustainability, for as softer landing as we can make it, rather than just plain wasting resources, rather than trying to maintain the peak (BAU), which will make the crash landing all the more painful.

If we (as a global society if you like) try to fix a manufactured problem (AGW) we waste valuable resources and only get a manufactured solution which only benefits those promoting it, at the expense of everyone else and the environment. If we face the real problem head on (P.O.) we get a better solution, a itigation strategy from which everyone can benefit, including the environment IMO.

These words continue to haunt my thinking...
[MCR]"it may not be profitable to slow decline"

They've KNOWN this shit was coming since at least the early 1970's. If you were an elite planner back then, could you have come up with a better cover for P.O.(AGW), a better strategy than the one they've enacted that's brought them this far? A better strategy to profit from decline?

It's a fucking masterplan, and people have been/are being programmed to enact it for them.

businessman said...

Even if we were to take the position that global warming was for real, it's been said in here that 2/3 of the human population on the planet will be gone within the next ten years because of Peak Oil.

Are we also now saying that this isn't enough? That we have to enact even more stringent measures on the remaining 1/3 of the people on the planet in order to further remediate the effects of global warming?

Elmo said...

eyeballs said: "For those of us not programmed to follow leaders... the alternatives are creative cooperation OR Hobbesian chaos"

The phenomenon of 'not following leaders' and 'group cooperation' are fundamentally opposed principles. I know this because living a life of social defiance has turned me into that "rugged individualist" who Mike Ruppert says will never survive collapse. We'll see about that... :)

Elmo said...

Global Warming is really a non-issue! If it is indeed a real phenomenon caused by industrial activity, then it will solve itself when that activity ceases. Peak Oil should pretty much take care of the problem. That is, unless Wall Street or the Pentagon gets to it first! :)